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u cnat spel (7 hours ago)
Wanna salt? Watch ClintStevens. <3 On a serious note, some of these people have serious mental issues Pewdie, that was not a good video to be made. It's not simply frustration, it's way past that point.
Lol Zollo - James (1 day ago)
Impressive that pewds didn’t get demonitized haha😂
Col Friday (1 day ago)
The first song, they use that one in my church lol
Maximum Carnage (1 day ago)
I want to see a S P E E D R U N N E R G A M E R G U R L
Tanner Humeniuk (2 days ago)
that dinosaur high af
iDarkLinkGraal (4 days ago)
I dont understand how salt can be this real for up-and-coming speedrunners. I've dabbled in Sonic Mania runs in my spare time and I am NOT perfect in any sense. I'm not gunning for WR. I'm just doing it to challenge myself. Getting a WR is just that incentive to get better.
otaku boy (4 days ago)
Hey Pewd try playing touhou please, it's fun I promise
Newby ton (4 days ago)
Pizza time
Report the suports that left me alone against Tide after I ask for help *SALTY* over 20 times *RAGES* Me: Well this is relatable :)
Uncle Doge (5 days ago)
11:11 This speedrun is an older one *NEWEST VERSION* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzxE8P30bn
Di4m Gaming (6 days ago)
TheMasterOfAllStuff (6 days ago)
i'm gonna speed run life by killing myself
Matt Hutcheson (6 days ago)
Bro the ff8 music while you're colouring. So epic
BIG TOBACCO (6 days ago)
8:00 man thats fuckin sad
BIG TOBACCO (6 days ago)
send nudes plz
jko GT (6 days ago)
EQ Is Important then IQ
FiremanPC (7 days ago)
Best answer to commentary like this is: Beat my time.
LuigiDaMan27 6 (7 days ago)
*Insert every Simpleflips meme here*
Cloude (7 days ago)
Many speedrunners come across as autistic. They're video game savants that can't handle their emotions.
Andrew Pepper (7 days ago)
9:33 shirt on both screen don't match
Luigi Mario (7 days ago)
this is actually kinda mean man i mean people take pride in their runs and its easy to get invested in these games
Vince Eggimann (7 days ago)
Hey those are the Pokémon platinum splits/ I run that game
Steamed Fams (7 days ago)
Nice touch using a pokemo be platinum speed run timer
Tom Wellbrock (7 days ago)
And now imagine most of these people are living at their parents places. What do they think, when their kid starts to scream over an videogame?
Timothy Strawthere (8 days ago)
The selfaware speedrunner kind of looks like a reallife Max Payne 🤔
swagalina (8 days ago)
felix u had such pretty eyes in this one
AstroG73 (8 days ago)
That dinosaur was high af
Russell Hudson (9 days ago)
cool thing about all these beta males trying and failing horribly at something like this is when the world goes to shit there will be a whole lot less people likely to be able to kill and dress any animals to eat and it doesn't take a Savage Meathead to know how to do that shit but if you're not a fan of meat and you want to live off of vegetables it's all up to you seeing vegetables and meat go together like in a stew we could cooperate that would work just remember even in Winter you can still find animals to eat but all you beta feminist gender-fluid males keep trying no one likes a quitter
y y (10 days ago)
10:39 well, my speed run is 13:12 no one can beat me, and no one can lose too, because you just need to watch the whole video. ;-)
Luvbaseball58 (10 days ago)
This is why I don’t have a mic
Cevorter (10 days ago)
I thought this was a Spider-Man 2 YTP.
Ryan Wolf (10 days ago)
“I don’t get mad” Also Felix: what a fucking ni-
Jupiter IsnPlanet (10 days ago)
3:21 : he could have been the next ritchie blackmore but.. noooo.. He plays Zelda for a world record.
Rezdar Sami (11 days ago)
8:16 whasht whasht whasht whasht whasht whasht whasht whasht 😂
yeslex (11 days ago)
please, speedrunners 2
TheMcFletcher (12 days ago)
I remember raging to star fox on the snes when I was a child, these kids make me glad it was a short lived phase.
Amanda Collins (14 days ago)
Dude Jakey (14 days ago)
LIKE if anyone else noticed the message he wrote on his projection screen at the top of the video. Lmao
Wolf Blood (14 days ago)
JAVP (14 days ago)
Does anybody know the song that plays while Pewds is speaking??
Artemio Hernandez (15 days ago)
Pokemon Pearl
Jadon Ellis (15 days ago)
blow torch 😂😂
Zero Qwerty (15 days ago)
Спидраннеры - высшая раса
Ethan Mac (16 days ago)
I never knew Pewds liked Evangelion.
Damn, Felix is probably the best player on that game.
Kameo (17 days ago)
is it me or do all of these speed runners sound the same
Andre Zenz (17 days ago)
whats the music from at 12:00? Thanks
John (17 days ago)
Really ran out of content ideas haven’t you.
