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Game of Thrones: Cast Commentary on A Union of Fire and Ice (HBO)

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The cast discusses Jon and Daenerys' connection. Game of Thrones airs on HBO on Sundays at 9.
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Ruba Bagirova (8 days ago)
huddygirl (17 days ago)
Pues ya va siendo hora que una de las historias de amor acabe bien. Ya han tenido demasiado sufrimiento en la vida desde el principio.
J Whiskey (1 month ago)
I wonder what Rose Leslie's comment would be considered she and Emilia Clarke are off screen friends ....lol
Joel Joseph (1 month ago)
Murtuja Ansari (2 months ago)
Technical Guru (3 months ago)
watch game of thrones episode 1 season 1 @ https://youtu.be/QYHyHEfCSZI
Blakko (5 months ago)
What are these white things on Jons hair lol?
Thanquol180 (5 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAgIZwKPC8E Hey! I made this game of thrones tribute video. check it out if you can
Tengezar Zazayan (5 months ago)
What the fuck, 😂
rosheru jotei (6 months ago)
Peter: "Its Game of Thrones! Its a long history of romance not ending well" Now, that i think about it they don't have a single happy romance in the show...
Faisal Ali (6 months ago)
VAMESHWAR CHANNEL (6 months ago)
Doctor Blam (6 months ago)
"Aauuhhhaluuuh" ~Emily Clarke 2017
jonyskinz philly (6 months ago)
If you think this has a happy ending ..you haven't been paying attention...-Ramsey Bolton
It's not fire and Ice, it is Fire and (Ice + Fire) the nightking is Ice!
Teshan Nanayakkara (7 months ago)
My Game of Thrones orchestral cover https://youtu.be/4AGyaVpUqik
Yongjun Bai (7 months ago)
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John Despo (8 months ago)
Couldn’t Brandon send a raven to Jon saying “Jon, no matter what happens, DON’T FUCK DAENERYS! She’s your aunt!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
fifimac (8 months ago)
The music is just amazing
Djordje Djordjevic (9 months ago)
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M TraduSlate (9 months ago)
Hi everyone! sorry for the spam but I just uploaded a video of Arya Stark on my channel It's an edit, hope you like it! Thank you so much ❤
VeeMarie (9 months ago)
can't wait to hear the cast commentary for all season 7 episodes!!
lama lamloom (9 months ago)
My favourite show by far
hajar chahin (9 months ago)
Why I think sam claflin could fit the role of rheagar he have the sweet and romantic side of rheagar,
artless (9 months ago)
Still waiting for that Jon and Arya re-union.
21 Game of Thrones Meme That will crack up every GOT fan https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1_8Uatn2O3E&itct=CBsQpDAYACITCJygrrGWwNYCFdDBfgodT8kGfTILYzQtdmlkZW9zLXVaGFVDMEFjcTVPbGRSRzUyd3dEUklFNUF1QQ%3D%3D&hl=en&gl=US&client=mv-google
21 Game of Thrones Meme That will crack up every GOT fan https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1_8Uatn2O3E&itct=CBsQpDAYACITCJygrrGWwNYCFdDBfgodT8kGfTILYzQtdmlkZW9zLXVaGFVDMEFjcTVPbGRSRzUyd3dEUklFNUF1QQ%3D%3D&hl=en&gl=US&client=mv-google
Cristhian M.M Crjovilla7 (10 months ago)
0:38 and 0:42 the true about the Jonerys
Eugenio Torres (10 months ago)
Hey guys! Have a look at my version of game of thrones theme, enjoy! https://youtu.be/CqQWzd78Fp4
Jon Snow (10 months ago)
Fuck Jorah Mormon Fuck Dario Naharis Fuck Khal Drogo I don't care what y'all say. Jon Snow and Daenerys are the best match!
sgtpepper2345 (10 months ago)
From Reddit: Genetically, Jon and Dany are even more related than regular aunt/nephew. Usually, parents and full siblings share 50% of their DNA... Aunts/uncles, half siblings, and grandparents share 25%... Cousins share 12.5% So Dany and Jon should share 25% of their DNA, right? Well, no. Dany’s father and mother, Aerys and Rhaella, were full siblings. So were her grandparents, Jaehaerys and Shaera. You have to go all the way to her great-grandparents, Aegon V and Betha Blackwood to find a couple that wasn’t closely related. So because of all this incest Rhaegar and Daenerys weren’t just siblings. They were super-siblings. Normal siblings share 50% of their DNA. Rhaegar and Daenerys shared 88%. That’s approaching identical twin level of incest. This means Jon and Dany share 44% of their DNA... Genetically, they are closer to being full siblings than to being aunt/nephew.
gatraf (10 months ago)
People hyping spoilers then complaining over how season 8 will be released year 2019 piss me off.
