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Feeling Happy 2018 - The Best Of Vocal Deep House Music Chill Out #80 - Mix By Regard

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Text Comments (602)
Ваша идея красива Супер проект,👍🌟🔆✌🚩🐎😉👋👋
Omelini (2 days ago)
Nice but I feel sad
Alejandro Argañaraz (3 days ago)
Muy buena musica y es sana
Robert Siegers (5 days ago)
White Futurer (5 days ago)
mannyu frtesh is in the bvilding
D w (6 days ago)
Ricky Lee (6 days ago)
Yo we're T0WB M U S l C and we're the first blind music battle app. You have a chance at winning so I wanted to personally invite you to join our site and upload your music to our first battle. Let me know if you have any questions!
rham miel (7 days ago)
Music Echo (7 days ago)
New music on my channel!!
FANS MUSIC HITS (8 days ago)
Stevo Sound (8 days ago)
Christian Albert (8 days ago)
amazing thx u
A Massive legend (9 days ago)
good musicccc similar to mine but keep the good work foreal
Carolina Corredor (11 days ago)
Relax total 💋
Ferin Shrivastava (12 days ago)
If you know the lady, kindly pass this ... I'd like to teach her how to drive a car and may be she can take me for a long drive !!!!!!! :)
Kerry Ashworth (12 days ago)
Loving This: Happy Friday, Happy sunshine, Happy wicked tunes, PERFECT :)
Sho 420 (13 days ago)
poisiion (13 days ago)
21:21 was utterly the most awesome music of all
Parisian Chic (14 days ago)
20 minutes so far and I've heard more Techno and minimal Vocals. Deep House, not sure if that's accurate. NY/Chicago/Jersey has more accuracy on what "Deep" House is(IMO).
Kris De Backer (14 days ago)
A. M. A. Z. I. N. G !!!!
Okan Özleme (14 days ago)
Hİ Everyone! 😃 Please Support My New Set : https://youtu.be/6jUn94o1dUI
Кто на данный момент глядит? Who is watching now? Chi sta guardando adesso?
ALBERT (21 hours ago)
Костян Барабан Привет, послушай музыку на моём канале, поддержи подпиской
AUGUST 2018?
Tanner Li (16 days ago)
Happy disco
Mostafa Akbarzada (17 days ago)
bad ass!Shit! +energizing
DjToFeR1 (17 days ago)
muy buenas a todos y todas, os dejo una lista en spoty con todos estos temazos y muchisimos mas, disfrutemos del MEJOR DEEP HOUSE este veranito¡¡¡¡¡¡ very good to all, I leave you a list in spoty with all these great songs and many more, enjoy the BEST DEEP HOUSE this summer! https://open.spotify.com/user/1118394607/playlist/0mPMX2JADLPmp73rqFbPkw?si=WMhGmxOQQ4C4v0zXEjxFTA
kumud raja (18 days ago)
ur taking me to heavens heaven
1103 Musik Berlin (19 days ago)
very awesome video
berkant gezer (20 days ago)
Marco Firetto Carlino (21 days ago)
relax a lavoro... Sognando la spiaggia...
The H-Effect (22 days ago)
what is the track at 39:45 titled ?
Starry Eyes (23 days ago)
Your THE BOSS💃💃🎼💃💃💃💃🕺🏼💃🕺🏼💃💃
Starry Eyes (23 days ago)
Ohhhhh Yeah!!!!!!! I’m in HEAVEN!!!!!💃🕺🏼💃🕺🏼💃🕺🏼💃🕺🏼💃💃🎼🎼🎼✨✨✨🤩❤️
Ryan Brandes (23 days ago)
I like your tunes! =]
tic toc (24 days ago)
리사 (24 days ago)
'say it right' remix is so~~ gooood!!^^♥
Kora Kuya (24 days ago)
Wooooooooooo Me encanta amo este canal amo está música Desde mi trabajo asta mi casa no paro de escuchar está música y no dejo de seguir este canal Me encanta 😍😎😋
Mc Marcelly (24 days ago)
Dj Regard OfficialDj Regard OfficialDj Regard OfficialDjZTPAFU5BONWFJ4XK
Ana-Maria Balan (24 days ago)
Name of track in minute 9:53, can you tell me please:)
poisiion (25 days ago)
WOW!! This is pure joy. I'm so glad i bumped up onto this.
Andy Nguyen (26 days ago)
Excellent! I love it. Thank you very much!
Kris De Backer (26 days ago)
Very high quality @ all!!🤙🤙
Mariusz Wrzesniewski (26 days ago)
I do not like you.
