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A Game of Thrones

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*** Watch in 1080p Please 47K SPECIAL!! "When you play a game of thrones, you win or you die." New season filming has begun, we are waiting... waiting and waiting... I have one thing to say about 7th season: it's gonna be a whopper ! This is my fanmade "Trailer thingy" for upcoming season. With white walkers on a leash, with Jon Snow (Stark-Targaryen) in the North, with Daenerys on her way, with Cersei's madness this upcoming series will be amazing ! I promise you that... Can't wait !! _________________________________________ Game of Thrones Tribute *Would you fund me? https://www.patreon.com/user?u=775839 *Music: Sam Lee - The Wild Wild Berry *Facebook: http://facebook.com/garostudios *Ask: https://ask.fm/TheGaroStudios *Tumblr: http://thegarostudios.tumblr.com/ *Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheGaroStudios
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Text Comments (528)
Sam Flynn (3 days ago)
This audio is so well done... it really stuck with me for about a year now,. There are so many videos with this same title that I had lost track of where I heard it.
Chocolates Love child (27 days ago)
Rykann RC (1 month ago)
The Devil and the Huntsman + Game of Thrones = awesome
Faisal Sharif (1 month ago)
Dictator6214 Studios (1 month ago)
Wow. Your editing skills are skitz
Job Horbach (1 month ago)
This blew my mind, amazing!
Sudin Joseph (1 month ago)
Why are you thanking us? We should be thanking you for this. Thank you!
Artem Kuznetsov (1 month ago)
0:31 the guy on the throne, what episode is that?
cerci Ironborn (1 month ago)
0:58: "We must do our duty" *Fcuk the King*
Robert Arblaster (1 month ago)
Love this song from King Arthur! Such an excellent choice with the editing! Well done.
SupremeLyrics (1 month ago)
music from king arthur lol
Nelson Gaskell (2 months ago)
What was the background song
Ariastyr (2 months ago)
Is there a version of this without the part with Ned's execution? Cause this would be the most perfect trailer to send to someone to convince them of watching the show. I think most of it is minor spoilers, except for Ned. To those who don't know the show, his death is a major spoiler.
Denil Jose (2 months ago)
Cyrus Siegel (2 months ago)
giving me chills holy shit
Dani (3 months ago)
Por que en el segundo 0:43 aparece voldemort😂😂
vivek shah (3 months ago)
AMAZING!! please tell me the name of the song playing in background.
britishwalkthroughs1 (3 months ago)
You are a legend
GryffindorIntheNorth (3 months ago)
Literally every single hair on my body was raised while watching this. You are phenomenal. Thank you.
Prince Misfit (3 months ago)
You need to do one or at least try using the song viva la veda. The song was made for game of thrones
Fire and Blood (4 months ago)
not enough of Dany
Kiki Septian (4 months ago)
greatest show ever.
Nickelbackist meinLeben (4 months ago)
That is very Impressive!!!!
duchess deer (5 months ago)
Wow! This is so good with the whisper at the beginning. Fuuu
RYADOVOY_ KUCHA (5 months ago)
how the fuck did u rape Arthur’s main theme lmao
จอบ หลอย (5 months ago)
Meatymarc (6 months ago)
rebuke rebuke (6 months ago)
this should be initial part of season 8 promo
I Use to know (6 months ago)
I honestly thought this was a real trailer. Amazing work
Egemen Yıldırım (6 months ago)
The Kingslayer(azor ahai) will gonna kill Night "King" and sacrifice Cersie. Or aegon targaryen will gonna kill Night King and sacrifice Bran/Dany
Egemen Yıldırım (6 months ago)
I'm pretty fucking sure jaimie will gonna kill Night King. But jon will lead them off course. That means they both are saviors(Azor and Ahai) and that saviors will sacrifice their loved ones.
Alex M (7 months ago)
You should do a newer version.of this using season 7 as well
SanFrancisco Bay (7 months ago)
can you link the thumbnail image ? its so good
Kausik bora (7 months ago)
0:35 that was fucking perfect man.....hbo should hire you 🔥🔥🔥
When you mix King arthur with GOT
Kirito_21 - Sting (8 months ago)
King Arthur Music so good
amine lakbachi (8 months ago)
you must do some trailers for famous films
Richard Bechtol (9 months ago)
This could easily be the best GΘΤ video I’ve ever scene. Damn is this good. Totally captures the feel of the show and why people love it.
