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Jurassic Carpark

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Having access to the most realistic dinosaur in the world is such an unfair advantage when scaring work people in a dark carpark…
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Tim Savini (8 hours ago)
Pricks haven't got the balls to target kids, disabled people or old folk. As a result they end up high-fiving themselves for producing mediocre crap. I could do SO much better with this product.
EpicDogeXxX (14 hours ago)
where can i buy this
Ra Ra (21 hours ago)
Rubén Sánchez (1 day ago)
Where can i get that dinosaur costume?
MrBluemoonhalos (2 days ago)
Where do I get this?
PyroPyro93 (2 days ago)
can i have her pants?
lanterneoscure (2 days ago)
Si vede che le vittime fingono...
Shaik Arshad (2 days ago)
The best prank not in the world but In the whole universe. Lot's of love from 🇮🇳India.
Sludge-O (2 days ago)
Where did you get this costume
Misshapen Strawberry (3 days ago)
Lol if it was me I probably would of looked at it
Xbox_Nerd51215 (3 days ago)
It would be funny if it was eating a fake body and the person looks at it
Yama Dream (3 days ago)
A good joke but the legs must be inside Raptor's paws
Furrowed Brow (3 days ago)
Ok. I want a robot version patrolling my property at night.
&凯阿柔 (3 days ago)
It looks so real,if the people who been scared was me and I will just fainted
Thushanth Madavambat (5 days ago)
Jayden14 Ithier (7 days ago)
B.B. B.B. v v vvv=B.B. v.
BrestPlays (7 days ago)
Parece real!!
The Emerald Entity (7 days ago)
If my co workers do that to me I'll be a bit ticked off, just a bit...
Alexia Barrow (7 days ago)
got me to cry while laugthing and that was funny.
Raptor blue please
Pigmo Maguegue (9 days ago)
utahraptor with no feathers
Chong Moua (9 days ago)
So realistic!!! That actually looks real
Timo Hüllen (9 days ago)
lol they know that before especialy when the red hair guy comes u see he was searching for it.. rly rly rly bad actor
Keeley STAPLETON (9 days ago)
Pancakes : (10 days ago)
That is a great costume
Lucka a Eliška (10 days ago)
Omg i love it❤️
Raff (10 days ago)
it sounds more like a dog than it sounds like a dinosaur
SuperGravey (10 days ago)
Would a religious person who believes that the Earth is 6000 years old be scared of this?
Fricking awesome but i think you should've said its a young(ish) allosaurus XD
Basket Of flower (11 days ago)
If i saw that i will run for my life never wait bye
Nikos A (12 days ago)
you need to be completely retarded in order to have this suit and STILL make a fake vid with it. PATHETIC
Samuel Lopez (12 days ago)
Is that a real dinosaur
Fatima Pastor Carmona (13 days ago)
wher's chris prrat when youd need him?
Nina Doughnutpuppy (14 days ago)
Is it real
Alissa Potato (14 days ago)
Thats scary i would freak out if i Saw that
FruitJuice_ (15 days ago)
I'd say "OH MY GOD, HUG ME!"
SNOZE THE PRO (15 days ago)
how can you make it so realistic?
Addison Chernow (15 days ago)
Omg I would have tried to pet it,I love any animal
KonKhmerz (15 days ago)
It a robot
Nina Mattingly (16 days ago)
You actually scared me half to death
I would be the one to uppercut the one who did this and probably scream YA FUCKER
Prof. Comic (16 days ago)
How can i get one of these
DeliriouslyCrazyGurl (16 days ago)
I'll be that girl to run up and hug it them scream and run away
SammyR _Gamer (16 days ago)
Holy #@/* That looks so realistic please give it to me
илья Ерилин (16 days ago)
Только вот не понимаю динозавр реальный???
илья Ерилин (16 days ago)
Клевый пранк вышел👍👍👍👍
и всех бы сожрали, такие неспешные ппц
Algot Lindqvist (16 days ago)
Realistic but i spoted the legs
CALiFORNiA LiViN (17 days ago)
Hate fake videos
Potato Lord (17 days ago)
Velociraptor are the size of a tharki
M Julian (17 days ago)
Good times...laughing all the way through the vid...that is a realistic Dino for sure
Catalina Toro (17 days ago)
where did you get it?