Batallador1957 (26 days ago)
Muchas gracias y saludos cordiales desde Mallorca Baleares para dj reggard official
Helene Larsson (27 days ago)
Daniel Kreyzig (29 days ago)
Best deep house mix so far. Very good. Thanks
Madiha BenSlama (29 days ago)
Awesome music !!!
Carlos Cardenas (29 days ago)
+ безрассудство = нирвана !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ALBERT (21 hours ago)
Роман Минжулин Привет, послушай музыку на моём канале, поддержи подпиской
the best mix :D
Valentina Bubnjevic (1 month ago)
My son doesn't like when I put this music on tv, the way the girl stares at him all the time 😄😅😉
Paul Mondragon (1 month ago)
Nice bro
What the name of song from 40:00?
Elisa Wunderlich (1 month ago)
vou fazer um cover de uma música dessas
luca gutierrez (1 month ago)
ta veno ammigooo heee gato
Simo norway (1 month ago)
Good music .....belle
Kris De Backer (1 month ago)
Again a masterpeace!well done Regards
Louis Fitton (1 month ago)
Sound Now (1 month ago)
Good job
Супер✌🔆👑🔆🌌🌟🌋🌟💯🚩 ПАН 75 ЧМ ✌
ALBERT (21 hours ago)
Пятрас Грачев Привет, послушай музыку на моём канале, поддержи подпиской
hausa Zee Tv (1 month ago)
Алия А (1 month ago)
ALBERT (21 hours ago)
Алия А Привет, послушай музыку на моём канале, поддержи подпиской
Orkhan Huseynli (1 month ago)
18:00 Müslüm Arı -TURKO (Orginal Mix)
i survived (1 month ago)
raise yer decks aaaaaaut!
mimi mamaeva (1 month ago)
Grzegorz Mac (1 month ago)
Melissa (1 month ago)
Alex andra (1 month ago)
WHAT SONG IS IT AT 57:00 ???
1 час поеботы нах нада
ALBERT (21 hours ago)
Василий Васильович Привет, послушай музыку на моём канале, поддержи подпиской
Yasmin Dangor (1 month ago)
Only clicked play because thats a Brandon Woelfel image...
FILIPE SANTOS (1 month ago)
<3 top
V. Forumski (1 month ago)
ALBERT (21 hours ago)
V. Forumski Привет, послушай музыку на моём канале, поддержи подпиской
Bilgi Videoları (1 month ago)
asama alabide (1 month ago)
فل فك نزع فتح ازالات وازاحات وازاحة القيود والسلاسل والاستعباد والكلبجات والقيود من القسط والحق والعدل والعدالة
asama alabide (1 month ago)
فل فك تزع فتح ازالات وازاحات وازاحة القيود والسلاسل والاستعباد والكلبجات والقيود من القسط والحق والعدل والعدالة
Vladica Vuckovic (1 month ago)
Kim Jungsook (1 month ago)
wow... I`m going deep
DJ R4IDE (1 month ago)
Hey guys, I'm new to posting mixes on Youtube and just wanted to share a vocal deep house mix! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXCBYp3GQME
KOMUTAN LOGAR (1 month ago)
Turko is the best
great, great,,GREEEAAAT!!
EDeepMsc (1 month ago)
*Do you want MORE DEEP HOUSE , YOU CAN DO İT SEE. JUST folllow me.* *Please dont lost. take your self* www.youtube.com/EDeepMsc
Anselmus Arianto (1 month ago)
Nice n perfecto dear indonesia
Adam Billiald (1 month ago)
Some great tracks on this !
Dorin Marcu (1 month ago)
The best summer Mix Ever - > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKKVbTMogI0
Derby Mods (1 month ago)
I think you credited the wrong person for the photo
Mariam Medley (1 month ago)
You can tell Brandon took this pic :)
Fati Zohra49 (1 month ago)
the last one like Faded-Alan walker ??
Lila van den Berg (1 month ago)
Arya Shrestha (1 month ago)
so long.. has it been since I've listen to some good mix.. Yeahhhh Feeling the Groove.
S Santos (1 month ago)
Maria SEMEDO PINA (1 month ago)
Ebuka Ume-Ezeoke (1 month ago)
checkout my design page @chubbyezeokedesigns on IG and follow thanks
Ebuka Ume-Ezeoke (1 month ago)
Best 2018 Mix so far. Been tapping my feet all day. Thanks!
Douraid Isho (1 month ago)
NICE Music!!!!
Lalo Kota (1 month ago)
Magnífico!!! 🇲🇽
Yuna Park (1 month ago)
What's first song?
Petaa Pan (1 month ago)

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