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Game of Thrones 7x07 - Jon Snow shows Cersei the Wight

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Scene from Game of Thrones, Season 7, Episode 7
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Naz Shah (3 hours ago)
Cersei,Pre Good Sansa and Dornish girls are best examples of Feminists
Dale Kevin (10 hours ago)
Euron:"Can they swim?" Jon:"No, but they can Dive!" "They drove out the dead dragon from the bottom of the lake and we're screwed! And now they can also fly"
Alishia Powell (12 hours ago)
Maybe Cersie becomes a white walker and has to be the undead king's queen. That would be a fitting fate lol. I can hear the screams now!
John Snow (13 hours ago)
5:57 when I think I won an argument with the wife
Gray Marcy (16 hours ago)
3:23 Wight: DUDE ?! I WAS USING IT
Dt0x75 (22 hours ago)
it seems that statement from Jon made Dany a little... moist XD
Delaney Montelli (1 day ago)
4:55 The world war
Tai Singleton (1 day ago)
Cersei does have a point though. I mean I understand her position. Danaerys just burned half her troops, but now here she is with her enemies begging for help.
DaJoker808 (2 days ago)
ELRON IS LYING . They were meant to think he was running . Common the guy doesn’t give a shit about anything . While they are at battle he will invade either castle rock or dragon island . BUT I think the sons will come to save the day.
TufAC (2 days ago)
Carsei : he's right to be afraid, and a coward to run SEASON 8 : THOSE WALKERS IS CHASING HER AND SHOUT LIKE SHE MISSED JAIME
Bru No (3 days ago)
SPOILERS If white walkers can pull off a dragon under water with chains, they can certainly use boats. So no one is safe.
Micah Griffin (3 days ago)
anime scene
Definitely not Dendi (4 days ago)
at that brief moment, Jamie forgot to kingsguard
Hingle McCringleberry (4 days ago)
I wonder why John Snow never mentioned that Valarian Steel could kill them too
Gina Burton (5 days ago)
Dammit, John! You couldn't just lie a LITTLE bit??!!
Greydi_of_Pax (5 days ago)
Holy shit that look on Jaime's face when he hears about their numbers. Yeah, he's seen dragons roast his army and thought he's seen the worst things. Then they crap undead nightmares on his head! :D
Giulio Zoppello (5 days ago)
5:16 this acting
Baseball Fanatic (6 days ago)
I have an Army. We have a Hulk. I have a Dragon
Duesal Bladesinger (6 days ago)
Cersei has the worst guards lmao. The just stood and watched while the wight ran up to her and started grasping at her from a mere few feet away.
The Purge (7 days ago)
Cersei is bitch no offense tho she kinda is and I hope she dies in the next season
Shailendra Singh (7 days ago)
Today we will be unboxing a brand old Wight.
mojojo Josiah (7 days ago)
If wight can't swim how did they put the chains on the viseryrion
Cervantes (8 days ago)
i know your game. I'm not going to make you use me as a dagger against my loved one.
Cervantes (8 days ago)
Treat them with respect i will not have it said i cursed my own offspring. yeah ofc my dear.
The Vlog Squad (9 days ago)
Rewatching all clips to prepare myself later this summer. Oh wait. I mean next summer.
HY Productions (9 days ago)
755 people don't know what television greatness stands for. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!
Nick Cooper (9 days ago)
I love the look on Jamie’s face when Dany says ‘a hundred thousand at least’ it looks as if he wants to shit out his heart
Margaret Chiloquin (9 days ago)
I think it would be funny if they had the legs of the wight running around wildly in the background after Sandor (The Hound) cut him in half.
Justin Gilmore (9 days ago)
Euron: this is the only thing in thing world that terrified me Me :You just saw 2 dragons
DavidAkhter (10 days ago)
The dragon didnt freak them but a friggin zombie apocalypse did?
Nathanhornereads (10 days ago)
Cercei is such a bitch I can't wait to see her run like a coward when the army of the dead arrives at kings landing.
Johnlocked the impala (10 days ago)
Does anybody ever wonder why they didnt just kill cersi and take the capital right then? 'cause damn they could have just taken it right then!
Cervantes (10 days ago)
Ok let's play a little test. What do the crews of This show say they'll miss the most when it's over is it A: The Money and Fame B: The Joy of being involved in a creative Project. Which one is it. ;)
Jaegar Ultima (10 days ago)
Poor Euron, not realizing that the Night King can simply freeze the ocean as he pleases, saltwater freezes like freshwater but at lower temperatures with which the Night King can provide through his magic.
Keyser Sozie (10 days ago)
I cant wait for the final episodes. I'm Jonzing. I have to say I still despise Cersei,, but Jamie has grown on me.
Siotame Palu (11 days ago)
Jesus this show is so cheesy now...
TanteMarianne (11 days ago)
it's somehow stupid, like an anime... yeah, 4 dothraki could easily carry this wooden box containing the wight... but we have this one strong guy and we have to show that he's strong so he has to carry it by himself.
