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Game of Thrones 7x07 - Jon Snow shows Cersei the Wight

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Scene from Game of Thrones, Season 7, Episode 7
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PC PRINCIPAL (16 hours ago)
The wight reacted that way because it was in middle of a nap
Pyro Vermilion (17 hours ago)
It would be awkward if the wight didnt wake up
Hannibal Landa (18 hours ago)
You know something is so fucked up when the Hound get nervous.
Santiago Juarez (19 hours ago)
5:07 to 5:20 fav moment
Varun Shinde (1 day ago)
Where is Sansa?
Gianna Charest (1 day ago)
Cersei shook to the 10th degree
winston smith (1 day ago)
The last season only has 5 episodes. HBO is thinking about making it ten 30min episodes.
Ciorchinele Suprem (2 days ago)
The war for Cersei s cunt. That still cracks me up.
Cresly Adam Bardon (2 days ago)
For all we know. Jon snow might be fighting against Ainz Ooal Gown.
P4P KING (2 days ago)
7:56 that moment when she gets hot and wet
fh kind (2 days ago)
"They can't swim" But they can chain a dragon underwater and help pull it out
fh kind (2 days ago)
"Fuck loyolty" my fav part
Uchiha Hikaku (2 days ago)
Wight Trash
Christina Plunkett (2 days ago)
I imagine for most of them it would be an improvement!!!!
immeohmyoh (2 days ago)
6:55 She never said for how long? I woulda taken that deal!
immeohmyoh (2 days ago)
2:31 what the h*** is Theon doing there?
immeohmyoh (1 day ago)
+PC PRINCIPAL p.s., what's with the Menorah at 6:22?
PC PRINCIPAL (1 day ago)
immeohmyoh to insult eurons dwarf joke capabilities
immeohmyoh (2 days ago)
0:16 how does Tryion get that nice, modern, nylon/polyester /rubberized coat way-back in the prehistoric ages?
overrclocked (2 days ago)
I always wondered what the guards are thinking when they see the dead an walking lol
Bourhan Dernayka (3 days ago)
In that scene Euron was lying about going to the iron islands. I forgot, where did he go instead?
BrokenSky (3 days ago)
HA. I believe this is the moment when I introduce everyone to my favorite trio, FAITH STEEL AND GUNPOWDER. SIGMAR BLESS THIS RAVAGED BODEI! Also, Hammer of the Witches.
Orpheus (3 days ago)
i am so sorry, but everytime when Jon explains how to klill them, it reminds me of a cooking show... its just the way he speaks xD
Nerevarri (3 days ago)
comments lit af
whosyourdaddy (3 days ago)
And that scene costs a dragon
NorLawNorDuty (4 days ago)
The wight wasn't very impressive compared to some of the others... Didn't even try to strangle them with its cut-off hand. The others we've seen would have gone on trying to murder them even after being hacked apart.
Elthenar (4 days ago)
An Inconvenient Truth: Westeros Edition.
AlphaQSilly (4 days ago)
Why doesn't Jon mention that Valyrian steel can kill them?
PC PRINCIPAL (1 day ago)
Valyerian steel is all but non existent in Westeros
Carlos Angelo Manaog (4 days ago)
Daenerys got some tingle
ItsMe (4 days ago)
Why does Euron Greyjoy Remind me of Kano from Mortal kombat?
ItsMe (1 day ago)
+PC PRINCIPAL You legend! That was the other individual I couldnt remember and also Bryan fury from Tekken aswell
PC PRINCIPAL (1 day ago)
ItsMe for me it’s sabretooth in x men origins wolverine
Boxhawk (4 days ago)
Fucking great scene.
Jericho (4 days ago)
Why isn't the one hand guy the king? Thought a son would of inherited the throne before his sexy sister
Jericho (3 days ago)
+Major Grin ah right,i get it now. How did he die?
Major Grin (3 days ago)
he died and his "sons" would be the heir . but since they died their mother became the heir
Jericho (3 days ago)
+Major Grin and what happened to him?
Major Grin (3 days ago)
Lannisters are not kings blood. Baratheon are. She was married to Baratheon
Humberto Ventura (4 days ago)
Come John, give her the best wine made in the North and she will give you anything you want after a few glasses, you know how alcoholic she is, politics 1-1.
Alex Saunders (4 days ago)
'A would be usurper'. You'd think Cercie would have some recognition of her position. The fact that her claim* is based upon the fact she was married to someone who was called usurper. While Daenerys is the daughter of the man he usurped. *being married to someone doesn't give you a claim on their throne.
