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What If Minecraft had Drones?!

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Today we add flying Drones to Minecraft! Automated item delivery! Welcome to "What If?!" where I write custom, crazy mods for Minecraft testing out new, fun ideas. Please leave a Like if you enjoyed! The Drone forge mod download is here! (Expect game crashes!) http://www.mediafire.com/file/n1qp4aqjdq02t2h/tekdrone-1.0.jar Looking for an amazing, friendly, well moderated survival server? Join Season 3 of Titancraft vanilla server! http://www.patreon.com/tangotek Outro Music: Underwaterbeats - Delete https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUAhK1TTWQY My Patreon server is hosted by BuildCraftia! The home of Fun Minecraft game types such as Destroy the Core, Slime Run, and Paintball! Check them out! https://bcsn.us ───────────────────────── Help support my channel ───────────────────────── ►Watch the whole "What If" series! https://goo.gl/sPejcT ►Watch my Breaking Bytes series! ("What If" predecessor!) http://bit.ly/P8VOfP ►Check out some of my tutorials! http://bit.ly/1bQx2WI ►Follow Me On Twitter http://twitter.com/tangoteklp
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Tango Tek (7 months ago)
Have a great idea for a “What If” episode? Leave a comment below and if the idea rocks I’ll work on making it into a future “What If”!
Tango Tek Instead of making it purple make it white quartz pillar
Mama Master (4 days ago)
Have the drone pick up animals and bring them to you, like a UFO that extracts milk from cows, or even kidnap animals and bring them to your farm! If you make a part 2: make it about this! It would be amazing to if the drones could fly through dimensions like the nether and collect quarts or even go to the end and collect shulkers, or a submarine, that acts like an underwater drone! Please consider my ideas in a part 2
Mama Master (4 days ago)
Tango Tek if minecraft had wizards
Mr.Fails_At_Fortnite (4 days ago)
Tango Tek how do u get it
Blake Harris (5 days ago)
attack mode
But it’s magnificent
I dont get this for some reason
Cj C (20 hours ago)
I want one....
Silver Wolf (1 day ago)
I would change the sounds, since its shulker bullets not electronics
TheFlerffyBurr (2 days ago)
Things id add/change: Make a larger drone you could ride from point A to B using the flight point system. It cannot store items but can be ridden. Add smaller drones that cannot hold items but will fly at and attack enemies. Be able to switch them from players, hostile mobs, peaceful mobs, or have them attack all 3.
ProGiDY X (2 days ago)
Minecraft should hire you. YOUR SO CREATIVE!
Hi Know (2 days ago)
Amazon prime in Minecraft
DeadlyCell55 (2 days ago)
Remote control mode
3000 drones
Donovan Granger (2 days ago)
I do rp on minecraft and i am a blackdealer If i had those drones OH MY GOD i was going hype in my shop i can do a lot of deals instanly The best of all this can be used for missions or griefs Like u grief a house secretly the drones get the stuff and u watch if the player comes back to hes home C: MAAANNNN i hope they do this mod cause JEEZ i am getting HYPED secondly i can put it all around my house and my rich HOUSE.
OFFV 2010 (2 days ago)
What if?:tango tek combined two mods and you could craft a camera with a drone to make *A CAMERA DRONE!*
Nelbert Wolf (3 days ago)
I'd use flight points and request pad for like send resources to people on a server
jakzen vanpatten (3 days ago)
what version is this in
underestimated kid (3 days ago)
What if Minecraft had their villagers
Linu Fun (3 days ago)
Add a atack mode
SKETREX GAMING (3 days ago)
Ender Chest??!
redfirefox gamin (3 days ago)
Maybe make it so the drones have a power source, and aren't just infinitely going and maybe a way the drones could fight to defend you.
Kay Cee (3 days ago)
the sound is annoying. it should the sound of drone is shulker bullet? maybe that's fit in minecraft.
Sil G (3 days ago)
It'd be really cool if they could pick up living animals. Maybe not all animals but at least the small ones. I always have trouble transporting Snow Buddies in desert bunnies back to my home, but I really want all the different skins.
annie wang (3 days ago)
What if u had request pads and the rest in mine crates?
