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Inside Game of Thrones: A Story in Cloth (HBO)

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Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres 7.16.17 on HBO. #GoTS7 To get access to videos like this before anyone else, sign up for the Game of Thrones newsletter (US only): https://whispersofwesteros.com/
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My Soup Too cold (2 months ago)
I love the inspiration from persia and Japanese fashion and armor put in the series
QueenShireen (6 months ago)
Did she really mention Holland? Hahaha, thats funny :)
Largos Brazos (6 months ago)
i knee before you to thank for all the daenerys dresses
Gamma (7 months ago)
I want to buy A Nice Jon snow king in the North costume but i cant find any good looking one anyone have Links for one?
Airguardian (8 months ago)
The Devil is in the details... ;)
aileena thampy (8 months ago)
Everyone r wearing black in season 7
IRISHRASTAPUS (8 months ago)
Any know what the northern foot soldier\guard armour is called is it a byrnie its like a padded long sleeveless vest
Clorox Bleach (8 months ago)
The don, Michele Clapton is back on GoT
Unwene (8 months ago)
my absolute favorite costumes came from Trystane Martell even though he was very short lived, his style and sword just screamed romantic Prince. just incredibly well-done
Gomolynai Ojnikong (9 months ago)
season 7=only black?
Valkyrie Sardo (9 months ago)
The costumes in season 7 are exceptional. I'm thinking wardrobe was given a bigger budget and a lot more time. Well worth every dime and every second. Dany's all time most becoming costume was in the Qarth warlock tower.. Im glad to see that same design concept revisited and enhanced. I was not happy with Meereen, particularly Daenerys (zippers and pins). I love the elaborate shoulder ornamentation on Cersei. Also the sweeping train of her skirts that Lena plays to the max. The fit and the detail work on the women are pure eye candy. I wish so many of the men were not drenched in black, black, black ,but I understand its largely due to faction and climate.Jaime wears the Lannister wealth extremely well. I'm hoping we've seen the last of Jorah's same old shirt. I know he's been down on his luck, but just once I would like to see him strut in lordly regalia.The Mountain's new armor is both gorgeous and terrifying. I love the deep rich reds on Melisandra. I think red hair looks horrible wearing red, but Melly has been the only exception.
emcdavee (9 months ago)
But who the fuck is making this shit inside the story of the show xD
Steven Song (9 months ago)
0:14 - 0:24 Due to your investment in fashion, GOT looks glamorous! Ms. Clapton! Thank you!
Eric Yeung (9 months ago)
i thought this vid would be about how the costumes were designed... not her life story...
Skywalker 47 (9 months ago)
every one of them was perfect except dany's white dress in season 5/6 😂
zjohnfour blank (10 months ago)
I did notice something when watching the episode (season 7, ep 1) and this was the outfits. Incredible, really. The older seasons have all had good costumes, but I really feel that Cersei's and Daenarys' clothes were really fantastic.
Dutchmusicfan1992 (10 months ago)
All costumes are brilliant but she took it to another level with that costume of Cersei when she blew up the Sept.
SilentMagician500 (10 months ago)
2:55 Cersei has Elaria prisoner! <3
Jakub Hejna (10 months ago)
Is being absolutely mental (in a good way) a requirement for entering the world of fashion?
Sushieater13 (10 months ago)
Sam king of westeros confirmed 1:33
Dimme Sheldon Alencar (10 months ago)
muito bom. tomara que não demore...
Ama Coconut (10 months ago)
What a talented crue to work on this masterpiece! The details, the colors, the EVERYTHING is amazing! Best show ever
Hannah Jones (10 months ago)
1:59 watching Rory toss some fake snow made me giggle 😊 I 🖤 the Hound 🐺⚔️
Kathleen Feliciano (11 months ago)
This is something not many people appreciate, but *damn* you guys do a sick job.
Emiliano Rodriguez (11 months ago)
Can´t you sell Tywin´s black leather coat? It´s for a friend...
Morgan Radocy (11 months ago)
I'm going into costume design and I would absolutely give an arm and a leg to work with the costume department on Game of Thrones
Dang Calumba (11 months ago)
She's wearing Sansa's Neck accessory!
Dang Calumba (11 months ago)
1:44 My heart!
Lisa (11 months ago)
Jon snow needs to stop looking so worried and hesitant all the time. It's time to man up!
josh o (11 months ago)
Everything about this show fits.
Raizer (11 months ago)
So I guess the "official Sand Snake attire" was ok by everyone?
Hannah C. Page (11 months ago)
There was a lot of emphasis on Littlefinger's costume.
