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It's Everyday Bro... FIST! #comedy.
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Everyday Is Awesome (45 minutes ago)
Oh so is this where *england is my city* meme came from
Star #1 (1 hour ago)
Omg jake paul was my star but not now logan is
Muhammad Ihsanullah (1 hour ago)
Damn. Savage level: 101%
Emma RB (1 hour ago)
Alissa Violet
LitGaming 101 (4 hours ago)
Jake Paul Networth: $8 million Pewdiepie Networth: $20 million
LitGaming 101 (4 hours ago)
Pewdiepie is WAY ahead of Jake Paul
diego loarca (4 hours ago)
Celine Folley (4 hours ago)
Pewdie pie that has a meaning and a story if you watch his wlogs you will see it
Angel Ibarra (5 hours ago)
I think that 13m of the subs that he has are people who forgot to unsubscribe
Angel Ibarra (5 hours ago)
I went from 144q to 480q
Angel Ibarra (5 hours ago)
So 63m is 3/4 of everyone on YouTube 🤔
Elea Jude (5 hours ago)
I regret this (I haven’t watched the video yet)
Angel Ibarra (5 hours ago)
amoto ghy (5 hours ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 this is hurting me
LuCky ShoOt (5 hours ago)
Pls watch! https://youtu.be/hfX8tZ_v7Cs
Mizz Riri (5 hours ago)
Actually DANtdm is next he has almost 20 million :) and he ain’t ever gonna pass a god like PewDiePie
Derek_Games ! (5 hours ago)
My mom is my city!
Joe Branch (5 hours ago)
can we copystrike Jake pauuuuul?
JayKaiiGamer123 _YT (5 hours ago)
The song is bad as hell so relax
Aryaa Gadekar (6 hours ago)
7:16 XD xD
Red Jackie (6 hours ago)
Jake Paul thinks he can keep up with pewds? *Bitch he also gains 10 million subs a year, with a side of a hundred thousand*
João Vitor (6 hours ago)
dxlxn (7 hours ago)
*gets attacked by jake paul fans* lmao just so you know i hate him too bahaha
theone Thomas (7 hours ago)
jake paul knows cause he eats food oh yeah
EvraDayUzr (7 hours ago)
1.6M pewdewpie fans to 140k paul fans
Asfandyar Khan (7 hours ago)
the day Jake Paul's downfall began
Amando Libros (7 hours ago)
http://osemoney.site/6563722556212/ get 150$ in one day
Red Jackie (8 hours ago)
I want to share my thoughts, but i was already too late.
Mika Augus (9 hours ago)
selling like a church? he meant theres so much ppl buy his merch, soo much as ppul pray in a church. ? ?
Andreas Hosea (10 hours ago)
Art Aesthetics (10 hours ago)
He just trying to get famous bru
Baraka Blessing (10 hours ago)
The one, the only, the legend, the unroastable, PEWDiePie
Vanesa Martinez (11 hours ago)
Oceane Cluzet (11 hours ago)
That's why i hate jake paul
ARMYCARAT Seventeen (12 hours ago)
More views than Jake’s subs.
elledahling (12 hours ago)
I have a crush on pewds
Luguixz yY (12 hours ago)
spyrocyndersword 65 (13 hours ago)
Guys my city is america
This video is gold
Katy (13 hours ago)
Azur notcute (14 hours ago)
ive never knew that his name was felix
Bunny Lover (15 hours ago)
How did this get more than 1 mil likes lol keep it up pew
angel (15 hours ago)
Team 10 is gone now😂❤️
Esmeralda Martinez (16 hours ago)
*eNgLanD iS mY cItY*
Keyla Ortiz (16 hours ago)
Wtf people like that shit?
Christian Evans (17 hours ago)
If Jake ever passes Pewdiepie I will cut off my own ear and eat it but luckily that won't happen bc Jake sucks.
nf am (18 hours ago)
Dang pewds can rap better than JP
Bestcool5 (18 hours ago)
He’s retarted
Bestcool5 (18 hours ago)
His vids is the worse the only thing I hate in u is bc u kill memes
Violoid (19 hours ago)
Damn pewds you have more subs than the population of my country South Korea!! Congrats bro!! Greetings from South Korea :) 안녕!!🇰🇷
Romi Groswasser (19 hours ago)
That us so stupid that you fatshmed him i get it i hate team10 also but dont roast people becuse of their wight.
Pepe The Frog (20 hours ago)
4:06 poods rapped better than jake paul
i dont understand why Jake paul touches his penis all the time.
Kune Brown (21 hours ago)
The tattoo is not a dick you fucken dun ass its a tattoo of a gun you fucken cunt I'll drop you Raven tho I'm 15
Santi Cortez (16 hours ago)
Kune Brown you're pretty stupid for a 15 year old.
Maddy G (19 hours ago)
Kune Brown Someone’s a little butthurt
Kune Brown (21 hours ago)
You suck at raping Jake Paul a Better then you
Santi Cortez (16 hours ago)
Kune Brown so jake paul rapes people.
