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Arya Stark - Destroying House Frey. (S06&S07)

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I combined the two badass clips of Arya Stark killing Walder Frey and all his men in Game of Thrones season 6, ep 10 and season 7, ep 01 opening, simply because I wanted to watch them together. Enjoy! I do not own any copyrights.
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Text Comments (1358)
chitterlingsrtasty (3 hours ago)
I've come to settle all of the family business. Arya Corleone
FutureCat2839 (13 hours ago)
Arya the badass wolf!
Mike Larson (1 day ago)
Justice at its finest...
little N (2 days ago)
"Poison is a woman's weapon" -Sandor Clegane
No One (2 days ago)
Ender RBL (3 days ago)
Strange thing that nobody talks about this in the show. Sansa or Cersei should receive a raven with the news at least
FishyBlueGoChoi (4 days ago)
Mission impossible: the Stark
Estela Moreno (4 days ago)
samuraishinobi (5 days ago)
"Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe."
Dream (5 days ago)
What happened to Edmure Tully, he had been kind of prisoner to Freys? Did Arya release him after killing the Freys? Is he in Riverrun?
OnlyTheNow (5 days ago)
Watching them all being poisoned has given me more pleasure than a thousand lying whores!!
Rose Tyler (7 days ago)
what poison was you guys think she pit in the wine?
wresltgal (7 days ago)
Best season opening ever
Pro Wolf (10 days ago)
Next Death: Cersei Lannister!
Taku Korosa (10 days ago)
SO satisfying.
Golden Rose (14 days ago)
i like how Arya says that they should have killed all Starks when they had the chance, only to let like 50% of the Frey's live... in a position to take revendge
Evil Gopher (14 days ago)
This just made me want a pie
Suhas Gondi (14 days ago)
How does she change her voice???
Sworn Royal (14 days ago)
What was in that pie?
arbknight12 (15 days ago)
It's nice of Arya to not kill the girls. She maybe ruthless but she's still go honor
Hanz (15 days ago)
Revenge was never more sweeter. Except when Sansa Stark feeds Ramsay Bolton to the Hounds. That revenge was PERFECT.
Francis Rodel Degala (15 days ago)
Arya Stark is such a BADASS!!!! You rock girl!!!! 🤘🏼
woldrau777 (16 days ago)
Fook, I hope she didn't kill Mrs. Norris.
Deepanshu Malik (17 days ago)
There's no justice in the world unless you make it,Arya proved this statement here.If someone get bullied or defamed by someone then you are the only one who will take revenge,try to stop blaming gods all the time.
Christian (18 days ago)
Eric Cartman
El Maestro (18 days ago)
A very clever deliverance of Divine Justice; but I can't help wonder how Arya wasn't caught preparing all this? Cat-like reflexes? Training with the Faceless Assassins kicking in? Or simply that the Freys are quite slow on the uptake?!!
aninha joana (19 days ago)
Isso sim é uma vingança.
SpindleFloor (19 days ago)
Very predictable and anti-climatic as expected from Hollywood writing.
WolfieGR (19 days ago)
2:52 he said Fortnite?
slashbuzz (19 days ago)
Erm..... psycho detected XD. She literally has no feelings
Lalo Herrera (19 days ago)
I never saw the one coming Arya became a god wth no face
Piss BeUponHim (19 days ago)
I still don't get the faces thing lol, does she grow taller and bigger and her voice chances too does she literally peel the skin off their face to put it on ?
Nick Williamson (19 days ago)
Payback’s a bitch and her name is Arya Stark of Winterfell. Props to you Arya
Bill Randolph (19 days ago)
Arya is fucking awesome.
Henry .LT (19 days ago)
Someone should really do this to the trumps
Pip 1984 (20 days ago)
You got what you deserved Frey!
vikram chavan (20 days ago)
Kelly rose slaughter (20 days ago)
she is badass! love her
GeneseChannel (20 days ago)
‘Tell them the North remembers’ shivers man
sam p (20 days ago)
“Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe” best fucking line a Stark can ever say.