Marcus Inge (5 days ago)
GOD DAMN I wonder how much Sandor can squat
Sake Bobombs (5 days ago)
I can’t wait to watch Cersei fuck everything up and everyone dies.
alexandro0 (5 days ago)
Oh god the waiting is hard
Nepu-Tech USA (5 days ago)
Can they Swim? No, well only when they need to fetch a Dragon from underneath a lake to tie conveniently sized collar and chains to it that they just happen to have lying around. The latest seasons are written like bad fan fiction :( all the fav characters find themselves on the same team in a matter of days.
jpatton5567 (6 days ago)
The mountain was a little slow on the draw there, that wight got kinda close to cerci
nyphix4321 (6 days ago)
Wow, Game of Thrones has gone down hill, lol. Hopefully the books are a lot better. Whenever it's released in the next 10 years at this point.
hameed ullah (6 days ago)
They can't swim Hahaha.. But now they got a dragon which can fly #greyjoy
Cali Braxus (6 days ago)
3.59 Qyburn be thinknig . . .Still a better hand than Ned Stark . . . . "Lord Jaime, I've got something for you"
Cesar Farfan (6 days ago)
3:09 gotta love how the guards don’t even turn to see the wight
Masada 5.56x45 (7 days ago)
I haven't seen a single episode of GOT yet. Same with The Wire. I'm in for a major binge :)
The dragon glass dagger looks like a differently shaped dark chocolate ice cream bar.
redcaddiedaddie (8 days ago)
Sooooo... What I want to know is..... who's the guy who PUT THE COLLAR & CHAIN ON THE WHITE WALKER?? THAT'S the guy I want to meet!!
madman2u (8 days ago)
I came to think of something. Euron may not be safe. It's quite possible that the white walkers may just decide to freeze the water and create a path for the wights all the way to the island. They wouldn't have to walk on the ocean floor at all.
Jens8502 (8 days ago)
How do their cells produce ATP?
Major Grin (3 days ago)
Dale Gaabucayan (8 days ago)
I thought it was Tyrion in the box. Or Tyrion's doppelganger. LoL!
Major Grin (3 days ago)
Its the scorseror
Lazar Sreckovic (8 days ago)
"I imagine that for most of them it would be an improvement" "This is serious"... HAHAHAHAHAA, didn't notice that one, oh Cersei
Gilang Wicaksono (9 days ago)
Unbox Therapy™
toygurl (9 days ago)
The eye on jon snow's sword bear pommel blinked starting at 9:05. 🤔
大漢丞相 (9 days ago)
such necromancy only the barrow wights can match them in ferocity.
Skitt (9 days ago)
the t.v. show Dark Crow is suck a sham
MonkeyBricks34 (9 days ago)
AMC’s, The Walking Dead... oh wait wrong show
Why only White walkers? It's racism. They should add Black walkers in 8 season.
Anti Lootboxs (10 days ago)
Cersei Lannister is Dictator. Joffrey Lannister is Dictator. Mad King is is Dictator. Westeros is Dictatorship Country alike Real Life Countries (China, North Korea)
the tasharact (10 days ago)
Cersei's face triggers me all the damn time
RandomIsMyLif3 (10 days ago)
damn it jon you couldn't just lieeeeee to cersei like who gives af about honor when the apocolyspe is coming
ven wolf (10 days ago)
wight walker*
My name is Jon Snow, and this, is my TED talk
Kuroro Luxifer (10 days ago)
It comes so obvious now , after season 7. Cersei is "The Mad Queen" ; her similarities with "The Mad King" are very clear - Both of them had a major mental breakdown after being imprisoned and tortured , which turned them into psychotic people. Both of them see traitors everywhere ( ever since she's been crowned , traitor is probably the word Cersei has said the most often). Both of them enjoyed killing their enemies and innocents with wildfire (remember Cersei smiling after the Sept of Baelor blew off , despite knowing that hundreds of citizens died together with the High Sparrow and the Faith Militant). Both of them were left with only enemies to surround them ( as made obvious by Jamie's departure from King's Landing). I suspect the final parallelism between the two mad monarchs will come in the form of someone very close to Cersei (probably Jamie himself) will ultimately backstab her in order to put an end to her madness.
wraith1117 (10 days ago)
This is one of my favorite scenes in all of GOT.
Brian Johnson (10 days ago)
So they were all infected all along. Is that what the guy at the CDC told Rick during the 2nd season?
