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S3E8 Game of Thrones: The Second Sons decide who should assasinate Daenerys

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Scene from S3E8 - Second Sons, Game of Thrones. After meeting with Daenerys, The Second Sons leaders decide the best solution would be to assasinate her. They make up a game involving coins and a whore too see who should be the one to do it and Daario Naharis get picked to do it. Enjoy.
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chocolate skylove (7 days ago)
People missed a key part to why the girl doesn't know which is the right coin:she closed her eyes before the guy revealed the coins.That way,she doesn't know the shape of the coin that will pick the assasin. It wasn't planned.
S.B.F. Sloot, van der (11 days ago)
it's 2018 and I'm still not over the recast...
Sarah Herivel (11 days ago)
He was so hot ☹️
sajco ooopa (18 days ago)
i was asking my self what happend to this guy then it hit me they swaped him with the other guy .. bad choice well well
Joku Äijä (25 days ago)
" the thrill of fucking a woman who wants to be fucked and the thrill of killing a man who wants to kill you" one of the best lines in Got
Akrudibum Rum (26 days ago)
where the fuck is Francis!?
i think daario is gonna assassinate daenerys in season 8 under cersei's employ
ReMeDy (1 month ago)
New Daario reminds me of John Wick, which isn't a good fit.
Gihnmilden (1 month ago)
Roman Tikaram ❤️
Feather rose _ (1 month ago)
The original Dario might not be as good looking as the new one but he’s definitely more in keeping with what I imagine Dario to look like from the books than the new one
susana silva (1 month ago)
Pawel M. (1 month ago)
this girl... :D
Rose Tico Enthusiast (2 months ago)
wat I don't get is why they changed his appearance so damn much when they got the new guy in
The_ Niece (2 months ago)
First Last (2 months ago)
Reading the comments .. It is obvious that the medical industry isn't warning their mental patients, about the dangers of watching television, while high on psychotropic drugs. Which also explains why most of them believe that they live in a simulation .. And that their God is an alien simulation programmer, who created the land of make believe (fantasy land) that they think they live in. :(
hassanain Al attar (2 months ago)
Vala magulis
mordoc selamere (2 months ago)
0:20 what an ending it would be to Daenerys' story if that happened
Axel Ezfi (2 months ago)
1:24 ... isn't this one Ramsey's lover?
Chairman Meow (2 months ago)
thank god they replaced dario
White Noise (2 months ago)
Talitha Luke-Eardley (Nude Scene: Wrong Turn 6) THAT'S WHAT YOU WANTED TO KNOW, RIGHT?
airpix (2 months ago)
women then would not have such nice skin
RedHood (2 months ago)
her outfit makes me horny
flisko (2 months ago)
whos the skank
Cassycas (2 months ago)
We found Francis!
murderousintent (2 months ago)
Why is he making a selfie in the thumbnail
Mistress Ramsey Bolton, the daughter of a hound?
plamen ivanov (2 months ago)
if Mero wasen`t such a cunt I coud actualy find him funny
Lord Papi Darkwing (2 months ago)
Im with Captain Asshole, Daario is a straight up hoe
Phine Code (3 months ago)
I love this first daario
Mario Mario (3 months ago)
Name actress pleaseeeee
baldy hardnut (3 months ago)
God damn he was some weird looking character...
PTM45 smi (3 months ago)
Ed Skrein for me is the one and only Dario Naharis! End of discussion.
The1980Philip (3 months ago)
Eh, Francis was the first Daario?
dinavienna (3 months ago)
I preferred the first Daario - something about his cheekiness. Sad he decided to do other projects. New Daario wasn't bad either to be fair. Just not the same kind of sass that fit the role well imo.
revelwoodie (3 months ago)
The original Daario is absurdly hot.  And his voice is like love with butter on it.  He's the guy I would create if I had a "Weird Science" lab.
Kenneth Bryant (3 months ago)
Astrid Stoik (3 months ago)
is that whore blind from getting fucked so much?
