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Everything Wrong With Ferdinand In 16 Minutes Or Less

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Ferdinand. It's not bad. It's kind of fun. Certainly more worthy of its Oscar nomination than Boss Baby. But whatever... here are its sins. Thursday: Something adventure-y. Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?! Podcast: http://soundcloud.com/cinemasins Sins Video Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wy-v4c4is-w&list=PLMWfZxj1nTkQBy4AeRGG4xH5d2IIApNPj Tweet us: http://twitter.com/cinemasins Reddit with us: http://reddit.com/r/cinemasins Tumble us: http://cinema-sins.tumblr.com Call us: 405-459-7466 Jeremy's book: http://theablesbook.com
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Text Comments (5189)
DO THE CAPITAIN UNDERPANTS MOVIE NEXT! Recommend giving it 15 to 25 sins
Something Cool (11 hours ago)
How did he call his own style of joke a sin
Melblueyes (15 hours ago)
Ok for the bull in the china shop sin asking "What shop owner would display their glassware like this?" I sadly know a shop owner who has their dishware and show and has all their items like this. So it is a realistic, STUPID but realistic type of shop. And its in South Carolina. That is all.
the elite wolf (18 hours ago)
Earth (22 hours ago)
john cena jumped his way to a train, thru plates, damn...damn john....
8:37 cowlick
Charleton Basham (1 day ago)
+ 1 win cause I almost ate moldy bread while watching this.
mgunter (1 day ago)
Hay the Penguins were actually funny.
Jowie Niel Dizon (1 day ago)
Nakakatawa na pangalan ni guapo ay guapo talaga guapo batalaga
Лимончик (2 days ago)
3:26 that’s the guy from LILO AND STITCH
Ryan Wright (2 days ago)
Extra sin (even though this movie has grown on me): Do animated movies not know how real bullfighting works. This and the Book of Life used it as a main point but never did any traditional bullfighting. I guess someone must have known but just didn't explain all of it for the sake of the audience. Seriously look up, it gruesome.
Jamal Robinson (3 days ago)
I watch the movie and thought 💭 they did NOT FULLY THINK THIS MOVIE THROUGH. So I came here to see if ppl saw what I saw, I agree with 90% of the sins.
crazy_ant 007 (3 days ago)
Why I watch these vids Tiny free movie
TheMentalGuy Y (3 days ago)
I actually have the book that this movie is based on
Daddy Long Potatolegs (4 days ago)
i expected a sin on the fact that their nose and mouth looks like a face on its own
beexter nibbus (4 days ago)
It makes no sense the machine that was supposed to kill the bull was stoped by a an iron rod that should have fallen beacause the maching smashes and then opens so when it opened it should have let the metal bar down and then squicshed again killing the bull
The llama lord (4 days ago)
He lied, it’s 16 minutes long
JustANormalGuy (4 days ago)
Bulls in bullfighting are stabbed in the back to weaken their neck, and the bull will collapse from exhaustion and will be killed and fed to the poor.
Jayce Quick (4 days ago)
DejaVuu (4 days ago)
donkeykong 64 2 (4 days ago)
2:23 and cinemasins the simpsons would say unbelievable!!!!
Jacob Webber (5 days ago)
I can imagine one of those horses a a cavalry steed *HANZ GET ZE FAMMENWERFER!*
Kraken Cat (5 days ago)
Bull-ies hahahahaha ok
Brandon GT (5 days ago)
Did they remove the part where he got stabbed
Sidney Biggs (6 days ago)
JasonPlays (6 days ago)
Have you noticed that the numbers a the same as the porkypine names
Josh DuPree (6 days ago)
6:50 big hero 6 villian much?
Dan Loren (6 days ago)
how are bullies in a movie a sin?
Allison Dawn (6 days ago)
Wait the sin count is 124/Uno, Dos, Quatro
Paige Twitchell (6 days ago)
Doctor Who!!!!!!!!
Wolf_ gaming (6 days ago)
Taster Bros (6 days ago)
Everything wrong with infinity war.
Any1 eating a apple in any movie is a asshole now wen i see any1 eatin a apple i think theyre assholes lol n now whrn i watch movies i try n find shit wrong wit it lol
Aiden Lopez (6 days ago)
I love this movie
Ninjay 42 (6 days ago)
The sonic the hedghog tunes tho
Choas 480 (6 days ago)
Machina ex machina? Come on you had one job and you messed it up! Deus ex-Machina
-300_- Læmp__ (7 days ago)
um excuse me, but that is *_B R O T H E R I S T_*
8:43 yare yare daze
Stick lord Kami (7 days ago)
The guy in blue did gta aka grand theft auto
Magnus Leuchars (7 days ago)
Also at 8:50 there is a literal cowlick as a hair style
Magnus Leuchars (7 days ago)
Actually the premise of this movie was based off of a childrens book in which a calm yet massive bull gets stung by a bee while sniffing flowers and then goes crazy to get put into a bull fight and gets saved by the crowd because he smells a flower
Nick Bina (8 days ago)
Do Infinity war
Isabella Kerr (8 days ago)
in bull fighting before the fight people would stab the bull to make it weak so the person would win
Drewdafish Boio (8 days ago)
The Hispanic anthem is now despacito but with maximized depression. (Despacito also autocorrects to despair soo....)
*P E N I S E M O J I*
Na B (9 days ago)
beni brine (9 days ago)
I bull-ive the movie was great
Jazzous Doduo (9 days ago)
Seven months have passed and I’ve just now realized that Ferdinand gave the long-haired bull a cow-lick so he could see.
Lukas The vlogger (9 days ago)
Is this movie a fable without a moral?