Tayla (9 months ago)
bilal Naseem (9 months ago)
0:57 epic epic epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Music name?
ViralXToxic469 (8 months ago)
Rogério Hoepers Vitorassi the devil and the huntsman
sam taddy (10 months ago)
Céleste Odair (10 months ago)
Sai Sarath (10 months ago)
@thegarostudio can you monetize these videos?
InGaming pc (10 months ago)
Why have they not hire you as an editor I will never know
deadly arrow 16 (10 months ago)
Awsome thrilling continue good job and you shall be rewarded with a contless of great rewards
0:04 Lord Baelish the fuckin GOAT. 1:05 The HOE who was promise. 1:13 The REAL QUEEN. 1:21 Dumb ass Tully.
idkwhattocallmeself (10 months ago)
I. Am. Shooketh.
NDV135 (11 months ago)
Your one of the few channels, if not the only one, that makes things like that that actually times the music well, and it is awesome because of it, Thank You!
Arynn Van Sant (11 months ago)
Anyone notice that every house motto can relate to the walkers
NDV135 (10 months ago)
Ummmm... I feel that "Family, Duty, Honor" or "As High As Honor" don't fit at all, like not in the slightest. I suppose "Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken" fits, but not really. And that not counting the minor houses. "Here We Stand" doesn't really make sense, or "Let It Be Written" of House Jordayne, no I will have to say that your wrong on that front. Some of them work, like "Winter is Coming" or "Hear Me Roar", and House Targaryen defiantly doesn't work, "Fire and Blood" seeing as fire kills the walkers.
Dremling (11 months ago)
This is awesome
Dinesh Zinx (11 months ago)
Damn epic
rebuke rebuke (11 months ago)
those cavalry marches!!!
Need Help (11 months ago)
Hm a song with a lot of ice and fire...
Pauline Trillot (11 months ago)
J'adore vous pouvez en en faie d'autres?sur daenerys,cersei,jaime...
Isidora Bojovic (11 months ago)
I’m shook !! Epic!!
Abdalmjed Alshahbuni (11 months ago)
Do a video on the red women Melisandre OR THE mad dog Ramsy Bolton
Neptune Productions (11 months ago)
What's the significance of Long May She Reign and Cersei on the throne? I've always thought that ending limits it to this season (6/7) and almost dismisses other ending scenes. It seems to serve to me as a reminder of the small possibility of Cersei actually carrying out that act? She had no claim and seems to not be in the most powerful position herself.(I'm sure the whole reach and Faith of the Seven would LOVE if the queen burned down their ruling family/holy sept and threw both the reach and the faith in to disarray. I'm sure there is no backlash for killing the High Sparrow because as we all know, religious fanatics are perfectly reasonable, as well as not attempting to elect another High Sparrow nor have other centres with more soldiers than the Holy Sept Of Baelor.) I notice a lot of them end in Long May She Reign, which I find slightly limiting and a bit disappointing. I love all your other videos, it's purely the scene I disagree with.
Tim Stark (1 year ago)
You need to make a new video including season 7 footage.
Tim Stark (1 year ago)
This video is fuckin sick man. Perfect Song, Perfect Clips and the "Burn them all" background are all perfect! I tip my hat to you My Lord...
PP Seminole (1 year ago)
This could be a HBO teaser for the Game of Thrones series. Just to much spoilers.
Matias Bax (1 year ago)
AMAZING VIDEO, but i think it would be better with the jhonny cash song "Gods gonna take you down"
Trailer Fan (1 year ago)
Great video man! You inspired me making my very own tribute to got. Keep it up!
Yasemin Yılmaz (1 year ago)
Your videos are amazing . Good Job 😊
Finn Mackay (1 year ago)
what song?
W.I.M (1 year ago)
song ??
Inukshuk Sixtyfour (1 year ago)
Adrian Wyatt (1 year ago)
Littlefinger had a line in Season 3 that would have been a great capper for when Cersei sits on the throne at the end of this fan trailer. "Strange, isn't it? It doesn't matter what we want; once we get it, we want something else."
