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5 Things You Didn't Notice from Hammond's Origins Trailer

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5 Things You Didn't Notice from Hammond's Origins Trailer. Hammond or Wrecking Ball got an origins trailer which explored a little bit of his lore. Here's what we found out in our analysis. 🔔 Subscribe to TGN for daily video game videos: http://bit.ly/1KJq3G2 🔔 We love making gaming videos and we can only do it with your support. Voiced by Jonathan Moxness Edited by Pedro "Fgeitas" Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple Music by Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (300)
Flashlight Antics (1 hour ago)
One, if you keep calling Wrecking Ball "Hammond" I will continue to call Junkrat "Jamison", Tracer "Lena", and Reaper "Gabriel", and I will do so as unapologetic as you "Hammond" fanatics who throw Wrecking Ball's true name about. Two, this is an awfully critical video picking nits in a fiction where there are so many nits to pick, it's easy to lose sight of the forest through the trees. Just saying.
Vilaclara Nicolau (1 hour ago)
Omg your actually fucking retarded go back to middle school.
Jak Edwards (2 hours ago)
I think Winston helped Hammond escape, but Hammond's pod got disconnected from Winston's shuttle and they lost contact with each other, as Hammond landed in junkertown and couldn't speak, being a hamster and all :)
Vader the Gator (2 hours ago)
The cable snapped due to them being at the outer edge of the atmosphere that’s why it caught fire immediately after the cable snapped
Ash Sans (4 hours ago)
Ur just fucking pissed off at the fact that it wasn't a hero u expected or wanted the most, we all think this a awesome little trick that blizzard did and btw 3 more things, 1st Hammond and Winston are officially friends in the lore,2nd maybe Winston couldn't find or Focus Hammond while the outbreak, and 3rd STFU and let someone else on the channel talk about Hammond/Wrecking Ball rather than u like FUCK if u don't like Hammond don't bother fucking talk about him sheesh
Crlospicey weiner (4 hours ago)
You do a good Winston impression
Sean Skopowski (7 hours ago)
I hate hammond he is not fitting the whole idea of overwatch and he makes no sense. I just dont feel like overwatch is overwatch it more like animalwatch
Enter Name Here (8 hours ago)
Still think a genetically modified hamster is more plausible then some other characters. Like a monkey who built a chrono accelerator to anchor a "ghost" in the present. Then you have reaper...
Christopher Schiraldi (10 hours ago)
4:39 a hamster could easily sneak into junkertown sure it has security intended for grown humans and omnic but the whole thing is made out of junk literally it's called junkertown there are millions of holes for a hamster to squeeze into and for securing a garage you could just find one and locked himself in okay makes sense okay but how the hell did he get that space shuttle he crashed into to get to junkertown how did he move that thing! how do you sneak into junkertown with a giant space sphere
MYSOULOFDOOM (11 hours ago)
yes because a talking gorilla with a high IQ is realistic too..... -_- overwatch *fans* seriously just seriously
Nikkolas Morrow (12 hours ago)
Nice Winston impression!
addsizhart (12 hours ago)
I like how the logic is "a genetically engineered hamster should be dead by now it doesn't make any sense, but a talking genetically engineered gorilla??? That checks out" 😂😂😂
Storm Foxy (13 hours ago)
It isn't supposed to be realistic😡😡😡😡
Ant On A Log (13 hours ago)
Actually, all of the information brought up in this video make perfect sense if you take the time to understand how hard light technology works.
Angelus Nielson (13 hours ago)
How did Winston not realize? Perhaps they were in cahoots? And you're complaining about physics in a game that has a talking gorilla?
Toxictomb295275298 0 (14 hours ago)
Come on it is just a GAME and also he is in the literal future so yeah
Justin Averell (15 hours ago)
The wrecking ball could have had the snap in the upper atmosphere, much higher than the ones people know well, like the stratosphere
Justin Llavet (15 hours ago)
How to make a Disney movie 1.0.1 1. Take something that doesn't talk 2. Make it talk 3.done best movie in the world
Scyclo 4189 (16 hours ago)
You brought things up without solidifying your question. First off Hammond is a genetically modified hamster, I mean do you see the size of him? A hamster is usually the size of the palm of your hand. The wrecking ball he's riding in probably poses as hammond saying it's his voice through a speaker.