CJ boi (17 days ago)
Is it real or fake
Kawaii Panda plays (18 days ago)
I thought it was real 😂 😂 😂
Sodthong (18 days ago)
More fake shit and idiots think its not staged BS ...
Trent DeVlaminck (18 days ago)
We need like a whole group of people in these suits
Plague Gaming (18 days ago)
That’s a big naked deinonychus
dabbas303 gameplay (18 days ago)
Were did you get that.
Darth Sidious (18 days ago)
it's so perfect it could be used for a movie
Shibe Girl (18 days ago)
Poor raptor eat hooman and legs go out of da glory hole
Seallover5674 AJ (19 days ago)
Halo there where did you buy your Dino costumes? Just wanna know
Goat All day (19 days ago)
Lily’sFlamingos (19 days ago)
Hah, code yellow.
Josway Hall-Aguilar (19 days ago)
Nice Title 🤓 \
Akshay Anand (19 days ago)
From where u get this suit i also need one
Shef Charlie (19 days ago)
Aidan Brown (20 days ago)
oh my god i want one so bad
Rainbowwolf110 (20 days ago)
Who made it and how does it’s mouth and the tail move? I’m so intrigued.
Fileas_niz GR (20 days ago)
Where can I buy this suit 😂.. for real
Moon1052 (20 days ago)
Where do you buy those I really wanna get a raptor suit
Nemesis (20 days ago)
just imagine if they could find a way to hide his legs.. 100% realistic
Samantha Jevdic (20 days ago)
Wtf they call first easy boy then pretty girl lmao ok
I want that dino clothing XD is it for sell?
Auto Strike (21 days ago)
D G (21 days ago)
OK we're do I buy one of these?
Henry Whitney (21 days ago)
Where did you get the costume
ima camel (21 days ago)
You should get more raptor costumes and when the main raptor does a little call thing the other raptors come
Leonard Aslarona (21 days ago)
Last lady assaulted green vest guy! Funny nonetheless :P
StealthDroid 100 (22 days ago)
Title should have been *Jurassic Prank*
Full Throttle Car Guy (22 days ago)
Where can I buy that suit from?😅
XxMR.CatxX (22 days ago)
So cool
Kurhula Pardon Qhibi (22 days ago)
I you wan't it to be really funny, do it to black people.
• Razor • (22 days ago)
I like that suit its realistic
kamal prem (22 days ago)
TuxedoCats (23 days ago)
Where can I buy this im being serious
KonKhmerz (23 days ago)
it is robot dino
Arrow Blox (23 days ago)
XD 😂
DODO DOO (23 days ago)
Khuaja Zaidi (23 days ago)
FAKE!!! (Staged)
Dragon Sniper Gaming (23 days ago)
"I know that it's fake" Dinosaurs are still alive but in the mosquitoes that are in the yellew egg things.. from the past... But the scientists doesn't know how to make the eggs... I really want to see a dinosaur in real life... Soon... There will be...
Baby Blue (23 days ago)
Why he is girl? Why he has a red lip?
d1kim khim (23 days ago)
it looks real
Kaitlin Noojin (24 days ago)
I would have stood there and pet it
Supremejasper AJ (24 days ago)
This is fucking awesome I want this where the hell did you get it?
Pint size Service (24 days ago)
Do that to random people walking by 😂
Yolo Lollipops (24 days ago)
Need more
Yolo Lollipops (24 days ago)
Will Morgan (25 days ago)
where would i get that suit?
R MCK (25 days ago)
I just saw one of these, Dinosaurs, today Saturday 23 June 2018 in The Kingdom Shopping Centre In Glenrothes, In Fife, Scotland. It looked so real. Quite scary, very strange in a shopping centre going in and out of shops. The adults were just as fascinated at seeing it as the kids. It was roaring also. AMAZING.
Coral Jerk (25 days ago)
I seriously need to get one of those costumes
Shayne O'Brien (25 days ago)

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