23The Dreamers26 (1 year ago)
I hope they'll reveal what ned stark mumbled before he was beheaded
Лилиана Пу (1 year ago)
Your videos multiply made me cry. I love the way you feel the story, the way you choose music, the way you combine it. Thank you.
Лилиана Пу (11 months ago)
Миша, дудки. Можно испытать проглядеть музыку чрез особые приложения либо даже окей Гугл
Не понимаете, что за музыка на фоне?
SmirkingRevenge (1 year ago)
By far the best fan made GoT video I've seen, and I've seen quite a few.
Chloee Inkling (1 year ago)
Mr. Manager (1 year ago)
That thumbnail makes me wonder why the hell Jaime would carry his sword on his left hip. That makes no sense. Like, how would he even be able to draw it.
Chaos is a laddah!
Sierra Angell (1 year ago)
You do wonderful work. I just... yes, good. The way this one ends may be my favorite thing ever, though.
Sean Fallin (1 year ago)
We need on of these for the Hound!
Justin W (1 year ago)
This trailer would be perfect to show people who want to get into the show, you'd just need to edit out Ned and Tommen dying and it'll be mostly spoiler free.
Amarildo Haxhiu (1 year ago)
Marta P. (1 year ago)
If it wasn't for the spoilers this would make an excellent trailer for a hypothetical GoT movie. But, once again, the spoilers from the newer seasons are what make it so epic. Also, the song. I totally fell in love with the beginning. Great job!
David Webster (1 year ago)
What song did you use its awesome
wagwan6248 (1 year ago)
Now if people who watch this and still think GoT is crap are just boring old farts.
wagwan6248 (1 year ago)
Your talented
Suga Reece Reviews (1 year ago)
bro you have some badass editing skills
Jack Sparrow (1 year ago)
So epic, so.. dramatic, until I see the mountain bash that dude's head off against the wall while he is pissing on his boots. Always makes me laugh :))
If you had put another "Long may she reign" at the end after Qyburn said it, i would have had an orgasm.
Heeeellll, please, anyone, tell me the song, that is playing in the background!
Kyo (1 year ago)
It's funny u put a lot of sequences with white walkers but they don't give a fuck about the human's "game of throne"
Bonesmoke Outdoors (1 year ago)
What is the name of this song?
Jon Wen (1 year ago)
Do yourself a favor, watch it in 1080p like the description says.
Yuriy Kent (1 year ago)
best ++
Unwilledduck (1 year ago)
1:37 WHEN WAS THIS AND WHO IS THIS Community i need your help
Aaquib Mubeen (11 months ago)
that's the mountain smashing a commoners head after he talks trash about cersei.... S06E02 i believe
Medieval Kinght Craft (1 year ago)
What is the name of the song that plays, if anyone know plz let tell me
arda çokak (1 year ago)
Lara N (1 year ago)
What is the songs name ???
SuperLucaSkate (1 year ago)
CHAOS IS A LADDER, Now has more sense
2charliep (1 year ago)
This and the War Pigs vids my two absolute favourite GOT tributes. Stunning editing to a brilliant sound track.
FelKor (1 year ago)
You clearly have an eye and an ear for composition and timing as well as experience cutting material. Tremendous work on that front. The only thing off here is the pacing. Your buildup is very short and the 'crescendo' which should only last for a few seconds at best comes too soon and goes on too long! We cannot maintain the feeling of awe that every good trailer provides. Nevertheless tremendous work. You do have skills and I hope you will put em to use again in the future!
Eden Jay Collins (1 year ago)
Could you make a spoiler free version so people can use this to get friends into game of thrones????? that would be amazing
Tyramizou (1 year ago)
THAT is an AMAZING work.....frellin' EPIC! I bow my head....
Kevtb87 (1 year ago)
Just reminds me of how incredible this show is. Impossible to keep all of it in mind at once. Just so much to love. So many great characters. So many amazing scenes. So many twists and turns. Some if the best big budget action and productions values ever on TV. Truly feel sorry for people who brush it off as silly fantasy. If this isn't the kind of show you watch TV for, then you are doing it wrong.
Heisenberg - (1 year ago)
We must do our duty, no? Great or small we must do our duty.

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