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Game of Thrones 7x07 - Jon Snow shows Cersei the Wight

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Scene from Game of Thrones, Season 7, Episode 7
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Joaquin Cid Portillo (8 hours ago)
junior fio (8 hours ago)
"3/10, Not enough incest." -IGN
evander2222 (9 hours ago)
what episode of walking dead is this? i think its the prequel
Arthur Watts (10 hours ago)
Methinks they're gonna need a much larger crate in 2019.
Kirsty (11 hours ago)
this is the most ridiculous fucking scene in the world man for fucks sake Jon Snow's like some shopping channel salesman "we can destroy them by burning them and we can destroy them with dragonglass no mess no fuss and this entire package can be yours for only 14.99, that's right folks 14.99!!"
Kirsty (1 hour ago)
lordSeaworth my original post was a joke. Clearly humour, whether it be well-aimed or a bit unfunny, is something your poor old mind clearly can’t deal with, and now I’ve wasted half my morning explaining the problems that many critics have with this show to some rando on the internet, so cheers for that.
Kirsty (1 hour ago)
lordSeaworth mate, you take yourself waay to seriously, but since you asked, fine. Everything that happens in this scene happens not because of character-driven decisions, according to what has been established in these characters over the series of books and episodes we’ve previously seen. It’s happened because there is an idea of a Big Finale and it has to be reached, at all costs. For this season in particular that meant sacrificing any hint of nuance or character depth, completely fucking with the timeline and geography of the continent, and swaddling the main characters in plot armour that puts them in enough peril to keep the audience entertained while also asking us to suspend our disbelief to a ludicrous extent - eg the entire north of the wall expedition. The idea that Cersei would have agreed to an audience with her biggest enemies, even with her ulterior motive, is laughable. Jon Snow continuing to blunder one with his one line of argument is boring, predictable and a letdown from what a great character he has been both in the books and in the show. Like I said, this season is very entertaining. But it is not good. Apologies, Lord Seaworth, if that wounds you x
lordSeaworth (2 hours ago)
+Kirsty So in other words you just ramble something but have no idea exactly what was wrong. Thought so. Why would you redirect me to a silly review video?
Kirsty (2 hours ago)
lordSeaworth ah man if you can’t see on your own terms why this whole season is a massive comedown from the origins of the show then you’re not gonna get it, are you? And I’m not gonna sit here and list them to you so here’s a good link https://youtu.be/HoLhcdapmqg
lairdriver (12 hours ago)
@5:17 when you see the girl you love, but your sack isn't big enough to make it happen.
FoxHoundGaming (12 hours ago)
That moment when The Hound was timid and nervous............THE HOUND
Teemu M. (1 day ago)
Game of Thrones surely has vulgarity, contemporary sadistic themes and stupidity, but I love so much how the feudal kings taunt each other. It is hilarious and this feudal context is brilliant. Maybe I will buy Crusader Kings 2 after all. Oh, nah, I swore not to touch Paradox ever again.
Dustin P (1 day ago)
3:10 when your chain is 3 meters too short.
Camden Specht (1 day ago)
"A hundred thousand at least." lol everyone just zoned out and went 'oh damn we screwed'
lordSeaworth (8 hours ago)
Yes and?
avolantyable (1 day ago)
8:03 the moment she realized that making everyone take the knee including those that don't really need to was a mistake.
Qori Akromin (1 day ago)
This is the part where i say "Ooooo shit just got real"
Mahamat Abakar (1 day ago)
J'aime cette saison de film
84 LoneDreamer84 (2 days ago)
I like Tyrion!! He's one of the most likeable Caracters in the entire Show!...
lordSeaworth (8 hours ago)
There are plenty of likeable and nice characters in the show.
