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Emma Watson Interview Scene - The Circle (2017) - 1080p

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Here is the interview scene from The Circle (2017) starring the beauty Emma Watson.
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Text Comments (19)
Roy Piper (2 months ago)
Millennials think every company should be like this and if they aren't, it's because of greedy CEOs.
Michael O'Brien (3 months ago)
Omg, the elevator is a pensieve!
Samyukta Sreekanth (4 months ago)
This was Amelia pond in a parallel universe
Kyle Butler (4 months ago)
Anyone explain me what those questions are supposed to mean?
Mal Vane (2 months ago)
How much stupid crap you'd put up with from a potential douchebag boss?
Anderson Damião (5 months ago)
Very good
ricardo (6 months ago)
Hermione's American accent is bad.
Drew Gars (2 months ago)
Grand Inquisitor Sug The Dark Clone of Gus It’s the writing that’s the problem.
ricardo but she's trying.
Eric Whitley (5 months ago)
How is the accent terrible? 🤔
Eugenia Wong (5 months ago)
ricardo glad I'm not the only to think that
Eric Walsh (6 months ago)
Impressive group of losers in this comment section!
Raven Claw (7 months ago)
peadey mclovin (8 months ago)
Darth Vader (1 year ago)
All these retarded comments
neil devin (1 year ago)
flying chicken (1 year ago)
kostas_knsv (1 year ago)

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