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10 Unexpected Deaths in Gaming That Shocked Everyone

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Dying in video games is usually a reversible process where the hero comes back to life once you restart the level or load a save, but sometimes things are not that simple and death becomes permanent. As a conclusion, many gamers were often shaken by the untimely demise of their companions or even rivals, the death scenes feeling like a virtual stab in the heart. In what follows we’ll be taking a look at 10 of the most unexpected deaths in gaming that managed to shock every player that experienced them and we would like to warn you now about the potential spoilers ahead. Narrator: Davide Arbisi http://www.fraghero.com http://www.facebook.com/fraghero
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Text Comments (205)
Subham Naik (9 months ago)
Piers from resident evil 6
Masqerader (9 months ago)
Cain dying in Diablo 3 was unexpected
Mr Meow Meow (10 months ago)
jackie and winston from sleeping dogs those deaths cut real deep
Ricky Ov Godz (10 months ago)
The Walking Dead had me crying
Dylan Guerrero (10 months ago)
2:54 Dab on em
Immortal max (10 months ago)
I know vaskan
OWL ARTIST (10 months ago)
Who hates always watching war movies and then the older brother dies. The worst part is when your an older brother.
scorp1us (10 months ago)
Am I the only one the dosen't give a crap that ghost died
Trix 4 Dayz (10 months ago)
Ghost is not dead
Feral Kuja (10 months ago)
The inconsistency of Final Fantasy rules astound me in the case of Aerith's death. Gunshots, incineration/freezing/electrocution/poison by magic, being slashed with swords, gored by wild animals, crushed by giant robots/beasts, etc. and a tuft of a Phoenix's down can resurrect you. Get impaled once, and not even Gameshark/Game Genie/Action Replay can bring you back properly. Yeah, I get that the game wouldn't have been on the same track if Aerith had survived, and the game would have been bullshit with an actual permadeath mechanic, but they got through many other Final Fantasy games before and since with no character permadeath for plot reasons, even if they really could have used it in 8, 9, and 10, and previous games.
Tom Beattie (10 months ago)
What happened to the Halo deaths?
Braylen Bryan (10 months ago)
Ghost is still alive
Amari Mcpherson (10 months ago)
What about gat from saints row
sidewayz Miller (10 months ago)
the girl does not die in the scenes in the last of us
YourLordChanka (10 months ago)
What about campo from bf3
Akira a gaming channel (10 months ago)
Gamer du Québec (10 months ago)
Yeah forget about the entire Delta Force team in MW3 at the mine!
Gamer du Québec (10 months ago)
Rest In Peace Ghost and Soap,we never forgot you.F*ck Shepard and F*ck Makarov(at least we killed these assh*les)
Meme. Star 1 (10 months ago)
YourLordChanka no russian
YourLordChanka (10 months ago)
Gamer du Québec fuck you makarov is a homie
Ethan Odei (10 months ago)
what kind of name is soap!!!???
AC.BIGblacc (10 months ago)
No Booker DeWitt huh?
Korbin Samuels (11 months ago)
You shelve our Ethan on infinite warfare
Йцукенг Ааыф (11 months ago)
No Tidus from FF X? For real?
Rowell Jr Song De Torres (11 months ago)
that nier ost though
Phoenix (11 months ago)
Cole is the one that got to me hard 😭😭😭. Actually, also Zeke's death knowing they were close friends.
4pink0mermaid (11 months ago)
Wtf wait what about Astrid?! That made me fucking cry alone with the rws5 of the Brotherhood in TES: Skyrim
YourLordChanka (10 months ago)
4pink0mermaid that bitch and her brotherhood deserve to burn
Joe Clark (11 months ago)
soap and yuri?
Deathbringer78511 (11 months ago)
what? where the fuck is soap?!?!
Dainel 10101p (11 months ago)
I cried when join died in rdr for days and Jack sucks
Leonardo Marquez (11 months ago)
yooooooo you forgot Dom's death from the greats if war series!!! HOW COULD YOU FORGET THAT!!!!
NikJam (11 months ago)
what about the godfather?
king of silent (11 months ago)
2:31 there will never be half life three nice job
Abensberg (11 months ago)
whut? vaas death was shocking? cmon since the first minutes of the game you KNEW you had to kill him
Shisaso (11 months ago)
Where's Soap and Dimitri Petrenko?
TheCoolKid SixSixSix (11 months ago)
If you decide to kill Dance in fallout 4
Jaysnapshot5 (11 months ago)
TheCoolKid SixSixSix that was so sad
zargug phantom (11 months ago)
comments will go crazy ghost is nit dead!
Takedo Muremasa (11 months ago)
Jesus, how are ya gonna forget just about every main character in Halo: Reach? Saddest damn shit ever...
Xx360noscopeMLG xX (11 months ago)
2:54 the dab😂
RedNeckkie (11 months ago)
usually when u warn about spoilers u show a quick list of all games in the vid but i guess that flew past your guys autism?
RCA G (11 months ago)
Agnes Nygard (11 months ago)
divine Looks for me #shx administration .
Gail King (11 months ago)
The walking dead season 3 David Death
Ngare Arnold (11 months ago)
your dad in fallout 3...
best snipa (11 months ago)
ANd yes they frogot about the 2 call of duty saddest moments in the history were in callofduty mw3 were soap died :<
Isaiah Pollard (11 months ago)
What about gears of war 3 when dom died
Derively (11 months ago)
Mass Effect 2, Shepard's death at the end. It happens if you make many mistakes.
mohammad hussien (11 months ago)
ah Roland anyone??? from borderlands 2??? no. ok... fine.
mohammad hussien (11 months ago)
totally agree with that.
