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Game of Thrones 6x09 - Knights of the Vale Arrive

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Scene from Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 9 "Battle of the Bastards"
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Jodi Galvano (17 hours ago)
My hand always shakes from anxiety every time I watch this it’s that good
Kael 90 (1 day ago)
8:45 - and THATS how a cavalry charges worked in medieval time!
Serious Joker8 (2 days ago)
Thank fucking god this was a series and not bought out as a movie trilogy !
Jugal Patell (3 days ago)
9:23 best part!
Loki Ragnarok (5 days ago)
If i was Ramsey I would have taken off as soon as I saw the Vale, no army that shows up when youre winning is showing up to help you win more, lol i would have been gone!
Loki Ragnarok (5 days ago)
Can you imagine being Jon sitting there and seeing all those beautiful blue flags, he was probably thinking wtf do i have to do to die in peace?
Calvo Tama (11 days ago)
Does anyone else hear "FORTH EORLINGAAAAAAAS" when the knights of the Vale charges?
per aspera ad astra ¿ (12 days ago)
Steven Simmons (14 days ago)
I LOVE that show of Jon, Tormund, and Wun looking towards Bolton before they chase him.,
Reaper LUKE (14 days ago)
I seriously lost my shit when the Knights of the Vale arrived. I knew it was going to happen, but that didn't stop me from clenching my fist in the air and shouting "KNIGHTS OF THE VALE! KNIGHTS OF THE VALE!"
maxxyp23 (16 days ago)
Chess not checkers
Lorenzo Escudero King (17 days ago)
5:26 am i the only who wouldve wanted to see Jon fight Smalljohn?
You know this is good when Jon starts to choke and you feel the same. It got hard to breathe for me, for real. This scene is a masterpiece.
Mustbe Venus (23 days ago)
Oh boy. Jon better not be the commander of the Great War. Let's face it...Bolton had his ass before sister-cousin arrived:)) hope he's learnt something...
Ranga Wijesingha (4 days ago)
+Mustbe Venus Jon has great ability that is encouraging the mens who flight with him. That was happened when castle black attacking by wilding. He fight as a lion in battle, i never ever seen like fighter in this series. Any way jon will get the experience in future when come the great war and he will lead it. Beacuse jon is the person who know about white walker batter than others.
Mustbe Venus (5 days ago)
+Ranga Wijesingha very true, his emotions (as Sansa predicted) were manipulated by Ramsey and it worked like a charm. He was almost suicidal. BTW, my comment on him not being commander in the Great War was a joke:) I cannot think of anybody else more suited.
Ranga Wijesingha (5 days ago)
Mustbe Venus. This is open battle. Jon fight with wilding and defeated them in castle black. But the fighting in open battle field need some experinece and knowledge, jon did not have that experince and knowledge but some how devos had that experince. Jon had chance to win this battle without sansa help. Any way jon is a good skilled fighter with his sword. He should learn fight in open battle field with high volume of mens.
Asasas (8 days ago)
Well, he charged AGAIN against the Night King... Its seems not. Anyway, the true responsible of this mad strategy was Davos for trying to save Jon.
Alex McCleod (24 days ago)
I could never figure out why Wun Wun just didn't start kicking and smashing the Bolton soldiers before they have a chance to really set up, he could have thrown the entire ring of shields off.
angela cowgill (25 days ago)
I wish both Jon’s fought each other. That would’ve been boss.
Anne-lise Serret (27 days ago)
dem feeels 😢😢😢😢😢
Darryl Panganiban (1 month ago)
Dothraki version if the Vale
mandarinduck (1 month ago)
How could they let themselves get surrounded by these guys carrying heavy ass shields who had to take time to go all the way around?
MrJustonemorevoice (1 month ago)
That feeling when the winged hussars arrive...
