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"Defeat or Total Victory" speech - The Gambler

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Esam Eldin (18 days ago)
Army force rich 40 % increase in water Cities for Richs & army force Any one in good position give it to his son About 80 million Egyptian people getting fuck in medical and society life for other 20 million
Brittany Cook (1 month ago)
Way to win a girl over!!!!!!!!😁
wealthy black man (1 month ago)
What he is implying in that speech is... teachers are truly worthless! ! He wants true meaning of worth. VALUE IN SOCIETY! !
- htt ps. (2 months ago)
Nova Marshall (3 months ago)
It's not the pursuit of happiness, it's the pursuit of reaching the highest level. The highest level in a creative talent, in love, in home ownership, and a long list of everything you want all at the same time. If you're not at the highest level of everything you have then what's the point in having it( fucking hate settling and not pushing your wants to its limits).Victory without full satisfaction is just a compromisation. He's unsatisfied with what life has to offer..."I mean everything else is just fucking great(sarcasm)...and this is all they give you"... and wants more, even though he has a house, a nice car, a good career. It's quality over quantity in every single aspect of your life. A quality life with abundance of everything you have, literally everything from intelligence,skill set, and your material things, is something only a certain type of person can achieve in this life and that's the person Mark Wahlberg's character is trying to be. "The only thing worth doing is the impossible"-The Gambler
o (5 months ago)
wahlberg = emo + r/iam14andverysmart
Martin Delaluz (5 months ago)
What was that song that they played after the kissing scene
Axel Nine (5 months ago)
Pink Floyd - Time
Nobru Oakley (7 months ago)
good movie
Thomas Thas (7 months ago)
I can't believe Mark Wahlberg playing an intelligent character.
Paul Sacchetti (8 months ago)
Axel Nine (5 months ago)
Pink Floyd - Time
Gabriel Liso Look (8 months ago)
HealthyMealthy (10 months ago)
This movie is perfect for a college kid. Hip with an All or Nothing nihilist on the search for truth. Hip scenes where everything comes together and "totally epic rants" dude.
johnny bravo (11 months ago)
1:14 after sex smile :D
Alan Z (1 year ago)
"We're a generation raised by women,I wonder if what we need is another woman"
Jordan Hoffman (1 year ago)
I need to see this. Just everything these characters are saying just hits all kind of weird chords with me that I've seen no other character in any movie be able to do.
alrightyden (3 months ago)
Jordan Hoffman yess, you said it bruh
Plc Kid (1 year ago)
best scene ever
Percival Concord* (1 year ago)
I kinda feel for this guy, possibly relate a bit to him. That feeling when you have everything given to you on a plate and you always get that irritating feeling of guilt because you've been brought up thinking you're great and all compared to "Common People" but there are those who started from nothing and achieved more success than yourself.
Nataša Uzar (1 month ago)
+Andrew Smith because you're brought up that way..
Andrew Smith (1 month ago)
Percival Concord* Your “problem” makes zero sense whatsoever. How you can think, right from the start, you’re above “common people” when you know you’ve been handed everything.
Aneta Traczynska (3 months ago)
you have just answered my question I have been asking myself for all the time. thank you a lot. finally i got perfect response, why I do feel like him. thanks.
The FrostyPuffMan (1 year ago)
This dude went second base with his student.
Groovy (1 year ago)
I think that version of the song at the end gave me cancer
Marcus W.Right (1 year ago)
+Groovy Muncher you should never joke about cancer, man. Its no joke and I am sure many would agree. I commented out of concern thou but I can see that has got lost here. No worries.
Groovy (1 year ago)
lol chill out with that bro
Marcus W.Right (1 year ago)
+Zuhkory. Words have power, shit for brains. It is not called spelling for no reason. Lots of things are just as much physical as psychological. Experiments with ice crystals prove what you say has an affect. All the same go back to school dummy.