Nickelbackist meinLeben (3 months ago)
I knew it. Daario is a faceless man. Explains his new face in the other seasons
plamen ivanov (3 months ago)
One of my favorite Daario scenes
Nijmegen City (3 months ago)
0:13 wtflol
Quasi Motto (3 months ago)
Good God, that hooker had a beautiful body! What percentage of real hookers have a body like that??
Billy Lee (3 months ago)
Tell me where your boss Francis is at?
Sairenji 0125 (3 months ago)
"Do you hear me? Follow my voice. Right here.." OMG!!! THAT VOICE IS SERIOUSLY A PANTY DROPPER!!!!
Bridgette777 (3 months ago)
The new Daario was hot but I prefer this one because he already grew on me. I wish they casted the other one as another character because he looks good with Daenary.
murilo ninj (3 months ago)
That whore in this scene was so gorgeous! Christ!
Hamza Khaliq (3 months ago)
That girl is so hot.
WhoTheHellIsK80 (3 months ago)
THE FUCKING HAIR IS WHAT GETS ME WITH THIS ONE. THIS MAJESTIC MAN. new daario is alright, but the dynamic between Emilia and the first cast daario was a bit more intense and engaging.
SYB (3 months ago)
There's something wrong with his teeth.
KhAizeR † AthLetics (3 months ago)
Does anybody know the name of the actress playing the hot young girl?
ad (3 months ago)
this dario is much better than the numbnuts that replaced him
Eder Callais (3 months ago)
gosto mais desse Daario do que o outro
FierceDeityRick (4 months ago)
"Hey is your name really Ajax?..cause it sounds suspiciously made up..."
Dominykas Zakrys (4 months ago)
What he said to them: *"Valar morghulis"* What he meant: *"Valar my ass"*
Mohammad Amin Riyazi (4 months ago)
Jack Fahy (4 months ago)
That prostitue they’re with, smoking hot 🔥
huhuhulia (4 months ago)
For all Street Fighter fans out there, this Daario is a perfect man for Vega! Especially with his "I fight for beauty" line!
Mattias Stenberg (4 months ago)
I might be wrong, but Prendahl na Ghezn seems to have a touch of blue in his hair... Is that suppose to be a nod to Daario Naharis' look in the books?
I think this actor that plays Daario was way better the other one who looks like any other man in Westeros plus wasn't that good as Daario in the later seasons.
Wod Katiten (4 months ago)
who cares about Daario's first actor, who is that girl? Damn...
Wod Katiten (4 months ago)
nvm, i did some research, for those who wanted to know aswell... Talitha Luke-Eardley not much to find about her tho... sadly :D
Thanatia Norith (4 months ago)
First world problems (4 months ago)
Too bad he gave up his role on such a great program
Raymond Sheppard (5 months ago)
Who's the whore
Xenia Krass (5 months ago)
Is that the same actress who played Myranda or a different one?
02 S L (4 months ago)
Xenia Krass different one
Wade (5 months ago)
FRANCIS... you look like a girl here.
turn the page yea (5 months ago)
He said valar morghulis the fuck why dont u ppl notice everything 4 fucks sake this nigga is with the faceless men or what
FlowerTrollSan (4 months ago)
turn the page yea It's just a common greeting in the Free Cities in Essos. Thoros and Melisandre have used it too.
Daniel Belmiro (5 months ago)
Daario is a faceless man
Caden Leonard (5 months ago)
Found Frances
Loudness Junior (5 months ago)
This daario is unpleasant to watch though
Kermit The Architect (5 months ago)
wtf everyone is homo over daario, and there is this half naked super body chick hanging around.
revelwoodie (3 months ago)
Umm...yeah, I think I said I was female in my first reply.  And I never brought up anything even vaguely related to feminism.  If you are "taking your leave" simply because I'm a woman, then you're the one with gender issues.  Not me.
Kermit The Architect (3 months ago)
that sentence is somehow stenched with misplaced feminism, you have proven yourself to be female, I'll take my leave.
revelwoodie (3 months ago)
Well, that's obviously not true.  But how strange that you seem to WANT it to be true...