Keegan Bonnell (3 days ago)
Keegan Bonnell (3 days ago)
please. give.me.that.mod
Arika Moore (4 days ago)
what if minecraft had computers and or printers
Christopher Sparks (4 days ago)
you should make it so that the 9 drones put in the crafting table you can tun them into one big drone ship and it can transport many objects at a time and if you want you can make it so if you put 2 in the crafting table it can carry 2 objects and 3 then 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,9 and so on
Gregory Kurniawan (4 days ago)
Factorio in minecraft
Arthur Brown (4 days ago)
sheer a iron golem
Levi Oliver (4 days ago)
What if minecraft had slender man
Blind Assassin (4 days ago)
Add an attack mode for fighting hostile mobs
Gamer Josh (4 days ago)
What if minecraft had a dooms day counter that worked
Gamer Josh (4 days ago)
Over 9000
GamingVlog Pro (4 days ago)
I would have several different types of drones flying around my base
Drummer Alpha (4 days ago)
you should do a part 2 where you add a defense drone that patrol bases, villages. as well as the chance to have a rough drone that down drones that are owned by a player. this should be a different color and have a way to hack drones to claim them or steel them from other players
leanne shambrook (4 days ago)
what if? space ships were in minecraft
Robyn Dohrmann (4 days ago)
U should be able to change it color
Fortnite pro Xx X (5 days ago)
Wut if a city just random
ilanFX (5 days ago)
I have another idea to add for this: if you saw a village it will create a mark on the village so you can come later
Yi Sun Shin (5 days ago)
Plz pick this What if Minecraft have mercenaries They will basic do the job for you but they want a life like Have a house to live in,food and items (if needed) You can work out the details
Vynce MCPE (5 days ago)
add enchantments to the drones like, speed and looting speed : get places faster looting : can get stacks of stacks of the items instead of being slow to get it
Máscara Digital (5 days ago)
For what exactly that would be important?
Jesus Jaimes Avila (6 days ago)
this and all your creations have a download?
Dielox Vang (6 days ago)
Fidget spinner?
Jim Tunteri (6 days ago)
make skeletons able to shoot them and steal them
1k subs with no vids? (7 days ago)
replay mod is basically the same
Tim Unwin (7 days ago)
feature - drone-view... you can see through the camera of your drones the way you would be able to do so with real life drones... maybe even screens so that what the drone sees is always displayed.
Hermitcraft fans (7 days ago)
it can be attached to walls
Demo Account (7 days ago)
Add some weak weapons on like a slow splash potion or a slow arrow
Je mc (7 days ago)
attack mode!!
Adam Pettersson (7 days ago)
Maybe shooting arrows for protection for base?
ItsZacky (8 days ago)
I would make the most complex way to get an item two blocks away with the flight points
Cooper Emmerton (8 days ago)
32 drons
Piya (8 days ago)
Lol Imagine you don't want an item and drop it then your drone gives it back to you hahahaha!
The fox Fighters (8 days ago)
I want to make a delivery but with minecarts its hard drone,s can be handy
agrondragon (8 days ago)
Be able to pick up chests
Zachary Edwards (8 days ago)
Hey Tango Tek!!! I have a great idea for them!!! You should make it where you can either have "channels" for the supply/request pads or where you can dye them the different colors. Then a drone will only pick up and drop off items from supply/request pads if the supply pad is the same color as the request pad. Would make them easier to use especially if you have multiple farms/drones moving items around of the same type. Plus if you want to chain the drones together for longer distances, as is the 1st Supply/Drop Pad can be 32 Blocks apart, but then the next supply pad[Fed by the 1st Request Pad via hoppers] has to be 33+ blocks away from the 1st Request Pad with the 2nd request pad within 32 blocks of the 2nd supply pad. If they were colored for different channels, then you would only need 1 hopper between each and every supply and drop pad to be able to chain them together. Plus, dying them different colors for different channels makes sense in minecraft since it already has dye colors and you can dye blocks and things, you could also have the undyed Supply/Drop Pads be channel neutral and ignore all channel colors. So if you had a White Supply Pad with Bones from Skelly Farm and a Grey Supply Pad with Iron Ingots from an Iron Farm, a Neutral Request Pad could pick up from both of them. Also one last idea for them would be, since you already have filters with the Request Pads, maybe have an item you put in a Request Pad[or if you leave the Request Pad's Item Slots completely empty.], that would make it accept any items from any Supply Pads within range so like it could lead into your storage system as an input and all of your Farm's Supply Pads can input into the same Request Pad
Zachary Edwards (8 days ago)
Those would ABSOLUTELY make this Mod PERFECT in my eyes, flawless, it really fits into the thematic of Minecraft what with Shulkers Existing and all, plus you put it together so extremely well, I'm amazed, I think you're right, we could definitely use a slightly better end game item transport and your idea here is spectacular. I would LOVE to see this in Vanilla Minecraft as is, with just those one/two little changes I commented on, I think it would go well!! Only thing I would say to MAYBE change, would be to replace the Shulker Shell in the Center of the 3x3 Recipe for the Drone itself, with a Nether Star. It would give the Nether Stars one more use outside of just a Beacon right now, plus you could say like it acted as its power source for its CPU/Brain!!! I LOVE your Idea Tango!!! This is freakin' ridiculously AWESOME!!!! There's not many Mods AT ALL I like to play with in a Vanilla Esque Modded World, but this IS one I WANT SO BAD in a Slightly Modded MC World!!! Only wish it had dye-able color channels for more sexy automation and control!!! Love it!!!!!