Schizophrenic Cynic (2 days ago)
Cersei is just a walking talking vessel of irrational psycho
Schizophrenic Cynic (2 days ago)
When your truly faced with a real monster from stories told by your parent's that gave you nightmare's, no one is brave not even Sandor
Paul T (3 days ago)
Tell the queen you're gonna f~ck her so hard that it'll knock her hip out!
Joel Carver (3 days ago)
The more I analyze the script once they went past the books, the more I see it is mostly tropes to sell their product. I still love GOT. I just have opened my eyes I guess. But being a hypocrite I must say if they kill Dany off I will vehemently hate the whole series. Js
lordSeaworth (8 hours ago)
That happening is highly likely. For both the show and the books. So don't get your hopes up.
Greg Gallacci (3 days ago)
"Can they swim?" "No!" "Good, we will retreat to the safety of our islands!" "But they also can't drown...", said to no one, in a whisper.
Groot Billyclub (3 days ago)
Cersei is the absolute nastiest character in the series. Really hope she receives a brutal death.
Marcel Gardner (3 days ago)
What's in the box!!!!!!
Gana McG (3 days ago)
Emm, that's not the last we seen of him, I predict!
Mr.Anonymous (3 days ago)
What's in the box?
Qyburn got horny when he picked up that hand.
meyus lord (3 days ago)
This is type of bullshit you have to suffer when you don't support Stannis
Damien (3 days ago)
Less than a year to go lads 😆😆
Tango Plays (3 days ago)
Fix the audio or don't upload
Yvonne Wilson (4 days ago)
Greyjoy be like: "FUCK THIS SHIT, I'M OUT!"
gspendlove (4 days ago)
"Oh, shut up, and go and change your armor."
Julio Jackson (4 days ago)
When a Cunt is in charge, its suicide at best.
Muhamad Dakota (4 days ago)
7:41 damn jon, why did u fck dis up?! All of that for nothing.
Muhamad Dakota (4 days ago)
3:53 that psycho fuck.
Itacool (4 days ago)
I hate how everyone is dressed in black. It's so annoying and unrealistic
Cervantes (4 days ago)
To all of you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRbmK9LkKeg
patman0250 (4 days ago)
Fake ass wanna be little boy hair cut looking queen ass bitch !!! Isn't cersei tired of pretending to play queen !? She has to be the weakest so called ruler ever! Even her ugly ass retarded insets looking cock eyed monster of a son!! Was more bold then she ever was. And that's why she will die a horrible gruesome death WEAK !!!!
Modi (5 days ago)
I like the way that Cersei don't give fuck about the dragon .. and scared the shit about the walker
Yaning Wu (5 days ago)
I just love Brienne's horrified face at the end
Alyssa Lara (5 days ago)
Anyone else see Theon in the background
SMC01ful (6 days ago)
They need to give Jamie something so he can attach a sword where his stump is. Anyhow, though the series has gone downwards in quality since S4, it's still pretty bloody good. Acting is still top notch. Getting a little sick of the dragon plot device and the holier than thou Khaleesi stuff, but all said and done I'm more excited about the next season than Star Wars IX.
houston horse (6 days ago)
cut them in half, and they keep on coming........
Guard Passer (6 days ago)
This season was so disney
ruby leuty (6 days ago)
When Bran saw the white walkers outside the cave of the 3-eyed raven and it touched him, the children started fire around the entrance, but the white walker walked right through it and it looked like it went out which allowed the wights to go in after them. But the 3-eyed raven said that because he touched Bran that was why he could come in. So which is it?
Bryan Max (6 days ago)
cant believe its almost over in one more season
Imandee Jayawardena (6 days ago)
ned starks son yes. not aegon
AJProductions (6 days ago)
Honestly one of the greatest and satisfying episodes of season 7.
hunter christensen (7 days ago)
Does anyone else notice that Jon always plays the pronoun game when it comes to discussing the white walkers, he never just says the white walkers are coming he just says it an absolutely vague manner.