Swapnil Rana (11 days ago)
The unboxing seems to be inspired from the Pulp Fiction gimp scene.
david ranger (11 days ago)
Euron:can they swim ? Jon:no Euron:Good Jon:no good you asshole. when winter comes the water will turn to ice and they can walk on it did not you know that? Euron:you're right snow (And euron joins northeners)
Khampower (11 days ago)
4:11 Jon looking like he’s holding his own informercial
Clyde Day (12 days ago)
Ummm if they die by fire then 2 dragons could make short work of them all.
Clyde Day (1 day ago)
PC PRINCIPAL well now they know to go after the 5 main guys first.
PC PRINCIPAL (1 day ago)
Clyde Day that turned out so well for the third dragon
Imane Zam (12 days ago)
Does anyone have a opinion why that thing target the Lannister queen a soon it got out..?
01bigtrev (13 days ago)
When I watch this I always like to think what the guards around the pit are thinking :-)
paulo carmo (13 days ago)
Does boxxy software have all episodes available and for free?
Chase Connery (13 days ago)
uGH! wHAT A STUBBORN cunt but I love her! cant wait for the new season
free light (13 days ago)
I wonder how Jon will react when he will discover that all his life was precisely a lie from his honourable "father"
BigGucciSosa 97 (13 days ago)
my vocabulary isn't deep enough to truly praise or acknowledge the greatness of this scene. Immense
Mr Duke Silver (13 days ago)
Qyburn getting a hard on
Albert Liu (13 days ago)
5:17...now that's genuine shock and fear coming from a true seasoned soldier...If a soldier can kill something with the weapons that he has, he will have almost no fear...but to fight something like that where his weapons are ineffective and there's at least 100k+ and more potentials? He knows he's f***ed, aside from Tyrion, he's the only other Lannister with a brain.
Negan Grimes (14 days ago)
My god Cersei is still my fav character ^,...,^
fisherrd3 (14 days ago)
6:46 varys is smiling
_ensk CSGO (14 days ago)
8:48 So I told Tyrion to stand in the box.. he actually did it the absolute madman hahahahahahahaha!
ChrisPlaysGames (14 days ago)
I love how when Dany says "a hundred thousand at least" you can literally see the blood drain from Jamie's face
Barb DeSouza (13 days ago)
Nicolaj should have won the emmy. His face is marvelous.
8:40 to 9:06 ANd I wiLl gO doWn wItH tHis shiP
MTRZ (14 days ago)
Fuck Loyalty.
Lord Proteus (15 days ago)
Someone should have said "They may not be able to swim, but they can stand in boats and get off them..."
Major Grin (3 days ago)
They can also walk bellow the water. As they did when they chained a dead dragon
Cynthia Nyaure (15 days ago)
Can they swim?
Rifle Goat (15 days ago)
Even Gregor moved pretty damn fast as a reaction to that damn thing hahaha
Rhys Cory (15 days ago)
Vikings is better
Kane Booker (15 days ago)
Jon and Dany' team look like they are trynna advertise a product lmao, and Cersei looks like the skeptic buyers hahaha
MOONGAWDDESS (16 days ago)
That shit put the fear of God in me AND cersei when that fucker came out that box.
Resistance Commander (16 days ago)
You know it’s bad when someone as tough as Euron is scared
Alknix (16 days ago)
Euron: I'm returning to Iron Islands. [leaves] Cersei: What! How dare you! (nice job, hon) Dany: Oh, don't worry, after we're done here, I'm going to burn his entire fleet down. Cersei: WHAT? Dany: You have any objections? He did just betray you. Cersie: ...No... of course not, why would I, heh-heh. (Oh fuck, I did not think this through.)
Jason Arcand (16 days ago)
I bet u the night king can freeze the oceans
Hayaz Hafiz (16 days ago)
Brianne doesn't give a fuck :D
WTWH (16 days ago)
Unboxing video of night walker
David Griffiths (16 days ago)
A stinking northern barbarian inured to the privations of discomfort...
Jabari Brooks (16 days ago)
Qybur is like "I want one"
Sean Quinn (17 days ago)
Felix Miller (17 days ago)
this scene is so stupid
Let me sleep in peace (17 days ago)
Jon Snow: Told you I was wight!
Gray Christian (17 days ago)
All those guards and not one rushes forward as a zombie goes for Cersei.
Alan Page (17 days ago)
Cersi wonders in the Night King is a good lay.
DanielC (17 days ago)
Ebay Mystery BOX
Feren Fadilla (18 days ago)
tyrion glitched at 8:48

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