Robert Lange (12 days ago)
Well that prick little finger got his now we just need to wait for Cersies turn.
marduke45 (12 days ago)
i love after when everyone is like, cmon jon, you couldve lied. jsut a little white lie. cmon buddy.
Kittycutie (12 days ago)
And no one except the main characters had any reaction. A large group of people including leaders and soldiers in the south saw the dead. And nothing happens. Rumors don't spread. No one looks through history books or into legends. No one except Euron even contemplate leaving. Well what do you expect from a show with no writers room. Like seriously no Drama of this caliber exists without a writers room. Name one show as famous as this without a fucking writers room. Well that's why it has devolved into Benioff and Weiss's little vanit y project. How Martin must feel to see his work watered down to this.
Kittycutie (12 days ago)
I didn't know fanfic was brought to the screen.
Jonathan Garza (12 days ago)
problem with euron, is that water freezes. iron island has no food. same with dragonstone. you be alive but for how long.
Lairaomoto4360 (12 days ago)
cersei you are the stupidest beautiful woman i ever met you were just told the wight walker and wights are coming to kill the whole seven kingdoms including you and you refuse to help protect your kingdom and innocent people
PISHBALL MANONG (13 days ago)
If if you can use fire to kill why not use a lot of wild fire and set traps on their path like fire pits its less expensive than valyrian steel and dragon glass??? 🔥 🔥
Traye76 (13 days ago)
Cersei: I need the word of the most honest man we all know before I agree. Jon: Immediately tells the truth. Everyone: Why didn't you lie? Amazing that everyone is surprised. I was like, seriously. The entire reason she asked was because he was honest.
Avtar_Sol0mon (13 days ago)
Great presentation all across the board......good job jon....A+ across the board... ...except cersei....she gives that a D-
Lewis Peter Eastland (14 days ago)
The only thing I can't help but think, what would the dead characters, and what if they survived until this point to know if the army of the dead. How would Joffrey, Ramsay, Meryn, Janos react to seeing that Wright and look on their faces. (That would have been great seeing them scared out of their wits). Or Rob, Stannis, Renly, Olenna or Tommen, would they face this threat. And Tywin, knowing this is an enemy he can't negotiate with in any way: gold and power, he knows the only ones who wouldn't be swayed by them 100%, is either if your dead or if your a monster.
Leah Curran (14 days ago)
LOL, Jamie hesitated on protecting cersei
Valter Fara (14 days ago)
When this series started, all I wanted to see was the death of Jaime Lanister. Now, I want him to live almost as much as Jon Snow.
9:04 gold worth
Pierre S. Guirguis (10 days ago)
Daenerys: “I'm grateful for your loyalty, but my dragon died so that we could be here. If it's all for nothing, then he died for nothing!” Me: Oh, Daenerys, you silly bitch. You are in for a very nasty surprise!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
BlueBerryFairy1 (16 days ago)
Jon knows something after all XDDDDD
We need ten seasons of this
Javier Luna (16 days ago)
And people thought the Mountain was a dead man walking...
TheIrishEnigma (16 days ago)
They shouldn't be so afraid of what they just saw, at least based on what they know. They don't know at this point that the wights can use weapons. All they saw here was a mindless creature that just ran right into a massive sword blow, easy peasy.
Amy no (16 days ago)
Cersai would make a lovely addition to the Trump administration. She’s a great liar. Has no moral compass and will betray anyone if it benefits her.
AsTro (16 days ago)
How the hell do they wrap this shit up in only 1 more season lmfao. The Great War is gonna start on Episode 1 and never stop.
Utkarsh Asthana (16 days ago)
We were supposed to be watching season 8 by now
Jackalofdeath (17 days ago)
its such a shame the series went to shit so bad
J.R. Vasquez (17 days ago)
There is still hope that they can put together an exciting but thoughtful and dignified last season to this very much flawed, and at the same time GREAT, series.
Nomad Lord (17 days ago)
Dammit Jon, one single lie was all you ever had to tell
ichimich 75 (17 days ago)
An army that leaves no corpses on the ba-ohl fueld
darlene3d (18 days ago)
Is it just me or is Cercei looking like she's thinking about how she can wrangle a few White Walkers and just make an Army out of them and point them towards her enemies?
sebastian alegria (19 days ago)
l think their accents are nice to hear, as l'm studying to become an English traslator watch this serie it's wonderful because it's very good for my ears, so l have to work hard
Sue Burgess (19 days ago)
The Walking Dead are finding their way into every show and movie .. Odd.
Hassan Khan (19 days ago)
I dont understand one thing. Why Cersei wants to make sure that Jon does nt join Dany in the war when she already planned to backstab everyone. She knew before that Euron will go and buy Golden Company. If Cersei does nt remain true to her word then Jon does nt need to.
gusttavo franky (20 days ago)
5:17 at this moment Jaime knew they're fucked up
Diane Rivera (20 days ago)
But now that the Night King has a dragon he can fly anywhere it doesn't matter on what island you live on
Bhumit Muchhadia (21 days ago)
They lost a dragon to get this guy here and night king used the dragon to break the damn wall... but it was useless
Matt012763 (21 days ago)
Yeah Cersei? Well Ned Stark's son also remembers what you allowed to happen to his father ya evil bitch.