Arjun Shiva (20 days ago)
YES YES YES !!!! I love it when Justice is being served !! Blood will flow in the fukkin name of JUSTICE MOTHERFUKKIN CUNTS !!!
Alex G (21 days ago)
Pretty sure Arya orgasmed while she slit Walder's throat lmao
KSchwarz (21 days ago)
Just finished reading the red wedding chapters. Had to watch this.
Stu B (21 days ago)
Arya's a stone cold killer, hehehe.
Aaron Ballard (21 days ago)
Does this mean Arya killed that frey serving girl and took her face? I'm not judging her but she did seem to not want to hurt the women at the poisoning by denying them the wine. Wonder why that girl wasn't spared.
edff edededed (21 days ago)
i just realised that when she says "my lord" it might be a call back/hint to when arya was with tywin and he caught her being highborn because of the way she said "my lord" instead of "mlord" or something. because i guess if the audience knew they would know that the waitress shouldnt be speaking like that.
The Patient (21 days ago)
The Freys killed the Starks by trapping and massacring them with brute force. Arya got the Freys to kill themselves. Now THAT'S how you commit genocide!
The Patient (21 days ago)
Where tf did Argus Filch's old wrinkled ass think he was running to? Arya outran that crazy blond bitch that served the Many-Faced God, and those guys were 100% cardio
Aaron Burnett (21 days ago)
this was the best cold open for any show iv ever seen
CHAKKA creation (21 days ago)
Damn walking😍😘😘😘😘😘
Deepak Bhandari (21 days ago)
This scene is satisfying as fuck.
VinessaGaming (22 days ago)
Winter, spring, summer and fall came to bring hell on that shitty house!!
Rain Stand (22 days ago)
Now the rains weep o're his halls with no one there to hear
Daniela (22 days ago)
How does she change her voice though when she has someone's face on?
Dingleberry Dan (22 days ago)
If I ever have a daughter, 100% I’m naming her Arya.
Dingleberry Dan (22 days ago)
Arya! ❤️!
Isaak Lightman (22 days ago)
I could watch it like forever.
Tahmid Chowdhury (22 days ago)
they are finishing got so hastily. Could've been more epic.
Tiray Newkirk (23 days ago)
Love this damn show...
Light & Darkness (23 days ago)
It fuckin gives the same satisfy to cum Irina shayks inside
Light Ghillie (23 days ago)
If only she wore two faces when she killed the Frey's and instead of taking off the face after they all died she took off Walders and revealed she was wearing Robbs. Imagine the look of confusion and terror.
Neanis (23 days ago)
So lame.
Armaan Jawed (23 days ago)
"A single girl fucks an entire house at once"
Corek BleedingHollow (23 days ago)
That Frey woman is so beautiful... I want to marry her and make love to her.
Adriana Urb (23 days ago)
actually he couldnt see her smiling in that position :P
MOMO toar (23 days ago)
titus andronicus!!
Ian Stradian (24 days ago)
Can you imagine how the rest of the females and wives and the house servants and military men of house Frey reacted? How the lesser houses in the area would have reacted to the power vacuum. You know there had to be some infighting and back stabbing, and a few murders, just to move up the chain of power. How much of the Frey wealth walked away in the pockets of maids and house servants? And the rumors of House Stark... And the fear of guest right...
Adam Morales (24 days ago)
Game of thrones Episode 7: Return of the Starks Arya Stark has returned to her home country of Westeros in an attempt to avenge her deceased brother Robb Stark from the clutches of the vile lord Walder Frey. Little does Arya know that House Lannister has crowned Cersei Lannister as the new Queen of Westeros, a monarch more deadly and evil as her predecessor Now Queen, her plans spell certain doom for House Stark struggling to restore freedom to the North...
wolfwarrior 397 (24 days ago)
Most definitely one of the best paybacks in the whole series. LOLOL
Lee Wiks (24 days ago)
This one of the best scene
deBatzCastelmore (24 days ago)
"many-faced god needs needs exactly so many dead people" arya shits on this - nothing happens. also, gg on revealing the shape-shifting abilities to cercei by killing fucking freys and leaving witnesses first
James Raven (24 days ago)
i dont want her to kill cersei though, that kill belongs to the 'valonqar'
The Avenger at Ilipa (24 days ago)
Seems legit.
