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Top 10 - Entrances of Game of Thrones

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Sometimes it's hard to figure out which to rank above what on these lists. Anyway I hope You enjoy:)
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Last Baratheon (2 months ago)
Stannis's use of Calvary was such a well coordinated attack.👌😆
Ankan Gupt (2 months ago)
Tywin's entry after Blackwater bay is the best one. He doesn't need dragons to make an epic entry.
Number 6, it's Lady Brienne and motherfucking Podrick!!! Why discriminate my man Podrick??!! He killed a couple of those Bolton soldiers and mystified those prostitutes. Don't hate!!
John S (2 months ago)
finally some one appreciated King Stannis. a great character played by a really good actor..
Mihir Patel (3 months ago)
what about the white walkers entrance ? I would rate that high !!
mrmikef10 (3 months ago)
No sir Bronn, no like!
IamTheDark borne (3 months ago)
And why was stannis beyond the wall again???
Ian Buse (3 months ago)
Anyone notice the flag at 0:47?
Ahmed Hosny (3 months ago)
poor list didn't even get the good entrances
nesheeeev (3 months ago)
Drogon and Tywin could split top 10 between them ;)
Tonieo Maddox (3 months ago)
Benjen Stark was a badass 🐺
Gabriel Tun (3 months ago)
Ser Barristan and the SOH? The Hound and the Mob?
Jason Qualls (3 months ago)
stannis was a fool. thats why he lost
Manitra Andria (4 months ago)
Votz tywin président.
ماجد الجهني (4 months ago)
What about the entry of the knights of the vaile in the battle of the bastards
whutzat (4 months ago)
Dany on Drogon on the lake of ice in season 7
ndabezinhle pfute (4 months ago)
Drogons entrance in spoils of war will always be breath taking
RD Hawke (4 months ago)
You should have included Uncle Benjen's entrance in saving Jon snow.
paradoxinhumanshape (4 months ago)
Daenerys at Dragonpit and Night's King riding undead Vyserion are the most badass entrances.
If Stannis wasn't number 1, i would've burnt you at the stake for the lord of light.
aak_1708 (4 months ago)
The one where Tywin enters the Red Keep with his horse shitting at the gate before entering? or when Baelish and the Arryns Coming to the Aid of Jon Snow in the Battle of Bastards??
Stannis Baratheon (4 months ago)
If the world was fair, Stannis would have been the king, my king, your king, our king. Long live Stannis of house Baratheon.
tarapred (5 months ago)
Really?, I would have thought the Night King's entrance at Hardhome would have been #1
tarapred (5 months ago)
June 18, 2016, didn't Hardhome premiere in 2015?
Daemon Blackfyre (5 months ago)
did you read when this video was published?
Alex Fabrizi (5 months ago)
What about Sir Barristan? Both when he meets Daenerys as well as his death scene.
betlogboy3 (5 months ago)
Tywin's entrance pretty much shows why he was so badass. Didnt have to fight or nothin
Akashikane (5 months ago)
"You've got fat"
Tesco Value Memes (5 months ago)
Top 10 Anime Entrances
Marx Darwin (5 months ago)
the rose ane the lion is num 1 and stannis 2
reza F (5 months ago)
Damn...sansa's entrance in battle of bastard is surely 1st!!
Bob and Kendra Bergers (5 months ago)
What about the knights of the vale in the battle of the bastards!
Kai Robinson (5 months ago)
"This one's a girl... You idiot." My favorite line in the entire series... except maybe "Dracarys" lol
marrkk111 (5 months ago)
Ugh every time I see that epic Stannis the Mannis entrance I can't help but think about what eventually happens to all of that army
nafisha khan (5 months ago)
This makes me wanna watch all the episodes again...!!! #GoT
Valentino Smit (5 months ago)
David Tran (5 months ago)
Only 10.....
GN190644 (6 months ago)
this list is missing Tywin's entrance at the end of the battle of blackwater. Most epic entrance/victory of the show.
Hassan Shabir (6 months ago)
Wow I can’t believe u didn’t put daernerys and her Dothraki army charging to kill the Lannisters
Daemon Blackfyre (5 months ago)
This video is two years old Sherlock!!!!!!