SpaceOrbison (1 month ago)
4:12 wtf
Corbin Moore (1 month ago)
Why does the Bolton force only use spears instead of pikes...why are they not in a phalanx? When did Jon Snow, a competent leader, fall for an obvious ploy to move up. Why did he fucking waste his cavalry? WHERE WERE THE VALE THIS WHOLE TIME?!
bitter coffee (1 month ago)
my only criticism is why the fuck did jon not wear a helmet???
Ken Fresno (1 month ago)
From 5:00 onward, ive never felt more claustrophobic in my life lol
The1Floyd (1 month ago)
The scenes of Ramsay Bolton firing arrows onto both the Bolton and Stark men while they struggle around in the muddy field must have been very similar to the Battle of Agincourt, when the English forces utilized Longbowmen against the French forces. Of course, at Agincourt England literally had 7,000 Longbowmen, which I believe would outnumber Jon's entire army. It's clear to see why that battle turned into a complete fucking massacre, leaving the French utterly destroyed.
Jonathan Smith (1 month ago)
2:47 to 7:48 I can't watch this part, its like you follow the hero, they have their soldiers at their side, and now they slowly and painfully die and lose.....then it gets better
420th Legioner (1 month ago)
From all series, this is the only one I desliked a lot. I have no idea who wrote the battle, who made it, but I can say one thing, that this was too fucking much. The only part that hyped me, when the cavalry battle started, really nice made, I was satisfied. But when it was over, SOMEHOW there were little mountains from bodies. Are you serious ? Who was fucking dragging bodies while there was a fight, how that happened ? Then, infantry attacked. This was the most bullshit part, how John's army allowed those spearman with shields to surround them, they were just watching. And why the fuck nobody gave something to the giant, just a fucking piece of tree, it would be enough to break spearman with shields.
Ian Rosas (1 month ago)
9:17 squad life
IamBuffal0 (1 month ago)
Imagine if Wun Wun had a tree trunk with a bunch of spikes in it, Shields attached to his bone armor and a makeshift helmet. That Bolton spear line wouldn't have lasted long and he could have used the tree as a battering ram for Winterfell and the shields would have protected his back from the arrows. We could have still had Wun Wun fighting the white walkers :(
nuttyelf21 (1 month ago)
It gave me SO MUCH ANXIETY watching Jon Snow almost get trampled to death. Like the fuck. This sequence made had me have to pause the show to get my bearings at times. Ain’t gonna lie. But they did good keeping me on the edge
bigfriki (2 months ago)
The only thing that bothered me was that they took too fucking long! Could've saved a few more lives...
Abdul Sa'ad (2 months ago)
7:52 Is Roose Bolton still alive???
Clorox Bleach (2 months ago)
7:00 Black Friday be like...
TLM (2 months ago)
Sansa is such a stupid cunt. If she told jon about the possible reinforcements so many wildlings could have lived. Stupid cunt is just like little finger she only does what benefits her and makers her look good. Cunt.
João Coelho (2 months ago)
Just give a big fucking swrod or stick to the giant and wouldn´t be needed the vale
gabriel rivera (2 months ago)
7.56 goosebumps
SurTurd Furgison (2 months ago)
wouldve been so much better if they had wun wun come out in full armour with a tree truck to fuck up that shield wall. or small jon umber betray ramsay. pay off wouldve been so much better.
Junius (2 months ago)
6:39 scared the fucking SHIT out of me. They can't breathe.
Kay Cyrus (2 months ago)
Is it just me, or everyone eveeyone else also knw, Ramsay Bolton was very smart and strategic in battle, Men burning on stake Evoking Jon
Kay Cyrus (1 month ago)
+D Rami You provide good argument, but see his record
D Rami (1 month ago)
Yes very smart, using his own men as arrow fodder which lost him his 2-1 advantage and Ramsey not using scouts to watch for reinforcement was also very smart and strategic.
Andrei Cristi Moga (2 months ago)
The soundtrack when the knights of the Vale ride in is Trust Each Other, if you are looking for that.
