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The Adventures of Tyrion the Imp (Season 7) 3/3 - Game of Thrones

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The Third Installment in the Season 7 Adventures of Tyrion Lannister, played by Peter Dinklage.
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Text Comments (28)
ReturnTrip (9 hours ago)
These two guards remind of the droogs from clockwork orange so much
Chris Miles (8 days ago)
This is Gendry...Tyrion, "He'll do".lol
Network Manager (9 days ago)
This short Lanister guy is really comical figure. He is advicing the would be queen ? How more ridiculous can it be ? Drinking and whoring, falls in love with whores, big mouth.
AMBUKNIGHT (11 days ago)
I love how the dragons all arose in unison when Danny walks by... They like.. Mom is.. Awake?
atharva mahamuni (11 days ago)
What did they talk about Tryion and cerecei Can’t wait for s8 damn
Raoul Duke (12 days ago)
Can you do Adventures of Gendry Baratheon?
octarineflame (12 days ago)
Absolute top, top shit with the opening tune 👍👍 spot on once again lord blackfyre 👌
Johvias Gardner (12 days ago)
Dameon, You are incredible for this one my man. I've been waiting for this for some time. When watching the intro to part 1, my mind got caught up in familiar scenes that I forgot some of the important scenes with Tyrion (E.g. Tyrion and Denarys convo by the fire, Tyrion and John Snows convo at the edge of the mountain). The acting in this is incredible. I don't know what channel I love more, yours with these incredible vids or "Talking Thrones" channel with his predictions and plot leaks. I do feel you missed a great scene with Tyrion and Bron and company as they walked to the dragon pit for the meeting, the meeting would have been a good add and even a bit of the conversation with Jon & Denarys during there introduction I noticed was cut or skipped over. None the less THANK YOU my man. Im sure you know this but as a FAN, HURRY UP WITH JON SNOW SEASON 7 lol. Great work!
Dragon king (12 days ago)
One of the best medieval shows of all time. Love Tyrion. Keep em coming.
Ozymandias (12 days ago)
Off topic, but. It just hit me. House Frey is not dead. Arya killed all the Freys, true. But Edmure Tully DID marry Roslin Frey and sire a son. Until the son comes of age, Edmure is now the head of houses Frey and Tully. And all he did was have sex and sit in a dungeon for four seasons.
mas sentot (12 days ago)
Ilike 💖
John Hampton (12 days ago)
Take me down to paradise city where the girls are sweet and they got big titties :)
CyclonicDeath (13 days ago)
Daemon's got a magic cock, not that i would know.
Erik McCreary (13 days ago)
FINALLY!!! thanks, blackfyre.
Tori Samone (13 days ago)
Thank you Mr Blackfyre. I enjoy the. Positive hilarious comments coming from strong mindset loyal men. Tyrion-Davos-Bron-Jon-AWESOME
Ava Miller (13 days ago)
Thank you for this.
Elizabeth Flynn (13 days ago)
Not long home from work. What a gift,Daemon. Thanks, hugs and love to you and yours.
lisa koola (13 days ago)
gawd life isn’t that boring of course without Daemon LOL 😂 Thanks again 😘
dibyanshu shekhar dey (13 days ago)
Yipppyyyyy icing the cake.... Thanks Daemon...
Final Solution (13 days ago)
Thanks blackfyre 🔥🔥🔥🌟😍
Jon Snow (13 days ago)
Thanks great job!I always love your videos
Heather L Thomas (13 days ago)
Oh nice part 3 woohoo thank you daemon sweetie God bless you and your heart ❤
D LJ (13 days ago)
Hat-trick of firsts

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