《Electric Dragon》 (8 days ago)
《Electric Dragon》 (8 days ago)
Bmriddle2005 (8 days ago)
you should put these mods for download
I want FPV VIEW!!!
Redstone Master (8 days ago)
Is this factorio
painterjosh (8 days ago)
MOJANG PLEASE HIRE THIS GUY. Wow wow wow... This looks like it's the funniest thing ever! However, this looks too much OP even for an endgame prize. Also it would have to have a radius, because if not, the drone would become crazy trying to pick up all the dropped items! O_O I suppose you've realized all this while making the video. I admire how you make mods with such incredible and fun ideas. Keep it up! ^^
OleBrummGaming (8 days ago)
I have a big base when i play minecraft and i always.build a storage system and i have outposts where i mine ore so droner sound be really helpfull for me.
Slimy Bagel (9 days ago)
Want dyed drones :P
sixten sandblom (9 days ago)
can we have this mod? pls
Firey (9 days ago)
Add battle mode that has melee weapons and long distance. The weapons should be a Shulker bullet and an iron sword
Analy Masa (9 days ago)
I wish that the drones can protect the player but that's kinda cheating in servers so only single player like if you agree
Ayden Walker (9 days ago)
I would add a remote to it to fly around and you see from it's view but if attacked it dies and you'll have to retrieve it. It would only have two or three hearts so it's more fair so if a skeleton hits it a few times it would fall and die. Thus you can spy in caves before going down but you may lose your drone
Ashton Marchington (9 days ago)
A million and it would be nice to have like I don't know attack mode where you can give them a weapon and they will use it to text and Nummies that's a good idea I think of that would be nice
Lachee Plebian (9 days ago)
Looks like someone has been playing Factorio
Erin Refsland (9 days ago)
Griffin Baird (9 days ago)
2:02 ha haa very funny!
Icy_Plays656 Z (9 days ago)
Tho is perfect now we just need to had mail boxes and a Amazon logo xD
doubleAiden (9 days ago)
i would have 1000
SpartanOps08 Gaming (9 days ago)
guard mode for drone pls
DividedGem 54492 (9 days ago)
Pls do quick sand
DividedGem 54492 (9 days ago)
Pls do more
Evolviac (9 days ago)
you should add a defensive mode
Arlinda Grapci (9 days ago)
How isn't this guy a minecraft developer
V Newcom (10 days ago)
drones should have weapons!
Mr. Cluck (10 days ago)
please upload these mods i want drones
V Newcom (10 days ago)
what if Minecraft had ender staffs!!!
Subsonic Hypixia (10 days ago)
Mumbo would be happy
Its Amber (10 days ago)
I feel like drones should have their own inventory in CASE your inventory is full
the shiny charizard (10 days ago)
Ideas: Weaponizing drones with dispensers to shoot multiple kinds of projectiles at opponents Smaller Supply and Request pads Underwater Drones Riding drones
Double.D (10 days ago)
if they let tango take over the updates of minecraft im pretty sure few years from now when you play minecraft you will be shock .. the world will be more advance hahaha
[GD] Gratixx (10 days ago)
I need this so badly!
Michael A (10 days ago)
Maybe able to have an attack mode, it will use battery and when the battery is empty it will need to recharge on the pad!
Tracy Waters (10 days ago)
They need too be quieter shulker bullets don't make any sound
Is this mod able to download Edit:I said mode not mod :P
Rawr I’m a Dinosaur (10 days ago)
What if Minecraft had harpoon/spearfishing? (I’m trying to make a fishing mod pack) :P Pls release
Mike Wilhelm (10 days ago)
these are flying roombas
Mike Wilhelm (10 days ago)
it would be cool if eventually (like the mine carts they can have different jobs) like if you fire an arrow at a block the drone will mine it with say the speed of an iron pick or maybe a diamond (depends how you equip it) and give it to you this would be helpful for that-one-redstone-that-is-in-that-dangerouusly-close-position-to-lava
Hansira Mahadhura (10 days ago)
What if Minecraft had defense robots to defend ur house/base.
Krabby7 Playz (10 days ago)
I feel like there should be a mode where you get to control the drone
ramdon things (10 days ago)
Add drones that can fight
Sniper Doge64 (10 days ago)
C. J. Pets (10 days ago)
What if minecraft had sickness
MSDLF (10 days ago)
The whizzing sounds would give me a headache
Ztflyer07 Ztflyer07 (10 days ago)

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