Not Sharing My name (2 months ago)
I was so happy when i saw this i could have kissed every single knight and their horses if i had to for saving them
Lori Esposito (2 months ago)
Damn, were any horse seriously hurt during this?!
Bk Jeong (1 month ago)
They did use actual horses to film this, but the horse death scenes are CGI.
PTRK (2 months ago)
Lori Esposito hopefully
Suhail Nohur (2 months ago)
If this isn't arya stark but the girl who prays the many faced god.We didn't see arya kill her
william boone (2 months ago)
Ramsay Bolton is the best leader and general, he knows how could he win the victory during a war and fight. on the contrary, Jon snow is fool, he cant be a smart leader, but as a brave soldrier or warrior or knight, he deserved all of these titles.
Jorge Mascarenhas (1 day ago)
Roose was a better tactician and the brains of the family. Ramsay had a good plan, but got cocky. He threw everything he got, without considering a back up force.
Asasas (4 days ago)
+Ranga Wijesingha Maybe you have misunderstood me, im responding to the original comment, who says Ramsay Bolton know how to win a battle, and certainly is not the case.
Ranga Wijesingha (4 days ago)
+Asasas this is open battle field, so we should know good strategic plan need to win like this situation. But jon had not that experience because this is his first fight in open battle field. So he moved forward without any strategic plan and gave opportunity to Ramsay. And jon may see the thousand of mens with long shields. So experince leader knows what will happen next when all mans come to battle field. Thus all wildings are not a well trained men for battle and they do only fight. But they are brave figters. In last did you notice Ramsay smiles when devos move his mens to battle filed. He knew this is the time push their mens to battle. Knights of vale they claimed their victory, but only less than thousand men of Ramsay's live that moment in battle field and he lost more than Four thousand with fighting with mainly near two thousand wildings.
Asasas (8 days ago)
Its smarter than Jon (and Davos, remember who ordered the suicidal charge), but is NOT a good general. He just disintegrate his own army without any tactic. I counted the remaining Boltons at the pikemen formations, and being generous barely arrived to 1000 men, while Jon Snow has half of his army intact. But another guy has counted the number even better, and the numbers are terryfing. Ramsay only had left 370 soldiers, so that means that he lost 95% of his army killing just 50% of a pathethic wilding army... Cmon... There is the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/freefolk/comments/4pbrnc/estimate_of_remaining_troops_before_the_pincer/
Kijou (2 months ago)
"We may as well be takin' shits back here"
strange3able (3 months ago)
Must say, Ramsay had a solid plan to begin with- draw John Snow and his Army forward using his brother. Wait for the entire army of John Snow to come togther, and then surround and kill them. John is a good fighter and they had one important plan- to stay back and let Ramsay come onto to them as they had natural cover on both sides and wont be surrounded. Clearly Ramsay knew John's plan and made his plan work over him!
It's Coming Home (2 months ago)
I wouldn't say Ramsay knew Jon's plan. He used Rickon to pull on Jon's emotional strings and it worked.
Jose Hill (2 months ago)
strange3able if only Jon had listened to Sansa, but she still bailed him out in the end.
Aleksandra Stojadinović (3 months ago)
Two of my favorite battle scenes; - The arrival of the Rohirrim in "The Return of the King". - The arrival of the knights of the Vale in "The battle of bastards". Epic "save the day" moments that bring out goosebumps. x)
Frank Castle against: anyone.
zibby Jdm (29 days ago)
Another save the day moment that always gets me is when Optimus goes on a rampage to save sam/autobots in dark of the moon
Suhail Nohur (2 months ago)
Aleksandra Stojadinović my favorite moment was when daenerys became the leader of the army of unsullied and when she freed them
Primary Buffer Panel (3 months ago)
Aleksandra Stojadinović all I want is for someone to take the music from the ride of the rohirim and put it over the Knights of the Vale charge
Andrew J (3 months ago)
2:20 the moment the limit of disbelief was so terribly crossed, there was little redemption. Seeing this level of bad writing was beyond compare. That this event even happened after 2:20 means it would not be victorious because it is so unbelievable. It should have been an outright slaughter of the bolton army as they just trotted along in formation. The entire purpose of this battle was to SPOILERS get the vale there to kill little finger by the writers. 3:42 was their chance to redeem themselves but then completely failed as the army did not sweep in under WunWun.