Joseph Bugarin (11 months ago)
Roland's death pissed me off. The way Jack just pops behind him, shoots him, and says "sup", pissed me off so much...
Arjun Sajeev (11 months ago)
hey come on man...how can you miss commander shepards death in mass effect 3 ending
Sault_n_Pepper (11 months ago)
Arjun Sajeev That isn't really that much of a shock though
BigMoser Gaming (11 months ago)
Tybalt from Guid Wars 2. :(
ThyRixs (11 months ago)
Soap from call of duty modern warfare 1, 2, and 3
Chris Kemp (11 months ago)
WTF. Seriously. Who gives a fuck?
Arkardu (11 months ago)
2B's death came as a shock to me
Mugetsu Yarida (11 months ago)
Submarine beef64 (11 months ago)
what about Dominic Santiago from gears of war 3?????
It was pretty obvious that Lee was going to die when he got bit, same goes for Vaas because, well he's the villain and must die. Sargent Avery Johnson from Halo 3 and Roland from Borderlands 2 were straight out of the blue and genuinely surprised me.
You forgot the El Sũenio's death in GhostRecon Wildlands
Reece Brennan (11 months ago)
what about ethans death in the game of thrones game
Kris Lezama (11 months ago)
Luis from resident evil 4
TheGhost 03 (11 months ago)
Ruben from minecraft story mode
Bentito Fouslini (11 months ago)
4:10 Dogmeat would like to have a word with you
Night Howl (11 months ago)
4:22 Phoenix up!
Night Howl (11 months ago)
Fuck. I played all those shooting games... And assassin's creed, assassin's creed 2, and assassin's creed 4. Modern warfare (can't remember the names of em'), call of duty (all of them), and lots of other games. I remember the modern warfare 2 - ghost ending. Because he just showed it hahahaha.
Zaden Price (11 months ago)
what about roland?
Zlin (11 months ago)
i wish i went bowling with roman for once
Sohail Abass (11 months ago)
Assassin's Creed Series Has Many Unexpected Deaths
therandomguyy 52 (11 months ago)
where is kratos from gow 3 god of war
Devin 4948 (11 months ago)
Why lee?!?!
Far 8126 (11 months ago)
Death of mother in moh 2012
Crimson Sky (11 months ago)
Lee's death made me cry like a bitch.
C.B. junkiee (11 months ago)
Rip ghost
RAUL REYNA RAMIRE'Z (11 months ago)
where is the unexpected death of kat. of halo reach?
T Poser (11 months ago)
General shepherd looks like private Lesley dancer from trailer park boys
Apollo Ford (11 months ago)
Hope and Glory in Mad Max r.i.p
Clayton Mason (11 months ago)
Winston and Jackie deaths in Sleeping Dogs was a shocker for me
Twigg4075 (11 months ago)
Joel's daughter Sarah from The Last of Us wasn't on this list?!? You even showed her in the bumper.
Undertalefan22 (11 months ago)
I was playing walking dead while watching this
Chriss Devano NL (11 months ago)
Taylor in bo3
random spastic (11 months ago)
Top ten saddest anime deaths
ThrdSonofSparda (11 months ago)
Nah fuck that Fraghero, Meryl doesn't die if you beat Liquid in time. You forget that even if you choose Otacon she is still rescued, I mean she did appear in MGS4....so yeah.
Dio Brando (11 months ago)
What about Bowser?
Dio Brando (11 months ago)
What about No Man's Sky's hype?
Hodor Stark (11 months ago)
It's A Trapp Gaming (11 months ago)
The cook from GTA IV his death was off screen but crazy. Also Soap's death in MW3 shocked me also especially after Yuri gets called out.
Grey Crimson (11 months ago)
Poor Mario
Machomayo (11 months ago)
Bruh roach died with him
Zane Springer (11 months ago)
Where is Roland from Borderlands 2?
Galaxy Games (11 months ago)
Zane Springer ikr
Gluten Freeboi (11 months ago)
R.i.p john marston im still crying 😭
Shrek (11 months ago)
Aeris was the love interest? I always thought Tifa was.
Sniping (11 months ago)
Nibba how u miss wow leaders dying
FruiTea GD (11 months ago)
battlefield 1 - black bess crew :
Johnny Morgan (11 months ago)
you desserve more subs, c'mon guys
ChairDoorMan (11 months ago)
Sgt.Johnson got everyone
Phytik (11 months ago)
I hoped for Grandia 2 - Mareg
Flariz (11 months ago)
There are spoliers in this video.
Dennis Germishuys (11 months ago)
Captain_diabetes (11 months ago)
Lee, Ghost, Roach.. WHY! They should have added Johnson's death from Halo 3 now that's a death and cortanas..
Shan Prochazka (11 months ago)
halo reach deaths
Austin .Ferguson (11 months ago)
CaptainPig cortana didnt die
C.B. junkiee (11 months ago)
CaptainPig bro*
C.B. junkiee (11 months ago)
CaptainPig fr brp
Shoe Hunter (11 months ago)
CaptainPig cortana had a shit deaths
commander death (11 months ago)
la noire too that pissed me off
Barba Mustata (11 months ago)
Ghost Mario and Lee didn't deserve to Die..
Sunlightshadow (11 months ago)
especially Ghost and Mario. But Ghost even more.
Ark :/ (11 months ago)
Who says that in brothers a tail of two sons that the older brother shouldn't have died and instead the dad
The vlog Man (11 months ago)
I think fallout 4 should be on here because of paleden danses death
The vlog Man (11 months ago)
Sunlightshadow (11 months ago)
You dont have to kill him you fucking turtle
The Wizard Tim (11 months ago)
i was maybe nine when mw2 came out and i cried when ghost died he was my favorite

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