Scyclo 4189 (16 hours ago)
I'm pretty sure that Winston knew Hammond was attached to the ship as Winston helped Hammond escape
Kitten Samurai (16 hours ago)
TGN hammond was a modified so maybe at lunar colonie his age span was changed? I don't know
Tygoshot YT (16 hours ago)
Hammond was genetically engineered, right? That may be why he can be old.
Logan Keith (17 hours ago)
Well in defense of the last point they were genetically modified so maybe they made to where he can live longer?
AlphaWolf464 (17 hours ago)
To answer the one about the garage, we know that their are some buildings outside junkertown proper, so he probably used an abandoned one of those.
Tcheco Lee (18 hours ago)
When i want realism i go to my boring low pay job...
VorjuMeidear (18 hours ago)
But Hammond is his slave name! Wrecking Ball is HIS choosen name, to sign a new age for himself.
Arn Strandvall (18 hours ago)
I mean a hamster is not so redicolus wen u jave a talking gorilla with a tesla canon and a freking jump pack
Lv Dalek (19 hours ago)
Sure there’s no drag but the cable has tension and maybe when the rocket increased throttle it made the cable snap
Odyssey Gaming (20 hours ago)
Hammond is likely genetically modified, judging by him being raised on a lunar research facility.
Rick Van amelsfoort (20 hours ago)
It does not fite in this game
Cub (20 hours ago)
I think the name Wrecking Ball is way better than Hammond...
boss of gaming (21 hours ago)
We have talking gorillas a very smart and genetically increased life span hamster is not too far feched like if you agree.
Maddie Howard (23 hours ago)
Hammond is a genetically engenerd hamster, it would make sense for him to live longer than the average life span for a hamster, right?
altoid cereal (23 hours ago)
Salty moxy
TMP- Gaming & more! (23 hours ago)
Nikos Zaxarakis (23 hours ago)
i know some things about doomfists brother that you mentioned. Go and watch the ending theme of retribution trailer and you will see two doomfists in the video with the one having the iron arm from the other side. GO AND WATCH IT AM NOT KIDDING. And i know much more about new heroes and stuff.
Milo (1 day ago)
Hammond is GENETICALLY MODIFIED, so he’s probably going to grow to be 30 years
Vexus (1 day ago)
I though this was gonna be a fun easter egg video but instead its more of you rambling off about how much you hate this hamster
Jorge Torres (1 day ago)
Hammond is his slave name
Blacks Smug (1 day ago)
It's a hamster... operating a mech!! THERE IS NO LOGIC!!!
Benjamin Tefft (1 day ago)
My take is its fun and overwatch isnt like a gore game and is just about little guys fighting ont about brutaly murdering everyone so i dont think its a big deal what i think is a big deal is if sombra is now faster than soldier becausebif so that needs to be nerfed
Jaime Villegas (1 day ago)
You do a really good Winston impression
Evan Derman (1 day ago)
but hammomd has been genetically engineered so he is much better than a normal hamster
JOEPLAYS (1 day ago)
It's just a ball of fun *no pun intended* i just wish people would stop poking holes in logic... Fun is not suppose to be, 100% Angus beef
Game Lover (1 day ago)
Wait, how come omnics arent allowed in junkertown. Mechs are somewhat omnics and we have a junker skin for D.Va!
Ender Chaos (1 day ago)
WUT if he was genetically modified .........
Mikhil Yadav (1 day ago)
Actually there would be friction, even though space is a 'vacuum' there are still atoms. causing a minimal friction
Im not really a fan of Hammond. And I agree with you
Alaztair (1 day ago)
Why don't call d.va hana song then-
Roberto Azar (1 day ago)
Hammond seems to me like one of the best additions to the game, mechanically speaking. Also he is a shit ton of fun.