MrStig691 (2 months ago)
They were facing an organised military formation. It's hard to think they're charge immediately.
MrStig691 (2 months ago)
Davos was no soldier or leader. The wildlings and the archers ran into the space and pressed themselves given the huge obstacle at the front.
Andrew J (2 months ago)
It's just hard to think that wildlings wouldnt turn vicious getting cornered. They fight giants, white walkers, and the other monsters beyond the wall and let a bunch of slow moving pike men corner them, then don't even try to break the line after being surrounded and just let themselves get poked to death? Eh, I don't think that makes much sense at all, especially having been enlisted myself.
Andrew J (2 months ago)
Ive heard that before but, I willing to be they weren't that close quarters and Carthage didn't have a giant. And if this did happen in real life, Carthage did deserve to lose as you would have to be an idiot as a soldier and a leader to allow this to happen when it could so easily be shattered.
eonay Towa (3 months ago)
Besides all the main characters doing all the killing. I like how random warriors of the Starks and their allies make some kills or at least fights well. At 4:04, you see a wildling/northmen stab his blade into a Bolton soldier's neck killing him before being slashed to death by a Bolton soldier. At 4:07, you see another random Wildling/northman smash his hammer like weapon into the skull of a Bolton soldier to death. At 5:26, you see a Bolton soldier on the ground in the background probably about to get killed by a Stark soldier or Wildling. At 9:34, if you look to the left. You see a random Vale knight charge to the left and slash his sword killing a Bolton soldier. At 9:36, a bit to the right where Won Won the giant is running. You see another random Vale Knight charging his horse to the left killing/knocking down a Bolton soldier with his horse.
steven smith (3 months ago)
9:28 If i were him i wouldn't have gone back to winterfell. I would have rode my Ass hard south to kingslanding and would have begged for cerseis forgiveness/protection. I would of course have a vial of poison on me if she decides to kill me. Better to die quickly.
Joy Cooper (14 days ago)
Cersei can barely protect herself, no way would I trust her!
LuTHieN (4 months ago)
they totally Rohirrimed the fuck out of the Boltons lol
darth254 (4 months ago)
this would never have happened had Roose Bolton still been running the show, who was the real brains of the Boltons. Ramsay wasn't a stupid character per se, but you could see him clashing with Roose about how to handle Stannis. Roose wanted to leverage the defensive position of Winterfell while Ramsay wanted to take a riskier engagement outside the walls. The victory over Stannis got to his head, so he tried the same thing again with Jon and got caught with his pants down by Littlefinger's forces, with almost all his army wiped outside the walls in the process.
Jorge Mascarenhas (1 day ago)
If Roose was alive the Boltons will still hold Winterfell.
El Matador (1 month ago)
Most of all, Ramsay forgot about Jon's impenetrable plot armor.
Kaneda (4 months ago)
Yeah let me not tell you that I plan to have a whole fucking army that will obviously multiply your man power and definitely give you a fighting chance if not a guaranteed victory. I'll just let a lot of your men die for dramatic purposes. This is where game of thrones went to shit. Before it was all about the logic and politics of everything. No character ever did something for no reason. It's all going downhill bois.
Ben _ (4 months ago)
The eagles are coming
Stannis The Mannis (4 months ago)
9:20. Somebody got Littlefingered.
jbulletc (1 month ago)
Goddammit I just spat my drink on my keyboard.
Nickelbackist meinLeben (4 months ago)
I hate that the Vale came so late
Jose Hill (2 months ago)
Nickelbackist meinLeben blame Jon for charging early. He fell right into Ramsey’s trap as Sansa told him not to.