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HentaiSenpai9000 (10 months ago)
Whatever happens in Season 8 this is what we HAVE TO SEE 1. CLEGANEBOOOOOOOWWWWWWLLLLL (No introduction needed) 2. A Dance of Dragons (Jon and Dany each riding their own dragon into battle against the Night King and his dragon) 3. Ceirsei's sweet satisfying downfall (I don't care if Jaime or Aria kills her, but someone HAS to) 4. Jon vs The Night King (Bran may be the one to finish him off, but Jon needs to go mano y mano with hi (just for 5 minutes at least, PLEEASSE!) 5. A battle at The Eyrie (Just seems like a good place for a battle, lots of airspace for dragons) 6. Azor Azai reborn (Don't know who it will be or what they'll become exactly, but somethings like the Lord of Cinder [Dark Souls] vs The Night King would be epic AF) 7.Brienne and The Hound ultimate tag team battle of death and destruction (Think about it for a minute) 8. Sam becomes Lord of his house (Nobody deserves it more) 9. Jon tells Dany about her uncle (Seriously why hasn't he mentioned Aemon to her yet?) 10. Jaime and Brienne................get lucky (Sorry Team Tormund, Jaime saw her first) 11. All the dead Starks return from the dead and everyone live happily ever after (Only in my dreams and fanfic lol)
Aalekh Arts (10 months ago)
https://youtu.be/YbjM1-0xqDg hey guys do check my new time lapse video . sketch of jon Snow
The Butaca (10 months ago)
I love both
Sude Malik (10 months ago)
These comments give me life hahaha😂
Lafruka (10 months ago)
Wouldn't it actually be an unexpected twist if for once romance did end well 🤷🏼‍♀️ just sayin!
abelsmile (10 months ago)
everything doesn't end well in game of thrones 😂
Aster Hal (10 months ago)
Considering they're both Targaryen.....its normal right?
Ken Hernandez (10 months ago)
Should have showed Dany's ass instead.
Ken Hernandez (10 months ago)
Only one of them will survive until the end. Jon or Dany will die next season.
Hey Dude! (10 months ago)
Hey! Watch my video! It's Game of Thrones before and after Season 1 - Season 7. Big change :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icWHBEnj9Lc&t=1s
Sonny (10 months ago)
Now Jamie and Cersie can get some relief
Ahmet Ch (10 months ago)
Jon finally got on a dragon
Ak47 (10 months ago)
Yo dad u got really hot sis, can i nut her
Bitcoin Boi (10 months ago)
I have the same feelings about my mother as J.S. and D.T. is this a problem ?
Deep space 9 (10 months ago)
I read up to the part where everyone started talking about incest- boring- get over this people- let's talk about Kit's ass!!!!
Netheb (10 months ago)
"that's it when you feel so deeply about someone" oh please Kit. It was so obvious Jonerys was the direction the scenarists meant to push their characters that it didn't feel natural any more. Sorry but I completely failed to perceive the chemistry between Jon and Daenerys... they're both hot but that's hardly a reason to put them together lol
Little Finger (10 months ago)
Fuck you
Paaps T (10 months ago)
Then this relationship will and should break that trend
Mr Stickkerwiccker B (10 months ago)
Bran:He needs to know Shut the hell up bran u need to know how to keep your mouth shut god damn it I hate u I hope u die in season eight
D Outsida (10 months ago)
O mestre do sf3. Eu esqueci o nome do cara de tão insignificante. Gill? Jill? D.I.U.? SF3 tem uma cena competitiva muito ativa, mas que tem personagem tosco, tem....
Manuel Relgeiz (10 months ago)
please let them finally die fast, i hate them both.
Weedrun Hii (10 months ago)
http://mygotcharacter.com/ Best game of thrones quiz ever
picolo680 (10 months ago)
Anyone knows the specific music playing in the background ?
picolo680 (10 months ago)
Nevermind found it https://youtu.be/NPav_RwaMpw
Steve Wolstenholme (10 months ago)
So....Daenery's will die in child birth....sucks yes...but will she come back to life just as Jon did? Does this happen before or after the night king is dealt with?
