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The Adventures of Jon Snow ( Season 7) 5/5 - Game of Thrones

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Thanks for Watching!! Jon Snow is played by Kit Harrington.
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borgelind (9 hours ago)
really looking forward to see the reaction when brandon tells jon who he really is
Jon will go to Sam like: If I ride the mother of Dragons, does that make me the mother of dragon's rider? Sam: Excuse me my king... You should know that indeed, she is your Aunt. Jon: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ guess I'm also the AUNT RIDER!
Dizzy (3 days ago)
When Jon & Dany stare at each other for split second in the love scene. It always reminds me of when someone told Dany *That love comes in at the eyes* It's upsetting cuz this pairing would've been the least toxic either one of them would've had but no no no they gotta aunt & nephew UGGHGHHHVHVKH xy ycbibgkk c
Fred Eric (13 days ago)
I love GoT and I love your videos. I'm watching them as often as I could...at home and at work...not just to kill time. Your style in the videos, to tell the the stories of every timeline, every person and relationship, is great! I have to confess that I first saw one of your first Daenerys videos before I startet with GoT. You made me a big fan of this epic show. And for that I want to say "Thank you! Thank you so much for the gift of your videos and helping me to start with GoT!!!" Can't wait for season 8 and your new and complete videos ;-) You did a great job and I hope you'll continue so Best wishes from Germany
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (13 days ago)
Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoy it!!!
J Thom (15 days ago)
Awww. .. now it makes it now so cool to be a bastard anymore. . . but it beats the mindfuck you will get when you discover that you boned your auntie. . .
Michael Hudnall (17 days ago)
Dany: I’ll never have children again Jon: we’ll see about that
Satish Shinde (18 days ago)
I wonder how Jon would react to this revelation. It would all come crashing down on him. An entire life lived with the shame of being a Bastard only to know that He was the true heir to the Iron Throne. I hope the producers don't kill him, in the end, to make it more dramatic.
Kodiak (24 days ago)
Im stupid for never watching game of thrones jon is literally the type of person i am and now i dont have time to catch up.
KnownAsGod (28 days ago)
Incest is wincest...
Herbert Erdferkel (23 days ago)
Aunt and nephew aka Avunculate marriage isnt considered incest in large parts of the world ... i really dont get what the big fuzz is about, even most of the societies now thinking its bad had it a common thing in their past. sure, in the US with its sexual repressed people this gets some attention, here in my country (germany) and many, many others alltho not being common it barely gets a shrug and its legal since its not a relation in direct line.
شكرا لك ياحلو
Galan Liones (1 month ago)
The return of the "why" boner....with a vengeance... (in my best Alucard voice lol)
Jennifer Mansfield (1 month ago)
I ❤️ how Jon looks at the night king after he kills Dany’s dragon. Like “ You’re going to pay for that you SOB!”
raja yasir (1 month ago)
hi 8.i not fand
nadya032 (1 month ago)
i love all these Adventure of Jon Snow videos! thank you for made all these good works!
Trever Belmont (1 month ago)
Wait what does this mean that jon and the targanian girl are half siblings or cousins
SHINeeFran (1 month ago)
They're the same age. It's not rocket science. Rhaegar and his father both conceived with their respective wives and their children were born in the same year. Both fathers died before their children were born.
CountArtha (1 month ago)
Jon's father was her oldest brother, so she'd be his aunt.
TRAAAP (1 month ago)
She was in the womb during Robert's rebellion. I don't get what is so confusing here. Rhaegar (her brother and Jon's father) was 24 years older than her. When he died, she wasn't even born yet. That is why she can technically be Jon's aunt (HER BROTHER IS HIS FATHER) despite being younger than him, although they are both 22 years old.
Trever Belmont (1 month ago)
TRAAAP no it doesn’t if she is his aunt then that must mean that she and their older brother I forgot what his name was had to have been conceded and born after Roberts rebellion and after their fathers death
TRAAAP (1 month ago)
It makes perfect sense because his (Jon Snow's/Aegon Targaryan's) father was her brother. Their age is irrelevant.
Messylin (2 months ago)
1:22 Dany: "We sail together." 1:25 Jon: "We're finally going to fuck." 1:28 Jorah: "He's going to fuck her."