AfterlifeAnubis (6 months ago)
#1 best line in game of thrones. "Its a bloody woman-"
the commie salami (7 months ago)
3:40 why didn't bran warn her
Darth Vader (7 months ago)
Tywin is just so extra, every entrance of his should've been on this list. I love the moment he rides into court on horseback and has his horse casually shit on the floor when entering
fidle stick (7 months ago)
stannis is fcking dumb guyz he kills his sweetest daugther fck dat shit his so fcking dumb to be king
fidle stick (7 months ago)
fck stanis
L.J. Kommer (7 months ago)
The knights of the Vale must rank somewhere on this list, now.
L.J. Kommer (7 months ago)
8:56 The look on Polliver's face is priceless.
T4NK D3MPS3Y (7 months ago)
Still think the Mountains entrance in season 4 with his greatsword though a mans chest while screaming was the best! "No...not Ser Meryn..."
Slow Cut (7 months ago)
Joffrey's fucking hair in season one though. It made him even easier to hate.
JessSoShutUp (7 months ago)
Mannis.... 😔😕
xFunky Mango (7 months ago)
No Euron?
Tywin Lannister (7 months ago)
Tywin is/was the most epic charakter....The defintion of Power
Apurv Chaturvedi (7 months ago)
I think you need to remaster this top 10, there are new awesome entrances in season 6 &7
Jaivansh Jaimini (8 months ago)
Where the fuck are the Knights of Vale during Battle of Bastards?!
AboAli AboAli (8 months ago)
Stannis is the true king. Of course, until Jon Snow
Amelia Edmondson (8 months ago)
I think missandei (?) could become a dragon rider
Michael Wright (8 months ago)
1:50 Robb glare be like 'get your tiny hands off my sister'
Kitchdmn3 (8 months ago)
I thought Tywin riding his horse into the great hall to accept being named the hand would be in there....complete with his horse shitting all over the place....
sunny sharma (8 months ago)
no.1 should be Dany's arrival at dragon pit
Boothy's Gaming (8 months ago)
Had the Battle of the Bastards been aired before this video was uploaded because the entry of the Knights of the Vale is by far the best
Raeyne Jaymeson (8 months ago)
10. "The battle is over we have won." Now here's here to fuck your lives up. He's gonna try to kill Tyrion, marry off Cersei, and try to get rid of Jaime. Why.. He can manipulate Cersei's kids. 9. "Its the prince of Winterfell." No offense, Theon.. But, your sister has more balls than you do. She doesn't go after children, you heartless dickhead. She leaves them alone, while she kills grown ass men.. Something you can't do. 8. Robert has come with his posse... Joffrey, who's an asshole. Cersei, who's a bitch. Jaime who's a wildcard. And, of course Robert.. The biggest prick of them all. Who doesn't match up to Joffrey's spoiled dickhead nature and Cersei's biggest bitch in GOT. 7. Saw you in a dream once, now you're real. And, we still have no idea what you did to Summer. 6. Brienne takes down all of Ramsay's bitches and Pod is still working on the same guy. When she comes up, Ramsay's boys didn't know what was in store for them.. A beat down and rescue. 2 for one. 5. We hadn't seen you in a while, man.. What the fuck, where the fuck.. Oh... Now we know why you haven't been around in a while. 4. At first glance, we think Tywin is decent... Boy, he doesn't stay that way for very long, does he. He changes in time to be come an asshole. 3. This man means business. Those do battle with him are not only embarrassed and humiliated, they are butchered. 2. I like when Drogon arrived the Sons of the harpy took the hell off. They ran like they stole something. They took off like they'd witnessed a murder and if they stayed around to see more, they'd join the dead. 1. He pulled a pincer move. The army covering both sides, so there was no way out. Great strategy. But, when he made his move on Winterfell.. He would've won had he not have killed his daughter in front of his men. They saw what kind of monster he was, and they left him. I believe that's called Karma, Stannis.
Clip That Shit (8 months ago)
Stannis should of Marched on Winterfell the day he got to the wall While he still had his whole army.
Rice Cracker Central (8 months ago)
#1 Euron Greyjoy in the ship battle
Blau Blau (8 months ago)
Great Video!
Evi Marioli (9 months ago)
#4 is my fave
Nook Gallagher (9 months ago)
So Benjen's horse is capable of carrying Benjen himself, Bran and Meera but not with Jon Snow.
