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Minecraft Bukkit Plugin - Battle of blocks - Super minigame

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======================================================== ★Battle of blocks★ ►Click show more to see description◄ ======================================================== → Plugin Description ← ● Super fun pvp minigame ● Easy set up ● Works amazing ● Loads of features ● CTF / Nexus war Download link ➜ http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/battleofblocks/ ✘Command Reference✘ ● type /battleofblocks to see list ======================================================== Thanks For watching guys, I hope this video has helped you ❤Please remember to Rate, Subscribe and Comment ❤ ========================================================
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Text Comments (67)
Ferin (1 year ago)
Its Camtasia Intro? :D
DrDoodleGuy (2 years ago)
TheDeathDragon (3 years ago)
every plugin l watched on your channel didnt work! -1 like
BigBuffJosh (3 years ago)
Whenever I click on a sign, it doesn't do anyhting....I have to recreate the sign for it to work, and I can't keep doing it when do many people join and play on my server 😲
Quetubeproductie (3 years ago)
Can you change the items of the default kit and disable the shop?
fredy mredy (3 years ago)
can i add chests for bow,blocks,armors and other ?
TheNewbGamer (3 years ago)
Do g de cinema plugin
Chickenmyles (3 years ago)
Can you change the name of the arena?
Noah Kubler (3 years ago)
lol hi
Torben M (3 years ago)
Can you help me I don't have permission to setup an arena and i have Op and permissionsEx Sorry for my englisch i com from germany
•맢 (3 years ago)
When i type /battleofblocks to create an arena, 'you dont have permission' error.... Whahh?
Quetubeproductie (3 years ago)
and you need still premisions
•맢 (3 years ago)
+Peperejna YT  I'm OP
Quetubeproductie (3 years ago)
You need to set THE premmisions
mcdirtking (4 years ago)
Whats the plugin to make the sign lobby thing (so you click on the sign and it takes you into a lobby)
lee pace (3 years ago)
warp plugin
NosVidz (4 years ago)
does not really work... I can attack others, but they cant attack me. And sometimes it happens that the enemy gets killed really (so he loses his items which he had before the match, and respawns at the spawn)
Bat Cat (4 years ago)
When my players die they Respawn at spawn? not the ingame start?
Cashh (3 years ago)
same Here man.
chahooki network (4 years ago)
need help doing the perrmissions plz help
Warfare KVBC Team (4 years ago)
ok you need to install the plugin permmissions ex and there you need to search the folther in it search whith notepad ++ the permmissions noteblock and you can see the rank you search the rank you need to add permissions serch the permission name on the plugin and paste it save and run your server :D
CloudCraft Animations (4 years ago)
hey, everytime I try to do a command  it keeps saying 'You don't have permission to use this command' what do i do?
Gods_PlaysMc (4 years ago)
Thx Bro Add more Interesting Plugin
RealJeebusBelievers (4 years ago)
im owner but when i type /battleofblocks it says you dont have permission?
(_leonellus_) (4 years ago)
o to create you map ?
BugS - BunnY (4 years ago)
Did anyone else saw that when you say it only with the first word its says BOB :D
HarryTheGreekGamer (4 years ago)
Variationvault non op players cant join the game it says you dont have permission for that
HarryTheGreekGamer (4 years ago)
+TheSlimeBros360 Yep it helped (:
GamingLikeDanny (4 years ago)
Usually you can find them on the Plugin page where you downloaded the Plugin, if not use Google
HarryTheGreekGamer (4 years ago)
+Danny246 hmmm i have that but can you please tell me the permissions for other players to join
GamingLikeDanny (4 years ago)
You need a permissions manager like permissionex oder group manager
ShotGamez (4 years ago)
How do u make this plugin work i downloaded it for 1.7.4 but no worry WTF 
CJ Burkey (4 years ago)
Does anyone notice that alot of these new minigames resemble old ones?
Endless Gaming (4 years ago)
players in my server say me somthing about permissions
jaythefaketroll1 (4 years ago)
canu pls add me in skype here my name: jhayrell.reforma
Hey ! Can You do a new tutorial on Block hunt ? I know You already done one but they are new things...
Ryley Sheehan (4 years ago)
NetherClishGAME (4 years ago)
Are you able to do more than 2 teams?
Warfare KVBC Team (4 years ago)
NO! 3:D
WhyVibes (4 years ago)
Nope, the plugin is made for only 2 blocks, so there can only be 2 teams
DisserCraft (4 years ago)
Hello Variation Vault really have the quakecraft installed on my server but people can put / etc spawn tp those commands there any plugin you disable command in that minigame? Greetings from Spain
Charles Arnould (4 years ago)
gabriel potter is the creator !
Charles Arnould (4 years ago)
gpotter2's plugin !
Really nice plugin, you should try out Annihilation too i love that minigame
Ricky Lian (4 years ago)
Please make a gun plugin toturial thanks :)
Starf (4 years ago)
Great plugin
Maco Gamepack (4 years ago)
What´s your intro song? I like you som much, because when i want to get new plugin, i go to Youtube and i watch your videos :D P.S.: I am not British, so sorry for my English :D
BestRugbyVideos (4 years ago)
Gracias, saludos desde argentina!!
BestRugbyVideos (4 years ago)
Nire (4 years ago)
Yo de chile!!! Vivan los latinos!!
Filipas (4 years ago)
Can i add items in config and kick from minigame to server spawn after death??
Krulaks (4 years ago)
No, you can't ;p
DieSCHRAUBE (4 years ago)
Thank you, it is a really nice Plugin!
Tech Movies (4 years ago)
do a vlog
Tech Movies (4 years ago)
so we know who we are looking at
VariationVault (4 years ago)
a vlog about what?
〈LS〉 XeN (4 years ago)
Im using this for my nexus wars plugin
Thomas Fabricius (4 years ago)
PLEASE do a plugin review on Lobby Selector, I've seen so many servers have it but i can't find it? Help me please!
Oğuz Özden (4 years ago)
16 views 0.o
Filipas (4 years ago)
Can i set in comfig to kick player from game after dead to server spawn?
Canal Abandonado (4 years ago)
OfficialNaad (4 years ago)
(4 years ago)
lol 1 view xD
BigfootGamePlays (4 years ago)
nice video
George rus (4 years ago)
Wow! Very good plugin, I will install it on my server!
Sebastian Helt (4 years ago)

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