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Jonas Brothers Play A Game

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Fans go crazy for The Jonas Brothers who are set to release their 3-D film. "The Early Show's" Julie Chen gets them to play a game of "Who's Most Likely..."
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Pamela Elorreaga (3 years ago)
I love my boys 💜. I miss them so much.
Darresha Jumper (3 years ago)
, nmnnnnh
Gisel Montier (5 years ago)
son muy lindossss :)
Just0408Me (6 years ago)
the 10 years old girl is so sweet when she said : I've forget it
Paola Lorenzo (6 years ago)
2:46 ♥
SleightTheBeast (6 years ago)
wat pero perdon
Elfyaa (6 years ago)
Encore plus naze que ton écriture ... oh attend, c'est impossible.
Vero Rmz (6 years ago)
que les pasa
Vero Rmz (6 years ago)
porque no vienen a mexico heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
@1212lolly1212 i agree
ISA (7 years ago)
they look like homosexuals
ISA (7 years ago)
@b0rderbr0ther22 no soy fan de los jonas brothers de hecho me cagan, pero no tienes porque desearle la muerte a estos wueyes! neta que pedo mental tienes? vive tu vida y se feliz! yo también lamento la muerte de Amy Winehouse pero ya se murió y no hay nada que tú puedas hacer para que regrese, ni siquiera deseándole la muerte a estos jóvenes. lastima por ti! y déjalo
b0rderbr0ther22 (7 years ago)
Rocio S. Albarracin (7 years ago)
ijosgeputa kiara
Rocio S. Albarracin (7 years ago)
Alex Ricaforte (7 years ago)
she forgot her question...hahahahahaha..LOLS:)
Val Melnikova (7 years ago)
omg nick was adorable in that hat!! <3<3
crazy4corbinbleux (7 years ago)
omg i miss them.... :\\ i remember when this movie came out ...
crazy4corbinbleux (7 years ago)
awww... i miss the old jobros
Pbever (7 years ago)
@TwistedRemixX Agreed, these stupid pricks (kids) think this is rock, IT OBVIOUSLY ISN'T. Most of the songs they don't even get, and, this is POP and is full of autotune, they have barely any talent, I also have proof they SUCK at guitar, I played on of their songs once, it was probably one of the easiest songs in the world.
Flap Jack (7 years ago)
@rulzgirls1 LOL why would Miley Cyrus be in a crowd of Jonas lovers at 7 in the morning...
Terry K (7 years ago)
@Beiberjonaslikecock you know, im not gonna disagree with you.. but, bet you never had all those girls scream your name before. haters gonna hate.
Kristal Dickerson (7 years ago)
id play a game with them any day.....lol
Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana (7 years ago)
@dinishavogt Yeah. :) I did have fun. It was awesome.
N Franklin (7 years ago)
@jonasbrothersrockist That's awsome!! Did you have fun?
Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana (7 years ago)
@dinishavogt I went to their concert in Portland, Oregon on June 27th, 2009. :)
N Franklin (7 years ago)
I went to see them in concert on August 17, 2009!! they where awsome!!
Sarah Wilson (7 years ago)
Purity rings ftw <3
Max Janian (7 years ago)
i cant wait to see this
Ggirlangel93 (7 years ago)
Omg they look so amazing, and they are so amazing!! :) I love the Jonas Brothers sooo much!! <333 Ahh Joe and Nick are sooo hot, and they look really really hot in those outfits! Aww and they look adorable when they are cold... i would love to hug them to warm them up! <3 lol
kstewluver96 (7 years ago)
joe is so HOT
Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana (7 years ago)
WOW! A lot of Girls.
Giovanna (8 years ago)
Kevin :D
CMSpida (8 years ago)
@tlitwit i agree. im a huge slash fan however you have to give them credit. they can play but are being held back by disney.
Nuran Jonas (8 years ago)
love them sooo much !!!!
Erin Jane (8 years ago)
nicks too nice xxxxx
Terri Shealey (8 years ago)
i was there they are so cute
Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana (8 years ago)
They're hot!
I'mJustAbit Different (8 years ago)
lol joe a flurt!!
LEXI BENTON (8 years ago)
@ViennaMonroe18 Joe is handsomely sexy (if handsomely is even a word lol) but he is always sexy <3
laila amir (8 years ago)
I love joe sooooo hott
Rebekah Meekins (8 years ago)
I love how after she reads the question at 2:37, Joe just sits there! I love you Joe!
LydiaMadelaine (8 years ago)
at 2:30, joe knew nick and kevin were gonna pick him, you only had to look at his facial expression. love Jo'Bro's. <3
Maria Plaistow (8 years ago)
i love jonas brothers soo much !!! x
rulzgirls1 (8 years ago)
don't you think that the girl waving at 3:07 looks like miley cyrus ?
Jessie DS (8 years ago)
ohwyeah :p
jobros5657 (8 years ago)
your english is fine and yeah nick is a guy. a really hot and talented one.
Jessie DS (8 years ago)
or something sorry for my english i'm from belgium so yea.. :p
Jessie DS (8 years ago)
haha :p it's still a guy tough
jobros5657 (8 years ago)
me 2. he SEEMS so self controlled
Jessie DS (8 years ago)
uhu.. i wanna know what's on his mind sometimes :p
joesgrl4evr20 (8 years ago)
i was i was one of those girls asking a question!! It would definetly be for Joe tho :] <3
paulaforpie (8 years ago)
jobros5657 (8 years ago)
did nick just say it was hard wearing a purity ring???
Emi Cubillos (8 years ago)
aww they are so sweet w/ the nervous girl!
