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Pure 5 minutes of adrenaline rush street racing between BMW 1000 versus honda repsol cbr 1000
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Michael Mowat (19 hours ago)
Fantastic riding but short life span
ben (1 day ago)
bich where'd you get warp drive for your bike
So Damn Metal (1 day ago)
Damn look at that sum bitch go, he haulin ass. That thing come by my house i keel it. Damn nature, you scary!
Sean Phạm (1 day ago)
Repsol power
ronaldo (2 days ago)
FAST WOW!!!!!!!
OWAIS ANSARI (2 days ago)
Mileage: 1ltr/second
Dr Abstract (2 days ago)
Is it km/h or mile/h?
vagabond (3 days ago)
Two legendary riders. So much respect and competitive spirit among themselves. DAMN! Thats the kind of person you want your son to grow up to be and keep your wife safe from.
Daniele Cirrottola (3 days ago)
Guys you must be crazy! Goodluck
SERGIO Arp (4 days ago)
When she says she's home alone
Alaa Maoula (3 days ago)
Althaf Hussian (4 days ago)
Excellent riding👍👌 but dangerous in traffic☠☠☠
Cucun Jameela (4 days ago)
Damn, full throtle... 😅😅😅
Cucun Jameela (4 days ago)
Where did you do that race?
User User (4 days ago)
they'll probably get some scratches if they hit something 😉
Anonymous User (6 days ago)
wide fucking open them lads
Tia Tia (6 days ago)
no comment!!!
Janet Lee (7 days ago)
Motorbike crashes
1sra1lov 01 (7 days ago)
Хонда поимел
HITLER (9 days ago)
When yo female sends you some tittys pics and says come over
Calibro Guy (9 days ago)
Guys with Admantium Balls
Vinay v (9 days ago)
200 in 2nd gear 😲 Modness
Jack muss (10 days ago)
Нахуй этак осмелиться по обочинам... а внезапно мусор под колесо и пипец хана
Gandeloft (10 days ago)
One of the truly epic things I've seen in my life.
Nemanja Paripović (10 days ago)
Instagram _honda_a
MA4TU2 (11 days ago)
The title should read "5 Crazy Minutes of a Pure Death Wish"
Bilawal Abro (12 days ago)
Gastão Faria (12 days ago)
I already feel adrenaline going at 80kmph in my 125cc vespa, and these guys are going at 300
Sia Jelwie (12 days ago)
Should have gone to TT Isle of Man
Alex Leonard (13 days ago)
Looks unsafe in so many ways
noserede play (13 days ago)
3:50 um inseto morreu na bolha da s1000
Seung K (14 days ago)
Borz95Noh (14 days ago)
Mr gm (15 days ago)
when your girlfriend don't have period. 1:13
Get It (16 days ago)
So this is how it feels like when you dont respect others in traffic not even ur self.........IDIOTS!
Asif Khan (16 days ago)
no room for a mistake..
Asif Khan (16 days ago)
no room for a mistake..
loco locote (16 days ago)
pasados de verga
Swarnendu Munshi (16 days ago)
This type of race is strictly not desirable.....you are riding crossing the white line limiting the road......that part of the road might be muddy or uneven.....and then someone else would have to bear the consequences for your nonsense.....
Focus (17 days ago)
That pass at 2:32 is insane
Wazir Ali sitamarhi (17 days ago)
I love this video
Wazir Ali sitamarhi (17 days ago)
Best race
HOF Parkour (17 days ago)
I hate when people get triggered and say they are stupid and are gonna die, my answer to that is at least they chose to die that way and aren't afraid of death. the fear of death holds us back from our extreme potentials they didn't die and because of that they have accomplished something brilliant. So to all the haters go back to your safe space and let people choose their fates thier own way.
lovelygeminibren (18 days ago)
Butt clenching adrenaline rush lol, looks fun though
MDJAK (18 days ago)
Holy crap
Clay Bar (18 days ago)
Crazy insane Brazilians Cbr 1000 vs BMW 1000rr jungle race
Mr_Mack_In Denver (19 days ago)
I love these POV videos... But street racing puts innocent people at risk. Closed course? Great... At a track? Fine...
Todd Smith (19 days ago)
What a total rush that would be.
Mohammed Khaled (19 days ago)
Can you imagine if they both was ninja h2r......!
Surakshith Surakshith (19 days ago)
Sir when you lower a gear speed should drop right???
shadow realm (20 days ago)
299 is the max?
Karim Mouneimneh (20 days ago)
Florin Blebea (20 days ago)
hahaha , just 299 ? not even 300 ?
When they went nearly 300 I was like holy shit there gonna die
Rebel Wolf (21 days ago)
The BMW braked so you Honda fans chill out !! The BMW had him several times
jason fortin (22 days ago)
Listen to Metallicas cover of "Die, Die, Die" lol. Those shitty bikes only go 299, KmH? Gay!!!
