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STEAM Secrets, Tricks And Hidden Games 1080p HD

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Yes, even Valve's STEAM client application has its own Secrets and Hidden Features! Music: Half Life OST: Nuclear Mission Jam The List: 01. Console Secret options, Hidden Progress Achievement and Dev Tools Window 02. Playing Hidden Apps 03. Editing Your Featured Games / Showcase 04. Hidden Games: Codename Gordon + Spacewar HIDDEN APP VALUES: Greenlight: 765 SteamVR: 250820 Steam Cloud: 764 Steam (Client): 753 Steam Music: 258280 Steam Economy: 754 Steam Artwork: 767767 Steam Screenshots: 760 Steam Cloud - Videos: 761 Steam Cloud - User Logs: 764 ValveTestApp200269: 200269 Steam Controller Configs: 241100 Steam Software Beta Access: 218800 Game Library Sharing Access: 248210 Steam Trading Card Beta Access: 202352 Beta Access to the New Steam Community: 202351 Steam Workshop: 766 COMMAND CODE: SetShowcaseConfig(2, X, {appid: Y}) X means game position (from left 0, 1, 2 or 3) Y means AppID Value (Search on STEAM DB site or use any of above app values) HIDDEN GAMES: Codename Gordon: steam://install/92 Spacewar: steam://install/480 CREDITS go to this Steam Guide: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=353244460 Thank you for watching! Stay tuned for more Easter Eggs!
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Text Comments (1234)
İşsiz Oyuncu (14 hours ago)
BigFatLord 74 (2 days ago)
FBI open up
NovelPancake (11 days ago)
WhEeZy - PG3D (11 days ago)
Codename Gordon Is Half Life 69 This Just Joke
Hanna Borkulak (20 days ago)
If you need to grab the technique to generate codes you only want to find " *pranaholistico steam* " in Google or Yahoo. :)
Dajilan (22 days ago)
TheAntosiek (22 days ago)
Ty jesteś z Polski bo w 2:47 jest po polsku te okno start np. Kalendarz a nie calendar
i can't make console plz help
hehe he (24 days ago)
This hidden games work.
SHRECC (24 days ago)
Ribbons0121 R121 (28 days ago)
now do the steam summer sale
Da dancing strawberfy (29 days ago)
2:42 did you see it?
Exploding (29 days ago)
Can u get banned
Elixer YT (29 days ago)
make a video abaout playing games without downloading it on steam
Habate (29 days ago)
Never heard of a game called upbg 🤔🤔
Ariel Exe (1 month ago)
fbi open up
TehCooler place (1 month ago)
everybody listen the dev console not work ikd is fake or not but it not work
Rafie gaming (1 month ago)
7:29 HALF-LIFE 3?
The Ascendant (1 month ago)
Hate to tell you this, but all that can be done by copy steam profile links and paste to chrome, then inspect element and replay as edited. Steam cannot patch that, they do not own it.
letro gaming HD (1 month ago)
The steam console thing oh oh fake console ha ha ha i just tried it out
or they FIXED it or its he just has a special shortcut
CkaDier (1 month ago)
this video nearly has 666666 views lol
Zulfan Falah (1 month ago)
666k viewers....
Omq (1 month ago)
codename gordon is basically just hl2 in 2d?
Jesse Trap (1 month ago)
Lol, on the top right corner on 9:25 is a folder named "Don't look at this folder"
Daniel Videnov (1 month ago)
If I write “noclip” will my pc fly out of the room?
Zulfan Falah (1 month ago)
Daniel Videnov lol
MiD0 - PlayZ (1 month ago)
Idk Why But I Was Always Scared Of The Half Life Song Even Back In CS 1,6 Some Zombie Mode Servers Had Theese Sounds And I Was So Terrified.
