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Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode #8 - Learning the Moves (HBO)

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Text Comments (2176)
Spenceyboi89 (3 days ago)
I thought his death was abit too brutal,its still bad in the books but at least its quick..I really liked oberyn...when I watch the scene I only watch it until the mountain is on his back lol.don't watch the death scene and I can handle gory stuff.
PUSHKAR Singh (11 days ago)
Jon snow will kill The Mountain...fr sure
Ma. Diochel Basalo (1 month ago)
Now I know it's an error on my part to be attached to Oberyn Martell 😅 Well, can you blame me?? Pedro portrayed that character so well 😆
Brewed (2 months ago)
A nice touch that the mountain uses a Gallowglass sword.
Leisure (2 months ago)
Pascal’s performance was underrated. He did beyond perfect, it was amazing. Also this was the best fight in the tv series.
Hector Gaba (3 months ago)
I wonder how many people are watching this video today after finding out about The Mountain winning World's Strongest Man and just remembering.... :)
A few questions: 1 why is he holding the sword with only one hand 2 why didnt you have a sword expert 3 why are they exposing their back 4 why arent they exploiting openings like the back
Courièr Rob (3 months ago)
When you could like Oberyn over the major Characters. Pedro Pascal truly was an excellent Actor and pretty underrated! He really did well as Javier Pena in Narcos. Wish we could've seen more from him. I wish Travis Fimmel (Ragnar Lothbrok) and Clive Standen (Rollo) will be in GoT hope they'll cast as young Stannis Baratheon and Robert Baratheon during Robert's false Rebellion.
RaydentkSIR (4 months ago)
1:41 I loved this fight, but let's be honest: the great sword never will reach him if he move it like that. It's not a realistic fight/Choreography
Seth Thebae (4 months ago)
Today is not the day i die Oberyn Martell, the day he died
Cash Lannister (4 months ago)
I love Oberyn, but I honestly don't mind him failing to kill the Mountain. To me, the one who deserve to kill that fucker most of all is the Hound.
Dr. Mantis Toboggan M.D. (5 months ago)
Netflix narcos
The Bloodhound (6 months ago)
Such a great Choreo.👌
Jason Young (7 months ago)
I really enjoyed this fight scene just wish the mountain would have been killed and the viper would have lived I guess they both die though lol
Mohammed Baatmani (7 months ago)
The best TV series ever
CenturionKZ (7 months ago)
Oberyn Martell, the Waif and Arthur Dayne are the gratest fighters in GOT universe.
Khorne Bezerker (7 months ago)
He would be faster if he twohands the 60 inch sword.
ReeLoy Kenjins (8 months ago)
How did they do the scene of Oberyn having his head smashed in like a watermelon?
Mahedihusen Master (8 months ago)
I was watching it in my cell phone and I was so shocked that I didn't even know that the whole credit scene has passed...same thing happened to me during the red wedding....
Doctor Sam (9 months ago)
It's Confirmed...Mountain is Arya's to kill...you can write it down
Vintage Sponge (9 months ago)
Agent Murphy and Colombia are still crying :'/
Mr Nobody (10 months ago)
but how did they make the scene when Gregor Clegane bashed his face?
stellvia hoenheim (10 months ago)
Just finished Narcos lol this guy was Oberyn wtf
solsaturno (10 months ago)
Good thing we can still see him and his marvelous acting in Narcos!
Gradi3nt (10 months ago)
I am jealous,,,
Jamaican Atheist (10 months ago)
i didn't want him dead !!!
mleni12 (10 months ago)
vidi reklame za vip..
Redbean GNG (11 months ago)
maybe in his character he's fool but i appreciate to Pedro he try to make best action
Aurourus (11 months ago)
Why not make a realistic fight?
HowSci (11 months ago)
**Thankfully editing makes the fighting much more watchable; otherwise, it will be an unconvincing fight.**
DuraheLL (11 months ago)
wu shu is so gay
Jakub Noga (11 months ago)
Fuckin Mountain just stack of meat, Oberyne i fuckin badass legend
Xiyu Yang (11 months ago)
Oberyn's death scene gave me fucking nightmares, I mean I read the book so I knew it was coming, but fuck watching it is just beyond me!
Epi Stemix (11 months ago)
Tyrion couldn't make it through two trials by combat , but why not some foolish hope?
LegionaryWithAGladius (11 months ago)
The Dorne plot died with Oberyn.