LunatiqTV (22 days ago)
See Through (22 days ago)
This is suicide... unbelievable.
the tinkerer (23 days ago)
holy fuckballs thats fast. if that doesnt give you a rush I dont know what will
Joe Orton (23 days ago)
King of the highway Move bitch get out my way
Dzidek Nowak (23 days ago)
Blisko smierci bardzo blisko.
Dzidek Nowak (23 days ago)
Od 2.12 do 2.25 ale dzik potrafi jezdzic moto.
Azzie (23 days ago)
Stop hating on them bet no one here in the comments can ride like that or would dare to even go such speeds.
rahul prasad (23 days ago)
death race
Expedox (23 days ago)
What. the. fuck.
Fallen Angel (24 days ago)
He has live moreee life in those 5 minutes than my whole life in years
Bas Sedda (6 days ago)
Luis Regalado (26 days ago)
Is this mph or kph? Im assuming mph because it's titled and labeled in English and if that's mph that is absolutely insane.
HOT SHOT 1500 (26 days ago)
1:34 person on the side
Himanshu Dudi (26 days ago)
Luis floyd (26 days ago)
Que mal conducen 😑
biomew (26 days ago)
1:52 breaking the space time continuum
MAACR4350 (27 days ago)
There goes my month's fuel
srihari vaila (27 days ago)
people are skilled.
Echo (28 days ago)
hands down this will be my deathwish
level 0 (29 days ago)
a muerte si señor
Ege bütün (29 days ago)
Do you inject your body a adrenalin?
ThienJP (29 days ago)
my anxiety levels just reached new levels by watching this
Elite Riders (29 days ago)
Wow... I ride but ....NOT LIKE THAT....
Elite Riders (29 days ago)
Wow... I ride but ....NOT LIKE THAT....
Oh Niwde (1 month ago)
I’ve never been so tense in my life from watching a fucking video. So. Intense.
NastMast (1 month ago)
I thought porn wasn’t allowed on YouTube. But I can say he got some big fat balls.
Asyraf Zulkafli (1 month ago)
Is this in malaysia?
biradar basu (1 month ago)
I am requesting you all people who go by luxurious bikes with high speed, don't go that speed, if you really want High speed entertainment, then go in speed track roads which are built for that only. Like for formula f1 race car track, what happens when u go high speed, you will know you are good at driving but children's, animals suddenly come to cross the roads because they don't know how to cross and when to cross roads, because of that accident happens and poor poor loose life, because they even can't have money to purchase 10 rupee from medical shops, you all rich people sons how can u know , your all dads give money to spend , most IT people also go by high cost bikes, so my suggestion is drive carefully save lives, you can purchase new bike, but you can't bring life that gone by accident, you also been injuries to u life , carefully drive, why I am writing these things, since my brother had accident to have children and mother he hit corporation iron box , he fractured arm and leg, after surgery he is okay but after month his voice has gone and also started becoming breathing problem, we went many hospital , many cities , but finally he cured in Bangalore now he is okay his wind pipe has damaged because of that his voice, breathing problem comes, so I seen much terrible things how we people put life into disaster, his life saved in fraction of seconds, his life one time comes normal other time become breathing problem, so I request all people go slowly, and if someone is crossing let them to cross the road, please share by comment to everyone
ytpme (1 month ago)
I'd like to experience this at least once.
Pedro Smagars (1 month ago)
Os cara pilota pra caramba também em 👏👏👏👏
Pedro Smagars (1 month ago)
Karen Leger (1 month ago)
hors la loi mais j'adore le brut
Maqil sabir (1 month ago)
best video ever on utube
Tazo Chumburidze (1 month ago)
sg bro
Cut-Time Vids (1 month ago)
Girl: come over. Motorcyclist: I can’t I’m on a road trip. Girl: my parents aren’t home.. Motorcyclist: .. 2:30
Mustafa Ozhan (1 month ago)
Excellent driving ... congs feom turkey 😀😀😀
Nil mhatre (1 month ago)
Such i have no words 😶 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Aquiles Díaz (1 month ago)
SeeCraft Sparklez (1 month ago)
299? one wrong move and your history
Bas Sedda (6 days ago)
Mohammed Rahman (1 month ago)
LIVING IN THE FAST LANE....Ok I know this is dangerous but I can't stop wishing that was me, even just to be on the back of one of them bikes. Hats off to the drivers. Total respect
morphine (1 month ago)
*high risk, high reward thing , I assume It feels so good*
my dear dogs (1 month ago)
U don't know how to shift gears...😂😂😂
Cameron langill (1 month ago)
2:15 slips on half eaten burger thrown to the side of the road...
Juan Camilo Cardona (1 month ago)
1:12 yeah...
Arabian boi (1 month ago)
hey dads you know that the risk of death is part of why they are racing ,if you wanna race go to the track don't forget your pink teacup filled with pussy juice
Nipesh Patel (1 month ago)
Richard Warren (1 month ago)
Guys I just bought my first bike.

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