Kingdom Hearts lover (25 days ago)
This was so satisfying!
YoungGuardians (25 days ago)
In the name of Robb of House Stark the First of His Name, Lord of Winterfell and King in the North, I sentence you and your entire House to death for murder and high treason!
Nailah Parris (25 days ago)
One of my favorite scenes
Chenzi Muyu (25 days ago)
Badger BadgerBadger (26 days ago)
How does she do the old man's voice?
jdsol1938 (26 days ago)
or part of the mystical reality of the reality created for the story
Badger BadgerBadger (26 days ago)
Well we see her speaking in perfect voice, but in reality that would likely be the thing that exposes them. And we never saw her training nor improving in that area. Seems like a plot hole.
jdsol1938 (26 days ago)
i was repeating what arya said to sansa when she caught her searching for the message to rob stark
Badger BadgerBadger (26 days ago)
I never saw any voice training.
jdsol1938 (26 days ago)
live in there skin speak in there voice, part of the "faceless men's" mojo
TraciPeteyforlife (26 days ago)
Best moment of the season. Never break guest right. Him of Many Faces dislikes that.
Patrick Moreira (26 days ago)
How the fuq can can she disguise her body type and height tho ??
FocusBeam (26 days ago)
She ripped all the Freys who were worth a damn out - ROOT AND STEM
subseven (26 days ago)
This was pretty anticlimactic. There was no build up. It just happened. Without the buildup and anticipation to the scene it loses its impact and power. The simple fact that she got revenge isn't enough. The delivery could have been better.
Jasvir Singh (27 days ago)
Yeahh..those violent delights..
LB030377 (27 days ago)
I want to take this moment to pay tribute to David Bradley for his excellent performance in the role of....Arya Stark. He executed it real well. He still retains his "Walder Frey" character, as is fitting, for Aryas chameleon skill. But as he speaks, you can just feel that hatred, that vengeful triumph that Arya, not Walder, would feel. A masterful fusion of the two characters.
Drew Aman (27 days ago)
I don't think "Fortnight" has the same meaning now then when this show began.
MegaKing10001 (27 days ago)
Wonder what will happen when arya see jamie
Mel S (27 days ago)
The feels.
DerGuteHut (27 days ago)
Hey...if someone tells you your sons are in your soup maybe its a good time to draw your weapon...just saying.
George Washington (27 days ago)
I fucking love Arya! I think she's become a little flat recently though
Some Girl (28 days ago)
that girl is thinking... so ive been having sex with you this whole time?
karan sharma (28 days ago)
This puts a smile on my face
Joseph Willes (29 days ago)
Funny. Arya seems like she would fail Home Ec. But here is proof otherwise
Daniel Nilsen (29 days ago)
Jaqen H’gar is dead
Cristian Valenzuela (29 days ago)
Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe
Cleverson Santos (30 days ago)
Jesus Fucking Christ why does it give pleasure watching so many people dying at once??
The Overboss (30 days ago)
Arya looked so hot when she slit walkers throat
Ras Putin (30 days ago)
The most dangerous character!
giuliano insolia (30 days ago)
i have to say, she really sounded like him during the speech
Nathan Haug (1 month ago)
duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude never gets old
david fisch (1 month ago)
I thing that along side this being an epic revenge I thing the twins is going to be the castle that bronn gets in the end of the show. I mean think about it he is promised a giant castle and now there is one for the taking. I think he will be given this castle at the end of season 8....

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