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Text Comments (28375)
GuyGamer217 (10 hours ago)
And I’m going to savor it...to its very little piece of meme.
Jason Caton (11 hours ago)
wow way to show your sadness about lwaiy by spelling it wrong
minecraft lover (21 hours ago)
Just move to America lol
The Super Saiyan (23 hours ago)
11:08 Is this the power of the sharingan?
Stas ess (1 day ago)
Noooo now theres no original content left
Arafat Abadin (1 day ago)
legit thought it was a window.
Anna Tanner (1 day ago)
Bruh what is this add at the beginning? “Twinkle thinking little di*k you want to grow but your too sick” THE FCK
Dante k-po monzani (2 days ago)
MrSonicTeam (2 days ago)
plz don't make it the final episode.
Pave N (2 days ago)
Nice TV
Gabriel Ciecielung (4 days ago)
1 day before my fucking birthday
Chen Li (4 days ago)
That tv is expensive damn
DuenoStudios (4 days ago)
I can't unsee his spidey beard
MyNames Joe (5 days ago)
Peña Nieto en esta madre, pronto LMAO, keep the good work pewds, love you.
dodgecity lou (5 days ago)
seeing the window tv made me think of back to the future 2
douchbagat (5 days ago)
Life's Good
Fantallana (6 days ago)
Seeing the thumbnail alone I was like..... “being compared to THIS GUY is the biggest insult to Hiccup” lmao
R B (7 days ago)
On the poppy harlow article it says "this article is semi protected due to vandalism"
Jaime Stephens (7 days ago)
Ban the EU
oldschool1987 (7 days ago)
Got the same tv
aDRiaN LRaX (8 days ago)
the how to train your dragon is quite accurate ghahahaha
Amanda Y (8 days ago)
Wasnt he gonna strip in this vid
Slooshie (8 days ago)
dont kill me pewdipie
Pranav Malpani (8 days ago)
First bonus meme and now LWAIY😢😢
John Michael Warrick (9 days ago)
Wakanda Knuckles 4eva
Hannah Lee (9 days ago)
Poppy Harlow's wiki page is locked, now the truth cannot be spread :/
i like it...
Victor (10 days ago)
rip whitney huston
Reyna (10 days ago)
11:25 RIP headphone users
Cameron Holden (10 days ago)
If memes get banned... will Pewds have to make original content????
Ella Hillebrandsepich (11 days ago)
Nuuuuuu not meme review
g c (11 days ago)
No piediepie
Colin Rude (12 days ago)
Why is cowbelly here
Coltin Rajek (12 days ago)
Attack dream works with your army of 60, 000,000 little kids
Paco the Lazy fucc (12 days ago)
0:06 is the coolest tv i ever *have*
Mr.Fuskus s (13 days ago)
make jackewiay please
Simpoge (13 days ago)
That TV is $14,000... that’s a car.....
Dule Rad (13 days ago)
sureena murray (14 days ago)
But is it 399
THE UNKNOWN TM (14 days ago)
If pewdiepie actualy new that he's channel is watched from age (9-) I'm 19 btw
Jaweed Thabet (14 days ago)
10:40 I thought he would bro fist but then he didn’t what a disappointment 🤦🏼‍♂️
NR3 Jokes (15 days ago)
PEWDS your title says lwaiy its LWIAY but’s since I love you I’ll ignore it K
hanzo main (16 days ago)
I see Abed, I press like
L. Purdy (18 days ago)
togiegaming (18 days ago)
Looks bad through my phone lol
shut your mouth ya bum (19 days ago)
TSL ORTHY (19 days ago)
I just like pewdiepie's jokes...:D
Damir Hrapay (19 days ago)
M Dog (20 days ago)
That's why he shaved hiss bearrrrrd ooh
Da Gaming Pack (20 days ago)
u spelt LWIAY Wrong
Vaxtrix / RadicalBro (20 days ago)
12:02 "Stop stealing my furs-persona.." 0_0
Anthony Wolf (2 days ago)
Vaxtrix / RadicalBro  You heard that, too? hahaha his fur-ponsah best have white hair
Vaxtrix / RadicalBro (17 days ago)
Rickly Johnson (20 days ago)
can we copystrike youtube?