Milton2k (4 months ago)
Lord Snow...lucky bastard. (Don't get me wrong, I love Jon.......unlikely lucky bastard thought)
HAPPY (5 months ago)
Always gets Goosebumps when see Knight of vale arrive
Jordan m (5 months ago)
if Wun wun was armored with a giant axe could have easily took that out line out when they were surrounded it's like they had to nerf him...fighting bare handed
Seriously? This isn't supposed to be an accurate recapitulation of Hannibal's genius. It's merely cinematic drama.
A (8 days ago)
Actually I felt like they made the giant fight so stupidly, just aimlessly flailing his arms or a Bolton shield about when he could have easily used that Bolton shield to clear an opening in the line of shields! What a waste!!
per aspera ad astra ¿ (12 days ago)
These guys are screenwriters. They ain't got a clue about even simple combat reality.
Tiger Style (3 months ago)
Yes just give him a giant spear or club or just a huge sword, he could have even taken one of the boltons long spears and used that, reaching right over their line and killing many of them.
Kopite4life12 (3 months ago)
Nickelbackist meinLeben They could have cut down some trees for him, in which he could have decimated the Bolton lines
awald5 (6 months ago)
What no Sabaton reference yet? Fine, I'll do it. THEN THE WINGED HUSSARS ARRIVED
Eissa Sinéad (2 months ago)
Interesting fact; there's actually a legend of winged knight that used to be common in the vale region during The Age of Heroes https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Winged_Knight Combine that with House of arryn sigil being falcon. In future book, George Martin might use polish hussar aesthetic for vale knights which would justified in universe as the knights using their region legend as inspiration.
Matharox (2 months ago)
Ja My (3 months ago)
so how is that HRE armies cavalary couldnt do shit against Ottomans and Russians rise to defend against mongols
kennedy072 (3 months ago)
awald5 Fuck off Your Pussy hussars only fought empires who cant counter Cavalries
Tay Arslan (6 months ago)
Serious question: how tf do they know who's who?
Andreas Roth (16 days ago)
they coulded won without the knights if they jad kept a last force holdig till the last ... the one Davos sent to early. ots clrar Ramsey had better strategy ...
Andreas Roth (16 days ago)
1 in 5 carrie a banner and bo weapon unless its also a spike wish i hope it is
Andreas Roth (16 days ago)
thats why one if five had banners
Ken Fresno (1 month ago)
Enemies are a red dot on their radar.
Isaac Lee (1 month ago)
You know who's who by the people that attack you and those that don't.
heikki1984 heikki1984 (6 months ago)
And Donald Trump arrives and saves the day.
Yuuf Eternal (2 months ago)
+It's Coming Home ironic as much patriotism as you so much claim to have, how much you are a cuck for Russia. I believe in diplomacy with them, but you're willing to suck their ducks, and have Trump set up anti-American policies that put oligarchs more in power to destroy the environment, and exploit people. Fuck you.
Lvl58DeathKnight (2 months ago)
+It's Coming Home its hilarious how anyone thought Hitlery was a good candidate. She wasnt even subtle with the blatant attempts to try and start a war with Russia and put hundreds of young American's life's at risk fighting a war that she started over her own hate boner for Russia (Hitlery really needs to b put in a retirement home at this point)
It's Coming Home (2 months ago)
heikki1984 heikki1984 - The real Americans, by electing the President, saved us from Hillary and war with Russia. The cucks, sissies and ANTIFAGS are too dumb or spiteful to notice this. We should all bend the knee to Mr. Trump.
Lvl58DeathKnight (2 months ago)
+Yuuf Eternal nah, thats Hitlery *looks at Benghazi*
Yuuf Eternal (2 months ago)
You're a moron. Trump is more like a Bolton.