Matt012763 (21 days ago)
Your armies? Cersei you don't know shit about war or armies, all you know is to use what's between your legs, and ya ain't that pretty.
Nila Kandavel (21 days ago)
3:07 free chocolates but limited
ham acting convention
kathi bharath (21 days ago)
3:11 undead to cersi: please It's been so long, it is prohibited by white walkers unlike ISIS.
Taufiq Raymer (22 days ago)
I'm waiting for a conversation between Jaime and Bran, which would definitely happen next season.
Hydragaming 257 (22 days ago)
Was that Thoris 2.0
Convic~1221 (22 days ago)
Thinking about it I wouldn't have told cersi about how to kill them
dari_ m (22 days ago)
I feel like in the end Cersi will escape and then there will be a time skip and she and when she gives birth the baby is like tyrein talk about irony
Last Time (23 days ago)
they really needed to emphasize the "they don't leave corpses on the battlefield" thing. When cersei says they'll come north first enjoy dealing with them - she's hoping lots of her enemies will die, but if they all die the night kings army will be even larger and cersei and kings landing is even more fucked....
Vlad Calimandruc (23 days ago)
"Jon Snow shows Cersei the Wight" o yeah
DingleBungus (23 days ago)
The wight didnt want to come out of the box lul why?
DingleBungus (22 days ago)
KnivstikkerOla That's exactly what I thought too, it's dead-dead. Things are just happening for the sakes of the viewers. It's staying quietly inside its box while mountain is carrying it. Doesn't make a sound. They didn't do it for the sake of telling the story, they just wanted cheap and fake tension. Like Arya and Sansa butting heads for no reason, or at least the creators making it look that way for the sole purpose of trying to surprise us.
KnivstikkerOla (22 days ago)
I remember the effect it had on me, cause I was uncertain if going too far south OR too far away from the horsemen would make them regular dead again. So when he didn't storm out I had 10 terrifying seconds where I thought the whole meeting would go to shit and the last episode be for nothing. Was so glad when it was "alive" after all. But... There is no explenation to why it didn't move within the universe itself.
anmol gupta (23 days ago)
Euron greyjoy check which shampoo did the dead army use..😂😂😂
Paul S (24 days ago)
One of my favorite parts. Humans unite when we are all in danger.
I hope daenyris takes over kings landing in the last season
Marcus Conn (25 days ago)
ALL Jon Snow had to say was, "Done." It would have solved so much...
KnivstikkerOla (22 days ago)
A stark never makes it so easy. A nice example would be season 1 and 3 D:
nima sp (25 days ago)
and... they have a dead dragonnnnn.... shittttt
Victoria Wilson (26 days ago)
Jon Snow “thanks for watching. Make sure to like and subscribe.”
Sigh Phi Guy (26 days ago)
who in their right mind would make a truce with cersei and expect her to adhere to it? plus....to GD long between seasons. ive lost interest.
Jennifer Walne (26 days ago)
The part where the wight appears was just terrible writing. The mountain, an undead being whose main purpose as he understands is to protect Cersei, would have stepped in front. Look at how he reacted with the Sparrows and Euron. And Jamie... don't give me that useless argument of "he's falling out of love with her and let it attack her" or "he's too shocked". He's a soldier. He was one of the best swordsmen in Westeros. He has never lost those instincts. He wouldn't show his doubts about Cersei at an important summons like that. He would have stepped in to stop it. It was just a terrible attempt at shock value. How many of us really thought that Cersei was going to die here? CinemaSins would destroy this scene, and D&D.
Oliver Goodwin (26 days ago)
Jennifer Walne He did step in front of her... maybe not as quick as hes should have but still.
Fahad Usman (27 days ago)
This was a great scene. I was anticipating the looks on their faces.
Khal Drogo (28 days ago)
Seriously I can’t wait anu longer for season 9
Tre Williams (28 days ago)
Qyburn’s dick must have got super hard at that wight
Arthur Herbst (28 days ago)
Thats so stupid. Have they measured the distance to Cersei and the length of the chain?? Why are the guards not doing anything?? This could be interpreted as assasination atempt and should have ended in a bloodbath!
i 1trick Nidalee (29 days ago)
I swear Lena is just AMAZING, i really admire her for her acting
Tania Perez (29 days ago)
The walking dead meets GOT haha
bazinga abdi (29 days ago)
use the fire cersei used on the other people.
funmakinmoney99 (29 days ago)
Ask for a blow job from both!!!! this can be only way to loyalty!!
TZuqI Keul (29 days ago)
i thought the title said, "Jon Snow shows Cersi the Way" XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Slayer Of Light (29 days ago)
Qyburn has a Valyrian steel sword in his pants.
scarrillo31 (30 days ago)
Cersei brings up Ned Stark to Jon... "aww bitch... why you gotta pull the Ned card..."
Wiktoria Selerska (1 month ago)
3:59 😂😂😂

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