Steve Wolstenholme (10 months ago)
Ahazveroz (10 months ago)
Nah according to the leaked scripts, her body will be retrieved by the golden company and hung in King's Landing wall to rot
smith tag (10 months ago)
I think they are both lying . they enjoyed it
cihan yurt (10 months ago)
they are lying....
tamapasifiki (10 months ago)
Show producer must have some incest fantasies!
Aleksandra Arsic (10 months ago)
One day John wakes up and look in the mirror and says: Hello there uncle !
NICHLINE (10 months ago)
Oh shit, what does that mean Tyrion? lol
manofsan (10 months ago)
Tony Stark would not approve - and he's slept with everybody
Go Pro Go Gaming (10 months ago)
Let's be honest we all know targaryns always marry and have children with there brother/ sisters to keep the family line pure. I don't see what's wrong with Jon and Dany
Katarina Radić (10 months ago)
when Isaac said: " just as everything was coming together, everyone was gonna join together to fight, inevitably game of thrones will tare us apart once more" I DIED.
Dreaming (10 months ago)
Jon has just put himself a new fresh cousin up inside his aunties tummy..ew!
Fallen261Angel (10 months ago)
The idea of them having sex is so disgusting. I wished it didn't happen. too much incest for one show.
Kleineganz (10 months ago)
@Irem Why would he need to bretray Dany for Sansa?
Kleineganz (10 months ago)
And yet it makes sense for them because *they don't know* they are related. Yes, the audience knows, but other than Bran and Samwell, no one else knows the truth.
Mouaad Lahna (10 months ago)
the best film
Peg E (10 months ago)
I typed the script for Season 8 for GOT and they fired me for making too many typing errors %#$^#$%@#  So here is the skinny for Season 8...major warning for the spoilers that may ruin Season 8 for you all... such as Theo LoveJoy will save his sister Abba from their uncle Bob who will be eaten by Horizon the Drag Queen...Fat Bastard Joe Dirt and the Step Mother of Dragonflies will conceive a prince and princess named Wolverine and Firefly...they were so ugly they had to tie pork chops to their necks so the Dragoons would play with them...Serpent Lannister shamelessly walks naked in front of the King of the Night Crawlers which makes his hair turn white and causes him to get Goosies so big they look like spikes all over his body...never mind too late...Tyrone and Jamone  Lannister find out that they are actually identical twin brothers but Jamone had a hard time squeezing out of his mother so he stretched a little while Tyrone just popped out...Senseless and Airhead Stork head to Vegas to celebrate Little Peanut's death...The Mountain The Hound and The Candle finally get their so desperately needed plastic surgery and now with their "duck lips" their opportunities in Hollywood are endless...Bran Flakes Stork aka the 3 Eyed Toad with all his senses that allow him to see the past, present and future can't find where he parked his freaking wheelchair...Misinformed and that unsolved soldier with no pee pee  elope and fly North but unfortunately they ran into a storm and hit a wall oopsie :(  The rest of the cast members joined the union and suddenly disappeared without a trace but there was a strong smell of concrete in the air....THE END P.S.  Love GOT
Big Grinch Dookie (10 months ago)
Lil Grinch Dookie Is The King Of YouTube
Its__Voltage (10 months ago)
Meme of 2017 0:39
jawad hasan (10 months ago)
Aegon of the House Targaryen, the Sixth of His Name, The Resurrected, The King of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Protector of the Realm, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, The White Wolf, The King in the North, The Prince that was promised, The 998th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, The Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North, Beater of the bastards, Friend of the Free Folk, Banger of his Aunt, The Tongue in the Cave, Kidnapper of the wights and Knower of nothing.
Filip Kovarik (10 months ago)
Ma nama Jeff
Alex (10 months ago)
I wonder how many inches of snow she got... XD
RMAREIDOOM (10 months ago)
Haaa, I like that. :)
Brianna Leighton (10 months ago)
My opinion, tyrion is having dilemma. He likes to see Jon allied with Dae. But in the other hand, he probably knows sth bad is gonna happen to both of them. Dae's prophecy (in the book) said she will have one betrayal. Maybe tyrion made a deal with Cersei (?) Plus, GRRM said there is no one with the fully "white" or "black" character in GoT, so is Cersei or Tyrion. I think Lannisters will never betray their family, no matter what. Just like lions
Black Titan (10 months ago)
Love Dany, just want to eat her up
Bobbie (10 months ago)
They are trying way too hard to convince everyone that is was so horrible to film that (boat) scene! lol.. They hang out all the time... and she's RL friends with him and his Fiancee..js
Lafruka (10 months ago)
Slurpy *blegh* "might" be the reaction, it certainly wasn't for me! I've been shipping them ever since season 2, so I really don't care about that nasty little detail.
