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My Setup: Chair:: ONLY 399 ! USA & Asia: https://usa.clutchchairz.com/product/... Europe: https://europe.clutchchairz.com/en/pr... Canada: https://canada.clutchchairz.com/produ... ‎ Headphones:: http://rzr.to/edgar Camera:: http://amzn.to/2FaJFGa Microphone::: http://amzn.to/2F8gUKa Display:: http://amzn.to/2H2PhyM Light:: http://amzn.to/2CWDLTa Keyboard:: http://amzn.to/2FaJNWa Mouse:: http://amzn.to/2oOqJlG Mousepad:: http://amzn.to/2oH0tu7
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Text Comments (20882)
El Nor (18 hours ago)
omfg 9:47 the blow torch scream lmfao
WorknNegro (19 hours ago)
0:42 Why is it so quiet?
Daniel APRS (1 day ago)
Lappu Coolguy (1 day ago)
WhEre are the other 59 million 9 year olds
Jared Casillas (1 day ago)
Pewds should play sm64
RealSteelPlays (1 day ago)
I like how the description says the game speedrunners.
SlickyHiro (1 day ago)
generalPWNS (2 days ago)
the actual speed runner game is pretty bayd
Menniz (2 days ago)
Emuparadise <3 ....and now they're gone
NOLeague NOLifeTN (2 days ago)
ff 7 sound track
Moiff E (2 days ago)
Does taking speed and playing games count as speedrunning
Reuben Bacani (2 days ago)
Carnage!!! 5:00 and 5:06
Eyiamooc (2 days ago)
how is there ads on this
Prism Heart (2 days ago)
Racecar's speedrun of Zelda <3 he's top 1 WR again! :)
DESTROYER DUDE (2 days ago)
Look! It's the rape-a-sauris-rex
Dax Plays (3 days ago)
Approximately 7.9 thousand SpeedRunners Have Disliked This Video , fudge you
Gohan SSj2 (3 days ago)
my boy goose
Mr. Cancer (3 days ago)
*Forgetting Something Aye ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)*
Un Cryptyd (3 days ago)
you forgot every fortnite streamer
Roberth Beynon (3 days ago)
Its actually kind of satisfying to watch a game be finished really fast
Cameron Young (3 days ago)
Deez Nuts.
Ajit Pai (3 days ago)
6:50 I love RWhiteGoose lmfao
Gohan SSj2 (3 days ago)
lol same
BigBossIsBack (3 days ago)
This is an instant classic
Connor TV (3 days ago)
(4 days ago)
Intro referring to Ligma
GD Mrog (4 days ago)
While watching this i wanted to punch something.
11:07 lmfao I like how it says Pokémon Pearl Any% as a speedrunned game
GD Miniland (4 days ago)
"Speedrunning: The concept of playing a game that nobody else is playing slightly faster than someone else" So accurate lmfao
Dan Tomo (4 days ago)
That is LIGMA Sir
you kind of feel bad for them... but then again you can't not hear that screech that they make
Luke Lime (4 days ago)
*Matrix music intensifies*
Joshua Hong (4 days ago)
8:30 jimmy from south park dx
gree gree (4 days ago)
the funny thing is that some of the reaction clips is from games that literally can't be speedrun, like at 13:10 its a multiplayer game
Skaffaboy 808 (5 days ago)
What's the video with the blowtorch guy called?
I'm from da foooture 😎
Isaac Rumley (5 days ago)
The video at 0:42 actually killed me can someone please link the original video I've seen it before but I forgot what video I found it on
Popcorn (5 days ago)
thank you brad 2 for editing this, thank you.
Sunbro 2011 (5 days ago)
Pewds remind me of the law from vghs. Caude he acts like he's the best video game player in the world is what I mean
ImKarl (5 days ago)
im 15 and piss drunk
Gaara (5 days ago)
*Makes a video about speedrunning* *Puts Dota Cut in first im of the vid* NICELY DONE
I.C. W31N3R (6 days ago)
the guy at 8 minuites is right
Dark (6 days ago)
What’s the bomb asf chill song in the background when felix is talking?
TSN1021 (6 days ago)
Shoutouts to SimpleFlips
BootNootz (6 days ago)
That's some high-level autism right there.
Zombrex 22 (6 days ago)
Fucking love frameperfection 😂
Gamestergolem (6 days ago)
I didn't even realize how cancerous the speedrunning community is, although I find it fun to do it
SOLID SNAKE (6 days ago)
Medalions (6 days ago)
I dont understand why that one guy was saying that agdq doesnt validate the worth of speedrunning. It literally is raising 1-2 million dollars for preventing cancer, what is so wrong about practicing so you can be a part of that. If you go crazy, then yeah, take a break, but if you enjoy it, do it
Michael J. Caboose (7 days ago)
Name of the intro plz
Nicholas Anderson (7 days ago)
They have to reset a lot because one mess up can end the run plus super mario 64 120 star takes over 1 hour
Nicholas Anderson (7 days ago)
Plus 6:19 yes
Lionel Lardizabal (8 days ago)
0:01 - 0:47 Watching this again and this intro is still legit good regardless of pewds' sarcasm
xxWH1T3YCH4Nxx (8 days ago)
stop making me feel bad for my addiction.
darksoulsvetrn (8 days ago)
Every speedrunners are shit except ds speedrunners
Krogg Rache (9 days ago)
I am proud that Felix is getting back his viking beard. His power is increasing to levels of white that has breaks unprecedented grounds and charters unexplored worlds.
