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2CELLOS - Perfect - Ed Sheeran

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http://www.facebook.com/2Cellos http://www.instagram.com/2cellosofficial 2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Hauser playing Perfect by Ed Sheeran Listen/Download “Perfect” at https://2CELLOS.lnk.to/PerfectAY Video by Kristijan Burlovic, Medvid production Audio by Filip Vidovic, Morris Studio
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Text Comments (2326)
sasalanka chamara (21 hours ago)
Love your music
Michael Clarke (1 day ago)
Made me cry- Why😢
Petra Lukić Jovic (1 day ago)
RASHA KHAMIS (1 day ago)
Piyush Dongre (2 days ago)
Why YouTube haven't recommended me This earlier ? This is pure talent ! 😍
TikiorTaka (3 days ago)
Do a Girls like you please.
Monika Lapukaitė (3 days ago)
It is wonderful :) however, am I the only one who hears some extra sound (like somebody is breathing to the microphone)? :D
Vyan Alo (4 days ago)
U r grate🌸🌸🌸
Josh Van Gerven (4 days ago)
Would love to hear you play i see fire by ed Sheeran you guys are awesome
Xiang Aron (5 days ago)
their looks are just as stunning as the violin. My god i am intrigued.
Pia Hansen (5 days ago)
It’s perfect👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
John Wylie (6 days ago)
im learning this on the cello
J B (6 days ago)
Najbolji ste
Ariane Souza (7 days ago)
Donna Campbell (9 days ago)
La verdadera musica que emociona maravilloso
Galvatron Mega (10 days ago)
It's a long way from India , but if ever possible , wanna listen u guys live.
Milowfan321 (10 days ago)
Luv you <3
Peter Yannakis (12 days ago)
just beautiful......strong emotional notes
Peggy Penguin (12 days ago)
One word...CHILLS!!! 🐧🐧
Daniel Carlos Gomes (13 days ago)
This video is AMAZING S2
Josivânia Santos (13 days ago)
Very good 👏👏
Blerina Kryeziu (14 days ago)
This music can melt one's heart, so perfectly perfect!!
Donald's daughter (14 days ago)
I'm just dieing listening to this song
Naomi Gorley (15 days ago)
This is so beautiful. You two are amazing. I love this.
Emily Colville (15 days ago)
Bravo!! and I saw you both in Los Angeles years ago after watching your YouTube video...hope you both come back! Cheers and keep making 🎶❤😀
Nidhi S (18 days ago)
You two boys😍
Hanna Priscilla (19 days ago)
Alex-pro_Fortnite (19 days ago)
Alex-pro_Fortnite (19 days ago)
Alex-pro_Fortnite (19 days ago)
Alex-pro_Fortnite (19 days ago)
Alex-pro_Fortnite (19 days ago)
Jakub Slavík (21 days ago)
please make live is life
Dana 123 (21 days ago)
Relax 💙🙏🏼
elemir somik (21 days ago)
Vinícius Santos (21 days ago)
Ya es emocionante escuchar esta canción, con ustedes es mejor ❤
Alpha Omega (21 days ago)
You guys are just amazing, I mean there is not a single flaw in this composition and you made an really good song even better. Must say please keep it up, Cello is my favourite instrument and that also played on one of my favourite song. I am not sure if it can get any better. I think this is the best, period!
tzara s (21 days ago)
This song sounds amazing in Every single version. ❤
Sumita Dey (21 days ago)
Its beautiful
David Ramirez (22 days ago)
Finally some love for the cello
Morgana Woo (22 days ago)
Это вправду отлично, ничего так же прекрасного я не слышала)
_Kevin11_ el chico (22 days ago)
Wow i liked
James Liu (22 days ago)
Why there are some dislike????????
James Liu (22 days ago)
Love this music so beautiful
Klaus Wagner (22 days ago)
Astrid Frias (23 days ago)
Chris Liam (23 days ago)
Can you guys make pirates of caribbean theme song cover
Marci Maci (23 days ago)
HK POLO TV (24 days ago)
too perfect cellos
edgley tiburtino (24 days ago)
Precisamos de mais melodias! Essa é a música que cumpre seu papel de transcendência e nos conecta ao divino.
