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Game of Thrones: Daenerys slaughters the Lannisters

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Season 7, Episode 4. Daenerys fights the Lannister's army with Drogon and Dothraki khalasar. Contains spoilers. Owned by HBO.
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Text Comments (3833)
Delusional Whore (2 hours ago)
Dragons are weapons of mass destruction and not pets. Can't wait for these damn monsters to die in season 8
Afreen (6 hours ago)
The dothraki horses are disciplined to go through the fire
Joseph Walker (7 hours ago)
We can hold them off... No. No you cannot.
Dung Vo (17 hours ago)
Deanarys Inventory: 2dragons,Dothraki,Unsullied,Jonsnow Cersei Inventory: Gold. idgaf i got gold.
David (18 hours ago)
This is the best episode of the season. It went downhill from here.
A loud Italian (20 hours ago)
Fuck Daenerys. Hope she meets a slow and gruesome death. The more I watch the angrier I get at that bitch and her stupid slave army.
Kiyoshi Kirishima (1 day ago)
This was a great sequence but would have been so much better with all three dragons.
Oliver Cromwell (1 day ago)
In my opinion this wasn't a battle. It was a warcrime. Believe me I know a lot about warcrimes.
salty network (1 day ago)
I fail no nut november when i see that face of jaimy when he hears and sees drogon.... my gosh
Philip J. Fry (1 day ago)
People don't appreciate the effort that goes into shows like these. Someone had to go out and get buff guys who can stand on a moving horse and fires arrows. Thats hard enough and then they ALSO have to look kinda Arabic. If not then it's extra money to a makeup artist. ALL of that just for 2 seconds of on screen time. Respect this show.
Patriche Will (1 day ago)
So thats what happens when you meet the Dothraki in an open field.😏
Bradley Austin Jr. (1 day ago)
Fire and Blood
Lindberg1984 (1 day ago)
The look on Jaime´s face when he hears the dragon´s roar is absolutely priceless! Cant wait for Season 8.
margaritanoir (2 days ago)
Was annihilating the Tyrells and serving your Mad sister in her mass extinction of houses worth it, Jaime? Considering what they did to the Starks and Tyrells, one can't be surprised this found them.
Sewell Percy (2 days ago)
Fascinated that everyone thinks this pseudo LOTR garbage is the GOAT. These corny fighting scenes like at the very end when his comrade kills the man from behind . Cliche!
luckyDancer100 (2 days ago)
2:25 so epic
heather countied (2 days ago)
I’ve rewatched this so many times. PREPARING FOR APRIL WHOOOPPPP
Mojave 702 (3 days ago)
Drogon = the nuclear weapon of GOT
Innoctem Darktongue (3 days ago)
Robert Baratheon: Only a fool would meet the Dothraki in an open field Jaime:
andres neira (3 days ago)
For the Dothraki this was just a game, a sport
lordgunner TGSTEL (3 days ago)
the 3 horses got the rigth idea and the only intelligent been : !!!! fuck that shit i m out
555666 (4 days ago)
That sound effect just before Drogon spits fire give me chills every time
eftichis (4 days ago)
The only worthy scene in the season.
Reggie King (4 days ago)
3:01 HOLD THE LINE!! Horses " NOPE"
KoG GoK (4 days ago)
bitch is using cheat codes
Christopher Moore (4 days ago)
I never get tired of watching this. Drogon gives ZERO fucks.
AKS World (4 days ago)
Perfect dragons and that hot princes crushed them
Ian Hom (5 days ago)
the 'oh SHIT...' face on Jaime at 2:05 is priceless
Sidrex VC Almosa (5 days ago)
I remember when I first saw the dragon scene, I literally spat on the water I was drinking. Good old game of thrones memories
Sidrex VC Almosa (5 days ago)
I remember when I first saw the dragon scene, I literally spat on the water I was drinking. Good old game of thrones memories
anhell32 (5 days ago)
When you realize just this 5 minutes are better than all the completes series out there jaja...
Sumeya Seid (5 days ago)
Fighting a dragon with arrows is like fighting jets with a hand gun! I am sorry this is not courage but stupidity.