Santi Cortez (16 hours ago)
Maddy G lol
Maddy G (19 hours ago)
Kune Brown Jake Paul is a rapist?
BANGER NATION (21 hours ago)
Augustine Troy (21 hours ago)
JP? John Petrucci?
Luxury.cars.videos (22 hours ago)
Jake Paul’s rap songs are the worst songs ever made
Kencinerate - (22 hours ago)
7:29 ENGLAND IS MY CITY *pewds laugh* lmao
ViQua A (1 day ago)
Eatrh is my country
Dier (1 day ago)
The dude looks like that plastic potato from toy story
Maddy G (19 hours ago)
Dier How dare you disrespect Mr potato head like that
Olivia _ Coco (1 day ago)
Maker Man (1 day ago)
Maker Man (1 day ago)
It’s hard to hate on pew Because of the 9 yer old army He just terns the hate back on u he is a god
Liyad Salem Mridu (1 day ago)
Team 10 kids on drugs that why its importent to not to do drugs not everyday
Liyad Salem Mridu (1 day ago)
the "meaning behind every syllable" damn I love you bro
Monim Abrar (1 day ago)
Is Tessa Brooks Nick Crompton's English teacher??
DR4UGr (1 day ago)
Pewd is so funny
1V1Nover Alo (1 day ago)
Chef Robbert (1 day ago)
7:13 that face nick has when your put in a song that consists mostly of cringiness
sed 11 (1 day ago)
*Thank you for your translation into Arabic* I hate JP😑
Alladin Barrows (1 day ago)
most veiw in a long while and u got it from JAKE PAUL BITCH!!!!!!!!!
Spidey Knight (1 day ago)
3:24, cAn wE copYsTRikE ?
Ari Nuralamsyah (1 day ago)
You pewdiepe
Zachary Beaudet (18 hours ago)
Yes. He is indeed pewdiepie. Thank you for realizing that.
Maddy G (19 hours ago)
Ari Nuralamsyah Uh... yep.
SpearZ (1 day ago)
Why am I here?
Hana Kakehi (1 day ago)
This team makes USA bad... 頑張れよ、アメリカ…
Maddy G (19 hours ago)
Amrit Kaur (1 day ago)
Lauren Swan (1 day ago)
Think before you say England is a city
Lauren Swan (1 day ago)
Look at the subscription numbers and then rethink your comment
Maddy G (19 hours ago)
Lauren Swan Who are you talking to
strawberrygamer (1 day ago)
Can we copystrike JP
Miguel Malveiro (1 day ago)
How da fuck does this has 32 FUCKING MILLION VIEWS????
Kasey Hankins (1 day ago)
fuck you jp
TheAmazing Kangaroo (1 day ago)
Im The Racoon (1 day ago)
i know what im gonna say its rude but for me is the reality... So basically Jake Paul is a bitch and a twat and all the insult that exist can relate to him, but what i dont understand ,2 things, 1 why he hasn't quit youtube he is a motherfu**** , he is a bitch, just..... i dont know he is not a person he is .. idfk... but i hope he quit youtube or 2 why nobody has fight im or kill him LIKE WHY if I see im in real life I WOULD FU*** PUCH him IN THE FU*** HEAD. sorry 4 my bad english (speak french ;) btw Jake Paulers suck ;)
Im The Racoon (19 hours ago)
all the "Paul" are bitch
Maddy G (19 hours ago)
Im The Racoon Logan Paul is worse.
Lorena Solis (1 day ago)
jake paul is stupid
Pu ma (1 day ago)
I love Jake Paul and Logan Paul
destiny N (1 day ago)
You should listen everyday bro exposed by berlezzy if yall see this comment go watch it. Also anyone from 2018?
Vinta Gaming (1 day ago)
I'm pretty sure the 140K Dislikes are triggered 9 year olds
bhanu chandar (1 day ago)
Kill yourself then.. 06:47
Hannah Jax (1 day ago)
pewdipie is my city
Félix Dulong (1 day ago)
Im dead😂😂😂
Ahmiah Henry (1 day ago)
he said PewDiePie is next yet in that same video he has more dislikes than likes wth
Y.H (1 day ago)
I need to buy your latest album
Tar (1 day ago)
When i search jake lixo (lixo is trash in portuguese) it gives me this video lol.
Damn Paul (1 day ago)
Nick is almost perfect. God damn it
A Google User (1 day ago)
Jake Paulers be like: no you jus hatr. he jelous tat he has mor subz tan you. go dye kid. lmao rosted. dam on tem hatrs😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎.
technically a gamer (1 day ago)
England is not city
Julianna Solo (1 day ago)
Pewdiepie just savage 🔥 U rule bro 😎
Julianna Solo (8 hours ago)
Maddy G maybe but I am not no offence 😇
Maddy G (19 hours ago)
You sound like a jake pauler

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