L Geiger (10 days ago)
Three sins where forgotten. 1. Horse Dab. 2. The freeways in the movie don't exist. 3. Madrid Traffic is not that bad.
Weirdo On YouTube (10 days ago)
"Penis emoji" 😂😂😂😂
1:57 " I'll take good care of you " Rio much?? Anyone agree??
The-Anh Pham (10 days ago)
14:57 oh hi cinco
Sharingus -/l/- (10 days ago)
You forgot to sin the horse dab
JP DM (11 days ago)
4:22 I am almost sure they put the giat to the bulls so that they can kill and calm the fuck down, for as much as I know
Rob Bob (11 days ago)
No sin for the dating horses. That made me blind for 12 days, and you don’t give it 1 sin?!
Sly Cooper (12 days ago)
Best idea Don Flamenco vs Ferdinand bet it for one like if your going for Don Flamenco or Ferdinand
jako2820 jako2820 (12 days ago)
Are you NOT going to mention or even include the fact that the hourses dabbed in the movie
Ethan Curr (12 days ago)
6:23 WARNING: SIN MISSED German horses!
Green Alert (13 days ago)
I really expected this movie to end by all the bulls becoming a happy meal and it turns out to be a McDonald's ad
Addison Schneider (14 days ago)
Strange and sort of funny things me and my friend found out, cover Ferdinad's eyes and pretend the nose holes are eyes and you wont be able to unsee it
Nishan Gurung (14 days ago)
Well this is bull-SHIT
Twilight Star (15 days ago)
6 mins ago this was uploaded.
Akwolf06 (16 days ago)
Add 5964688896347908547890 more sins for the fact that they ruined one of my favorite story books that my mother read to me as a child. *DINNNNNG!*
Cars457 gaming/stuff (16 days ago)
And I doubt if anyone get this cause I know some car history the car kinda looks like a Ferrari 250GT And since he fall onto it and broke it kinda reminds me how Lamborghini first thing he did was modified his Ferrari 250GT to be better than stock which inspires him to turn his tractor brand into a exotic car brand that kick a very good amount of Ferrari's buttocks :D
Cars457 gaming/stuff (16 days ago)
10:47 (BTW is the time stamp)
Helix Majora (16 days ago)
The bee part wasn't because they couldn't think of anything else, it was based off the book.
Commander Cody (17 days ago)
The sin tally uno dose and Quadra lol we do not speak of tres
You should’ve done 5 points for the horses dabbing G O D
Amy Glick (18 days ago)
A bull depending on the breed they take about three or two years to grow to adult size
Tina Omeara (19 days ago)
Well at least it's not hotel transilvainia or the emoji movie or teen titans go
tacocats r cool (19 days ago)
The one friend that has the weird laugh 4:35
Natalie Moenning (19 days ago)
The book’s cover is **👌muah** perfect physics
Felipe Rico (19 days ago)
Well Sins, you’re becoming a Taurus Bull who doesn’t want to change everything to be ruined and just a stubborn sinner who this movie to be stable. I guess you want Ferdinand to be a clever animated movie than being rubbish. Be brave bull.
That Meme (20 days ago)
Sentence: Open Season 5 : Some Bullshit with a Bear.....and a Bull
1k subs with no vids? (20 days ago)
Inferno Guy (20 days ago)
Joe'al Cunningham (23 days ago)
And 50 sins for the horses dabing ba screw it 50,000,000,000,000156 sins for the horses dabing
Joe'al Cunningham (23 days ago)
Taco TheChubbyLizard (23 days ago)
the sins line up with the characters uno, dos and quatro
Gacha_ Love (24 days ago)
At least we know that you don’t live in Spain, right?
Jutta Maier (24 days ago)
Like 99% before, the children's book is actually sweet, the movie is rubbish, abd does not follow the original storyline.
Frances Wildgen (24 days ago)
2:35 maybe he swallowed a caterpillar a week ago and the butterfly is a different one completely
Caleb Scooby doo (24 days ago)
Fast food nation
Sensei (24 days ago)
A Kirkendall (24 days ago)
Your talking about all the stupid shit
Pat Patsworld (24 days ago)
I always wonder why Lupe was with the side of Ferdinand, and not with the horses... I mean, calming Goats are for horses right? Or she's just there for shits and giggles?
well the question for me is .. where are the moms???
Resold Baby (26 days ago)
But....fifth harmony
Rosie Johnson (27 days ago)
12:43 Cars 3 was an AWFUL movie. Why do you think referencing it makes your movie at all better?
Becca Sertic (27 days ago)
Jesus, they have an angry Scottish character named Angus? I think a lot less of David Tennant now.
Ateyofries Gaming (28 days ago)
Video: 15 mins or less Name: 16 mins or less
Gamer-Vision Studios (28 days ago)
*Bull dance wars*
one man wolf pack (29 days ago)
Do cats and dogs the movie
y u sad (30 days ago)
Actually enjoyed the movie. Sure a lot of things seemed impossible but it's a fictional children's movie.. At least it's an original movie and not another darn remake.
THE LAST GODZILLA (30 days ago)
🍅 🍅 🥕
Justin Mierau (30 days ago)
You missed that they wouldn’t recognize him by his color and face even though they saw him the previous year
Justin Mierau (30 days ago)
She named him Ferdinand I watched the movie
RoaringFlame 77 (1 month ago)
9:06 No you didn't
Pancake Dinosur (1 month ago)
I thought you would have mentioned the dab that the horses did
SnivyLink (1 month ago)
On the train, it says "Bull Caca" which is Spanish for bullsh*t.
Dylan Hooton (1 month ago)
Actually, Bones would be excellent at CinemaSins.

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