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HBO Announces The First Game of Thrones Prequel Show!

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Welcome back for another Game of Thrones Update Video. Finally, we get some great details about the new Game of Thrones Prequel Show! HBO made an announced, and said the new show will be set thousands of years ago, around the Golden Age of Heroes. This has so much potential because we could see the "real' origins of the White Walkers, and the Night King. We could also see Brandon the Builder, and how he constructed the Wall and Winterfell. We could see the Last Hero, the Night's King, and Night's Queen, along with many other interesting things about the Children of the Forest and the First Men. This is very exciting. Let me know what you think about these new details. Thanks for watching! Images and video clips from Game of Thrones are property of their creators, used here under fair use. Article from Entertainment Weekly http://ew.com/tv/2018/06/08/game-thrones-prequel-jane-goldman/ Enter the new giveaway https://gleam.io/competitions/T1zVJ-talking-thrones-giveaway Support my channel on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/TalkingThrones Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/Talking_Thrones Outro Music: Light of the Seven Remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXCuTo-x0Wc
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Text Comments (622)
Talking Thrones (2 months ago)
This is the second video I released today. Make sure you see the first one! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52XZhYeZFN8
MoAlshabz (2 months ago)
Great video as always...please do video on the Blackfish, is he dead or still alive?
Danny Fournier (2 months ago)
Nicola Wright I imagine there could be Starks but this should be set approx 1-2k years before the Targaryans. They deserve their own spinoff
Harry Sep (2 months ago)
Please promise me u won't stop after S8 ends.. We need u in the long night coming afterwards
Geno Porreca (2 months ago)
Talking Thrones This is going to be great!! I want to see Lan the clever and bran the builder the 13th Lord commander! !!!! And maybe see the Freehold!!!!
BecauseIsaidso 15 (2 months ago)
Talking Thrones this means that the origin of the Night King, the Wall, and many other things will not be revealed in season 8
Lebron the Goat (1 day ago)
just do eggon please
carter8352 (2 days ago)
I thought it would be the targarians taking westeros to roberts rebellion lol a bit off
Ty DeWitt (15 days ago)
One thing I have a question about is this, in their description they say "The true origin of the white white walkers, Its not the story we think we know" So everything that Bran was shown from the creation of the white walkers a lie or do you think he wasn't shown the full story when he went back in time? Or do you think Bran is not telling us everything he knows?
I think I would prefer a different time and set. When i was reading A World of Ice & Fire around the air-time between season 2 and 3, I wanted to write a mail to GRRM and suggest that he should try to get a producer to make a movie thriology about Aegons conquest and/or Roberts rebellion with him.
Lord Baylish (1 month ago)
Shadow Lands, Sothoryos, and Ulthos....
King InTheNorth (1 month ago)
I hope about night king walkera and wall
Ailen Christa Liogu (1 month ago)
🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 excited!!
Emily Marshall (1 month ago)
This is perfect
Kobena Rue (1 month ago)
GOT is a treasure
Cláudio Borges (1 month ago)
S8 TRAILER SONG: THE IMMIGRANT : We come from the land of the ice and snow, From the midnight sun where the hot springs blow (A DREAM OF SPRING FEAT. NIGHT KING)
Aenys II Targaryen (1 month ago)
Age of petty king prequel could be cool, we could see how great house like durrandon lannistee became ruler of stormland/westerland, see house rise and fall and more. Also a valyrian prequel could be nice, the actual game of thrones story take place in westeros and a little bit of essos, see a entire series base in essos with dragon and valyrian conquest would also be nice
Mohammed Adam (1 month ago)
Is this completely a new show or season 8?
Desiree Brackin (1 month ago)
Always a Stark
Dee Deveoleno (1 month ago)
That will be soooooo dope
Broken_girl3d (1 month ago)
Why is the Night King' s face appear different at 3 minute marker and at 4 minute marker? What did I miss that made the change? Thanks!
Jeremy Charles (1 month ago)
I had my fingers crossed for a show about Aegon's conquest of Westros. But this sounds cool to and it wouldn't surprise me if they did do a series about Aegon and his sister wives conquering Westeros. I'm just happy we get more GoT!!