Daemon Blackfyre (9 months ago)
Good Point
DogFaced Boy (9 months ago)
Well, I'm a bit prejudiced I guess - anti-peeps. The only other entity who could hold a candle to the best entrances of direwoofs and especially Drogie the Flying 'Zard was... a zombie polar bear. The best possible outcome to this show would be if the remaining lizards kindle a "romance", uncork a bundle of baby 'zards, sniff out and hatch some cuzzies in Valyria, snorf out the vast majority of the sniveling nekkid pink monkees and keep just a few humans around for sport and the occasional midnight snack. They scream so funny when you light 'em up...
Euron Greyjoy must be on the uptated list, when he attacks til fleet in season 7
CountryMusicMann (9 months ago)
Metal Nuke (9 months ago)
Benjen should've been 3rd IMO
Diego Busquets (10 months ago)
I guess Benjen Sark takes the #1 now ;)
designerztouch (10 months ago)
Where is the “Knights of the Vale” from the Battle of Bastards? To me, that entry definitely stands at top as it is truly a defining moment!
K Rodriguez (10 months ago)
umm, knights of the vale at the battle of the bastards?!!!! THAT is #1
beenish124 (10 months ago)
There is another great entry now Uncle Benjen again when he came out of no where to save Jon from the walkers:)
Hazem atya (10 months ago)
Worst video about Got I've ever seen
Daemon Blackfyre (10 months ago)
Thanks for sharing:)
MAKINA GEORDIE (10 months ago)
Tywin was possibley the best character they killed apart from drogo and ramsay
La Ne (11 months ago)
Tyrion was the true hero not Tywin
ryan ralph (11 months ago)
what a shit list
Gandalf StormJoe (11 months ago)
Uhhh that was only 8
Pete Guard (11 months ago)
Emilia Clarke in that dress -
lightronv (11 months ago)
7:38 - Tywin looks just like Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time
Oh yeah yeah (11 months ago)
13:52 LOL
Mohammad Alawneh (11 months ago)
where is the night king
Ethan Ragbir (11 months ago)
I actually don't know why people love Stannis so much he's a "seasoned commander" but both times we've seem him in combat he gets shredded first time at Kings landing by Tywins reinforcements second by Ramsey at Winterfell Tywin was the best the Lannisters are sick best house by far (And Frey's love the Frey's too)
Pluto (11 months ago)
Night kings entrance at hardhome?
MBZ (11 months ago)
If this were recent, the top 3 would be 1. Daenerys flying on Drogon with the Dothraki meeting the Lannister army in The Reach. 2. Daenerys flying on Drogon again north of the wall to save Jon and his companions. 3. Would be the Night King riding on the Wight Viserion.
queen xoxo (11 months ago)
all this and you didnt do the best one? Wheres khaleesi when she buys that army. Huhh and when she goes to westoros in her ships
gobblefish 64 (11 months ago)
What about the knights of the vale in the battle of the bastards
AATIF ALI KHAN (11 months ago)
first should have been danny saving john and the brotherhood without banner from night king
Lyca31 (11 months ago)
When Drogon swooped in to rescue Dany, imagine how the scene would have been if he was full grown there..
PRAKHAR SRIVASTAVA (11 months ago)
6:02 Howland Reed would be proud.
Gokul K R (11 months ago)
Stannis Baratheon is the boss.
Naira Movsisyan (11 months ago)
Why in the first place is Stannis? In my opinion, in the first place should be the Lord of the Night and his attack with Vizerion))
cipher88101 (11 months ago)
1:22 Yeah I have no idea why he jumped off of the boat.
TheInfernalwing (11 months ago)
I believe that Tywin's proclamation of victory should have been way up there, atleast top 4.
defAngel (11 months ago)
Tywin the Lord of Epic Entrances
Elthenar (11 months ago)
If you do this again, Uncle Benjen gets another spot.
Edgar Sanchez (11 months ago)
What about the night king's army in "Hardhome" episode?
Jasper Oostveen (11 months ago)
I think all of these have been surpassed by the dragon entry in the season 7 finale, right? xD
Skelz0r (11 months ago)
Why is everyone saying Dany should be #1? All she did was land with her fucking Dragon. That's nothing new. Nothing can beat the unexpected Stannis Inquisition. Fucking double cavalry charge out of nowhere. And don't forget the Mannis theme, the syncronised descent from the horses, badass armor and walk.
Colin Carr (1 year ago)
Where's the Night King?
Hesham Mohammed (1 year ago)
"the knights of the vale" the greatest yet

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