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The Deeds of Davos the Onion Knight - Game of Thrones (Season 7)

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I had a request for this and it seemed easy enough. Thanks and stay tunes for a bullshit/top 10 vote video this weekend!!!
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Albert Chehade (3 days ago)
That scene at 11:37 precisely is reminiscent of a scene out of Star Trek, with Captain Kirk at the front :)
Tomasz Wójcik (20 days ago)
44:55 It seems ser Jaime listen to his idol - the perfect knight. And I was thinking, Poles are under the most strong women influences...
budakbaong siah (2 months ago)
My only favorite character left in the series, books and show. Aemon and Donal are dead. Where are his family in the show anyway?
Brittany Turner (2 months ago)
Best accent in the show
Brian Fox (2 months ago)
This man is the true father of shireen and the uncle of lady mormont lol
SDJMEfan12 (2 months ago)
"Nothing fooks you harder than time." "Safety is never a permanent state of affairs" "Bad things are coming." Gotta love Ser Davos. In less than 40 seconds sums up the entire Game of Thrones. And the entire history of Humans.
Brendan French (2 months ago)
When i first met davos, thought hed die by open of s3. Now i love him and DONT WANNA LOSE HIM! Tyhx dae
Patrick Snavely (2 months ago)
Davos has become one of my favorite "lesser", but damn valuable characters.
Suraj Sarma (2 months ago)
Ahh Ser Daemon Fireworth , the Minion Knight 🤓 nice to see you 😻
Suraj Sarma (2 months ago)
Ahh Ser Daemon fireworth , the minion knight 🤓 nice to meet you 😻
Nuiryn (2 months ago)
and this is john snow ........... O.O oh he is king in the north! the lady from the bear island she is kicking ass.... 0:50
Roland Deschain (3 months ago)
Fucking sansa..
Mhar Coo (3 months ago)
Weres the season eight im exited the last Fight Daemon Blackfyre...
Nick Shaffer (3 months ago)
Elizabeth Flynn (3 months ago)
True hearted man. He'd bring a tear to your eye. Ouch! Sorry.
WarframeOn (3 months ago)
I don't know if this is magic or what, but I recently started watching Game Of Thrones because of these YouTube videos. I'm enjoying these montages, it's exactly what I want to binge watch lol. You're reading minds.
Matt (3 months ago)
Bout fook'n time, almost had to eat every chicken in the room.
Loudness Junior (3 months ago)
"I wasn't there your grace". Dammit davos comeback was gold
laxjoh (3 months ago)
Take Lady Sansa outside. Ser Davos. Bring me my sword. Also gotta love the running gag Davos did when Jon asks him "How many men do we have in the north fighting? 10,000? Less" and he goes "Fewer." Something he learned from Stannis.
Jacob C. (3 months ago)
"If we sail to white harbor together, we can fuck on a b-- err.. it'll send a better message. >_>"
raoul sedgwick (3 months ago)
Love your work mate, I just don't understand the YouTube volume situation on some vids!
Sylvia Sebregts (3 months ago)
I quite like your way of pulling story lines apart and showing the character development.
hello kitty (3 months ago)
Your videos make my day. Thanks so much.😀
dēaþ (3 months ago)
Dany is a terrible hero. I don't know if she's worse in the show or in the books.
Matthew Christiansen (3 months ago)
Here at least she's made aware of what her father did and actually seemed to listen, while in the books she actively ignores that and tunes it out. What she did to the Tarlys was unfortunately overkill and in line with her old man, though.
Rochelle Santana (3 months ago)
you listened to me!! thank you
lisa koola (3 months ago)
that’s more like it! now i can watch episode 7 about Sir Devos hie’s one of nicest man on GOT! Thank U Daemon
rwest1833_MGTOW (3 months ago)
I always laugh when Jon says "As long as you tell me how a Lannister became Hand to Daenerys Targaryen" Even a bastard from the North who's spent most of his time in the NIght's Watch knows how preposterous that sounds....LMAO
Melissa Blackwood (3 months ago)
I don't like onions, but I love Ser Davos. And he says "fooked" almost as well as Bronn does.
James Williams (3 months ago)
Fookin A right!
G1nger519 (3 months ago)
Melissa Blackwood And Bronn almosy a well as Karl fookin Tanner.
Heather L Thomas (3 months ago)
I like Davos he is a good guy I can't wait to see this thank you daemon sweetie God bless you and your heart ❤😊
TWSTF 8 (27 days ago)
🎼I swear, 🎶 By the 🌙 and the ⭐⭐in the sky 🎵 (for some reason, that song makes me think of a chubby Ryan Reynolds)
Aszma (3 months ago)
The fucking timing on this upload i just finished binge watching the other onion knight videos you posted and was wondering why there was no s7 and as soon as i get home from work here it is!
Mohamed _77 (3 months ago)
The right man in the right place.
Maelstrom Of Horror (3 months ago)
Another triumph!
John Hampton (3 months ago)
I JUST paid enough attention, finally, to "hear" what Dany is saying. By Torren Stark bending the knee and swearing fealty in perpetuity any Stark WOULD have to bend the knee. Good thing Jon has that Targaryen get out of jail free card!
OPP SO (3 months ago)
When are you going to upload the jon adventurs season 7 video
John Hampton (3 months ago)
So glad you upped this brother! Hope everybody's fine in TX tonight! #Peace!
Steve Folmz (3 months ago)
Actorsstudio2777 (3 months ago)
Thanks again for posting these.
VolJin (3 months ago)
For the Horde……wait…… This is the wrong place……
NTG360 (3 months ago)
Why do they call him the onion knight?
Sam Doles The Author (2 months ago)
Boltzor Gaming Well stated. Thank you
Boltzor Gaming (3 months ago)
He didnt only smuggle Onions, but its just what stuck. He was called the Onion Knight by other knights in a derogatory way because of his smuggling and for not being that good of a swordsman, but he embraced it sort of like how Brynden Tully embraced the name "blackfish"
Maelstrom Of Horror (3 months ago)
When Stannis and the Baratheon's at Storm's End were starving, Davos was the only smuggler who snuck through the Targaryen Lines with Onions for the them to eat and saved them from a slow death.
D LJ (3 months ago)
Because he has a gift for parody.
Jay Cee (3 months ago)
He used to Smuggle Onions and saved Stannis during Robert's Rebellion.
Knightwalker V Peace (3 months ago)
Far Out Man 🌙
Declan (3 months ago)
Onion knight is the real prince that was promised
dibyanshu shekhar dey (3 months ago)
As expected I was feeling very bad and then this came.. lifted my mood... Great video daemon...
Sophia Oreoluwa (3 months ago)

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