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6IX9INE "Gotti" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)- REACTION

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ZIAS! (9 days ago)
ARTISTS- submit your Tracks to be reviewed by HOT97 here: http://bit.ly/2ES0LZj Highest rated artist will be chosen to perform and HOT 97 SUMMER JAM. If you aren't an artist you can still win free tickets to summer jam by going to the link and rating 100+ tracks as a curator
Mr Gates (56 minutes ago)
Nigga done your boy wrong when he was like would you hit that and he was like ya and then showed 69 face hahhahahHHHHh 😂😂😂😂😂
Jerrid Kershner (1 hour ago)
React to genie NBA youngboy
rappers vevo (4 hours ago)
ZIAS! Do a reaction do nba young boy traumatized he talking about death thoughts
Daniah Nagy (21 hours ago)
ZIAS! React to Dance with the devil Immortal Technique!!!!!!!!
Amin Amin (11 minutes ago)
You should react to proud by 2 chainz
Angel Rosales (22 minutes ago)
Hahahaha hahahaa fucken. 69 on the girl
Tyler Welling (24 minutes ago)
React to Kydd - Gucci Gang Freestyle
Tyler Welling (25 minutes ago)
You should watch Kydd - What Gucci Gang should have sounded like. It goes hard you’d rock wit it
Jay Luna (31 minutes ago)
React to vlone flex by smooky MarGielaa
Willie Riley (44 minutes ago)
React to Kevin’s love by J. Cole
Larry Williams (59 minutes ago)
kingofrobloxgaming (1 hour ago)
This nigga b lou say on my momma evey video lol
DEM GODS (1 hour ago)
Zia's n b blou sent me that message of picking my track for hot 97 ayyyye
Bryon Nguyen (1 hour ago)
React to Killy no romance
G_theArtist (1 hour ago)
React to K.O.D zias🤷🏽‍♂️ just curious to hear y’all input on the GOAT
Balal Basharat (1 hour ago)
you need to react to bugzy malone fire in the booth
Jerrid Kershner (1 hour ago)
React to nba young boy genie
King P (1 hour ago)
Y'all Need to React to J.Cole - ATM bruh that shit fire
_xx.Alyssa.xx_ (2 hours ago)
react to lud foe no chill
Paul Sardi (2 hours ago)
React to black and Chinese, huncho jack
Alexis Martinez (2 hours ago)
King lil g “free$tyle”all summer18🔥
Steven Gonzalez (2 hours ago)
When will you guy react to the new jcole videos
EASYMONEY 112503 (2 hours ago)
He is from Bushwick Brooklyn and he is Puerto Rican
Christopher Green (2 hours ago)
5:10 "HELL NAWWWWW" I lost it 🤣
RameZ (2 hours ago)
Video starts at 5:50
Daniela David (2 hours ago)
you guys should react to 1985 (intro to “the fall off”) by J Cole !
Ad Co (3 hours ago)
React to futuristic- talk
Prince K (3 hours ago)
Zias listen to G Herbos slept on Hot Nigga remix
Jonathan Canola (3 hours ago)
Zias should react to too much jewelry from migos it's fire
Wanderson Silva (3 hours ago)
Brazil Bro 💢⚡
Isaac Owusu (3 hours ago)
Do oshea by rugga its fire
lil Frank (3 hours ago)
React to lil luis lil frank - come ride with me
Can’t lie you’re a bitch! Nigga blew up cuh the UK scene put him on & now he’s just ghosting up, bitch ass motherfucker tryna act like he ain’t see the uk fans asking for reactions
Pixxel YT (3 hours ago)
React To" Roy Purdy -Walk It Out
rappers vevo (4 hours ago)
Do a reaction to nba young boy traumatized
ramon morales (4 hours ago)
Cjsocool new song
Young Qatar (4 hours ago)
Yall mf aint slick
Ashwell Moss (4 hours ago)
Yooo Y'all need to react to Rich the Kid- Dead Friends... that vid crazy kml
Nini abdal (4 hours ago)
React to KOD
It's Exodus (4 hours ago)
listen to feel better by Trill sammy ft. slim jimmy
Demon_PlayZ (4 hours ago)
5:09 it was this moment b Lou knew,he fucked up😂😂
josiah miller (4 hours ago)
Look at 2 vault by tee grizzly and lil boat
asaindude100 (4 hours ago)
Do YNW Melly next! shit goes on everything
Guga Pereira (5 hours ago)
(ZT) latts - the truth
Heather Price (5 hours ago)
Please do a reaction video to J.cole -ATM
Kayy Tith (5 hours ago)
React to $tupid Young - Mando or Murder Scene
shay shay (5 hours ago)
react to atm by jcole
Jonathan Mejia (5 hours ago)
5:10 lol 🤣🤣🤣
Christopher Green (2 hours ago)
that had me soooo weak lmao
Jahaheb Nsbsbs (5 hours ago)
React to freaky Friday like this if you want zias to react to this
randomn (5 hours ago)
react to J.Cole - ATM
Paige Maynard (5 hours ago)
React to Glokknine
Mario C (6 hours ago)
React to March 23rd by lucky 3rd
Bj Blackwell (6 hours ago)
Do j.cole atm
Daniel Tipping (6 hours ago)
LISTEN TO OCEAN WISDOM REVVIN FT DIZZIE RASCAL please anybody that reads this rental post it if you know how gassed ZIAS will get on this track UK GRIME/UK HIP HOP AT ITS HOTTEST!!!!!!