Diego García (9 days ago)
3:30 yo this guy sounds like Morty 😂
ScrubScott (9 days ago)
Im speedruning “life” right now
Alamda Ali Balqhin (9 days ago)
Spooder man546 (9 days ago)
That’s pretty much how I remember Pearl
Chae Nouri (9 days ago)
those cat ears piss me off
Sean Datboi (9 days ago)
What about the all powerful Clint Stevens 🙏
-Nicky Luck- (9 days ago)
When you got 1 dislike and 0 likes under your video 5:46
Ricardo Gonzalez (9 days ago)
itsa fakin ridiculis mama mia pitzzeria
awesomeus (9 days ago)
Shoutouts to Simpleflips
Thor Casiano (10 days ago)
3:49 imagine playing the same in a month in and out. Bro, I played osu for a year in and out and im still worse than cookiezi
LoL ReplayBaby (10 days ago)
Speedrunner gave up on real life...
cado (11 days ago)
Icarus (11 days ago)
Elgar at the beginning 👌👌
zoelhek (11 days ago)
6:40 who that guy ?
Cake 4life (11 days ago)
Pewds: "i would never get mad at a video game" INSERT PUBG STREAM HERE
pancakeslapp (12 days ago)
Also at 6:39 was that guy really playing a game for 40+ hours straight for a speedrun? The fuck kind of game takes that long in that setting jesus, you have to be absolutely mental to try that; I don't blame his tirade lol
pancakeslapp (12 days ago)
I know what you're here for, it's definitely 5:48
CHRISTOPHER (12 days ago)
i love how the game listed in the description is speedrunners
Albert Makushin (12 days ago)
Вот все верно произнес о спидранерах
Fuck YouTube (12 days ago)
Are those wersters splits?
Jordan Smash Replays (12 days ago)
PB means personal best, as in personal best run time. 9:30 in super mario 64, a "firstie" is when you get a frame one wall-jump
steven webb (12 days ago)
Sabina Khassenkhanova (12 days ago)
Вау, молодчина, наилучший спидран какой я лицезрела
Shredder Official (13 days ago)
I love how he has a Pokémon DP timer going for his "speedrun"
Karan Trivedi (13 days ago)
Cancer people dealing with shitty buggy games
Natasha Gomes (13 days ago)
I have watched youtube for so long and never comented so im going to coment now,like this coment now.
Mark Smith (13 days ago)
I was actually in a discord call with the mario sperg and another mate of his, he had a fucking meltdown over a wrong button press or some dumb shit and all I could say was "Are you ok?" I think he might've destroyed his controller that day.
Robert Rosenberger (13 days ago)
look. its the sense of competition that get the people crazy. its not all bad. it has been used to raise a ton of money for good causes.
Valdraya (13 days ago)
I like that the guy at 9:49 accidentally takes a screenshot of his rage
Ollie Cheung (14 days ago)
S T O P I T, G E T S O M E H E L P
Charlie Heller (14 days ago)
Where is my boy Clint Stevens?
Sarcasm. (15 days ago)
How did you even manage to find such a shitty coloring game?
Ricky Barnes (15 days ago)
If demonetized means losing 4 ads in a video then please yes
qwerp poiuytre (15 days ago)
i love your channel and I love speedrunning and I get there are some problems with the community but I think your really misrepresenting the community especial one that does its best to contribute.
Shark (15 days ago)
Well sir,I believe Carcinogen would like a word
Yousif Ali (16 days ago)
Ur dinosaur looks like he is on crack🤣
Apc -_- (16 days ago)
3:25 close your eyes... what do you see?
Ducaso (16 days ago)
I got alot of respect for those on the twitch community that stream speedruns or challenge runs of the Bloodborne/Souls games.
GutterFanN GD (16 days ago)
shoutouts to simpleflips
Dan Sava (17 days ago)
Try joshimuz in twitch. He does only GTA sa speedruns since 2010.
Gucci Malcs (17 days ago)
Speedrunning isn’t even impressive. Like cool you spend your time looking for glitch spots in a game. Congrats
el que mas sabe (17 days ago)
whattsssssssssssssssssssssss SSSSSSSS... whattsssssssssssssssssssssssss.... whatssssttttttsssssssssssssssssss... whatssstssssssssssssss..... 8.20
exploshi (17 days ago)
shoutouts to simpleflips
Herb In Brush (17 days ago)
Love the poster unit 01 incoming
Isaac Webb (18 days ago)
What about Streets 1:12
CeerCol (19 days ago)
Good lord... Are these people running around loose? Imagine them in traffic... or in a gun store.

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