LaTroy Oner (1 month ago)
they should make show about the mad king n how his dragon got killed too
Matthew Hanneken (1 month ago)
I want them to explore the southern continent or the Far East of essos
dlisspo (1 month ago)
What's gonna happen to all my favorite actors? 😱
They need to have George RR Martin in charge of writing again it's his baby let him run the show. If they do that, they might stand a strong chance of that show being very successful. It took me a couple years before u watch GOT, when I did I assisted to myself who evers writing this stuff is creative as hell. Their going to screw it up though. I see this one coming a. Mile away.
Sulézia Ligia (1 month ago)
Basically they are telling us GOT was a lie the show isn’t basically going to end we will not get a closure cause knew things will keep popping up on the new series. I don’t know how people are happy with this! I’m not happy period! The history and lore was enough for me and we already have the books, we just have to face that in books and series many things are left unsaid and unexplained there is not time to explain everything that happen for centuries. This sure bums me out a lot.
James Werner (1 month ago)
Been is how old
Jeff Martin (1 month ago)
And maybe the origins of the children of the forest and dragons
shadowdance4666 (1 month ago)
Brandon finds out the truth and becomes The Night King
Mikahail kutuzov (1 month ago)
I also wanna see Aegon qunquest and Robert rebellion
Marcell2aG (2 months ago)
It would be so dope seeing young Robert and Eddard fighting side by side, just mopping the floor with the enemy.
Tommy Valenzuela (2 months ago)
I love Game of Thrones!! However, given our experiences with Star Wars and it’s over saturation of the franchise, I feel like straying into the realm of “prequels” is iffy at best. I’m hoping for the best but I’m not going to hold my breath either.
Light Yagami (2 months ago)
The long night or aegons conquest? I prefer the long night as I always liked the mysterious white walker story
Brade Bronson (2 months ago)
So... Damn.... Goood. One of my all time fav shows... ever.
blue way photo (2 months ago)
I would liketo see in this prequel some of valyria before the destruction
Charlie Cunilio (2 months ago)
Bring back ROME :'(
Jerycke Parker (2 months ago)
This is dope. I hope we see the battle at the first of the first men
Chris (2 months ago)
This is exactly what i want. Amazing.
Daniel Markovich (2 months ago)
I hope they show stuff about the mad king and why he became the mad king!
Ashley Smith (2 months ago)
I'm excited about the time period chosen! I think that gives the writers a lot to work with and some amazing scenes for the viewers.
Talking Thrones (2 months ago)
A nice blank canvas to world build with
Carmelita (2 months ago)
I'd like to see them make a show on the Valyrian Freehold or Aegons conquest! I want to see more dragons!
Akinlolu Oderinde (2 months ago)
The waiting though. The pains of waiting! Anyone else understand what I'm going through?
Arick Hook (2 months ago)
This sounds great. Personally I wanted to see either a show on reberts rebellion or a show on the nights watch on how the watch was started and how it operated back in its "hay day" and what led from their primary function from defending against white walkers and other creatures, to fighting the wildlings. Cause what made game of thrones for me is the nights watch and the unknown of what terrors lay beyond the wall that they must face.
Mariah Campisi (2 months ago)
Excited !
jay fisher (2 months ago)
i hope they do roberts rebellion
The Unrealist (2 months ago)
This story will be epic if they do good with casting it will be awesome.
Chris Brandon (2 months ago)
Any filming news??
William Woods (2 months ago)
Ludi DaVinci (2 months ago)
Kingsman and kickass... I'm not the biggest fan of them
Adolf Targaryen (2 months ago)
My prequel idea: Shagga, the son of Dolf, turns out to be a Targaryen, who was abandoned in the north of Westeros. He has 10 dragon eggs, but they are special. They can only breed in the rivers of Asshai. Shagga then tries to get to the east. He was living in Hardhome, then he started roaming to Asshai. He has to get through all of Essos and over the bone mountains. His priest tells him prophesies about his future and past. In the end he reaches this city. He sees a guy controlling the night king. He forgets all dragon eggs in a fountain. Shagga cuts the the masters dick off and feeds it to his goat. He killed the master of the night king. The night king is now without master and starts to make own decisions. So he wants to conquer westeros. Shagga gives 3 of his eggs to Deny and Vesy. Thats the start of the real GOT series then.