RisaSSB (11 months ago)
Thumbnail looked like a video game lol
Thunder Killa (11 months ago)
This was easily the most frustrating combat scene ever
Vince P (1 year ago)
Why is everyone in film forced to pretend that everyone they work with is a god and literally sick them off in interview at every opportunity, they can't all be telling the truth, it's obviously something they're forced to say and everyone knows it.
Blah b (11 months ago)
It's part of the PR. The Wushu martial arts adviser is universally loathed for the ridiculous scenes he had them shoot in Morocco (Jaime&Bronn vs Sandsnakes for example). But for the PR they have to pretend it's the best thing ever and he did a smashing good job, instead of what he really did, create some flashy bullshit that everyone who's ever held a sword, scratching their heads.
Sworn Royal (1 year ago)
of course the tallest strongest man in the world is left handed.
Steven Song (1 year ago)
1:17 - 1:41 YES! Ms. Lee! Pitting different elements against each other brings excitement!
CoreForEinsLife (1 year ago)
hey oberyn survived !!!
Tery_Freak (1 year ago)
Rule number 2 just don´t get attached to somebody you could lose
Jason Brody (1 year ago)
The scenery is mindblowing as well!
Y so Triggered (1 year ago)
138 dornishmen disliked this video
pedro pascal <3 <3
Rodrik (1 year ago)
To bad he cant do that in Narcos...
Pap (1 year ago)
I do think that this fight would've been much cooler if Gregor actually looked like he knew how to swing his blade. It looked more like he was trying to fence with a barbel, even though real swords aren't THAT heavy, especially if you wield them with both hands instead of just awkwardly one handing them even though you're not even using a shield.
Romain Figliuzzi (1 year ago)
Weapons master ahahaha that troll ... They haven't lurn to the mountain how to take a longsword ...
LJ Cool (1 year ago)
His death affected me A whole week after
Mayank Singh (1 year ago)
Great job done by team of got just loved that scene of viper nearly beats that devil 😍😍
HennibsDP (1 year ago)
it's so fucking annoying that they killed that character off....
mvr (1 year ago)
lol imagine the mountain being a white walker
Subhi Sweilem (1 year ago)
Thumbnail made me think this was a video game 😂
mabesch (1 year ago)
I'm still not over it.
Grav Bloss (1 year ago)
was extremely dissapointed with this fight.. they should have used some kind of fake plastic spear for the viper, its clearly way to heavy for him to move as his character is intended to
Daniel Lubasu (1 year ago)
Lena with the fan on her face at 2:20
Ximen (1 year ago)
Can people stop talking about that ''heavy armor''?????? The mountain's armor probably weighs 25 kg. And no, that's no much. In the military, all of us, even the girls had bullet proofvests which weighed 15kg, and we were sprinting around and doing our thing
Kraph (1 year ago)
viper's moves were sweet af
Light Soul (1 year ago)
I think this was the best season of Game of Thrones
JSMA (1 year ago)
Faizan M (1 year ago)
Thise flips he did in the middle were the shit
Cin (1 year ago)
I was crushed when Oberyn died... just not as crushed as he was. :]
ZnXii (1 year ago)
the blade is like 5'3" not 5'6" lel
Hayden Ross (1 year ago)
Mountain is a bitch
A man has no name (1 year ago)
Peña should have called Murphy for back up against the Mountain.
Nikki Saldén (1 year ago)
You made him learn all those wushu mushu moves and then YOU MURDERED HIM, YOU RAPED HIM, YOU KILLED HIS CHIL... Okay I'm leaving
0612marleen (1 year ago)
And another one of my favourite characters died.... c'mon George are you serious? Why you doing this to us?? :(
LordKnight (1 year ago)
Now I want the mountain as my personal body guard with full Lannister Armour
Sonoflyn (1 year ago)
as long as you don't know anything about sword fighting it looks awesome.
Bryce Shawgo (1 year ago)
His death literally fucking scarred me. I know it's game of thrones and it's to be expected, and yes it was badass, but fuck the screaming of a character I had so much hope in and saw such a future for and the mountain crushed his eyes and his head was like a nightmare.
NoName (1 year ago)
Fun fact: Two handed swords are not that heavy and cumbersom to use as you may think. Also, is the mountain wearing a brigandine type of armour or what is it? Also armour wasnt that heavy and didnt make you as slow as a turtle. I wish you could get european arms and armour done right for once. still a good show thou, but alot of the equipment is pure shit in my oppinion.
Wendy Lou (1 year ago)
The most beautiful eloquent fight, with the most horrific and shocking death. Oberon was a fave from word go and I was so devastated when he died.
