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2CELLOS - Mombasa (Live at Suntory Hall, Tokyo)

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http://www.facebook.com/2Cellos http://www.instagram.com/2cellosofficial 2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser performing their version of Hans Zimmer's Mombasa from 'Inception' at their classical concert at the Suntory Hall in Tokyo, July 2015. Dusan Kranjc, cajon
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Zorka Hudicek (6 days ago)
Ocinjena sam
zelkoair (9 days ago)
What a pleasure to see that you're not along in this madness! My respect to 2Cellos and to all fans! Best regards from Kiev, Ukraine!
Kristina Zottoli (11 days ago)
Dr disrespect top 10 situation LET'S GOOOOOOOO!
Gregory Schift (11 days ago)
The guy in between has a Peruvian instrument called ‘cajon’
the top of perfection.a terrific performance.
Ganimed (24 days ago)
Augustine Dundos (29 days ago)
Im born in Mombasa, Kenya☺
Wim Wyloeck (1 month ago)
BEST VERSION EVER! I absolutely love the energy this performance leaves one with... Stunning performance. I watch this video every time I need an energy boost...
Maryam SL (1 month ago)
Holly God. Feeling dizzy.
Sandra Johansson (1 month ago)
only a asian can have that hand skill to hit that hand drum..insane
Skythe (1 month ago)
Are you blind? It's pretty obvious he's white
That is Croat.
Sam-pson Smith (1 month ago)
I'll play in an orchestra! Great what are you playing? The Box.
марк твен (1 month ago)
это попросту щедевр
Beata Słysz (1 month ago)
OMG!!! Fenomenal!
Ivan Crnogorac (2 months ago)
4 minutes of pure perfection.
Sally Yuruk (2 months ago)
very talented guys, bloody hell that was bloody awesome, best i have ever heard
shon rb (2 months ago)
Alejandro Martinez (2 months ago)
oh my god this is terrible, they are just showing off you don't actually need to exaggerate so much, the pieces they are playing are not that complicated, they are the #Apocalyptica wanna be but without the metal.
Mirella Kovačević (2 months ago)
Music orgasm! :D
dobro je kad znas sta je orgazam
Herbie Shevers (2 months ago)
Music speaks when words fail.
You can not get better than this.
What an energy!!!😍
Lop Asriel (3 months ago)
Good 👍 Good The new video from my YouTube
roberto barbieri (3 months ago)
Great. Great. Great. Energy, power, hard work, dedication, love for music, results are the highest levels of skill reached by 2cellos: Stjepan and Luka.
Hexik Keksik (3 months ago)
1 000 000 + views only ? ... this world is crazy ..... seriously i am thinking if there is any chance to save humanity ...
politically incorrect (3 months ago)
i think that Justin Bieber is better ... no, just trolling ... i am listening to this like 50x in row ... i think this is what makes us humans .... bloody unbelievable ... absolute perfection ...
Kaloyan Maksimov (3 months ago)
Zorana Vuković (3 months ago)
AAAA TO JE TAAAAAAA😀 HVALA DENISU KOJI ĆE IH U ZAGREBU GLEDATI 👍 REKAO MI JE I KOJA JE PJESMA, SKLADBA, I GDJE ĆU JE NAĆI 😀 OBJAVILA SAM SVOJE SNIMKE OD SINOĆ IZ SPALADIUM ARENE, 16.03.2018......NE, NISAM ZNALA NAZIV, a moju djecu nisam stigla pitati......ovo je ludiloooo.....a tako je bilo i sinoć 👍TRI LUĐAKA 😀👍Denisu puno hvala i još jednom lijepi pozdrav i ugodna Vam bila večer, Ruža crvena iz Omiša 🌹puno, puno hvalaa....idem ispraviti...dopuniti naslov kod sebe.....al ne vidim ni na jednoj snimci i mlađih ovaj naslov 😀👍
Ivo Perić (4 months ago)
Drew M (4 months ago)
I enjoyed this a lot more than their offical video, not that they're not both great this just has more. They're great in studio or live because they're ultra talented and have a huge passion for making/playing music. It's honestly beautiful everything I've seen from them they're screaming on the inside with passion.
Djani Dcbggb (4 months ago)
Stjepan pozz iz srbije..
nekilik 007 (4 months ago)
My Croatia❤❤❤
Lois Wachira (4 months ago)
blou h2o (4 months ago)
Pure perfection my amigos...and drumer is creazy 120%:)
Mo CK (4 months ago)
Don’t think about elephants
Dastan Keneshbekov (5 months ago)
I forgot to breathe...
Debbie Prokop (5 months ago)
With all these Indigo's and their amazing gift's the world is getting more and more interesting isn't it.
The Sad Poet (5 months ago)
Wow such a gentleman he is😍😍
David Tang (5 months ago)
Give me goosebumps every time I listen
I just can’t stop listening to them
Diana Sanchez (5 months ago)
Hans Zimmer baby! ❤❤❤👏👏👏👏
christer johansson (5 months ago)
Bra utfört
veronica Creanga (5 months ago)
MERAVIGLIOSI ...Bellissimi e Bravissimi !!!
