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Xbox Game Pass vs PlayStation NOW

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Video game services on consoles are on the rise. Sony and Microsoft are competing in new and innovative ways - let's take a deeper look! Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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gameranx (1 month ago)
Console gamer friends - do you use either of these services?
W4YNEWHITE (1 day ago)
Well. PS now is not available in South Africa so stuff Playstation. Xbox gamepass is. So I bought 2 Xboxes to feel better. lol.
Hiro S (3 days ago)
Honestly, I received a trial for Xbox Game Pass and kept it going after it expired. Added EA Access (Xbox & PC only) and now I have no need to buy disc-based games unless there is something I absolutely have to play. Playstation, give me a free trial and maybe I'll change my mind.
Bold One (7 days ago)
I decided to try it out Xbox gamepass with a special offer of $1 for the first month. I think the library is not large enough to subscribe again for the full $10 next month and will likely cancel. There should be many more BC titles included to help sway people away from purchasing the Xbox 360. The price of two retail games $120 a year I'd gladly pay to have access to an incredible library of games I would normally have never heard of I am able to download and play in a matter of minutes. I hope Phil Spencer is hearing all of our feedback.
Ethangamer Hume (8 days ago)
gameranx I play PS4 and Xbox one
Bandit Himself (9 days ago)
gameranx sometimes game pass
Jose Garnica (4 hours ago)
They should allow PS3 games to be downloaded on PC or PS3 tho
Sir Ninja Raiden (17 hours ago)
The fact that I get Crackdown 3 When it drops is amazing. I miss crackdown. It's the better version of Saints Row
Sir Ninja Raiden (17 hours ago)
Gamepass FTW
Tim Hale (21 hours ago)
Xbox had games first, way before ps+, ps ripped xbox off an they r going to do it again, says alot about a company when they copy another company lol
ABRAHAM GAMER117 (1 day ago)
Eso sería comomcomparar un fornite con Pubg en xbox :v créanme el Pubg da ascooooo en xbox el de móvil es 100 veces mejor
Victor Devin (1 day ago)
I love your YouTube voice. It’s so relaxed, like your having a conversation with someone. It shows up a bit more in your other videos.
Axle1324 (1 day ago)
I'm not sure if you said, "Netflix for gaming" or "Crackdown 3" more. haha
cAcTUs JADE 344 (1 day ago)
Game pass for me is the best
Enigma's Books N More (2 days ago)
Sony also bought gaikais rival
LynkC97 (2 days ago)
what do you think leave us a comment *little did they know they stared at war that has been on for years*
any4003 (3 days ago)
I find it to be awesome in theory but the reality is what kind of advantages are giving up to a company with this service. See my problem is this it makes me think of net-neutrality and how everything is turning subscription based and then that makes me question how much control over the internet are we handing off to companies.
Alextor 13 (3 days ago)
Pc has more games, but because I have an anime character as a profile picture, my opinion won't matter :)
Kiss that ass Goodbye (4 days ago)
I dont give a damn cuz i play ps4 and Xbox 1 😅
Annoying Kid (4 days ago)
Omg an Netflix ad came up before this video
King Whopper (4 days ago)
I got a Xbox game pass ad on this
Dude ps now doesnt exist man
Yozhel Glez (5 days ago)
As someone who has never own a MS console, game pass seems like an awesome deal and an opportunity to check a good chunk of 360 and xbox one games at a time.
Fernando Vargas (5 days ago)
The more the Xbox vs play station videos are the bigger the chance of ww3 happening
Noctis Kami (5 days ago)
If you have a fast legit stable internet connection, digital download is the way to go.
Scott Hanna (5 days ago)
I absolutely hated PS now when I had it, complete lag fest at a robbing £13 a month. I’m hoping they’ve improved it since I last used it, Xbox game pass is great though, I have no complaints so far
Eduardo peña (5 days ago)
just buy a pc and dont worry about passes and you dont have to upgrade consoles every year hahahahahahaha
Perry Daciuk (5 days ago)
Personally I hate subscription services, especially for games. I know it makes a lot of sense for reviewers and people who want to play a large variety of games on an on-going basis. However, for me I don't want to have to pay for a service that I may not use consistently (i.e., go on vacation or get preoccupied with other things in life), AND I want to own the games. As soon as I stop paying the subscription fee I no longer have access to ANY of the games I previously played (even downloaded) because I don't own them. I also want the option to replay a game 10-20 years from now that I already have in my collection (perhaps on what is now an older console). If I had any of the older consoles (NES, SNES, Atari, Sega) and the games, I could play them now without having to pay anyone anymore money than I paid way back in the day. I want this same capability for the games I play now. I want ready access to replay any game I have in my library without having to pay any additional fee. I am a collector. I like to own what I pay for. That's why I buy my games and I'm rather choosy. You do not account for players like me in your video. I would also prefer a Steam-based system for games (where you own the games) than a Netflix for gaming (where you are merely renting access). But that's me. Playstation Now and Xbox Game Pass may be great for certain gamers, maybe many gamers, but I am not one of them. Please do not forget that gamers like me exist and there are more than a few of us.
jdzspace33 (5 days ago)
PS Now Owns 52% of the digital gaming subscription market, game pass owns 18% The market has spoken
Gregory Osborne (5 days ago)
xbox for the win
silva geko (5 days ago)
"xbox game pass will include all triple A xbox exclusives"....that would be cool.... if it had any decent exclusives.