Rolls Vasquez (1 year ago)
Lol are these people the ones in season 5? because the sand snakes fight sucks
arthita das (1 year ago)
pedro doing that thing is the hottest thing ever
Retrograde64 (1 year ago)
*Advice to all of you* "The time you have an advantage, is the time you should focus the most". Viper obviously didn't do that :/
jayesh hari (1 year ago)
GOT kills all the peopleI get attached to. He was my fav!
Heidi Mignogna (1 year ago)
This is hands down the best fight scene on an original TV series....ever.
rahbir hridoy (1 year ago)
oberyn wanted revenge. he wanted to play with the hound like he(mountain) played with elia. so it wasnt his fault to kill the mountain instantly. he should have coated his spear with some kind of instant paralyzing venom. unfortunately the viper isnt as smart as me.
mktking (1 year ago)
where did they film this? the location is impressive
mktking Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Pc Genie (1 year ago)
I personally see the issue that The Viper has Wushu skills and so much amazing training, but The Mountain just flails around like a giant child. Clearly he is outmatched until the monologue, but surely a knight/warrior should know SOMETHING about fighting!
TRUiPxvi (1 year ago)
Game of thrones, you raped my favorite character, murdered him, now you will die
best SOnGS (1 year ago)
I like the guy but they killed him
Michael Brown (1 year ago)
Ok I know you guys were upset that Oberyn die but don't hate EVERYTHING because he died that episode was amazing and this duel was one of the best duels in TV AND Cinema history...
Drunken Swordsman (1 year ago)
You could say that Clegane's confession... Blew his mind. I'll show myself out.
Fabisch Factor (1 year ago)
Without a doubt the best action/fight scene of the series.
Rjm0007 (1 year ago)
I like to think that if oberyn won he would have thrown his spear at tywin killing the two people responsible for elia's death
agnody1 (1 year ago)
Lol its all good
7dayspking (1 year ago)
1:26 ...Incorrect use of the term martial arts. Wushu dancing is not martial arts...furthermore there wasn't two different styles seen here. Both are simply stage combat choreography with no basis in any actual martial arts style. 1:48 says the man who knows nothing about weapons. A 2-2.5 kg 4 foot 9 - 5 foot 6 blade that is actually *designed for combat* can be moved quite quickly, especially if used properly. No strikes were landed or parried...nor did this look particular impressive. Can't wait for television programs to start hiring actual martial artists and choreographers with a decent knowledge base.
Dead Boy Logro (1 year ago)
7dayspking (1 year ago)
+Armored Dick Watching a video *you're responding to* makes said response invalid?
Dead Boy Logro (1 year ago)
Says the guy who watches a video from the internet. Why don't you do us a favor and shut up?
Steve Rogers (1 year ago)
03:31 *Peter Dinklage is there, nice!*
BIGxBOSSxx1 (2 years ago)
As much as I loved this fight and thought it was badass, I feel like they killed his character The Viper soon. I would have loved to have seen more fights with him
BIGxBOSSxx1 (2 years ago)
As much as I loved this fight and thought it was badass, I feel like they killed his character The Viper soon. I would have loved to have seen more fights with him
Советник (2 years ago)
Is there a full version of this scene's making of?
Summit Sayem (2 years ago)
My most favorite GoT fight scene so far. I mean that was ART.
Alexander Paul (2 years ago)
My favorite fight scene and this is my favorite GOT episode.
Turin Turambar (2 years ago)
Looks like a very bad show.
agnody1 (2 years ago)
can you believe that at the time of that scene the actor that plays the mountain was only 21 maybe 23. the point is the guys beast
agnody1 (1 year ago)
Does it really matter the guy is huge as far as muscles go for his age
A Shogun Named Juan (1 year ago)
Holy shit, dude looks at least 20 years older.
PsyDuck Productions (1 year ago)
he was 24
My favourite fight scene no doubt.
Its not sure tthat this bitch died because they didnt show it and the directors are eager to sow death but why not show his? maybe she just cut his arms
Tony (1 year ago)
I liked it when Brienne chopped of your head.
Stormik (2 years ago)
Yeah we can see your enthusiasm in your eyes!
Mason Avenue Apparel (2 years ago)
Still miss The Viper. We only had 8 episodes with him. Love.
Arses A.R. (2 years ago)
omg pedro pascal did that scene himself, I thought makers of the show have recruited a blade master, wow pedro is a real red viper I guess...
7dayspking (1 year ago)
No blade master has ever touched GOT.
FutabaKIKS (2 years ago)
I guess you can say this scene was very....mindblowing...

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