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Ariana Grande - One Last Time (Lyric Video)

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One Last Time available for download on the full album “My Everything” here: http://smarturl.it/ArianaMyEvrythnDlxDA Stream/Share “One Last Time” on Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/track/7xoUc6faLbCqZO6fQEYprd
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Text Comments (62334)
Mirjam Orgován (16 minutes ago)
hiba noor (1 hour ago)
Her voice is my everything 💖
Wasaif Alzhrani (2 hours ago)
ععربي حط لاييكككك ااححححححححححححببببههههههههههها
Paweł. (3 hours ago)
Beautiful Music! My from Poland! Love you Ariana ❤️
FANTASTIC Girls (3 hours ago)
Lina Boone (6 hours ago)
リンモリ (10 hours ago)
Roxi QC (11 hours ago)
Polska? 2018? ❤️
Simeon Simeonov (11 hours ago)
Agung Dewi (13 hours ago)
Nice song
torie alaniz (16 hours ago)
2018 nov????
Nissa grace (18 hours ago)
wait Ariana cried while singing this! (me in real life don't cry, Ariana)
Nissa grace (18 hours ago)
this made me cry and makes me think about my mom #OneLoveForManchester
Water Dragon (20 hours ago)
#OneLoveManchester even if it's been a year... #MalcomTheAngel from Thank U,Next
Jing Liu (21 hours ago)
otaku girl (22 hours ago)
օŋҽ Ӏѧst ŧíʍe
Girls' Generation (1 day ago)
Rest in peace the people that died #OneLoveForManchester
The words are s bit late
J'ADORE Ariana grande
Zilan Kaplan (1 day ago)
I'm cry now Arianna grande
Zilan Kaplan (1 day ago)
You Is best youtuber ariana grande
Annabeth Blaire (1 day ago)
ari selenator (1 day ago)
Omg😢😢😢 this song is so good....
Addison Mitchell (1 day ago)
And I don't wanna know do everything but couldn't give it to you so what time do you to the bed I wanna go to YouTube home
JulMiX J (1 day ago)
Who is still listening ? Lovv Ari❤ lovv One Last Time❤💣
BoredToTheBrim (1 day ago)
I can’t stand these people who are like 1 like = one prayer for those who died at the Manchester bombing. Stop using a tragic event to get likes
Anabela Kirovska (1 day ago)
I love you ariana grande
Patrycja Czerwinska (1 day ago)
poland <3 <3 I love you Ariana
Meadow Perks (1 day ago)
i love you ari
Mimma Meeajun (1 day ago)
Nahuel Davalos (1 day ago)
I love this song😍
Dean gaudin (1 day ago)
Very nice song i like the reggae cover to it
Patricia Villanueva (1 day ago)
Hello ariana grande gey gays
ThanosG (1 day ago)
Έκτακτο! Έσκασε βόμβα το νέο greek version κομμάτι του νέου 2ου EP: Όσο Χρειαστεί , με τίτλο "Για Μια Ζωή" (One Last Time - Greek Version) . Τελευταία στιγμή για εσάς το νέο single εμφανίζεται σε μία τέτοια σπάνια μέρα 11.11 και ώρα 11 ακριβώς! Μη ξεχάσετε αν σας αρέσει να κάνετε Like & Share καθώς και subscribe στο κανάλι!!! #thanosg #giamiazoi
Wiktoria N (1 day ago)
ariana grande.got is woman because she in beutifully, i love you ari
April Girl (1 day ago)
Hey read this! Everyone who sees this please go to the YouTube channel "Troy does flips" and wish him a happy birthday!You are a awesome person thanks
Sarah love (1 day ago)
Wer deutsch❤🕊
Sandanu peiris (1 day ago)
Onehappiness Happy (1 day ago)
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Rest In Peace our little angels.
Onehappiness Happy (1 day ago)
Our 22 angels are in a better place now. Rest In Peace...❤️😭
Karina Petrehus (1 day ago)
emma xo (1 day ago)
this song will never be the same rest in peace our beautiful, beautiful angels. we miss you and i personally think about you in everything i do in my life. i now realize how precious and delicate life is. please, don't take life for granted. today could be your last day so make the most of it :'( i'm sure mac will look after them! god bless our angels
Lola es jack les con (2 days ago)
JA CHET. 😘😘😘
I wish I can meet you 😢🎂🍏😎😭
Samet Rizvani (2 days ago)
I listen to one last time every day😉
Selina &danza (2 days ago)
I love Ariana Grande 😘😘
Ahmedgdf, Gian CSX (2 days ago)
I L💟VE YOU 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💞💞💝💟💟💞💞
Tamari Kuzi (2 days ago)
Arty Unicorn (2 days ago)
Fly high my 22 angels xxx 👼#manchesteronelove
Julia Woodward (2 days ago)
#onelovemanchester   #prayformanchester
Liza mey (2 days ago)
Ray Contreras (2 days ago)
omg i don't what this to happen ing
Eduardo Ortiz (2 days ago)
zero zix (2 days ago)
Ariana love you from thailand 😍
Classic Alison (2 days ago)
Muskaan Sengupta (2 days ago)
2018 anybody?