Samson Rox (1 day ago)
Dude, it's a hyperintelligent hamster with a taste for sarcasm. Overwatch is not made to be believable, it's made to just be fun and enjoyable. Honestly, most of the toxicity in the game is people taking too seriously. IM IN QUICK PLAY FOR A REASON BACK TF OFF
Megarater (1 day ago)
I'm going to call him Hammond also, & I'll just refer to the mech as Wrecking Ball. On that note, does D. Va's mech have a name? I like Hammond's entry into Overwatch, I just haven't played as him due to his update not being available to PS4 players yet. Don't forget, Hammond has been genetically enhanced, so his life span has probably been extended. And he's super-sneaky, so he probably snuck into Junker Town, found (or built) a hidden garage, salvaged parts in secret, & possibly convinced others within town that he's a "robot" not associated at all with the Omnics. And as for him being a Hamster, why not? Guinea pigs have been experimented on before.
iamwonder (1 day ago)
I always thought is there sound in space in starwars but had a doubt about it. Thanks for proving that point
TheRedarm75 (1 day ago)
"mutant hamster your logic and argument is invalid cuz science fantasy Bio technobabble"
Carbide 293 (1 day ago)
Everything else is justified, but you can't pull the lifespan card because he's a GMO. Amazing Winston impression btw!
jermi :3 (1 day ago)
The reason why hammond doesn't look old is because he was genetically enhanced genius...
Soverno (1 day ago)
Maybe it snapped because of heat of moving so fast and it didn’t hava a heat shell. Just a thought
20spray1 (1 day ago)
I can see where people say hammonds character style or even gameplay might not fit the rest of the game, but I think he is absolutely way too much fun to play and has a high skill ceiling, so I definitely want him in the game. This is the only character so far that I was really excited to try out on the ptr
Widowmaker (1 day ago)
Well Genetics may of extended his life span, since he was alive before taken to the moon, and when he lived on the moon. The genetic modification’s to Hammond may of allowed him to live longer than an actual Hamster.
TheName'sOT (1 day ago)
This video seemed to have some hints of saltiness to it
Kristian Miller (1 day ago)
Earths orbit also has gravity towards earth so its possible
Sarah Kokko (1 day ago)
I think its ridiculous and I love animals so freaking much.
PopRockPony (1 day ago)
That is Junkrat. If you enhance the photo you can see his prosthetic arm and his tattoo.
Logie Berra (1 day ago)
Hammond is genetically modified, he is smarter, and lives longer ( I think )
Scott White (1 day ago)
hammond is a gmo so he could have been modified to have a longer life span
Growler Nordin (1 day ago)
I'm thankful that Hammond is called Wrecking ball, since if he was Hammond he would separate Hanzo and Genji in hero select and hero gallery screen
Oliver Hill (1 day ago)
2:10 it shows that it shows re entry heating starts just a second later, meaning that he was already in the very early atmosphere, so there would be drag!
Steven Fazbear (1 day ago)
When does he come out on console?
Andrew Kim (1 day ago)
Fuck you guys hate Hammond — inevitable comment
Golden Freddy (1 day ago)
Maybe they asked him a question like what is love?
Oliver Forrest (1 day ago)
Just another video about expressing hate towards another character now, really man.
John McWeasel (1 day ago)
His genetic modification increased his life span.
Wyatt Snowder (1 day ago)
Duh finders keepers for the parts
CmcLoudMouth (1 day ago)
"Hammond was my slave name, you shall now call me Wrecking Ball because my mech is powerful and round." --Wrecking Ball
Pepsi man (1 day ago)
Hammond is stupid
The TechnoPancake (1 day ago)
Maybe he let Hammond "sneak" aboard and already knew he was coming
XGamingTimeX X (1 day ago)
My hamster is 4
Sean Skopowski (7 hours ago)
XGamingTimeX X but hammond is seven
NANO BOOSTIO (1 day ago)
2 words. Genetically. modified.
