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Jon Snow and Melisandre love

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Jon Snow and Melisandre love It's clear Melisandre would have had sex with him, reasons unknown, but Jon wasn't interested. Sure it looks like he was into it but that's not a clear representation of his feelings. If any woman walks up to a guy, any guy, and puts his hand on her breast, he’ll go with it briefly before coming to his senses. We're just built that way. First feel the breast, then pull away, that's the standard rule. Jon wasn't into her at all. That soon after losing Ygritte, a matter of days, he probably wouldn't have even noticed how beautiful she was. No tension, just biology and Melisandre’s creepiness. Melisandre uses sex to manipulate men. She did it to Stannis, and she tried to do it with Jon. Sex is also part of the rituals she uses to birth her shadow babies. In the books there are numerous direct statements that Melisandre is Stannis’ true queen, and shares his bed at night, not Queen Selyse, and Selyse seems to know and not care - I suppose she has been conned through her faith into believing it’s what R’hllor wants. Melisandre is a priestess and does her duty to the Lord of Light. It was not that she actually fooled Stannis into believing that he was destined to be the ruler of the 7 kingdoms. She actually believed this, and she interpreted the signs coming from the Light as such. When Melisandre realized that Stannis was not the Prince that was Promised, she left. She is not loyal to a person, but to a God. Now, she believes that Jon is Azor Ahai. Although she believed he was special from before. If you don’t remember, let me help you.
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