Terah Hansen (5 days ago)
Yeah...you "held them off" real well Jaime.
Rajat's Stuff (6 days ago)
2:23 Dracarys
Mac Attack (6 days ago)
When Jamie says “We can hold them off” and Drogon comes out, favourite scene in the series! The only other comparable one is Blackwater and Dany saving Jon in Beyond the Wall when all hope is lost! I get chills every time I watch those!!!!
Plowbeast (6 days ago)
The Dothraki do not seem to care much about the concept of danger close artillery fire but hey, if it works.
Gamze Özdemir (6 days ago)
Why dont dothraki horses and dothraki screamers burn?
Yana L (7 days ago)
Only a fool would face the dothraki in an open field
J Whippet (7 days ago)
I would have liked for cercie to be watching and her reaction
_ Psycho (7 days ago)
*_starks send their regards_*
Roger (7 days ago)
only a fool would meet the dothraki in open field
Peter Horvath (7 days ago)
What a pile of shit is the whole Game of Thrones. Pathetic. Crap.
NOW THEN (7 days ago)
its not about money its about sending a message
natofreak93 (8 days ago)
Such a tiny battle line causing lots losses to the Dothraki. Without Dragon and with more Soldiers they could hold the line easy. The Dothraki would have to change there tactics and fight light the huns or mongols. Sorry for my english :) And nice battle scene!
adriyanibelikov (8 days ago)
Drogon appearing before the Lannisters, Dany shouting "Dracarys", and then that guttural sound Drogon makes before breathing fire... LITERAL. CHILLS. 😍
Quinn Von Kerman (8 days ago)
That roar at 2:16 tho
I'm Batman (9 days ago)
They act like hog riders
ivykrishnadyann (9 days ago)
that bqckground music though, it really gives you that goosebumps. so epic.
Paul Lannister (9 days ago)
It's hard to get into action scenes like this because all I see is green screen and cgi 😭 Don't look up behind the scenes.
Happy Lisa (9 days ago)
Jamie: We can hold them off Drogon: ROAR Jamie: *Wth i just shitted my pants* expression
mister voodoo (9 days ago)
Close air support is essential in any medieval battle.
Dadaş Dadaş (10 days ago)
Ben Afganim adım Fazlullah sikerim
Marcelo Castilho (10 days ago)
sawa139 (11 days ago)
Jamie - we can hold them off Dragon-🗣Bitch you thought
Priscilla Febria (11 days ago)
fire and blood - house of targaryen brings those rebellions called lannister to their deaths
Mr Trick (11 days ago)
Every time I light a barbecue, I whisper "dracarys"
Stannis The Mannis (1 day ago)
*Hold the line!* How the fuck is one supposed to hold the line against a dragon haha, and then roaring to *Get in line!* making it easier for the beast to turn them to ash.
Jaden Smith (4 days ago)
Mr Trick I do the same when turning on the stove...
Pepa Matejicek (11 days ago)
Every player of RTS knows thats charge with cavalary into spear infranty is suicide :D btw nice battle.
Matthew Harris (12 days ago)
Those Dothraki SHOULD have been slaughtered. Thank the gods for dragons.
Shaurya Joshi (12 days ago)
Drogo would have approved.
Quinn Von Kerman (12 days ago)
The amount of air being moved by Drogon’s wings should knock the Dothraki Calvary off their horses.
Quinn Von Kerman (12 days ago)
Daenerys having Drogon on her side in this battle would be like an army having an AC-130 flying close air support during a medieval battle.
Sancheezy (12 days ago)
"We can hold them" lmao
Sakib Rahman (12 days ago)
2:23 that's does put a smile on my face
Deepak saravanan (13 days ago)
As daenerys said DRACARYS and drogon spit fire..I got goosebumps all over!!
Not Alfie (13 days ago)
Lannisters and Tarleys = Fascists/Tradicionalists/Nacionalists Daenerys and Dothraki = Socialists/Liberals/Libertarians Night King and White Walkers = Global Warming
Quinn Von Kerman (12 days ago)
Not Alfie Mostly agreed, but I think that the Starks should replace the Dothraki on the liberal side, and that libertarians should be grouped in with the Lannisters.