Rickly Johnson (20 days ago)
Scorpion CSX (20 days ago)
RIP quiet
Wyatt Bullock (21 days ago)
lol im nine and pewds said leave a comment guys lol im nine
CobbleGobble (21 days ago)
Haha 50V50. (Trumps battle bus) lol
PaperBag_Studios (21 days ago)
But seriously tho, appreciate the tv....QUALITY!
Frank Holodick (21 days ago)
Who else watched the entire LEGO ad! And is now commenting because the 9 year olds in the video Told you to!!
Hydra 223 (21 days ago)
Did the EU go through with the whole “meme ban” thing?
IRONMAN000elas elas (21 days ago)
guys how much time you watch TV a day
Rip earphones users 11:26
EDZ Mobile (22 days ago)
Can we go back to horror games? It was great to feel the emotional connection between me getting the sweat scared off my body at the same time as you when you get jumpscared
Zedekis (22 days ago)
Im going to savor this episode... makes video 12min instead of 10min
FencerDoesStuff (22 days ago)
Falcon Fire (23 days ago)
lil pewdipie
SmashAndLaugh (23 days ago)
more like the final episode of pewdiepie
Siddharth Murali (24 days ago)
well back to the future was right for once
xXfunneh WeirdosXx (25 days ago)
What does it mean
Jein Lee (25 days ago)
Jordan Hall (25 days ago)
MaxaMillion *_* (25 days ago)
Hiccup actually looks more like brad
Josh & Amber Vlog (25 days ago)
OMG i really can't unsee the spiderman living below pewds chin! Great MEME!!
ItzJim_ (26 days ago)
Rishita Faiza (27 days ago)
pewds said leave a comment so imma doing it XD
limepug 21 (27 days ago)
Hey kids ya want some memes
Daniel Miller (27 days ago)
Pleez Don't Deleat Ure chanel Ure chanel is awsom
Daniel Miller (27 days ago)
I ASXADENTLY Almost Spelt Ur Name Rong Bro
Daniel Miller (27 days ago)
Hey Pewds Love The editing
MouayadD KhaskieH (28 days ago)
Nooby Noob (28 days ago)
Is this 399 as well?
Daniel Shockey (28 days ago)
WTF I had a 1:17 ad at the beginning of this video and I couldn't skip it. *Read More*
ReggyCupcake (29 days ago)
You used the beginning music of Dirge of Cerberus i fucking love you
Scrafrycraft vlog (29 days ago)
Reading the title Yes we can this movie kind of sucks
No it's fucking not
Prank u
I'm gonna hack you
Red-Vortex (1 month ago)
Who is a 9 yearold
Anonymous Gamer (1 month ago)
Well I'm going to hell.
Carson Blair (1 month ago)
How to get to the 10 min mark on I know show off new television
TheSuitMan (1 month ago)
Big Bear (1 month ago)
Anyone else notice it's spelled LWAIY and not LWIAY in the title?
Jayy D (1 month ago)
Im gonna copystrike PewDiePie
Flo Kinnaer (1 month ago)
* Pewdiepie buys tv* pewds: "OH great i can make my 9 yr olds jealous and flex on it Jk great vid
Toxic Titan (1 month ago)
Memes being banned in the eu lucky were leaving then 😎
CT Skywlkr (1 month ago)
wow!an LG sponsored video damn!!! thats bigtime!
Miyuki Tashine (1 month ago)
Yeah let's copystrike DreamWorks because they approve of shadam and literally killed all gays so :/
Mark Ruiz (1 month ago)
Someone explain the copyright marvel one pls
Charven Mavrick (1 month ago)
Didn't skip not one add. Your welcome.

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