Nick Brown (1 day ago)
i still dont get why a mech piloting super inteligent hamster is posible but a cat wearing a jetpack isnt
CYB3R TECH (2 days ago)
He is genetiltly modifyed
Shiro Amado (2 days ago)
they named him wrecking ball because that his hero name sure his real name is Hammond but remember while he was the junkers champ he went by wrecking ball and now he is still going by that name. The Overwatch team has been calling the characters by their hero names like widowmaker, tracer, solider 76 and reaper so why would they do it any differently for Hammond
Simona N (2 days ago)
You sure hate this character so much I see....
Simona N (2 days ago)
That Doomfist arm on that mech looks like the one which The Scourge Doomfist has.
pan le boi (2 days ago)
Uh... Hammond is Kinda a mutated Hamster, I dont really understand it but it's overwatch
OzoneGaming (2 days ago)
Sorry TGN you guys get another thumbs down..... You guys are over thinking it and making a big deal out of it I seriously want to make my 2 cent about Hammond on my channel. Cus this video was inaccurate in my eye
8partyz Partying (2 days ago)
remember there was genetic therapy. so they maybe some how made his lifespan longer
Union Gaming (2 days ago)
He's called Wrecking Ball because that's the name he gave himself. He isn't Hammond anymore, that was what the Horizon scientists called him but he named himself Wrecking Ball. So don't blame Blizzard, blame Wrecking Ball.
Richie Leadpoint (2 days ago)
Breaking the cable, thrusters...years of a hamster, an experimental project in genetics...creating wrecking ball, manages to stay hidden just like in lunar colony and gathering scraps from destroyed mechs...hiding in the wrecking ball, making an example and have a voice of reason. (Facepalm) It is amazing how blizzard created a fictional character combined with non-fiction logic. (Head to wall moment)
Nonnac Llort (2 days ago)
Wow, nice defense for Blizzard. Ya one odd thinker. Ya should do online research.
Richie Leadpoint (2 days ago)
Give it up, ranting on what would make sense is really annoying. People will argue just to defend the character one way or another. It doesn't have to be logical to be entertaining. It's Overwatch, we will never have this type of science.
Angela Mercy (2 days ago)
1:22 he already knew
Szabi Majer (2 days ago)
Stop ruining our fun bumb arse
Nonnac Llort (2 days ago)
Szabi Majer, Read Richie's post.
Santi Gonzalez (2 days ago)
Hammond was a genetically enhanced hamster which may explain the life spam
sorakairi1993 (2 days ago)
This game literally has no logic. It really doesn't need it though.
livy_me_loo (2 days ago)
If there is no friction in space how does the rocket catch of fire coming back Isn't air friction a thing or whatever
livy_me_loo (2 days ago)
What I really can't wait for is to see what they have as conversation about Winston and him.
livy_me_loo (2 days ago)
I think we can finally break a hold point with him. I haven't tried him yet but it would seem like he could like D.Va or Winston.
Refresh (2 days ago)
3:33 Anyone notice that, besides that gauntlet, HAMMOND'S BALL is shown from the 5:29 shot?
CamoKoopa182 (2 days ago)
FYI, there's a reason why Hammond is called "wrecking ball" actually. Remember, Hammond was the name given to him by Dr. Winston back on the Horizon Lunar Colony. However, when he came to earth, he wanted to give himself a name that was his and his alone. So he named himself "wrecking ball" because he knew it would work well as a name and a stage name for when he fought in mech battles. (So basically, if were to talk in front of him and call him "Hammond," that would mean you would be showing disrespect towards him as you are not calling him by what he wants to be called. I.E. "Wrecking ball.)
RaulLC_ (2 days ago)
Bro if you take the science out it kills the fun
Daniel H. (2 days ago)
Yes the general lifespan of a hamster is 4 and Hammond is actually 14, but he was genetically modified, which probably increased his lifespan
Kirbyclasher 76 (2 days ago)
I own Xbox so he better come out the week before lucioball like doomfist or something close to that because that will be sad if he doesn't.

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