Kermit The Architect (3 months ago)
there are no women in internet, its like one of the first rules.
revelwoodie (3 months ago)
Because we are women.  Are you just now discovering that half the people on the internet are women?  How shocking that must be for you.
dead fox (6 months ago)
This bastard ia from brabos and all ppl came from that place is badass
FlowerTrollSan (4 months ago)
dead fox Nooo, he's from Tyrosh. That's a free city like Braavos, but a different one.
Induktio1984 (6 months ago)
I like this actor better for the role because I have read the books. The other actor looks more like a mercenary though. Before getting that far into the books I liked the new actor better. He is more masculine, but Daario isn't supposed to be that type. He is supposed to be a showboatting and colorful. In the books he keeps dying his beard blue and has a wicked smile.
Vigil0nmyballs (6 months ago)
Fuck dario, who is she ?!
Mina B.k (6 months ago)
I like this one better! I think he was too much for the role that is why they replaced him!
Faye Laybourne (6 months ago)
Daario is fucking fit
shogrran (6 months ago)
Prefer this actor for Daario. His face fits more of the "cockiness".
FaceFuck (6 months ago)
I love her ring😍
Brian Bernstein (6 months ago)
the douchebag has one of the most unique nose shapes I've ever seen
• Mickey Van Jones • (7 months ago)
What's the name of the girl? is she a porn actress?
Doctor Blam (7 months ago)
*F R A N C I oops*
THE EYEPATCH (7 months ago)
That women!
Broken Cow (7 months ago)
This Daario in this season looks to hot for this show. He looks more like a guy you would see in a beach movie. He doesn’t look like a fighter at all
icewaterfall101 (7 months ago)
I bet feminist bitches love this show.
Kantapyy (7 months ago)
The second sons guy with short hair has such a great acting style. Wish we could see him more but yeh his head was cut
Patrik Lindmarker (8 months ago)
VICTORYa Trey (8 months ago)
How awesome would it be if deadpool made a cameo or something????
02 S L (5 months ago)
VICTORYa Trey this was made way before the movie And it would ruin the show So no it wouldn't be awesome at all
LunaChick415 (8 months ago)
This Daario was WAY better. Why did they replace him? Neither one looked like the Daario from the books, but this guy at least had something that made him stand out. The second Daario was so random and forgettable.
Sana Zaheer (8 months ago)
Avatar 2 movie info https://youtu.be/PHlEDZfIx1Y
Everybody here talks about Daario and the only thing i can think about in this scene is how hot that whore is and how i'd smash her many many times :D
Darth Vader (9 months ago)
Deadpool look I found Francis
Servebotfrank (9 months ago)
I liked this Daario way better. He fits the setting way more as the "Exotic foreign mercenary" rather than the other guy who just looks super generic.
Alegost1 (9 months ago)
does anyone know why they changed the daario actor?
02 S L (5 months ago)
Alegost1 because the other actor looked more like the daario from the books
Yasin Imtiaz (9 months ago)
Aung Un'Rama (9 months ago)
The daario replacement was inferior to this dude.
Will Gisby (9 months ago)
I don't know why but I felt convinced he was a good guy from when we first saw him. Then the new one came and I just thought he was in it for his own game not to mention that I thought he was annoying, you will be missed Ed Skrein.
Knightwalker V Peace (9 months ago)
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iateyursandwiches (10 months ago)
I wish this Daario had stayed. He has blue eyes like the real daario. The only thing he was lacking is a beard. This guy overall, looked more exotic and had mannerisms more true to the character. The other guy just looks basic as fuck. He could have been Lannister solder #89 and no one would notice.
Leandro Pontes (10 months ago)
Am I the only one interested in know the name of the prostitute girl?
Ouissam (10 months ago)
When I watched the show for the first time, I thaught that Jaqen H'ghar was Daario Naharis by the looks of long hair and saying "Valar Morghulis" Was a man wrong.
Julio Acceus (10 months ago)
I don't know why Dany thought it was a good idea to leave Mereen.... to what? A clan of second sons and who else?

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