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Minecraft Bukkit Plugin - Chest Restock - Chests that refill with a configurable use per player!

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This video is on Minecraft Bukkit Plugin - Chest Restock - Chests that refill with a configurable use per player! Download : http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/chestrestock/ Thanks for watching, if this video has helped Please remember to rate, subscribe and comment
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Text Comments (45)
Now if only mcpe could get this
Ace (2 years ago)
doas it work on 1.10.2
Didrik Karlsson (2 years ago)
Same here
Lukesabe (2 years ago)
Help! when a non op player try to open the chest will not let him, Sorry for my english
Poite | Dragons (2 years ago)
+Lukesabe Toi, tu est français ><
JellyMang Mc (2 years ago)
VariationVault is there in a chestrestock plugin that with a random chestrestock chest ?
Delta (2 years ago)
Define the loottable you wish to use in the global-defaults config.
Bota D'or (3 years ago)
like if i put 15 items in the chest can i make it all time put random staff ?? of that 15 items in ????
ツᴘᴀᴛᴍᴀɴ (3 years ago)
_Jumpz_ (3 years ago)
Does anyone else think his voice is SO boring?
DaSTRAYxDEGT (3 years ago)
dam was there a race going on to see who could make the fastest mod vid in thw world? You move through so fast that rewinding don't even help. Can you redo this vid please an updated version I honestly love this mod and thank you so much for creating this has a major impact on the things that can be done with custom survival. Takes it to a whole different lv. Thanks you are awesome for making this mod please make update vid. please. And go much slower next time. please.
Mud Kip (3 years ago)
+DaSTRAYxDEGT it's not a mod. This is a plugin, which can only be installed on servers with Bukkit implementation. True, there are some singleplayer ports of plugins, but they usually come first as plugins rather than mods.
DaSTRAYxDEGT (3 years ago)
Mad Hader, He just showed you how to do that.
stanley jaya (3 years ago)
Is This Ok For 1.7.2
Blade Games (3 years ago)
Okay, so does anyone know if the chests loot can depend on what chest u are using, or if the chests always restock w the same gear?? Also, can they be set to work randomly?
Mad Hader (4 years ago)
hey thank you for your help but i have a question. i am trying to setup a rewards system for completing mini games. i need to have a chest that restocks instantly but a player can only open it once an hour, so Every player has his own timer, if i open the chest i can take my items, and i need to wait for 1 hour before opening it again but the next player to open the chest can still open it and get the items but after each player opens the items they need to wait can this be done?
dunbullyme (4 years ago)
How to set restock all the chest randomly
Kostas Kostaskostas (4 years ago)
Good For kitpvps
VanillaEarthbound (4 years ago)
*does this work in singleplayer?*
VanillaEarthbound (4 years ago)
A. PvE. 2ND. I know nothing about servers.
TheGoldenGolem (4 years ago)
+BraydenGamingNStuff your an idiot read the title plugin! bukkit plugin! 
VanillaEarthbound (4 years ago)
InsideAlfio~ (4 years ago)
no it is plugin and is work on bukkit server
Jasper Davis (4 years ago)
Thanks Alot
MarcoPlayzAll (4 years ago)
OMFG Everytime (Most of the time) I get a plugin it doesnt work DONT SAY "Your doing it wrong" because it worked for half of my plugins please help D:
MrZshuckyyxxxx (4 years ago)
plz respond to this i need the chest to refill only for new players that join so when the player has it they cant re loot it
Blake Gable (4 years ago)
How do u do it after every game
Srdjan TrAiL (4 years ago)
There are permissions on a bukkit bage, just scroll down ;)
TheLukrie (4 years ago)
AtmoicDJ Productions (5 years ago)
AtmoicDJ Productions (5 years ago)
One Quiestion
joao brum (5 years ago)
no hablo coreano..
race2402 (5 years ago)
how do you make it so if someone takes from the chest it doesnt have it for the other person ? for example my friend takes the stuff out of the chest and i look in it and the stuff is still there like its there for each person to take how do i make it so its only there for one person to take until it regenerates?
Anna Rogantoni (5 years ago)
does it work with a pressure plate???
Mr.Poyple (5 years ago)
jmcwd (5 years ago)
virinder01 (5 years ago)
I don't have a bukkit server it's a regular without hamachi that is portforworded
Matt Faas (5 years ago)
Ok so i got how to use this, but how do you but it on your server???
Diverse Entertainment (5 years ago)
How could I make all the chest refill at the same time?
xZiiRx4KiinGs (5 years ago)
InDeed I want it 2
waveTV eightbitshop (5 years ago)
MrBowyy (5 years ago)
can you make a review for Survival games?Thnx ;)
TheBoobalicousGamer (5 years ago)
TheBoobalicousGamer (5 years ago)
Good video,using this on my server thanjs

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