bella bella (2 days ago)
David Collins (2 days ago)
I'm going to her concert
Elton Mesquita (2 days ago)
Danny Cooper (3 days ago)
Vanessa kavanara sifan ya hart, I don't really care if its a sifan ya hart, one last time, I need to pe da one to take ya home. Way too much a ma ena gee. Right now atin a staynimal.
Very cool!
Megan Wilkinson (3 days ago)
This song will forever be scarred and marked by the horrific and unjustifiable events that coincided when the beautiful women named Ariana was singing her heart out... our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those 22 angles who have now gone home. As will the angles forever be in our hearts and memory... but at least the boys and girls got a lullaby before they departed. Even though I was never there, I have experienced a terrorist attack myself and I can not begin to imagine what those poor boys and girls were going through as God was reclaiming his miracles. #onelovemanchester #prayformanchester #arianagrande #godsangles #godsperfectmiracles
Sofie van Heeswijk (3 days ago)
Sofie van Heeswijk (3 days ago)
MY IDOL 😭😱😉❤️
Daisy 4600 (3 days ago)
Daisy Calver (3 days ago)
Whoever dislikes Ariana Grande doesn't.know how much she's been through 🐝 x
Isabel Carlier (3 days ago)
November 2018 anyone ?
Dilo Wish (3 days ago)
Murat Ceylan Wish released his new music video "Which Way" that has been hit in Europe!!😻 He is very talented and deserves more attention!!🌿🏹Pls listen LINK IN BIOOOO🥂🔥😻🔫💎🎶👀🍷TYYY🌹
Roderico Acevedo (3 days ago)
💕🥰💕🥰💕 Ariana te amo
Zdexces (3 days ago)
Guns this doesn't look like a farming deck tho....sick meme,my lad.
LifeAsMikaylaa (3 days ago)
Manchester 🐝❤️
Tamar Zohar (3 days ago)
Roshan Mohun (3 days ago)
November 2018???❤️💯
Nina Pink (3 days ago)
Still watching 💓who is still watching before 2019!!!
Katie Martin (3 days ago)
Bojana Minakovic (3 days ago)
Lily Sinclair (3 days ago)
my cousin eilidh was there💔 she’s up in heaven,like the angel she is😇 rest in peace beautiful😭 22/05/17 X
Lily Sinclair (3 days ago)
those 22 are in heaven resting in peace😭💔 miss my cousin sm☹️
Kamalia Aghna (3 days ago)
Nada Lagunya...
BIJOY NANDY (3 days ago)
okay bokay (3 days ago)
10th of Nov 2018 💕
Yasmeen Natour (3 days ago)
“At least this song was a smash”-ari 2018 thank you next
Running Cookie (3 days ago)
2019 soon ??
Shayla Dohle (3 days ago)
I told my ex boyfriend that this is the last time and I mean it
Rosalind Smith (3 days ago)
You got a lovely voice!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rosalind Smith (3 days ago)
I 💘 this song!
mario umanzor (3 days ago)
i love u ariana grande ❤️😘😘☺️
mario umanzor (3 days ago)
i love u❤️❤️
Brianna Iniguez (3 days ago)
Love you,you are the best❤️❤️♥️♥️❤️❤️♥️❤️♥️
FuZeGamer 2 (3 days ago)
FuZeGamer 2 (3 days ago)
Shino Aburame (3 days ago)
What's this song about? Her wanting someone back after she messed up?
The Weirdos (3 days ago)
i knew i should have farted! DARN IT!
sister Jules (3 days ago)
فارس طلق (3 days ago)
I love 💋 My name Remas 👧 I'm from saudi Arabia💔
Emily Shenton (3 days ago)
Just sat crying at tbis
Jensila Sharon (3 days ago)
Such a sweet voice 😍
Samina Hayat (3 days ago)
I love
Blushi (3 days ago)
#onelovemanchester <3

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