Edgar rivera (2 months ago)
sail with me? rock the boat
Isarma Winter (2 months ago)
I think I watch these everyday and I truly love your video! Gratitude 😊
Bob Mask (2 months ago)
GRRM genius. He can make millions of people ok with incest. Lol. Eff it. I’m all in.
Christopher Wood (2 months ago)
how will the north react tho this revalation
p44jod (3 months ago)
As for why Jon didn’t get on the dragon. That was the fault of the director. It is actually fitting with Jon’s personality that he would want to ensure the safety of the others first. We saw this at Hard Home when others (even the wildlings) urged him to get to safety, but he continued to try and defend their crossing. That was the implication in this episode as well, but it was executed poorly as it wasn’t shot showing the sense of urgency or the need for Jon to continue fighting. I, like most people, was wondering why he was picking off one or two wights (who posed a negligible danger to Drogon) and moving father and farther away from the dragon while everyone was climbing on. In a later interview, the director himself apologized for that and admitted that he failed to get across that Jon needed to protect their flank and provide cover for his companions to get away. There were actually a few things I really hated about this episode. It’s definitely not my favorite, though it’s not completely unredeemable. A real letdown for what is supposed to be the high point of the season, as the next to the last episodes usually are.
RUb A (3 months ago)
I am waiting for the last season eagerly
YONG FRESH (3 months ago)
Tnx Daemon 👌
VYANKAT IPPER (1 month ago)
0:40 Will that going to happen? I mean, will she going to die?
Mad Pierrot (3 months ago)
I wonder if Jon and Daenerys will fight over the throne or will have an incestuous marriage and have their (slow) son sit on the throne eventually.
CountArtha (1 month ago)
First-cousin marriages are something like thirty times more likely to result in birth defects. But Dany has magic powers and Jon is undead, so anything can happen. :P
Epic4Evr1990 (1 month ago)
Mad Pierrot i don't think they will fight over the throne. remember jon doesnt really care for ruling, he does it cause people keep choosing him too. i think dany will relinquish her right to the throne to jon because he is the rightful heir not her. also idt there will be anything mentally wrong or physically with the baby. remember Dany's mother was her fathers sister and she bore 2 out of 3 saine children. also Europeans/ Caucasian Americans found it okay to marry cousin to cousin up until 1940 and Texas just made it illegal in 2005. in Europe marrying cousins is still legal.
Sharon Fowler (3 months ago)
Thank you daemon for posting all these videos,only so much click bait one person can watch on utube lol.your a super star🙌🙌😘
TWSTF 8 (3 months ago)
Everyone's been saying; "R+L=J" When they should be saying; "R+L=A" 👍
C North (16 days ago)
H+A=J Hound+Arya=Jaqen
Teed Epefanio (4 months ago)
Thx, Daemon.. totally love these two... Jon & Dany, I mean..
Dick Cheese McGee (4 months ago)
HBO owes you, and one other channel on YouTube money for the top notch advertisement. 2019......FUCK!
Edwin Allado (4 months ago)
I am very excited what happens next.. I love this video.. Jon and danny have chemistry.. Hope till the end dany and jon still in love each other.. Thanks for uploading..
Karlsson (4 months ago)
just found this channel and needed to binge all of Jon's adventures... what a nice channel to kill the long -night- wait until S8. 5:24 would have lol'ed if the title card would have been "and his name is..." then I could have said JOHN CENA! :D
Aran Ilyaris (4 months ago)
Well, they *are* Targaryens.
unpredictablemove88 (3 months ago)
couldn't agree more
UnknownOne (4 months ago)
Jon's more Stark to be honest. It's true he has some of the dragon's qualities, the better ones. But from what we've seen of him through the years, he's more wolf than dragon.
I love Cute (4 months ago)
I love for daenarys and drogo. But when i saw jon. I come to jon and daenarys. Love them both❤ really thank to you. Waiting for season 8 godbless.
SIRUS IE (4 months ago)
Post the songs in description
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (4 months ago)
no :")
TWSTF 8 (4 months ago)
I came down here to express my appreciation, but it looks like everyone else has beaten me to it! (I've gotten absolutely NOTHING done since I sub'd to this channel.) 👍
Elizabeth Flynn (4 months ago)
I can't express how grateful I am to you,Daemon. Outstanding channel, my friend. Love to you and yours from the bottom of my heart.
Jeremy Williamson (4 months ago)
Love your videos man great work
cambuurleeuwarden (4 months ago)
GoT making incest fashionable. thanks for the compilations as always.