LoveJBcool (8 years ago)
they always do that name
No andno (8 years ago)
i love joes face at the most likely to flirt. he knoes who they will say. i love joe.
danielajbq (8 years ago)
haha that irl that was 10 was so freaked out haha lol!
justine duenas (9 years ago)
its hilarious how the news girl keeps getting mad. lmfao.
misskiwigoth96 (9 years ago)
love it when the interview girl says.. 'Who is most likely flirting with a girl but he doesnt realizes?' both kevin and nick says 'joe' immediately.. xD 2:39 look at joes face.. ; )
Clare G (9 years ago)
that was so cute when she forgot her question and she didnt come up when she was supposed to but i would totally have been the same lol
Clare G (9 years ago)
she's like shhhhhshhhhh its hopeless lol
Ashley Hodgson (9 years ago)
hahahaha!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
Kexin Tan (9 years ago)
joe is REALLY HOT.
LOX Lory (9 years ago)
omggg thts me at the end of the video w/the black hat hahah kick is all mine
no body (9 years ago)
i don't really like the interviewer, but i love those boys :D
tikahmalek (9 years ago)
what kind of question is that? advice on purity rings, helllooo awkward u dun need advice on that wat a freakin waste of a question seriusly.
Jenny Laing (9 years ago)
nick looked really awkward at the puriy ring question. im still wondering wheter hes done it or not. wat do you think, guys?
Lauren Churcher (9 years ago)
Does she not realize she's not going to shut up a bunch of screaming girls when the Jonas Brothers are sitting there?
SnapeGirlUSA (9 years ago)
She's so clueless that she thinks Joe is "shy" for not answering the flirt question. You're a reporter-- can't you tell he's being humble? Obviously he knew he was the answer, so he wasn't going to hold up his own picture. Duh! Buy a clue Julie!
PC6 pilatus (4 months ago)
Noah Leavy (9 years ago)
Fuck purity bullshit
Lindsay T (9 years ago)
hahahaha I love kevin's explanation of the most exotic food he's eaten. <3
Laura Hodge (9 years ago)
Hi! I just started uploading to youtube and it would be awesome if you could check out my channel and possibly be one of my first subscribers! ~Laura
Lauren O (9 years ago)
i saw paul McCartney and i like stopped breathing for a second lol
Alex Nett (9 years ago)
i love you for that :D kevin all day .
Angelica Mendez (9 years ago)
yay (: aha
kiwitwistwlemon (9 years ago)
joe obviously liked amy
danielajbq (9 years ago)
actually that happened to me with a friend of mine she didnt like them but im obsessed with them so i talked about the all the time and now she thinks they are all eventually cute
marbleberry1 (9 years ago)
haha that lady had to be like shhhhhh!! shhhhh!!!! if i were her, i would've been like, "SHUT UP!!!!!!!!"
Karen (9 years ago)
I know a few boys who don't hate them. My brother is even going their concert with me (it took him long to admit he likes them). I also have two friends (boys) who don't hate them, they are like: " I think their music is pretty good, so no, I don't hate them,but I don't wanna marry them like you girls do,that's the HUGE difference between me and you crazy female fans" LOL!
Mashal Butt (9 years ago)
i think joe lyked tht gal amy cx he only said hi to her 4:41 !!! joe is a flirt bt ♥ him
lOlajb55 (9 years ago)
you don't ? wow you must be the first guy that i have ever met that doesn't hate them
melissa summers (9 years ago)
love u joe
lOlajb55 (9 years ago)
my brother once told me you would never hear me sing a jonas brothers song or play it and one day i was watching Camp Rock and my brother heard the song i gotta find you and he said " he whats the name of that song" i told hi i gotta find you - joe jonas and he said ohh okay at the next day i heard him play that song on the guitar i was so happy :D and now he even has it on his ipod he has i gotta find you and when you look me in the eyes :D
Metalgear Dirk (9 years ago)
My question: where do you guys get off comparing yourselves to the Beatles and calling yourselves rock?
Metalgear Dirk (9 years ago)
do they even care about the "music"?
lOlajb55 (9 years ago)
i remeber that when i went to there concert they were like only 4 guys !!! from thousands and thousands of girls only 4 guys i dont know why guys hate them so much if i could only knew when you ask them they only say "they're gays, or they cant sing they always say the same stuff i wish they could take some times just to listen there songs and try to understand what they are saying and also to learn about them
hsm678 (9 years ago)
if you notice, the jonas brothers fan based, are mostly teenaged girls ,that's pretty much about it.
iStarxx (9 years ago)
gawd. the girls are so freakin annoying. you have to hear them! gawd. dumb bitches. =/
DiGavroche (9 years ago)
Lena Ohanian (9 years ago)
they are like my life! i looooove themmm!!!!!!!!!!!
Rosario Rivera (9 years ago)
the 2nd question was "which jonas would most likely to flirt without knowing"
DiGavroche (9 years ago)
what about joe he is a sweatheart too
DiGavroche (9 years ago)
which was the second questin can you tel me please im not good at english
DiGavroche (9 years ago)
i dont understand english very well cuz im learning but im a huge fun of the jonas rothers so can someone tell me the questions that the jobros answered
Tim (9 years ago)
I love how all musicians think they can act, but this group really can!!! Check them out on the stage- best lip synching I've ever seen!!
Rachel Scheeres (9 years ago)
yeah no kidding!!!! lol
sballangel93 (9 years ago)
Was there right at the entrance/exite so I met them twice. hugged kevin talked 2 them best day of my life!!!!!! Lol but I hated that no one would shut up at the right time!
sballangel93 (9 years ago)
ik I was there and couldn't hear crap!! I was mad! lol
Rosario Rivera (9 years ago)
ahha. the 2nd question nick and kevin are all looking at joee. ahaha XD

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