Jenny Colorado (7 months ago)
Actually, Ramsay was smarter than Jon
Ranga Wijesingha (5 days ago)
+Joseph Sosa Ramsay had high volum of mens than jon, he used them in better way with good strategy. Jon is good fighter, he saved cast black from wilding. But this is different fight in open battle field, to win lik this battle jon need smart strategic plan. So i belive they had not like this plan, devos also failed to give smart plan for this battle.
Ranga Wijesingha (5 days ago)
+karimam1275 his issue was lack of knowledge and experince in open battle. But he is well known swordman in the north. But with this battle he may learn some important fact about open battle field fight.
karimam1275 (1 month ago)
Come on! Anyone is smarter than Jon...he's honorable & cute but outsmarting isn't his forte!
Da fuck...no!
JustMe (4 months ago)
Clearly not
Evan Fritz (7 months ago)
Lordparshnipz57 (8 months ago)
Then the winged hussars arrived
bob doherty (8 months ago)
Catelyn Stark would be so proud, even of Jon
Calvin Coates (2 months ago)
It's one thing to have a birth right and one to actually earn it. Jon earned King in the North, Sansa definitely earned recognition and she did. Lady of Winterfell.
Staymadfagots (3 months ago)
Not stolen if the other houses recognized him as a Stark and Sansa did too.
MrEarthling99 (3 months ago)
Considering how Jon then stole Sansa’s birthright, I doubt it.
maaanja3D (5 months ago)
bob doherty I'd say she'd still say "f*** Jon"
Shhh (8 months ago)
8:38 - 8:42 best battle cry of all time
Japanio624 (10 months ago)
Now imagine if the Vale backed the Starks in the War of Five Kings...
Luka muselimović (3 days ago)
+The Accordion Man true men show their valour on the battlefield,not in dark quarters of politics.Rob Stark was a true King,not a scheming asshole like Tywin and a backstabber like Roose Bolton.
Jack (9 days ago)
+notorious 209 Frey wanted nothing but to advance his own position, Robb ended up on the losing side so he flipped to the Lannisters with Bolton after Tywin gave him assurances of advancement. Had the Vale joined Robb, he would've had no reason to even be in the Twins and would have remained on the winning side .
HolyknightVader999 (20 days ago)
Tywin's head would be on a spike. The Starks were unbeaten on the field. Imagine Vale forces helping them besiege Lannister holdings. Not even the Tyrells would be able to save them.
notorious 209 (1 month ago)
For anybody saying they would've been slaughtered at the red wedding, you're wrong, Roose and Walder changed side in the war is because Robb beheaded Lord Karstark, which lost them too many men and the Lannisters started to get more backup , so Roose the opportunist changed sides because he knew they were losing and joining the Lannisters make him warden of the north, so he said why not, and Walder is a cunt and a proud man he betrayed Robb because he didn't marry his daughter and he probably knew Arya wouldn't marry his weird son,so Tywin found that as a golden chance and took it. So if the Vale were with Robb in the first place they would've won the war because none of them will risk to betray Robb and join the losing side.
Matt Lopez (2 months ago)
Darwin Valencia The only reason the Red Wedding happened was because Robb needed more men after he lost the Karstarks.
Phantom Warrior (10 months ago)
sigh of relief when the knights of the vale arrive
Nathan Scott (11 months ago)
1:23, is that Hodor at the front of the line? Man hasn't even been dead for four episodes and he's already on the Bolton's side.
JustMe (4 months ago)
Nathan Scott if we saw Hodor anywhere again, I’m assuming he’ll be a white walker
Steve Rogers (1 year ago)
intense , better than most Hollywood war movies
davidenko2468 (2 days ago)
i agree cap not one i can think of that does a battle as good as this
Apple Inc. (1 month ago)
got also has higher budget than most of them.
420th Legioner (1 month ago)
No shit
Clorox Bleach (2 months ago)
anima099 (1 year ago)
Gimli, Aragorn, and Legolas
Largos Brazos (1 year ago)
sansa save the day
Jose Hill (1 year ago)
Oh Sansa. This was your moment.

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