Uma Hendrickx (25 days ago)
They are amayzing really they should Come to Belguim
Karin Kamstra (13 days ago)
Ik wel. Het was geweldig!
Pauline melancholie (17 days ago)
ze zijn hier geweest in november 2017.... maar helaas..... toen kende ik ze nog niet.....
Mark Neal (25 days ago)
What's with the 935 thumbs down people? Are you just mad at life in general or are you just a bunch of dickheads? This is absolutely beautiful and I could listen to it all day long.
Mesak Cutrim (26 days ago)
Eliane Bisiaux (26 days ago)
perfection pure !!!!!!!!!
TE 2018 (26 days ago)
It's Perfect Music~~~❤❤❤
Andreita Kawaii :3 (27 days ago)
Love CELLO😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Слушаю нескончаемое число один и влюбляюсь всё больше и больше.
yasemin akçaoğlu (28 days ago)
Muhtesem 😊
Alper VEZİR (28 days ago)
You are fantastic Just Amazing
Panagiota Kollarou (28 days ago)
hearing their breaths slightly, can give you this whole passion of making music <3
anna bonanome (29 days ago)
Vi ho pensato! Forse, eravate pronti a dare un concerto se la vostra squadra avesse vinto! Sarebbe stato "PERFECT"!
RuzKing (29 days ago)
Quynh Anh Nguyen Dang (29 days ago)
perfectly imperfect !
rajeev ranjan (1 month ago)
Better than the real one
Victoria Treacy (1 month ago)
Is it not strange that sheep's guts should hale souls out of men's bodies ~ William Shakespear
danielle gatien (1 month ago)
Oui.....c'est parfait (love so much )
Desiree Marshall (1 month ago)
So beautiful
jocelyn pablo (1 month ago)
My mum is addicted to this music but I find it beautiful because it is so charming to listen to.
Jean Louise TM (1 month ago)
Michael Spinella (1 month ago)
How can someone say there is no soul when you hear beautiful music played like this?
Lieutenant Black (1 month ago)
i swear those 925 people who disliked this music must be def
Jola :D (1 month ago)
Kings of the universe of the MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3
배윤주 (1 month ago)
Gordana Kočevar (1 month ago)
Özlem Kılıç (1 month ago)
Leonard Pasek (1 month ago)
You and me.
Shrekonian (1 month ago)
msstacey249 (1 month ago)
BEAUTIFUL!!! Can't wait to see you guys in Sydney!
xx könig xx (1 month ago)
Great job but I can hear you breathing and its throwing me off
d mais
Elfriede Weiss (1 month ago)
Perfekt 🎻🎶🌞🌞🌞
Ratul chowdhury (1 month ago)
You guys melted my heart. Thank you for what you are doing.
It touched me 💔
Sandra Umbidez (1 month ago)
un placer escucharlos
Laura esther Azoulay (1 month ago)
😍 talented and more....
Owen Leitelt (1 month ago)
you should do god's plan
João Paulo Serra (1 month ago)
Shirley ADK (1 month ago)
Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeger schööööööööööööööööön 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Элен Горт (1 month ago)
Вы глубые ?ответье Русской 😂
shreya jain (1 month ago)
Irudayaraj J (1 month ago)
Reached Heaven listening to this
Sylvio Paul (1 month ago)
tesfamikael belete (1 month ago)
it's very very good.I love it very
Metal Momma (1 month ago)
This is beautiful
Diamond Glaze (1 month ago)
Tears at the very first notes. Such beauty here.
Stanislav Zajec (1 month ago)
Too sweet, a big chance to finish with diabetes if you listen them for longer...
Martin Quinteros (1 month ago)
El que pone no me gusta es solamente por envidioso. Grandiosos artistas
Lance May (1 month ago)
Played so perfectly. Beautiful.

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