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Stormborn - Game of Thrones (Season 6)

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Daenerys is Played by Emilia Clarke.
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Joy Frog (7 months ago)
Thank you Daemon for uploading all these great compilation videos. I've been dealing with a difficult family situation recently and your channel has kept me sane these last few weeks. I love GOT and binge watching your videos when I'm not working has helped ease a lot of stress. Sounds cheesy but you're a life saver. Keep doing what you do, so many of us appreciate it.
Jala Chandani (3 hours ago)
Joy Frog u9
Rock Houekankinde (4 days ago)
Joy Frog 65992750
Rock Houekankinde (4 days ago)
Joy Frog ok
Heidi Chiandussi (1 month ago)
Joy Frog totally get it ...
Wan Najwa (5 days ago)
One word.. Badas!!!
Davide Basile (5 days ago)
some scenes from Dany storyline in this season are removed
Davide Basile (5 days ago)
thanks, I was expecting copyright issues! If I may suggest put this link into the video description
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (5 days ago)
Nimra Shakeel (6 days ago)
Where i can found the full season?
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (5 days ago)
Andy Checa (7 days ago)
the very nice story of my Queen and another people i love story the game of thrones???
Bernard Mubanga (8 days ago)
woooow like dis movie
Celine Emma (8 days ago)
Wow this movie it's a blast can't stop watching it
Dadan Uye (9 days ago)
film yank keren😍😍
DoNot my Donut (11 days ago)
whats a hand
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (10 days ago)
The right hand of the ruler
selamah ibrahim (13 days ago)
iwaa yisa (13 days ago)
I love this episode I keep watching and watching again
Mahrez Aimeur (15 days ago)
top jadore
Esah Nyambar (15 days ago)
It soo amazing
Esah Nyambar (15 days ago)
Nice love it
Makayla Weatherman (17 days ago)
He was right she is a conqueror.
Shivam Kumar (19 days ago)
That's great.
IxoCryptik (19 days ago)
I'll name my goat after you, Daemon.
Neferkitty (20 days ago)
22:29 whats the meaning of the tattoo?
Nilo Alejado (20 days ago)
jaswinder singh fateh (20 days ago)
great great actor
Spartan S-419 (23 days ago)
I feel like her biggest talent is dramatic entrances.
Kate Li (20 days ago)
Spartan S-419 and exits.
Avery Christy (23 days ago)
Nothing motivates the troops like a stirring speech for blood from the back of a dragon.
Ronn De Jesus (26 days ago)
She loved Jon Snow ! It is cleared ! 😊
Muhamad Hendarto (27 days ago)
Good season
Idrees Khatri (1 month ago)
Nice hind movie
Alejandra Santos (1 month ago)
EFantasic (1 month ago)
The way the music swells as she walks out. Perfect!
crat3digg3r (1 month ago)
How many lands have seen Stormborn naked?
eggtart007 (1 month ago)
Those two dying instantly without a sound, compared to little finger's gasping and twisting. Arya, you have a lot of dagger striking to learn from grey worm ...
doedelzak (11 days ago)
i don't think Arya was going for a smooth kill, she wanted little finger to suffer, Grey worm is taught not to feel emotion so he wouldn't care for revenge.
Destenation94 (1 month ago)
This is true loyalty.. She commanded him to find a cure for the incurable...and he did !
Nayem Ahmed (1 month ago)
I need all movie fast to last please
Pandora Avatar (1 month ago)
Daenerys is such a badass. Love her!
keto3883 (1 month ago)
no more raiding for the irion islands ..... thats basicly a death sentence for a island with no resources O_O. should they all be fishers ?
keto3883 (1 month ago)
the ring scene is so stupid. classic television logic after book material ends. ofc they find her ring the huge as wasteland with high grass.
doedelzak (11 days ago)
if you actually watched you could see that it was clear that a lot of horses were stationed in the field so it is logical to go there. In the scene before they leave they also tell Tyrion to stay since he has no experience in tracking animals and people, something Dario does have, that's how they managed to find the right area.
kiki nana (2 months ago)
She is amazing
Erika Fudali (2 months ago)
Amazing when she returns with a dragons 🐲🐲🐲 I feel like wtf hahahaha 😍😍😍😍
Strange Azn (2 months ago)
You have good taste in music, friend. I've been noticing that on all of these videos.