Winterz Shadow (19 days ago)
your site and your face are cancer.
Festival (19 days ago)
Это он сам заглавие по-русски написал , либо ютуб перевёл?
For those players who will play zelda....be prepared...never back down from the puzzles and THE FUCKING BOSSES.....but whatever happens dont quit
Amatsuka Chan (19 days ago)
These whiney ass ppl all sound the same... Tf
Lily (20 days ago)
surprised n🅾️ clint stevens.
Damien INSANO (20 days ago)
5:29 - That sound! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
MemeScoper (20 days ago)
why was he playing mario 64 with a gamecube controller
Santiago Herrera (20 days ago)
10:51 best god run ever!!!!!
Slug Daddy (22 days ago)
Yung Gravy (22 days ago)
Ad: hello we are genes that may cause a disease. Pewdiepie: THERE IS A DISEASE!
TheAlmighty GSMON (22 days ago)
mcdhonalz (22 days ago)
8:30 pink guy's recorded descent into madness
Lorenzo Centurelli (22 days ago)
Bad speedrunners = earrape thx pewdiepie
Skilledkace1234 (22 days ago)
LMFAO ganon was not that fucking hard omg
MrHappyFaceMP (23 days ago)
the blowtorch had me dead
Dark Lord (23 days ago)
4 Advertisements 3K each mhhhhhhhh
keiharris332 (23 days ago)
To the nay Sayers, all I gotta say is: Grandpoo Bear <3
the boss (23 days ago)
that dinosaur at the end looks like a moron
jakef620 (23 days ago)
those 1st few examples of speed run streamers reminded me of leafyishere... don't do that to me...
Name (23 days ago)
Didn't that guy commit suicide IRL? At 9:00
star burns (23 days ago)
this is so sad, alexa play despacito
KinderBakkesKnaller (24 days ago)
dota 2 speedrun at 00:41 wut
That frameperfection guy runs custom/hack maps. He's playing levels that are arguably tougher than the standard Mario 64 levels, but he believes he's above that and runs the custom ones. These levels can often go into 6-7 hours. Yeah. He's kind of decent if you can believe it, but he's probably the most piss poor player at handling mistakes. Either screaming or actually crying. Worth watching for salt. And the Goldeneye speedrunner dropping the redpills is RWhiteGoose. A highly respected speedrunner who is not afraid to tell it how it is. He's an amazingly smart guy who will go off on tangents like that if something isn't going right. I think what happened was a guard side-stepped into his route which is extremely rare. Otherwise he would of had a decent chance at a new PB record. There's lots of speedrunners out there who are self aware, but can have a good laugh at what a joke the concept is. But it's just a hobby for some, while a passion for others.
Mr. Southpaw (24 days ago)
Love the clubbed to death at the beginning
whiteh00d (25 days ago)
Лайт Джокер топ
bentowitsh (25 days ago)
What are those cat ears?
mpmchuck02 (25 days ago)
Jesus, goose goes ham
Kristijan Cerovski (25 days ago)
Goose is my hero.
Paper Mario (25 days ago)
Whats the music at 11:00 is from?
Rory Snow (26 days ago)
Speed running seems like an unnecessary world of torture and pain
Turkish Delight (26 days ago)
People who commit suicide and just speed running life
Motivmotion (26 days ago)
The speech of the guy acknowledging that speedruning is cancer was priceless
Dassilon (26 days ago)
Lui gi (26 days ago)
*Shows 6 clips of Mario 64 runners "Games that no one else plays"
RomanSans _ (26 days ago)
*Blowtorch sounds.*
Jesus Christ (27 days ago)
Teacher : why are you laughing ? Me : nothing... My brain : 0:56
Nicholas Price (27 days ago)
I love speed running super monkey ball deluxe
Amon Seng (27 days ago)
A disease that means videos are good
Beast Matrix (27 days ago)
Love that he didn't even bother editing the Pokemon Pearl thing on the left.
Soda Holic (27 days ago)
That guy speedrunning sm64 and having existential crisis because he can't get sub 3 hours fucked me up. World record for 120 stars is Cheese05 with 1:39:19
Alec Dessureault (27 days ago)
what is the song at the beginning
Benson Davis (27 days ago)
these are pretty funny lol
The Spy (27 days ago)
git gud
Colin Harlow (27 days ago)
I can understand, it would be frustrating to do something over and over failing over and over
Ты старенькый либо юный , фу блэ
Mungebimp13 (1 month ago)
How did I know Goose's mental breakdown would be in this video?
Valeck Seimu (1 month ago)
Some times I speedrun "Shadows of the Colossus" time attack, hoping to get my " Street 1-12" moment... And became a FUKIN LEGND
Lizzie Person (1 month ago)
*This game took me WEEKS* :'(
Ivan The Dude (1 month ago)
theres plenty of degenerate millionaires. trust me. theyre just gaming alone in their personal imax basement theater.
Fullshark 09 (1 month ago)
He did not just say SLIGHTLY faster

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