Wolfgirl (2 months ago)
so exciting! I wonder who will do the music?
Let's Build With Nick (2 months ago)
A new subscriber has been added to your list of names 🗡🗒
Mark Caldwell (2 months ago)
I honestly don't want to hear about spin offs...they make us wait 10 years for 8 final episodes which will be loaded with premium ad space. They better not LOST this ending or have a final battle ending the Night King let's say and ignore the origin story in favor of a spin off... I swear I will turn my back on all establishment media if they jack this final season up.
Olga Martell (2 months ago)
I mean it's nice and all that we're gonna see the start of everything but... The Dance of the Dragons would be nice too
adam sanchez1 (2 months ago)
The original Azor ahai
mary goula (2 months ago)
Well i can't wait!!!!I am in love with this story!!!!
Badass Nanna67 (2 months ago)
I'm very excited about this news!! Any time period is awesome -as long as it's from the world of Ice & Fire! Thanks for the update!
Evil Lucien (2 months ago)
Hope we see the Wall being built and the Crypts origen.
First Name Last Name (2 months ago)
Evil Lucien don't worry. Trump's on it.
Talking Thrones (2 months ago)
Yes, and yes please!
Detestor 420 (2 months ago)
thank the gods D&D arent going to have ANYTHING to do with this
Simon Gosling (2 months ago)
I am so excited that you brought out of this video my girlfriend and her friends are all make up artists and some of their friends have worked on Game of Thrones already so I have asked them all to keep their ears open for any shows coming up and hopefully they will get on them and I will have to go and see them all and visit and get to see some of the actors I will keep you updated if I hear anything
Matt L (2 months ago)
RasBookie (2 months ago)
Oh this is interesting...... 😎🇻🇮
DOMINUS BLAK (2 months ago)
Forget the Starks we should be getting more Dragons !!!
Keji Oyetayo (2 months ago)
i can't wait for the finally and now got may continue ,well that so bad
Joe Ries (2 months ago)
I'm 77 years old, TWO YEARS is a long time!!!
Keji Oyetayo (2 months ago)
I can't wait too
Appu laal (2 months ago)
This guy sounds like little finger
M F (2 months ago)
when you play the game of thrones.......
Talking Thrones (2 months ago)
You die, or you die..
Iailanee C. (2 months ago)
So basically season 8 will not resolve anything regarding the children of the forrest and night walkers. So they will drag the audience along to this prequel. This is disgusting because your fans deserve a resolution
Hannes Scheepers (2 months ago)
Good choice for them to start at. We all know the story, and many of the legends, but starting at the age of heroes gives them the option to build either a 10+ season series or divide into a few different series really building a full and complex history and working it's way up to the events of GoT. The potential here is astronomical. If HBO takes of with this and manage it right, they'll have a following that would easily dwarf the GoT fan-base for years to come.. "It's not the story we think we know". I like this. Fits in with GRRM's idea all along of nothing is as it seems and Good can be Bad and vice versa. Will also prove to us as the fans just how wrong we were with all the predictions and history of this great world.
Sue Mead (2 months ago)
*+Talking Thrones* Well my friend, it ain't fine by me. This has become the norm, for which we're meant to be grateful - one short season per year. Why is that? In the days of Star trek NG, Voyager and Enterprise, seasons could extend up to 23 episodes and we'd get two series a year, at least. Why are we putting up with this? That we have to wait until next year for the final, and shortened season of GOT is disgraceful. Then another year (at least) until the prequel series starts. Not good enough.
Rome Blanchard (2 months ago)
I hope we'll see Asshai and most of far east essos in this prequel.
The Newman Sisters (2 months ago)
Also i wish they did a show on Ageons Conquest..