Cadence Wallace (4 months ago)
Some much conflicted emotions about the love scene. On the one hand I'm like "Yes! The Dragon and The Wolf!" On the other hand I'm like "Oh fuck nuggets, Jon doesn't know he just had sex with his Aunt! Ahhhhh!"
Mahmud المغرب (4 months ago)
Love your videos Thank you so much 👍👍👍
Chris Hayes (4 months ago)
Daemon, Could you do a compilation of the Dire wolves.🐺
Cadence Wallace (4 months ago)
The footage for Lady would literally be like 3 minutes.
Chris Hayes (4 months ago)
Cadence Wallace, Gray wind, Lady, Summer, Nymiria, Shaggy dog, Ghost. lots of footage. 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺
Chris Hayes (4 months ago)
Cadence Wallace, no, it would be almost an hour long (mostly ghost) lol. 🐺
Cadence Wallace (4 months ago)
That would be a short compilation for the most part.
samantha18 (4 months ago)
Hey, just a thought, could you maybe make a Gilly video?
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (4 months ago)
lol I'm doing an odd couples video with sam and gilly as we speak!!
Tori Samone (4 months ago)
THANK YOU and more THANK YOU for your time and know how for mending together AWESOME movie clips/video from the magnificent G-O-T heres to you Mr. BLACKFYRE more so again
Heather L Thomas (4 months ago)
Thank you daemon sweetie for these beautiful video's we can't wait for season 8 and I am done waiting for season 8 to come out you are so awesome God bless you and your heart ❤😚
asiadramafan89 (4 months ago)
So in the original outline of the trilogy, Martin wanted Arya and Jon together with a love triangle with Tyrion. To me, it seems like they replaced Arya with Dany in this scenario cause at the end, Tyrion had this look about him that had some jealousy. I just recently started watching and binging on GOT so I’m new to this.
Joel Cornes (16 days ago)
He's not jealous. He knows something that they don't.
CountArtha (1 month ago)
I think Tyrion was counting on the fact that Daenerys can't have children, and now he's anxious that she will. When he found out Cersei was pregnant, he knew that Cersei's child would sit on the throne whether she loses it to Dany or not. If Dany has descendants after all, there will be no way to avoid a civil war.
Daniel Hodge (4 months ago)
This channel is the only thing that gets me through until the next season!! Another awesome job!! Can't wait until the next one!!
DarkLight523 (4 months ago)
Poor Jon. When he finds out, he's going to have one very confused boner.
Lesminster (14 days ago)
Butters (17 days ago)
Oh Auntie Dany
Trever Belmont (1 month ago)
Game of thrones and incest is like yin and yang
Rick S (3 months ago)
"You know nothing Jon snow"
Simon Beige (4 months ago)
The ending was literally a climax.
Haresis Dea (4 months ago)
As always, killer taste in music! I’m quite the relic myself 😉Finding out what song you’ve chosen next is a fun bonus to each new upload! I love watching your channel before bed; no better way to end the day then with rock and thrones! Keep doing what you’re doing! Seven Blessings, Brother Blackfyre!
Christopher Turner (4 months ago)
Almost as much as Jon and Dany, Theon may have grown up the most on this show. I feel like he has way more of a part to play in the end game than any of us predict.
Nick Frost (23 days ago)
I can imagine after the coming war that few are left alive. Theon broken by even more losses reverts back to Reek, but starts acting a lot like Ramsey. Kills the remaining survivors and claims the lands as his own. Fan fiction maybe?
dtv2181 (1 month ago)
that reek phase aged him older than maester ameon
Mattia 77 (4 months ago)
Christopher Turner H E H A S N O B A L L S
Cadence Wallace (4 months ago)
Yeah but in a way it would be sad if House Greyjoy went extinct like House Tyrell did.
Ciprian G. Buzatu (4 months ago)
I fucking Love Bran! Not in a sexual manner though, I use "fucking" as a form of emphasis, to help me get across the big Love and Interest I have in the character. One of the most Interesting in the whole Game of Thrones world indeed. Interesting because it portrays an latent ability that we all have as Humans as well.
mubtasim rahman (4 months ago)
Help me remember,but did the Unsullied surrender Castle Rock?
The Bestest (4 months ago)
mubtasim rahman yea the unsullied were at kings landing so they left castely........