Zakory Hill (1 year ago)
Marcus W.Right you're a fucking idiot
Marcus W.Right (1 year ago)
never kid saying shit like that as soon as you do, you trigger off vibrations in your body, to start that process. be careful what you wish for.
Sunsun281 (1 year ago)
Mark's character James Bennet is a text book case pathological gambler. The things he says only illustrates his distorted and negative view of the world and his own personal life. He's trapped between All or nothing, black or white, genius or mediocrity, happy or unhappy. high level or low level, defeat or total victory..etc... He is unhealthy, negative and irresponsible. All this was part of illustrating the hidden mental disease of a gambling addict. And in reality, women walk in the other direction when they meet a man like this. A gamblers life is freighted with problems and many failed relationships. I like Brie Larson, she was perfect for this role.
Nataša Uzar (1 month ago)
+Rick Salab your interpretation is way better
Anna Vajda (1 month ago)
Sunsun281 he just wants better than mediocre and she is living proof that that exists. Woman do not run away from men who appreciate them.
Axel Nine (4 months ago)
SunSun, you might be half right, but Jim Bennet isn't a gambler. The two greatest quotes from this movie are the one one from this video and the one from here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PEczvlcehp0. If you said Jim was a nihilist I would tend to agree with you more.
Rick Salab (1 year ago)
Her in*
Rick Salab (1 year ago)
Sunsun281 as i said. I did not interpret the movie this way. But that is what is cool about movies, they are open to interpretation. I think he does see whats so beautiful about the girl. That is why he goes back to hercin the end. I will repeat myself. I think that he is saying society takes our soul from us. Im not trying to debate you because i have my interpretation and you have yours. I was just expressing my opinion.
Mike MMA (1 year ago)
I haven't seen this movie. Can someone walk me through the entire movie so I know what's going on in this scene
Jackson Meade (1 year ago)
Look it up on google, Mike. You're smart like that.
Jordan Bourne (1 year ago)
Guy loses everything in chase of either total defeat or total victory
Colin Whalen (1 year ago)
Jackson Nesi (1 year ago)
If anyone could find that song for me that would be lovely
Jordan Bourne (1 year ago)
dub side of the moon - time I loved that part of the song, but after looking it up the rest was kind of a let down. Another cover of Time (Pink Floyd - Time (Petter Dahlgren acoustic)) is done in a similar style and is much better in my opinion.
salespo612 (1 year ago)
Sounds like a cover of "Time" by Pink Floyd
ShadoeFax (1 year ago)
2 people accepted defeat over total victory
Marge onthat (1 year ago)
I loved the original ; an under-rated gem. However I am very (surprisingly) impressed with this re-make.
After Math (1 year ago)
yep, this movie is so fucking good
AFreakofMe (2 years ago)
For all the people who hate this film John Goodman once told me " FUCK YOU BLOW ME!"
Declan Lacey (10 months ago)
AFreakofMe i liked the movie, people who hate on things so easily are the ones too stupid to see the deeper meaning in things. Everyone thing is more than it seems. They arnt geinus's, so why bother
Richard V (1 year ago)
AFreakofMe this movie is shit
MrNutsack100 (2 years ago)
They should of chosen a better looking woman for this movie. This chick is homely...
Jackson Vance (2 years ago)
+MrNutsack100 i think it fits the role. kinda hot to me
Tuts TheCat (2 years ago)
What does homely mean
Falko X (2 years ago)
Oscar Marin (3 years ago)
+mindrapeart This isnt anti red pill at all. He quit his job, broke the chains of addiction and finally let go the fear of loving a woman. He gets to get a real fucking love, a real fucking house and a real fucking thing to do every day.
Derek Sharp (3 years ago)
Right in the feels
Checkmatehyena00 (3 years ago)
20 odd years of how to be ordinary and it fuckin kills you. so true
mindrapeart (3 years ago)
The movie itself is anti-red pill. As if getting the woman is a happy ending. :P

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