The Difference (10 months ago)
He is the Game of Thrones. He won't die.
hopeasha91 (11 months ago)
I wonder what happens to these costumes once filming ends ?
Jack Gribbin (11 months ago)
Little finger costume at the end...
zack kaka (11 months ago)
nobody dresses better than the Dothraky! 😁
Vallin Vallentine (11 months ago)
Fuck that little dick punk ass bitch Conor Mcgregor, and fuck you GoT for casting that homophobic little shit stain. I'm going to pirate the episodes instead of paying for HBO. Not only that I am going to give my stolen items to literally everyone. Pvt me if you want to see season 7 in HD for free. FUCK YOU 2 assholes and your little Irish crap sack. I might kill him. Reply
Arya Stark (11 months ago)
Vincent Amour 😂😂😂😂 need some milk?
Drew A (11 months ago)
If she came up with the season 6 finale Cersei leather and metal gown then she deserves a HUGE raise.
Allan Joseph (11 months ago)
3:17 whats the significance of that outfit
Lord Frost (11 months ago)
2:01 The mountain <3
sophie (11 months ago)
yesss I don't watch got but I adore the costumes
Henry Chavez (11 months ago)
is the hound dressed as a stark @ 1:58? damn
Sachin Sharma (11 months ago)
i've always wondered, who has designed deny's dragon necklace/choker. now i know. Great work!!
Aerinna (11 months ago)
1:15 the high sparrow is alive and well.... and painting!
Fashionistaaaaaaaaaaa, how do you love~~
Michael Parreno Ayson (11 months ago)
Awesome stuff, imagination and talent, what a designer.
Pablo Horteg (11 months ago)
If it was a movie, the costume design would win an Oscar.
Cheese Mage (11 months ago)
I'm an up-and-coming seamstress. How would I go about getting into sewing and designing for something like Game of Thrones?
Beautifullytragic6 (11 months ago)
Such a cool job. She's done a phenomenal job!
TheGravija (11 months ago)
Or you could fucking read the descriptions, of the fuckig costumes in the books, and you'd know what people wear at Winterfell...not try and guess...would give you my money for a Myrish Lace reference.. (not saying that the work you're doing is not amazing, i love the lannister armor, and the cersei gowns)
TheJenSolo (11 months ago)
I wanted to introduce a friend to GoT. He wanted to watch on pirated video. I said "Nah, I'd rather pay for HBO Now, so when you see it 7 feet wide on my projector in HD, you'll understand the story better through the detail in the costumes."
parktop (11 months ago)
Lovely video. Outstanding quality costumes. I love the show but even if not, I'd watch to see the clothing. BTW, great necklace she has on!
Greg575TPN (11 months ago)
One of the best part of the GOT!!!!!! Thanks and huge respect to you all guys!
anniebelle13 (11 months ago)
Oh My goodness, This is how I design
ANDYofzz (11 months ago)
check out a same channel called "Costume Cinematografico" if you are interested in costume design and concept art, lots of videos on game of thrones, real quality stuffs!!
Shes Comeundun (11 months ago)
am utterly fascinated by this part of the show process. a full length documentary would be amazing
ScChilli (11 months ago)
i bet some of them are inspired by han chinese clothings
TheCulturalBomb (11 months ago)
Anyone else feel my man Petyr Baelish will have a huge part this season even if it doesn't end well for him?
Jane W (11 months ago)
This is the main reason I watch game of thrones. The embroidery is transcendent. I'm always in awe of the amount of talent and time I'm looking at.
_ Gundalf (11 months ago)
1:05 is Jon at dragonstone? Looks like the place where Tyrion stood in the trailer.
Jasmin A (11 months ago)
The costumes in this series really are so divine! Like someone else already said, they are pieces of art! There were so many awesome costumes throughout the series, but for me so far in the series the best one was worn by Cersei in the last episode of the sits season. The black one she is wearing at the begining when the church explodes. It was powerfull, it was strong, it was everything she was in that moment! LOVED it!
lord reyna (11 months ago)
I'm sure these look better than what they actually wore in that time period.
Raptor Jesus (11 months ago)
curious about the last clip, littlefinger's sigil on a ladies robe, is a certain stoney lady making an appearance?! will littlefinger worm his way to sansa?!