Christopher Turner (4 months ago)
mubtasim rahman we don't really know. Probably not formally. They more than likely abandoned it more than surrendered it. Being as though they couldn't hold it due to supply issues. We have no book decription of what happened after they seized Casterly Rock. And the show never went in to it. So... Your guess is as good as anyone's.
Jon Snow (4 months ago)
Thanks a lot !
Yash27bits (1 month ago)
Jon Snow The king in the North!
Marvel Oghene (4 months ago)
Jon is the heir to the Iron Throne? How is that going to sound to Cersei and Deanerys? How would Lords Varys and Tyron take it?
CountArtha (15 days ago)
C North  Then again, Jon grew up as a bastard. He made peace with the fact he'd never have children a LONG time ago.
Legoat (15 days ago)
Most likely is that one of them jon or daenerys is gonna die
C North (16 days ago)
It wouldn't matter, because if she marries Jon, he will be King anyways. If anything, Dany will want him more because that means they both have Dragon blood, meaning their children will be even more powerful than if she wed some other house. Even though she thinks she's barren, obviously there will need to be a successor eventually. Her telling Jon she thought she was barren, was actually a big move on her part, because in these types of settings, being able to continue blood lines is everything. She risked him not wanting her at all. It was a moment of her showing vulnerability to him, which went over a lot of peoples heads as to just how important that moment was between them. No one would even really want to wed a barren queen, because if she can't give them children, they will effectively be agreeing to end their blood line to rule beside her. It's not too terrible because it gives any relatives a claim to the throne in the future, but no one really wants to waste their life so some niece or nephew can control the throne in the future, they want to control the throne now not later...and if Dany were to name a successor, it wouldn't matter who is heir by blood, so even then power wouldn't be guaranteed. That's why Dany fell in love with him. She knew his mind wasn't on just the power of his own house, and from everything else she's seen she knew he was brave, was willing to sacrifice himself, etc. People like Cersei never fought their own battles. They're rulers who order people to do their bidding, while Dany and Jon will fight head on.
SHINeeFran (1 month ago)
She is an heir, but she was the sister of Rhaegar who was first in line. Jon/Aegon, as his son, is the direct heir to the throne. You claim that "she did all the work," but how has Jon's contribution been any less than hers? The way I see it, they'll probably just share the throne. Him as King, her as Queen.
CountArtha (1 month ago)
If the secret gets out next season, Dany MIGHT step aside and be Jon's consort instead of being Queen in her own right. But then she'd risk alienating the cult of R'hllor who think she's Azor Ahai, and I can see it splitting her court in two between the fanatics who want her and ONLY her to rule, and the realists who just want stability and peace. In which case there's a showdown between Kinvara and Varys like everyone's been predicting.
EmergingLobster (4 months ago)
You should call these Jon Snow compilations "The Prince That Was Promised"
Baalphegor (2 days ago)
Or it could be both, who knows. One of the translations is "The One Who Was Promised". Wouldn't it just be the fucking twist if Jon and Dany marry (incest aside), because people are considered one in marriage? As a sentiment, at least.
Lucian Bauer (1 month ago)
well it could also be Jon Snow.
TAZY (2 months ago)
That's Dany
Barrsto (4 months ago)
amaing content as always. i can never get enough game of thrones no matter how much i watch.
vicky chen (4 months ago)
I love how Jon and Daenerys once loved savages (Ygritte and Khal Drogo) and now they’ve found each other. They’re so perfect for each other, I don’t care about the nephew/aunt thing.
Bane Epewid (1 month ago)
Not your a dumbass. How was Jon at fault when it was Tyerion idea? Jon had no choice but to fight off the whites that where comming at them while they were climbing on the dragon if you dont see that then you are a blind hater.
ThreeThirtyTV (1 month ago)
vicky chen you single?
Messylin (2 months ago)
And they both banished close advisors (Jorah and Melisandre). So many parallels in their stories.
vicky chen (4 months ago)
DarkLight523 Holy shit 😂 I didn’t think about Khal Drogo being his uncle
John Hampton (4 months ago)
Thank you Daemon. This was a great series! #Peace!
lisa koola (4 months ago)
savage! 🐺 that’s how to end my day! by getting rid of my Monday blues! your effort of all the videos make me as a GOT fan truly happy Thank You Daemon 💖
Dragon king (4 months ago)
Love your videos. Keep them coming.
samantha18 (4 months ago)
Thank you so much for all these awesome videos!

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