Junior tome (5 months ago)
Manifest Elgujak (5 months ago)
Two modern Paganini
Tanja Milicevic (5 months ago)
Pure art, pure love <3 Volim vas, zivot mi ulepsavate!
NurmaliaLestari Effendy (5 months ago)
OMG this is amazing 😘😘😘
Perceval Wolff (5 months ago)
Mombasa from 2Cellos is so underrated... I think it's the best music they have done in their career.
Porter Jones (5 months ago)
they should have Hans Zimmer do the Halo music.
Tomasz Gilner (5 months ago)
Cant believe it id live...
Blaz H (5 months ago)
Two and a half Men
darren1naudi (5 months ago)
That is what life should be all about ....
Jakob Mannheim (5 months ago)
and the bow is getting fucked apart again D: R.I.P. Bow
m chinthan (5 months ago)
I am out of words... Sorry
Maja Nikolic (5 months ago)
Pozdrav od Makedonijaaa:)
William Cremean (5 months ago)
A very well mic'd and reverberated piece. Well done.
Svetoslav Nikolov (6 months ago)
I'm addicted to their music! Simply amazing, so inspirational!!! 👍👍👍
musical Viagra
QAF4life (6 months ago)
Fucking incredible
Medina Souissi (6 months ago)
ما أجلاكم
강한석 (6 months ago)
Tapiboba (6 months ago)
you can literally make an anime from this T n T <3
Great video. It must have been amazing to see this live.
Robie Fola Adewole (6 months ago)
Can never get enough 💕💕💕
monil doshi (6 months ago)
Fuck, I just got goosebumps
Jorge Simoes (6 months ago)
to the top
Necro XTK. (6 months ago)
Holy crap, the japs knows how to clap hard work and shear awesome skill.
MG W (6 months ago)
Cool bongo box!!
tim troupe (6 months ago)
Wonder how well they would spice up William tell overture? Or yakitysax.
neshaka ne (6 months ago)
Full of enjoyment!!! . arrangement, contrasts, Colorfulness, empathy ....JUST PERFECT
Pseto Psetić (6 months ago)
true true true
78Rey (6 months ago)
ребята, вы потрясающие !!!
Sandy B. (6 months ago)
Incredible, out of this world.
Ya Hsuan Chang (6 months ago)
They really enjoyed the performance 😍
Yanluis Benitez (6 months ago)
Damn... the whole video looked fast forwarded.
Finolia Tav (6 months ago)
Αθανάσιος Αθ (6 months ago)
2cellos !!!!!!!!!
beez Z1 (6 months ago)
WOW! very epic
Abderrazak Dadar (7 months ago)
Incredible piece.
jurica udovicic (7 months ago)
Fucking unbelieavable
Albert Xing (7 months ago)
kay margot (7 months ago)
You have to be there, to witness to all this brilliant madness...to hear the sound and feel it.
Ina R.S. (7 months ago)
Crazy great! Awsome 💖
spectacular piece
MarufAhmed (7 months ago)
That Jim Carry look alike killed it
Дядя Ян (7 months ago)
🇷🇺❤️ *DEAR FRIENDS! GREETINGS FROM RUSSIA* ❤️🇷🇺 *LOVE THIS SONG* *Listen to my first album please: GOOGLE PLAY MARKET* : *A DOG ON THE ICE* 🐶❄️❄️❄️ *please 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻like this comment* ....,,,.
치즈 (7 months ago)
저는 한국사람 인데 영어로 쓰진못해서 한글로써요^^ 얼마전부터 첼로를 배우기 시작했는데 투첼로님 영상보고 첼로가 더 즐겁고 영상정말 잘보고 있어요
guilherme victor (7 months ago)
Caralho mano que foda. De causar arrepios!
Mubin Rahaman (7 months ago)
play fur Elise
Buttless Dragon (7 months ago)
First girl on the right from the center is loving it xD
djchk911 (8 months ago)
божественная музыка!а музыканты БОГИ
The New Age of dancing players !
dracar13 (8 months ago)
Sandra Johansson (8 months ago)
3:04 thats what I call a end stance!
cr33p3r dud3 49 (8 months ago)
Amazing work!
Csöpi (8 months ago)
Let's just take a minute and review how much hours, days and years of training are needed to play like that...pure art
protyush Lala (8 months ago)
this is just amazing! such a fitting tribute to the great musician and the piece!!!! what rendition!
机Olga (8 months ago)
Audio ecstasy
Plleomax (8 months ago)
Veliki respect momci...Srdacan pozdrav iz pitome ravnice... Vojvodine
lokona1990 (8 months ago)
Damn Luka and his drops
BelieveNoGod (9 months ago)
This performance med me subscribe. Fantastic. :)
TheThakurain (9 months ago)
What percussion instrument is that?
aphex412w (9 months ago)
its called a cajon

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