Carlo De Jesus (2 months ago)
game of thrones help to relieve my stress
Akash Singh (2 months ago)
Movie Puri Nhi de pate aur utube pr chanal q Nate ho bhai
spirittammyk (2 months ago)
How did Varys get involved with her side?
doedelzak (11 days ago)
he always was, he was a Targaryan supporter who just went a long with the current king but he always served house Targaryan. He was the main reason Daenarys stayed alive as a child, because of his double role playing the spider in service of the Baratheons/Lanisters he knew exactly what they were going to do to try and kill her so before that could happen he would make sure the one taking care of Daenarys got her away from where they were staying.
spirittammyk (2 months ago)
All I know is, I hope Arya gets teamed up with GreyWorm. I think their fighting styles would play off well from eachother.
Kelly Schlagwein (2 months ago)
Honestly.. if Khal was there he would be so proud
Kelly Schlagwein hd
노의훈 (2 months ago)
마지막 장면 감동!!!! 남자는 자신을 인정해주는 사람에게 모든 걸 바친다. 다들 잘 기억하시길.
Ryan Tahlilkar (2 months ago)
Daenerys was just using daario naharis for sexual pleasures and we all know that lmao. Daenerys never looked at anyone the way she looks at Jon and she never will.
Ace Williams (1 month ago)
Yeah, typical woman stuff.
James Allen (2 months ago)
So in Love with this show
Princey Dhillon (2 months ago)
Daemon of house of blackfyre thanks u lottt.....all GOT fans r in debt of u.....thanks lott
Angy Lara Lara (2 months ago)
Capitulo 1
Ngocdung Vothi (2 months ago)
phim ko co thuyet minh sao coi
Suzanne Ohman (2 months ago)
I don't have HBO and actually swore I would not get into GOT, but I found your channel and I am HOOKED!!
prrtynncz (3 months ago)
Only Dany can gave me goosebumps!
prrtynncz (3 months ago)
The best 6 compilations Ive ever seen 😍
Donald Asis (3 months ago)
Once seen, can stop
Gazzy (3 months ago)
28:28 lol drogon is like what the hell is going on?
Anthony Mcgee (3 months ago)
I Love the Game of Thrones just got done watching 8 episodes already and I would like to see more of it The Game of Thrones is totally awesome I love it love it😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Omen Nemo (3 months ago)
I have been waiting for GOT to come to YouTube for a year.  I am truly enjoying these videos.
Omen Nemo (3 months ago)
Seven Kingdoms, Seven Continents.  The writer of this Story is telling us something through his story.  Slaves, Freedom.  Wooden hoses, Stone buildings.
Omen Nemo (3 months ago)
What happened to her other two dragons?  I feel bad for them.  Are they still in the catacombs?
Omen Nemo (3 months ago)
@20:55 This girl seems to get away from fire without a scratch. I just love this movie.
Silas Doe (3 months ago)
Please continue the good work by doing the same for other movies
Johnlocked the impala (3 months ago)
I love daarios shifty eye when jorah is telling daenerys he loves her. Daarios like "uh... Should i give you guys a moment? I probably shouldnt be hearing this.. Akward....."
Angle (3 months ago)
No Dragons, No Armies, No Alies. Years later. Two Dragons, an ocean of an army, and many supporters, just believed in herself and seized her opportunities.
Ayush Meena (3 months ago)
charles Dan (3 months ago)
i also bow for danny..
Ace Williams (1 month ago)
You sucker.
Sarah (3 months ago)
I wonder what would of happened if she yelled DROGON ! i know they have a psychic connection almost
Bad Kitty (3 months ago)
I love the she screams 'and always?' in Dothriki. Goosebumps everytime 🐉❤
Eddy A. (3 months ago)
Bend the knee.
kwgrid (3 months ago)
Anyone ever wonder how the Dothraki managed to create those giant horse statues?
Kolassery House (7 days ago)
Slaves from big cities ....
Kate Li (20 days ago)
kwgrid .. Dothraki are descendants of the Nephilim.. Giants.. fallen angels..
Obomeghie Lukman (3 months ago)
Thank you Daemon for uploading all these great compilation videos. Stormborn- Game of Thrones, I love these video and i enjoyed watching them.
ashley brooks (3 months ago)
Dope af
Yasmin Scicluna (3 months ago)
I realy like your vidos even tought I sometimes skip a part.
ymarrero23 (3 months ago)
She has all these beautiful men loving her and I can’t even find one to love me they all want to sleep with me but not love me.
ymarrero23 (3 months ago)
When he said he loved her my heart fell in love with him.