Wombat (6 days ago)
Game pass is just a subscription wall (same as xbox live + live Gold) there is no such thing as a free game only free demos, but those most likely have in-game purchase for full price + deluxe editions Be careful: because xbox does NOT provide refunds
Steven Clodfelter (6 days ago)
Playing a game through streaming holds no appeal for me. I use streaming tv, and I can put up with some stuttering now and then, but not when I'm playing a game -- not to mention it would probably eat up my monthly allotment of data. I can see where it might be ok for a cell phone where you wouldn't have nearly as much hard drive space, although to be honest, I still don't understand mobile gaming if you have a system at home. What's the appeal of playing on a tiny screen if you don't have to? Maybe their are more people that only have a cell phone than I think there are. But downloading a game instead of having to own a stack of game cases, or playing one without having to pay full price for a game that you might not like? That's just about perfect.
Harry Potter (7 days ago)
Ps4 still better
Isaac Mills (7 days ago)
Games On Demand G.O.D
Christopher Fernandez (7 days ago)
WoT!, WoT!, WoT! ШФЯLD ФF TДИКS!!!!!!
Christopher Fernandez (7 days ago)
Rida Sbaiti (7 days ago)
Is that even a comparison, it’s obvious that Xbox services are way better than PS services. The Gamepass membership has alot of triple A titles that you’d never see on a PS membership in 10 years. Only what PS excels with is its exclusive games as i’d say they’re the best.
Noel John G. Quezon (7 days ago)
Don't have Nintendo Switch game pass.
Brady Snyder (7 days ago)
Why do we have to pay to play online when all the so called free games are kind of crap and lets say you just want to play call of duty with your friends you now have to pay for that in my opinion we have taken a step back if you want to pay for some games fine but pls do not mix the to together
Ibrāhīm Arnold (7 days ago)
State of Decay is amazelingtons
seth rollins (7 days ago)
I love SONY
DON TWAN 47 (8 days ago)
I am really loving Xbox game pass It's made everything better Playing all kinds that I wouldn't have
michael majewski (8 days ago)
Physical disks> streaming
scott smith (8 days ago)
Nope. (8 days ago)
Pfft, xbox and playstation fanboys,be a real gamer and get a gameboy color with 69k graphics
CrVeTroller (8 days ago)
I love xboxs thing you get all the games you could love
MIKEL Celebi (8 days ago)
Whe have now a app for ps4 Ps Now Link
Oscar Perez (9 days ago)
This guys a virgin
No Name (9 days ago)
I am not a fan of streaming or downloading, give me a physical disc that I own, no monthly bills necessary
imfnt (9 days ago)
im late to the club but the cool thing about game pass is that you can download the xbox play anywhere titles on pc for "free" too which is awesome if you want to play on pc
Armand Jerome (9 days ago)
definitelly Xbox game pass
kevnev007 (9 days ago)
Sony has 52% of the game subscription market compared to Game Pass having 15% for a good reason. Many more games.
Ricardo Andrade (9 days ago)
52% of the market is psnow and 15% is gamepass! What service is better?
ThomasTDI (10 days ago)
Do u know what games on gold is lol
Domino_Emery (10 days ago)
Sly cooper. Lol
Jansz v (10 days ago)
Xbox also has ea access
Cailou has Ligma (10 days ago)
Xbox game pass Victory Royale
*insert triggered PS4 and XBOX ONE fanboys here*
Spyros Goupe (10 days ago)
ps4 is the best
L M (11 days ago)
PSN Now has 51% of total revenue for game streaming services. Gamepass was dead last.
Lauren (11 days ago)
A realy wan t to play gta iv , killzone 1,2,3 and resistance series but i can t becouse PlayStation 4 but i still have ps3 so...
Reaper (11 days ago)
The only thing Xbox is doing better imo I love ps now but ffs add some better games Sony
Marcus Trey (12 days ago)
People actually argue over if ps4 or Xbox is better but don’t use computers 😆😆 y’all are teammates
Izaiah Sanchez (12 days ago)
Wait but on xbox 360 they gave us free games for having gold and on ps3 they didnt cause ps plus was free on ps3 so xbox had the game giving before but both are good consoles
Lunar312 (12 days ago)
You lost me when you said “I like to use WiFi with my PlayStation “ lol what?