The Brand (6 hours ago)
react to some J cole
Gavrilo Doderović (7 hours ago)
Yall need to react to Roy Purd-Get it done Remix, nice quick video
Marvin Thomany (7 hours ago)
Fortnite Dog (7 hours ago)
React to Kevin heart video
prank vs.prank (7 hours ago)
React to ybn nahmir bread winner
X Young King X (7 hours ago)
React too 2 vaults by tee grizzly
Umar Khan (7 hours ago)
Get @ Swarmz- Lyca Waveyy track
MTG Tech (7 hours ago)
Do a Reaction of Tee Grizzley - Secrets
Laf (7 hours ago)
React to lil dicky freaky Friday
T (7 hours ago)
Bruh whats with the delay with your UK vid reactions!!! Cmon B. .... Nines - i see you shining
Ethan Rayment (7 hours ago)
Cadet- Closure!!
Jared Ecken (8 hours ago)
react to kevin’s heart music video by j cole or ATM
Petelo Lemeki (8 hours ago)
Listen to is you ready migos
BranDoNinJo (8 hours ago)
Funniest reactions ever!
Pablo Suckyama (8 hours ago)
Listen to UK Drill e.g. Headieone Banter on me
Jay Cash (8 hours ago)
These dudes sound like virgins
roman sexton (8 hours ago)
LIT as usual
roman sexton (8 hours ago)
the intro the song I haven't heard before today
Patrick Kitchen (8 hours ago)
React to roy purdy- walk it out
dat_boi_sy (8 hours ago)
React to tayk hard
The Average Gamer (8 hours ago)
Eric Lus (9 hours ago)
nba youngboy - genie
what the f (9 hours ago)
You really should react to Sniper J- Unpredictable era
Shark Bait (9 hours ago)
React to trippie redd
Shark Bait (9 hours ago)
React to Trippie redd$
jamari flowers (9 hours ago)
Y’all should react to sada baby & Drego blxck party that shit hot
jaywillscan (9 hours ago)
plz react to hardi caprio- super soaker or other songs from him!
Owen Lambe (9 hours ago)
React to 2 Vault tee grizzly and lil yachty
Nick_Yoyo (10 hours ago)
dreadgod94 (10 hours ago)
Jack Drayton (10 hours ago)
React to Rapman - Shrio's Story
Rasheem Head (10 hours ago)
React to smooky margielaa~vlone flex
Paola Anguiano (10 hours ago)
react to crayola
Paola Anguiano (10 hours ago)
by glokknine
Skezlo (10 hours ago)
young noah300 (11 hours ago)
No more montana of 300?these rappers yall react to is dookie
FSU ALL DAY (11 hours ago)
Y’all should react to foolio
cristofer nunez (11 hours ago)
His nationality is from Mexico🇲🇽 and the video was made it in Dominican republic🇩🇴🇩🇴
MannyX freshX (11 hours ago)
React to a 16 year old rapper Named Brygreatah songs : Dome , Fear None , and Gotta go , Dont Play
Parker Hunt (11 hours ago)
React to robbioso free d1 or sideshow
Nathaniel Martel (12 hours ago)
yoo cheque out my homie eric reprid NICHE
Liam Davies (12 hours ago)
React to EO - German
tyrese mckie (12 hours ago)
React to two vaults by tee Griz
Marcianno Dallas (13 hours ago)
Bottle service by shoreline mafia
Marcianno Dallas (13 hours ago)
VECTOR_YT (13 hours ago)
That's y he named it Gotti Gotti .....cause he almost got us with dat gay sht
Vijay Thomas (14 hours ago)
rapman - shiro's story
Isa Tukur (14 hours ago)
UK drill: Please review this dude "A6 blackbox" or "A6 I am God". He's a killer
Camilo Arias (14 hours ago)
I wanna see these guys react to Poppy 😂😂
janelle (14 hours ago)
reece wheeler (14 hours ago)
React to ITSOKTOCRY - Vampires Smoke Menthols

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