Kat DK (11 months ago)
the website doesn't work
EriCKson Dlc (11 months ago)
I wish i had a crow (brotherhood of the night's watch) suit, and i could wear that in every prestigious events. :D
Coltz Mejia (11 months ago)
I am gonna miss margaery's clothes ):
Matthew Palanca (11 months ago)
The costume department sends their regards
Sudesh Acharya (11 months ago)
6:04 Look at that adorable face!! <3 Lady Mormot! <3
B.H.APAMPA FILMS (11 months ago)
This was refreshing to watch
Matthew Wheatley (11 months ago)
I loved seeing this at the travelling exhibition before season 4 in Mexico City - I would love to see something like that again. You can see that these are functional pieces of clothing - not costume pieces.
Cool Dude (11 months ago)
Sooo, did people notice the environment Jon was in? because to me that looks pretty similar to where we see ration and the rest of the Targaryen crew.
David Nissan (11 months ago)
I love that HBO features their behind-the-scenes staff. They're 90% of the show
mohammed el mahjoubi (11 months ago)
Why is She talking about Holland?
CrimsonStorm130 (11 months ago)
ah the life i wish to have (costume design)
flutterbyby (11 months ago)
Wished I thought of this as career instead of going into accounting. Love the costumes. Really enhances the whole character.
L M (11 months ago)
Theon Grejoy.... Davos Seaworth.... Jon Targaryen...
Soul Burn420 (11 months ago)
1:25 .. looks like Jaime should be painting the map on the floor with his outfit and suspenders .. just needs a beret now.. haha
kiuhlahla (11 months ago)
I'd like to give the director of this particular clip a cookie. I like this much better than the actual trailer!
A man approves of the clothing A man is impressed with such art!
Anna Bradford (11 months ago)
People always overlook the importance of costume in stories, i'm so glad Michelle Clapton is getting recognition for her work. its truly amazing!
Akarshit Mahajan (11 months ago)
1:10 Is Danny sitting on Iron Throne?
dragonmcmx (11 months ago)
No, that's her throne in Dragonstone.
Curien247 (11 months ago)
when the shows series finale has already run, the whole collection will be put in a museum somewhere.
BillyHali (11 months ago)
1:18 Sansa throwing snow... is that new? I can't remember it
area51r (11 months ago)
i hope you guys dont completely destroy the show this season. its in a decline
Eva Jonsson (11 months ago)
To me she sounds exactly like Emma Thompson. 😊
hazok (11 months ago)
One of the only complaints I have is that Essos costumes always look like well, costumes. She works so hard in bringing unity to a certain people or city, that they all end up wearing the same thing. And I always expected Melissandre's dress to be redder. Other than that, fantastic work.
AC Custodio (11 months ago)
Awesome work for an awesome show.
Harvey Willing (11 months ago)
Fantastic job with the costume designs. I love that you love what you're doing, and it shows.
Adam Toews (11 months ago)
Anyone know of the 2 songs used in this vignette?
Nathor PlayersBane (11 months ago)
Need more costume Behind the scenes videos. god someone give these folks awards.
Cowan Academy (11 months ago)
appreciate the bts and effort that goes into making GoT! :)
Lucas Nojosa (11 months ago)
They slay in the outfits.. It's incredible !!!
stoner wolf (11 months ago)
7k wannabe instagram fashion models liked this video
SKiLLeDcs (11 months ago)
Giant costume at 3:01? Wonder if that's old footage or a sign we may see another giant in season 7.
Sexyheisenbeast (11 months ago)
Love how the most fashionable and best dressed was last. House Baelish till the end. Dany's outfits are stunning as well
mich miranda (11 months ago)
sinister little snippets of littlefinger's mockingbird gave me chills lol.
Jasmine Kaur (11 months ago)
Honestly since the start of Game of Thrones I have seen its direct influence on current fashion like platinum blonde hair is a big trend, revealing dresses cut in the same design worn by characters like Margery Tyrell, all of this because of GOT well done to designers your work is pure art.
Alexander Forbes (11 months ago)
My only criticism would be the armor, characters are seldom seen wearing armor, and when they are it's much the same as what their men at arms are wearing, which I shouldn't need to say, isn't realistic. Each lord, hell, each knight, would have a custom made suit of armor, in places like the north the armor would be less embellished, almost all about function, but where small bits of decoration don't impact the design most would take the opportunity to represent their house or something. Then you get into the south and you see characters with fully painted suits of armor with filigree and truly ornate metal work. The kingsguard all wear white armor with uniform white cloaks but the armor itself is unique to each knight. Credit were credit's due though, they put in the effort for characters with unique armor like Loras or the Hound, but Robb and Jon should at least have a breastplate. Maybe it's just not feasible with how much money or time they have but it detracts nonetheless.
at 2:49 Podrick "magic cock" fooking Payne, looking important.

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