SHREDDER C. (13 days ago)
Lol 100 games? Playstation has 1246 games 😎🙄🖕
The PickleRick (13 days ago)
I like both of them
Vera V (13 days ago)
TBH Microsoft and Sony needs to make a system together
*Cory in the closet* (13 days ago)
And the winner is! Steam!
Jason Kornas (13 days ago)
Xbox wins all the way
Emilio Salinas (14 days ago)
Crackdown 3 lol
This Guy Right Here (14 days ago)
And they say Xbox has no games lmao
This Guy Right Here (9 days ago)
+No Name But that is also clearly bullshit 🤔
No Name (9 days ago)
No, they say it has no exclusives
Dapo MillerOvO (14 days ago)
Xbox is for kids / grown men that live in there moms basement ...ps4 is for men who work and have a life
Although the fact that u can actually get a copy of PS4 exclusives on PC while with Microsoft i can play my Xbox games because of play anywhere but while still being a loyal fan of Microsoft I still can Play Spider-Man without getting a PlayStation. U just gotta know the way 😎
hector gomez (14 days ago)
Can’t get enough Falcon content 💪💪💪
hiitoast242 (14 days ago)
I have a solution to end the toxicity of the gamers easy Xbox has better accessibility while PlayStation has amazing single player games Xbox has amazing multiplayer games. Hell I’m a PlayStation and Nintendo player but all of the consoles are equal.
Terrencify (15 days ago)
As a die hard playstation player, but I do own all consoles and gamepass is by far the best. Sony is just idk.
Stormchet (15 days ago)
They made dark souls 2 for next gen 😡
Techno Games (15 days ago)
Xbox all the way
rowena dayag (15 days ago)
Oh yeah we have marvel spiderman
Thoed Essay813 (16 days ago)
Xbox game pass, over everything!
ROSE OF BEAR PUGS (16 days ago)
lol got an xbox ad
I actually really like Xbox Game Pass I just don't play on my Xbox that much.
PlayStation sucks
Porcelain Army (16 days ago)
I'm a ps4 user that just bought a one x to play horizon 4 and RDR2..... Game pass is a brilliant service and great value. Couldn't ask for more for €10 a month!
Radio 1457 (16 days ago)
If only Nintendo did this then I could have it all
nathan habu (17 days ago)
You don’t talked about the nes library of Nintendo
Nalva Blue (17 days ago)
I don't know about everyone one else but, I'd like to take the game that I own and will own until the disc breaks and stick said disc inside of my ps4 and play the game. End of story, sure having a library of games you can complete/demo (Depending on how much time you have to beat the game or money you're willing to spend for more time to beat said game) but there is no way of putting every single game on the console meaning games that are beloved but not as popular by the majority are simply unusable on the product you're buying? on the supposedly upgraded version of your previous system yet it can't even do was something your older system could? Honestly this is the biggest problem consoles will ever have, because unlike them PC users can always get a game that was made for the PC (I am not a PC gamer so if I'm wrong it's because I'm misinformed on the subject) am aware everyone understands this fact and probably do not care but I just had to make this comment, to vent really.
Ansis Davids (17 days ago)
Game pass is great giveaway for just 10 eur
Runic Sage (18 days ago)
Why buy a game pass for something that has no games?
Xurus (18 days ago)
Xbox has every last generation call of duty. Argument over.
Doom_To_All (18 days ago)
I think Xbox and PlayStation should make ONE superior Console.
Steve White (18 days ago)
Two words consoles sucks why dont u just buy a pc and play any game u want only exlusive ones that it
Gucci Malcs (18 days ago)
Game pass sucks. They have some good games in there but most of them are shitty
Umar Niazi (18 days ago)
Can someone explain to me how PS NOW is inferior because last time I checked , you can download games on PS NOW but majority xbox fans are saying we like to play games which can be downloaded ?
Umar Niazi (18 days ago)
So people are saying Xbox game pass is better even though it can`t stream games which PS NOW can and has less games than PS NOW ?
Umar Niazi (18 days ago)
And I thought that Xbox was gonna dominate Sony in cloud since I heard about no playstation stream project but it turns out Sony was already focusing on it with PS NOW . I know Project X will be good but atleast Sony won`t be much behind as they are already in the works .
Thought Criminal (18 days ago)
Ps now is trash!
Phuzion1 (19 days ago)
Much as PS pisses me off, I can't fault PSNow. To be honest the streaming didn't give me any problems but the download is a nice option. Streaming did lag a tiny bit every now and then but so do my physical games. The odd frame drop doesn't bother me. It's not the end of the world.
Adem Hasani (19 days ago)
Do they add every month new games on ps now? Does anyone know that?
SepticScyther 77 (19 days ago)
The game pass is way better
michael Fuller (19 days ago)
If only Microsoft acquires Riot to allow League of Legends to be played on the Xbox one. Sales would sky rocket!
The Dinkles (19 days ago)
This vid was uploaded on my birthday
Smash King (20 days ago)
But project x seems wlvery cool for xbox.... Idk yet

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