Marian Ryzl So (7 days ago)
Commenting cause the vid quality is lit AF 😊
KiraKiraSekai1 (7 days ago)
5:17 Jamie realized that shit just got real.
John Rankin (7 days ago)
Jaime looked like he was about to shit himself (probably did) when he asked how many..
Clorox Bleach (7 days ago)
"So you best start believing those ghost stories girl, you're in one."
Emily BJ (7 days ago)
Cersei is gonna regret her decision to not going north. Nothing is gonna stop the dead and the white walkers and the now the dragon coming to her door step
Reda Almustafa (7 days ago)
4:04 And that’s where reveal conferences idea came from
snillocgrom (8 days ago)
Why did the show writers nerf the wights? In the books dragonglass is absolutely useless as fuck against them. The only thing that even slows them down is fire. Dragonglass only works on White Walkers. That was a specific point made in the books. Wights are immune to what harms the White Walkers.
Island Ninja (8 days ago)
Greyjoy leaving under Cersei’s command doesn’t make any sense. He says he’s going back to the Iron Island but really he’s just pretending under her orders. But they didn’t know they were about to see a walking corpse. So it doesn’t make sense that she would command him to fake being scared to make everyone thing he’s retreating.
Olav Langli (8 days ago)
You just wanna hurt cercei til she stops being a petulant child .. or a very entitled bitch...
Fixed Error (8 days ago)
I thought the Hound was carrying a crate full of chickens, and was gonna eat them all in front of everyone. Wights will do though.
deaddropsd1972 (8 days ago)
I predict the Bloody Gate of the Vale will be overrun!!!
deaddropsd1972 (8 days ago)
Damnit. They should NOT have destroyed this creature! Keep alive to show all the other lords & gather support!!! Arrrrrgh!!!! Qyburn could have studied it!!!
Meisterlan Ralte (8 days ago)
Dats how u do PowerPoint presentation back in the days ...... clear n simple
Wparker6804 (8 days ago)
Jon snow= badass Danny= horney
Trey la porte (9 days ago)
The only person who had it right was Brienne. Team her
niceguy60 (9 days ago)
Where does Tyrion get his pimp suits from.
joeriveracomedy (9 days ago)
Haha you edited in a scene from the walking dead
cardboard box (10 days ago)
they should have kept the wight alive as a show piece to everyone
Keeko Cheecho (10 days ago)
This show is rarted
Ari Blue (10 days ago)
I wonder if Brienne has Targaryen in her blood with that hair.
RaginDXDemon (10 days ago)
I have a bad feeling thar the Targareyan blood will make Jon go against his word......welll Cersei deserves whatever shit she got coming
Corey Nero (10 days ago)
No my friend you are no longer safe on the iron islands. The night king can now fly via dragon
J (11 days ago)
Hey, thatbwas a good working hand, they could’ve given it to Jamie.
Darjaboo (11 days ago)
bitches have no loyalty
Adam Belhaj (11 days ago)
Crazy how no one came to protect Cersei from the wight
Bakir Kahriman (12 days ago)
https://www.instagram.com/game.of.thrones.fangram/ FOLLOW FOR GAME OF THRONES FUNNY PICS AND UPDATES
MRide3000 (12 days ago)
This is one of the dumbest plot lines of all time. Tyrion has become one of the worst characters on this show. The whole notion behind this meeting is utterly ridiculous. Kill cersei with the dragons and go fight the army of the dead. Simple AF. Millions of lives won't be lost by attacking the red keep with dragons....millions will be saved. Burn the castle to the ground. Kill Cersei. Don't touch there areas where people of Kings Landing actually live. GOD it's just so stupid. Ruined the show. I've gone from being obsessed, to not even caring about the final season.