The Newman Sisters (2 months ago)
i would like them to do a show on Essos & what happened over there. So much history, stories and magic is over there i wish to know more.
Nadia B (2 months ago)
I hate prequels. We know what’s going to happen. There is no fun in that.
destroyurmind (2 months ago)
I want to see the East there's continents and monsters unknown to us
Vanessa Carbajal (2 months ago)
OMG the night's queen ! I'm super excited I can't wait
Harry Sep (2 months ago)
Please promise me u won't stop after S8 ends.. We need u in the long night coming afterwards
Magyatar Magiamus (2 months ago)
Jeffery Young (2 months ago)
I subscribed to your channel after season 7 and I noticed recently you have been referring to the leaked script for that season, so I got curious and went back and watched all of your videos on that. Holy Crone! I was SHOCKED at how they were so correct on everything, right down to the small details. The season 8 version I could totally see happening, 85% at least unless they use Lena's body double to do the scene with Bronn in the room lol
Charlene Colter (2 months ago)
Soooo exciting ❤❤
Amadeus Andrew (2 months ago)
Yes! And I want rich Targaryen lore
Claire Ashiko (2 months ago)
this sounds freaking amazing!!!
Chinmay Desai (2 months ago)
I had a strong intuition that the prequel will come. 😊 ✌️ 🍫
Johnny Skinwalker (2 months ago)
Not impressed by her writing credits at all. And why does it have to be all Prequels? Would be smarter to do at least have one Sequel. People would be interested to see what comes next for the favorite characters. Financially it be more on solid ground.
Asmo day (2 months ago)
so that mean we wont have any answer about whitewalker in the last season of got?....lol they make us wait more then 10y and now we have to wait for the end of the prequel for answers? no ty.....
Vinod Menon (2 months ago)
If the prequel is not written by George then it's not Game of Thrones. A external writer will only screw the original story example Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
Hackers Heaven (2 months ago)
I hope GRRM stays the main writer till end. No offense D&D, but GOT was too awesome in 4 seasons <3
Shawn Edwards (2 months ago)
Dunk n Egg would've been better
vaman shanbhag (2 months ago)
I will not see it
Awesome, it's literally got to the point where I can't fathom life without GoT 😂
Sarah Oldfield (1 month ago)
LaRusso you're not alone. Stay strong. 😉
Austin Rich (1 month ago)
LaRusso lol thats weird
Everyday Struggles (2 months ago)
Who knew robots liked GOT?
Asif Shehzad (2 months ago)
Change your channel name to "Talking ASOIAF"
fleshlight9997 (2 months ago)
I wanna see princess nymeriya find new place to live with her 10000 ships the fall off the empire and escape season 1 then baskilisk isle season 2 sothoryous season 3 nath 4 summer isle 5 dorne 6
Destroy ZOG (2 months ago)
Sounds like a cashcow, doomed to fail.
Elia Cortez (2 months ago)
This is so frigen AWESOME!!!!!!
Kieren Mclean (2 months ago)
Btw a little theory that I haven't seen anyone mention yet, what if viscerion sees deanyreas and it's kin and fights the night kings control? Unlikely but as far as we know a Dragons never been turned before and there magical beasts themselves and there forever connected to targyreans (doubt that's spelled correct)
John McAuley (2 months ago)
The spin off should be brann and his visions . After season ends with no doubt a cliffhanger he tries to find out more about what happened.
lvldarwin (2 months ago)
I'm hoping to see the history and some background regarding the giants.
Jham (2 months ago)
lvldarwin That would be interesting.
Jamie Winter (2 months ago)
Nothing will beat Game of thrones tho
house stark (2 months ago)
this is amazing news,I was never ready to let go of Game of Thrones and Westeros this is brilliant,Starks and White Walker Origins,hopeully discovering how the wall was constructed also.
Princess Junebug (2 months ago)
Awesome news!! 😍😁🎯👍
Mrs. Butterfly (2 months ago)
This is Awesome!!! Love the videos and the updates. Can't wait!!!
Mihaela Rainbow (2 months ago)
Mister talking thrones do you have instagram?

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