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Summer Music Mix 2018 🌴- Kygo, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Camila Cabello, Sia Style - Chill Out

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🎵 All songs in this spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/hotamazingnetwork/playlist/2l7PzKhvRPBbCEcr9zf2S7 Video by: Juhani Sarglep https://www.youtube.com/user/JuhaniSarglep https://www.instagram.com/juhanisarglep/ Jimmy Song https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_wh6T6mM2T7NQD_2-hzYA Harschis Life https://www.youtube.com/Harschislife AlexanderTikhomirov https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmaCoTVNNzs9Ymd5Z1Iazxw Aditya Sindhunata https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5n8qbMwTj1ON5pNZT0q6Bg Merr Watson https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSmfklBFRzL5TlB9V8X1P-w Fit Lovers: https://www.youtube.com/user/FitLoversYT Max Oazo: (Music) https://soundcloud.com/maxoazo https://www.facebook.com/MaxOazoMusic https://www.instagram.com/maxoazo/ Marie & Lea https://www.instagram.com/marielaurenceroy/ https://www.instagram.com/leamauderoy Thumbnail by: https://instagram.com/alexisren The Chainsmokers Chillout Music Best Remixes of Popular Songs EDM Dance Music Tropical House Mix Tropical House house music mix Summer Music summer house music mix house music mix justin bieber selena gomez ellie goulding kygo mix kygo remix chill out music best of kygo popular songs music mix 2018 music 2018 2018 mix house mix Trap mix Electro mix David Guetta Afrojack Matoma Justin Bieber Martin Garrix Selena Gomez Ariana Grande Vevo Kygo Jonas Blue Cheat Codes Avicii Tiesto Alan Walker Martin Garrixkers Robin Schulz The Chainsmokers music mix 2018 new songs 2018
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Hot Vibes (5 months ago)
🎵 All songs in this spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/hotamazingnetwork/playlist/2l7PzKhvRPBbCEcr9zf2S7 <3 Summer is coming guys! :)
Michael Baranski (23 days ago)
Hot Vibes you suck
Ronald Earnest (29 days ago)
Hot Vibes .
Harry Potter (1 month ago)
If you want a Spotify playlist with nice Tropical House and good vibes music be sure to check out High & Chill 🍁 by cmerino99
Hot Vibes на
весьма прекрасно)
גיל גרנות רמאי+
Żeńka Pirożkow (13 days ago)
Nguon Keat Tiv (13 days ago)
good one.
Bence Turányi (13 days ago)
Ki az a Summer? Tele van a mixeivel az internet
Bhavish gokool (14 days ago)
I want such a pool 😍
Andy Lok (15 days ago)
Just Amazing! I love it!!!
Major Suchodolski (16 days ago)
10:33 What is Girl?
TheFr3akplayz Games (16 days ago)
Luckily i have adblock
grega6 (16 days ago)
this video is so vonderfull and perfect and fullifiled,...total opposite of real life. wish we all could have life like people in this video.
Só músicas fodas tem aí nessa play
Napalz / SMITE¡¡ (17 days ago)
Nice remix¡¡
Paola Arzamendia (18 days ago)
Beautiful video! So envy!
sushil kumar (18 days ago)
Have a beautiful collection I love it 💕💕💕💕
Roberto Morel (18 days ago)
Great mix, where can I buy?
Angell Nutreon (19 days ago)
sex sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Best Music Mix (19 days ago)
Песня весьма отменная
Dandy G. (20 days ago)
Este video tiene mas de 18 años. Actualicen las imágenes porque estos rozan ya los 40 años
peter nguyen (20 days ago)
Awesome music
Larry Guyer (20 days ago)
Paradise wow
Ebin Nisti (20 days ago)
Roses are red, Violets are blue, I came for the thumbnail, So did you.
Byond Life (21 days ago)
5:26 17:57 21:15 46:22 1:36:35 2:01:35
Mixed Videos 2018 (22 days ago)
who wants to kiss me?
Filipe B. (22 days ago)
Nice Songs👍
NesaFashion Channel (22 days ago)
deiby amaya (23 days ago)
Buena música te relaja
SANKET CHAVAN (23 days ago)
15:09 Song Name???
BooK To JoRdan (24 days ago)
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Daniel Romano (24 days ago)
Alexandr Brezhnev (24 days ago)
мне интерестно , это что элитные путаны в видео снимаються ?