Aloha Aina (3 months ago)
Tosh One Star Man (3 months ago)
Great series blow back guys
Miss Horizon (3 months ago)
My Queen! 💖💖
Ardee DelaCruz (3 months ago)
I wish I could speak dothraki hahaha
mae Jhell (3 months ago)
Thank you so much 👍👍👍💕💕💕
Dani Yemane (3 months ago)
Dani Yemane (3 months ago)
pett pette (4 months ago)
Daenerys my favorite! I watch this series because of her first and foremost - the rest is just addition.... "I choose you all..." was masterpiece... no better way to win hearts,.... 27:48
delusion world (4 months ago)
Y is varys with her???
Tonya Osika (4 months ago)
I love Grey Worm. He is so awesome and stoic about it lol
Bridgette777 (4 months ago)
29:32 Made me a bit happy, seeing how Grey Worm is finally acting more like a human than just a robotic soldier, he talks back, made decision of his own and showed his "feelings" - even if it was annoyance.
DeeDee Dailey (4 months ago)
Teresa Burress (4 months ago)
I know this season is about Dany mother of dragons proving she's no push over but dang the dragons are such magnificent beast. If the remaining two do t make it to the end I am going to cry a lot
Lord Dornel (4 months ago)
That last scene………beautiful
Mariza Dawson (4 months ago)
Poor ser jorah 😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Asus McTablet (4 months ago)
Annoys me how nobody on this show wipes their blade after killing people. Their scabbards must stink from the rotting blood.
Alisha Basso (4 months ago)
Thank you!!! OMG she is such a BASASS!
capricorn_creates (4 months ago)
Anyone else noticed that in the first season they said that Danerys son would be the Khal of all Khal and unite all Khallesahr (don't know how to write it)....and now Dany is the one doing it? :D Thank you for the uploads!!!
Kendric Chua (4 months ago)
36:17 Caption reads "Squid" lol I don't know why, but that just hit me right in the funny bone. Maybe he meant Kraken.
Renji OP (4 months ago)
Why do they always act surprise when they see her dragons? It’s not like they didn’t know she has three fucking dragons LOL
Crisel Dano (4 months ago)
He will not be the last person to love you and you wont the last to him
Abdul Rasheed (1 month ago)
Crisel Dano hi
Mad 1976 (3 months ago)
Crisel Dano now she with John snow but he will never love her like this guy dose.
sadiya iftikhar (4 months ago)
Plz upload game of thrones all seasons all fully episodes
Chad Arndt (4 months ago)
Emilia Clarke may not be able to act worth a damn, but her tits sure can steal a scene.
Kate Li (20 days ago)
Chad Arndt are you an actors ' judge of something? Who named you judge ?lol.. and Well, her breasts size looks to be size A or B ( likely half, between A-B).
Kian Umandal (4 months ago)
I wondered if the dragons flew all the way to westeros if the trip lasted months or even weeks don’t the dragons get tired or hungry what do they do then and the ships are slow id imagine they are flying around the fleet all the time
Kate Li (20 days ago)
Teresa Burress they can float.. that's the cool thing about water.. tension.. how do you think whales and large animals live / travel in water?
Teresa Burress (4 months ago)
Kian Umandal when they sailed to Maureen I think it was Maureen the dragons would dive into the waters for food. Not sure how their going to rest with their massive size; unless there is small islands along the way.
olivia pozzuoli (4 months ago)
For once Dany can justify her actions.
MélissaEnvy (4 months ago)
I almost wish the show had just ended here, because Tyrion's f*ckery in the 7th season has completely cheapen this glorious moment.
doedelzak (11 days ago)
well it's not really his fault, he is the battle commander simply because they don't have anyone who can do it, he is a politician, it's not his fault that experienced battle commanders like his brother and Randyl Tarly outsmarted him in warfare. From the political side of things he helped Daenarys greatly
thehellbunny17 (5 months ago)
Anyone else wonder what Dany dod with her horse when she rode back to Daario and her khalasar on Drogon?
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (5 months ago)
She fed it to Drogon!! lol
Sujit Suram (5 months ago)
they should have played " *started from the bottom now we're here* " as the theme for this.

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