Adam Zabielski (13 days ago)
They say Ramsey or Joffrey's deaths are the most satisfying moments in GoT, but to me, it will be whenever Daenerys shouts "Dracarys!"
george ionescu (16 days ago)
GOT and the rest of the...life.
Natu Hagos (16 days ago)
We can hold them off
TryLink (17 days ago)
Still hard to believe with epic battles like this, GOT is just a freaking TV show.
Troll Master (17 days ago)
I put Disco Inferno over Drogon burning Lannisters :)
Salman O. (19 days ago)
Jamie: "we can hold them off" Dragon "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHA" Jamie should of said then :"get me my brown pants"
Abraham Washington (20 days ago)
This scene gave me goosebumps when I first watched it
Daniella Awani (20 days ago)
I feel like some kind of sadist every time I watch this team. I find great joy watching people burn from Drogon’s dracarys!!
Putri (21 days ago)
When you face 100.000 dothrakis, you know it's your end dude
Putri (3 days ago)
+Paul Lannister nope. Lannister and tarly already lose by amount
Paul Lannister (9 days ago)
Lannisters and Tarlys could easily have taken them down if they didn't have Drogon.
Theatrical Horizon (21 days ago)
Happiest Moment of My Life 😈😈👑
Make Way (22 days ago)
0:47 Birds: "What a perfect time to look for worms!"
Josh I (23 days ago)
Black power.
SuparTuber (24 days ago)
Just so unfair. Medieval army vs what is essentially a (ww1?) bomber aircraft that doesn't run out of bombs lol
Quinn Von Kerman (12 days ago)
SuparTuber I think that comparing Drogon to an AC-130 is more accurate than comparing him to a ww1 bomber.
Tyler Claus (24 days ago)
I dont even watch game of thrones so i have no clue who any of these people are...but this shit was intense as fuck.
Delilah Buttontog (26 days ago)
that 'dracarys' and the targaryen theme is *so* satisfying.
Space Boy (27 days ago)
fat Dothraki ridin a horse @ 2:49 lol
ultimateranger213 (27 days ago)
Jamie: we can hold them off. Drogon: You sure about that?
Azor Ahai (27 days ago)
“We can hold them off.” Lol...
Dxonnie (30 days ago)
Only a fool would meet the Dothraki in an open field BOOM
Matheus G. S. (30 days ago)
Dragons are such majestic creatures. His fire can tremble the soil.
ruata vangchhia (1 month ago)
Im happy to see lannisters die
sleepy (1 month ago)
“Hear me roar”
Julie de Castro (1 month ago)
When daenerys said “dracarys” i swear goosebumps in every bit of hair i have in my whole body.
Tonino (1 month ago)
Daenerys Targaryen has been reported for cheating.
Tonino (1 month ago)
I got the best goosebumps with this scene
Tonino (1 month ago)
ever watching this tv show and think to yourself "this piece of shit"
Oxygene Sandra (1 month ago)
That Drogon roar is soo epic wow
PK Subban (1 month ago)
Kind of annoying when the dothraki says they can't fight. I'd love to see how well they'd do in a battle when ambushed, outnumber at least 4-1, and facing a dragon that completely obliterates lines. Come to think of it, when was the last time the dothraki ever fought someone when outnumbered. Even when fighting the "Tall Men" centuries ago they moved from city to city when they knew they were weak and disunited.
Minna Ströman (1 month ago)
Jaime: ”We can hold them off” Drogon: ”Lmao hold my beer”
Cryogenics12 (1 month ago)
Some seriously epic shit.
Andrei Georgescu (1 month ago)
One word ! EPIC!!!!!!!
Corvo (1 month ago)
2:03 Best moment in my life. goosebumps !!
John Case (1 month ago)
2:05 When your friend shows up in a PvP battle with a overpowered weapon or whatever when you are losing.
Jarred Emanuel (1 month ago)
They said never face them in an open field....
Catherine Hogan (1 month ago)
The moment she said the word fire to Drogon I knew that they were finished

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