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Windows 10 Disable Devices From Waking Up The Computer (battery saving)

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Certain devices have a power feature that enables them to wake the computer automatically from a sleep state e.g. a mouse movement or keyboard or the network card. Some may not desire such device behaviour. In some cases they could be a security risk or could drain your battery. The Powershell command: powercfg -devicequery wake_armed For more visit: https://www.windows10.ninja https://www.servers2016.com Transcript (machine generated so it contains errors) Hello and we have another video today. Today's video looks at how to shall we say, disable power management waking up off the computer. Some devices waking the computer automatically. Okay, the first thing is worse rings on server is the same for Windows 10. See just type in PowerShell okay and then run as administrator. Open up and ban typing power can fake okay – device query space way calmed okay you run that it will tell us in which devices can automatically wake up. RPC okay we may want to stop this. For the symbol five for some reason the devices are waking up the computer at all times for a specific reasons whatever and is draining a battery or you might find bad. For example, a sudden keyboard might have a USB keyboard, et cetera is when aids in the bag for some reason the botanist touched Stan Ally it makes every computer in your battery drain this out, et cetera zone has many many reasons, so we run the command and it says desktop keyboard device okay if I use a keyboard device can make their is not my ethernet card is barred another PCI the okay controller okay I need to do to stop them is type in device manager okay, say Marne windows 10 and if I go to remote desktop keyboard is try and find's BRB here. There are if I got a power management allow this device to wake the computer. Click okay about here run the command again, you'll see it's now stopped and this way you can remove all such devices that are armed way calmed as are called to basically wake up the computer whenever they want. Okay, one in particular is your ethernet card that can be quite irritating okay if so signals are given your computer suddenly wakes up okay. It's also a security issue and we would suggest that you do the same thing for your network adapters pilots for example, this one are management very go getting this one get is the run of one more I could have another one as well. That and were done we have so now this is quite good. If you ever need to obviously turn back on, you know you discover device manager and a stipend in this click the little box that says by mounted okay, so hopefully those help. Thank you for watching
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Jeff Gazetti (1 year ago)
I have disabled my USB mouse from waking up the computer from sleep mode but it STILL DOES. Windows is just a broke OS.
Windows Ninja (1 year ago)
can you do a sleep study of your computer. in Powershell as Administrator type powercfg -sleepstudy and see which times are in the list colour RED. Click on that and find the device that is waking the computer.
MO KARIME (1 year ago)
hi , i have a problem in my laptop , When the battery reaches 50% Drops quickly to 10%
Windows Ninja (1 year ago)
rapid drops like the usually mean an old battery that needs to be replaced. if new...
Edward w (1 year ago)
Had a lot of duplicate devices thx for the tip

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