Mr. Vizer (25 days ago)
ти дебил
aristides1963 (25 days ago)
songs are very good! VIDEOS ARE AWSOME and UNIQUE really ispired! Great work.... keep going guys!!!!!!!!!!!!
said aliyoon (25 days ago)
Deportes Marquez (25 days ago)
yanan guo (26 days ago)
Matti Suutarinen (26 days ago)
David Arnedo (26 days ago)
Kleorind Muco (26 days ago)
Chris Windle (26 days ago)
Un buen ritmo, chicas en bikinis, una playa hermosa significa un buen video 👏
Douglas Katureebe (27 days ago)
Great music 9c back ground all wow
Namzei Hau (27 days ago)
1: 17: 43 song title please....
Febs Munny (27 days ago)
1:17:48 link and title please
garayjayemt (27 days ago)
I am not ready for summer to end 😭
Rawle Ramsammy (27 days ago)
ye thanks for the track list but a location list would be fantastic too.
Lucilla Caivano (27 days ago)
Eh sì è proprio un bel posto sarebbe da fare un posto del genere bello Bello veramente anche la musica la musica fa bene il video va bene il posto è veramente delizioso
Mahesh Shrestha (28 days ago)
i love it
BEST MUSIC 4YOU (28 days ago)
👍 d(-,-)b👍
kookie xx (28 days ago)
Hugers d (28 days ago)
Love the Dancehall vibes!
Where's such beauty? I want to go there
baggelis Άδωνις (29 days ago)
António Margalho (30 days ago)
Thumbs down for all the advertising ... makes it nearly impossible to fap being interrupted like this. It's worse than living in my parents house.
trandexman (30 days ago)
23:30 Gta 5 :D
JORGE EMILIO DONADO C. (30 days ago)
que lugar tan espectacular
The Plague (30 days ago)
mozt of this music is shithouse fuck me
xxxtttlll haofbsky (30 days ago)
I like
Jerry Lee (1 month ago)
emmm big ! very big
NIHAN NIHAN (1 month ago)
What is love girl 😍😍😍😍😍
Harry Potter (1 month ago)
If you want a Spotify playlist with nice Tropical House and good vibes music be sure to check out High & Chill 🍁 by cmerino99 Hope you like it!!
Asseri Danini (1 month ago)
Asseri Danini (1 month ago)
Delphin Dambe (1 month ago)
hello summer
Karst van der Lei (1 month ago)
Min 58 where is this? Want to go there
Mangaliso Simelane (1 month ago)
at 3219 my head started spinning
FA Noro (1 month ago)
i really want to know what kind of job are these 2 doing os i can do the same things they show us on the video LOL
Lolxd Cccd (1 month ago)
wOT iS Lov
Mohamed kissi (1 month ago)
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DIOGO VIEIRA (1 month ago)
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Maxi Immortality (1 month ago)
So hot ♨ as possible 🙆
Dj Rossi (1 month ago)
Super music
Marin Stoilov (1 month ago)
Nikos vertis
Si Shopon (1 month ago)
Nice me best songs
Ирина Котуз (1 month ago)
Veronika Vartanova (1 month ago)
Cool audio mix, though questionable choice with some of the visuals.
Cömert Öksüz (1 month ago)
çok kötü
That glass breaks and they gettin sucked down
Lidia Lorenc (1 month ago)
TAU LAMBDA NU (1 month ago)
10:08 GREEK FLAG: We are all GREEKS!
LizarD MusicDj (1 month ago)
follow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWmCYAvPNyk
Game Demon (1 month ago)
лучше покажыте сиськи
JU.01 (1 month ago)
sub me i sub back
Nicolaas Badenhorst (1 month ago)
Check out this awesome music https://youtu.be/iDorur3Oii0
Marc Theze (1 month ago)
Génial, top
dardan misini (1 month ago)
не напряжная подборочка ништяк
Одни шлюхи и путаны демонстрирующие свои раздолбанные дырки... Ни 1-го клипа приличного.
Heri Nor (1 month ago)
Dangdut palapa
Heri Nor (1 month ago)
ROBERT FRIEND (1 month ago)
I was having fun watching that vid til I saw a man
Ochieng Ochanji (1 month ago)
download link
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Ooo amazing video.🇲🇽😎
SinfulSoulBeats (1 month ago)
Please Check out it out! https://youtu.be/LKLXg5dLw1o
Me podrían decir que lugares son los que salen en el video, por favor!!!!!
Linh Vũ (1 month ago)
music http://www.thichxemngay.top/shared/9ab52f50adb8db74c23a85958854f7d9
Vibes Nation (1 month ago)
Crazy mix 😍😍😍

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