Kelly Kuassi (10 months ago)
Why Tyrion has a strange look following the rapprochement between Dany and Jon according to you? Is this in relation to his discussion with cersei as he knows she is pregnant now
Justin Stewart (10 months ago)
We obviously wanted jon and dany to fuck because naturally our brain knows they aren't actually related in real life so it doesnt feel that weird to watch it.
aidendickinson (10 months ago)
Roberts rebellion wasn't a lie tho...
RheyaRu!z (6 months ago)
the show is not painting them as heroes. theyre just giving you the facts of what happened. whether if you like them or not is up for interpretation. dont blame for the show for how you percieve them.
aidendickinson (10 months ago)
Kleineganz Robert swore a vow to Lyanna to marry her, she swore a vow to him. Breaking a betrothal is serious in Westeros, a broken betrothal lead to the red wedding remember. Rhaegar and Lyanna at the very least are terrible people for doing what they did. Rhaegar left his wife and basically made his children illegitimate just because he loved Lyanna. Lyanna called her child Aegon knowing Elia already had a son called Aegon. The show of course doesn't care that they are painting Lyanna and Rhaegar as heroes even though they made Elia's life hell.
Kleineganz (10 months ago)
Robert's Rebellion happened because everyone thought Rhaegar Targaryen kidnapped and raped Lyanna Stark. That's the lie. They were actually in love and were married.
Profik 1 (10 months ago)
Who is from 2019 y
viviana santos (10 months ago)
i would have loved to watch kit say 'jon and daenerys are gonna fall into bed together' also lol at them being 'disgusted' at each others characters
viviana santos (10 months ago)
i LOVED how kit said inevitability sounds like a fake word
Ultra R6s (10 months ago)
Im ready for Season 8 lets go HBO give us GoT Stuff
Mr. Sheppard (10 months ago)
My aunt very liked the ending and this series, I'm a little scared by this
Super saiyan Sb (10 months ago)
I guess jon will take uo stark preferring his mother house . Its forbidden in got but i guess he gonna do it
Al Se (10 months ago)
Amazing how you could watch real porn anywhere anytime as Brandon Stark does.
Jon Irenicus (10 months ago)
Game of Thrones - The medieval fantasy incest documentary
Big Grinch Dookie (10 months ago)
Stuped Sho
Big Grinch Dookie (10 months ago)
Only Ideits Se Game Of Throne
Big Grinch Dookie (10 months ago)
Kleineganz U R Stuped
Kleineganz (10 months ago)
What does that make you for commenting on a video about it?
Saleh Etdin (10 months ago)
Ohh Jhon ohh:)
ritikgoel45 (10 months ago)
Kit Harington is so fucking hot and beautiful. I'm a straight male but I would let him fuck me in the asshole
Netheb (10 months ago)
glad to know that
Josh NoneYa (10 months ago)
I cannot believe Emilias reaction to this...
Hans Yolo (10 months ago)
I just feel so sorry for Jorah...
Anni Moon (10 months ago)
As if in the movie Bran also laughed so😀
Habanosify (10 months ago)
You all need to go look at some George R. R. Martin interviews. Incest is normal to Targaryen's to keep the blood pure so that they can control the dragons better. I think he even mentioned Aunt/Nephew specifically in one interview. So you know he's been working this relationship into the story for some time. Also that isn't just fantasy world thing. Most monarchies have had tons of incest relationships over the centuries to keep the blood pure.
Hugo Dantinne (10 months ago)
I hate jon snow
Kleineganz (10 months ago)
whydontwetroll (10 months ago)
I'm so sick of this overhyped, it's not medieval times anymore you guys look ridiculous I'd rather watch a show about zombies or a 1980s stephen king themed show with good actors than one with expensive (but awesome fight scenes) but stale and boring character imo
Kleineganz (10 months ago)
You do realize that this show isn't even based on Earth so while they are technologically similar to Medieval Earth, this is a completely different planet. They have summers and winters that last for literal *years*, magic exists, as do dragons. It's more than just "medieval times." It's fine if fantasy isn't your genre, but do go around telling people we shouldn't be enjoying something. By the way, you said you like zombies? Well, there's an army of over 100,000 zombies about to attack in the next season.
Omkar Shinde (10 months ago)
That was Dragons last ride 😂😂

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