Pacifik19 (12 days ago)
Undead don't like to be waken up when they have a peaceful little nap lmao
Harry Hase (12 days ago)
They can't swim, but they can walk under the water.......
thatsoundslikeblue (12 days ago)
When the Hound steps back from a crate and looks like he's about to shit himself, you'd better be damned scared of whatever's in that crate. O.o
Onizuka (12 days ago)
Cersei's actress is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than emelia clark haha a difference of day and night.
slimj091 (12 days ago)
9:05 Jamie: And tell her what? Brienne: That you want to stuff my clam for starters.
Khan Skywalker (12 days ago)
9:04 Yea. Rebel scum.
420th Legioner (13 days ago)
Cersei is so happy for 100k bitchs coming from the north, cause she would lose the war to Dayaneres and John
catlover12670 (13 days ago)
Such a stupid, contrived plot :(
Robert Holmes (13 days ago)
I wonder why he didn't mention valryian steel. I know the swords are rare but anything that can help should be used
Sharkson77 (13 days ago)
King Aegon of house Targaryen
El Knechto (13 days ago)
Quiburn just came
R (13 days ago)
This scene was ridiculous... Jon's over-dressed showing up a zombie like a power point presentation -_-
iago (13 days ago)
0:01 can't help but notice everyone in front of Tyrion is clad in black, with only Jamie bringing a bit of red and gold to the scene. It's like he's the only one who isn't totally evil in that group.
Robert F Volk (13 days ago)
"There is only one war that matters. The great war. And it is here" Come on, say it. Saaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttt…. "Winter has come" Aha there it is!
Cervantes (14 days ago)
I will respond to kit as such https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-mw1RuNB64&t=69s
Cervantes (14 days ago)
Perhaps the line should be "I knew a man who once said death smiles at us all...All a man can do is smile back" ..."and I wonder did this man smile at his own death"..."you should know. He was your friend".
Cervantes (14 days ago)
Mrs Nash taught me a coward dies 1000 deaths. A man dies once.
Cervantes (14 days ago)
what does family mean to you Emilia? and why. do I ask it?
Cervantes (14 days ago)
I stand corrected.
Cervantes (14 days ago)
I did not know what it meant to be walking dead.
Cervantes (14 days ago)
not Cervantes
Cervantes (14 days ago)
Jon snow takes this one.
Saicharan Garrepalli (14 days ago)
And the best salesman of the year award goes to Jon Snow
Devil of the Seas (14 days ago)
This scene terrifies me when I think about the gravity of Cersei not helping them. I know Jaime goes North with a token force, but it's nothing. The dead are going to hit the North first, scorched earth (or should I say frozen) tactics most likely. Nobody will be left alive north of the Neck probably by episode 2 or 3 of season 8. Then what remains of Jon and Dany's army will have to hold them at the Neck at all costs. Imagine trying to defend against 100K dead, growling and climbing up the walls. The only safe castle would be Storm's End, or Pyke, with enough provisions to last. The thing is, they can't exactly grow any more food. They are so fucked.
Chris Sparks (14 days ago)
What everyone is forgetting is when the 8th season comes Jon is still a man of his word, and as as much as I’d like to see him on the Iron Throne, he is still a man of his word, he still pledged himself to queen daenayrs, house of Targaryen, and i haven’t seen him break an oath yet. I place my bet that he remains king in the north and she is queen in the north. If I’m wrong im wrong,
leslie alcantara (14 days ago)
an army that doesnt eat sleep etc. but not indestructible like the golden army. this is a bad trade though a dragon in exchange for this presentation to the bitch queen please..id take the dragon burn them all and take over then march fucking north. its easy go to kingslanden at night burn her while she sleeps boom im king people hates you save them from the whites your a hero a noble legendary king or queen.
Vincent Shizannie (14 days ago)
"can they swim?" "no" "lol fuck this shit I'm out see ya wouldn't wanna be ya"
Anastasiah Romanova (14 days ago)
Cersei: “...until you return and march on MY CAPITAL” Daenerys: “Your capital? Bish, my ancestors built that capital”
Jonathan Perreira (14 days ago)
the hound shouldnt have held that chain

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