RubyMadness76 (1 month ago)
steam chat
TehCooler place (1 month ago)
idk why the dev console not work for me
Walet 059 (1 month ago)
N.S.F.L.G (not safe for lord gaben):v
Jakizon (1 month ago)
What if F6 is not working
Calcio Champagne (1 month ago)
the first dosent work with me
FraggerNut (1 month ago)
Music was creepy af
bojo bg (1 month ago)
man for this trick i got banned on steam for 2 days but now i know this trick work
SingingintheDark (1 month ago)
you meant hidden game as in singular not plural, you just show one hidden game, the rest is all nothing anyone will ever use for anything. you used hidden games in title to get views, I call clickbait.
Oradion (1 month ago)
App record
Poop Star (1 month ago)
Fot team fortress 2
pieseł (1 month ago)
Jesteś polakiem?
Potato OfNarnia (2 months ago)
Doesnt work with new steam reboot
Mcsteveberry (2 months ago)
plz add commentary, its not 2010
Melissa Diamond (2 months ago)
Can't We Get Banned By Using Those?
Štěpán Háva (2 months ago)
3:31 who else checked it? :D
Syahrul Amari (2 months ago)
Seriously if Gabe watch this he literally banned you forever
orangeapples (2 months ago)
who else accidently clicked space at 2:41
Reaper On Drugs (2 months ago)
that console is used by devs to tweak the client. In our hands it's useless
liam froeschle (2 months ago)
i cant use space war well i can but i cant do anything but wish the buttons worked
ThIsZephen (2 months ago)
I'll try :D
DoPe 2 (2 months ago)
Nice , Killing Floor 2 backround
Lego game Unboxer (2 months ago)
Hi kapci26 in momo horor game I found steam easter egg can you make video about this ?
Pizeled 159 (2 months ago)
Do team fortress two if you haven’t already
Rino Takashi (2 months ago)
MRHOUNDEYEcz (2 months ago)
I will use value for 'upbg'
şeval kahya (2 months ago)
is codename gordon free
Kyochan (2 months ago)
I accidentally put the console
Kyochan (2 months ago)
And i want to remove it
CatGamer (2 months ago)
Kacpi...? Jesteś polakiem?
voicelessscooby (2 months ago)
the steam appid one isn't working
Zombi Crankz (2 months ago)
Dont work at all
Rodar Pl (2 months ago)
Ty z Polski?
Tuna LP (2 months ago)
Nice, you play TF2
Bedolayk HD (2 months ago)
Codename:Gordon system requirements pls :D
¡Axel Gonzalez! (2 months ago)
Half life song ♡
tyler herbord (2 months ago)
codename gordan is half life 3 lol
Deep Invaders (2 months ago)
Tudo Sobre Half-Life (2 months ago)
Hello guys today I will show you how to be banned on steam and loose all your games bacause I want
Porjay (2 months ago)
So I can download ava ehh
Likememze ARC (2 months ago)
This didn't work.
Kektuz xd (2 months ago)
9:28 *right up corner, is it p0rn?*
ren (2 months ago)
10min without AdSense
Warhuzer (2 months ago)
Thx now im have BAN!
Giorgio Campolongo (3 months ago)
How do you have that firefox skin?
joe gio (3 months ago)
how did codename gordon made it to gmod
VIRTUAL ESENCE (3 months ago)
i need help, when i type the -dev -console it says that i can't do it
The first one don't work help it say plz correct the path hel
Meatloaf (3 months ago)
Didn't they take Steam Greenlight down? Because otherwise we'd have Underhell on Steam right now!
UnderPowert (3 months ago)
Didnt work with Steam Beta and greenlight think the fix it.
novan2696 (3 months ago)
Why steam whyyyy
AdineX 2 (3 months ago)
maslibo (3 months ago)
Nice, now, on my profile i have Shaow of Tomb Raider 😂
Name Me (3 months ago)
Are u hungarian? Lel
ZFrenks (3 months ago)
Aaaand that's also how you get vac banned on the steam community x)
ярослав заяц (3 months ago)
hidden game for russian steam://install/291480/
ssdgay 123 (3 months ago)
Me properties dosent open help me
Prince Mojahid (3 months ago)
hey kacpi26...please can u hack pubg for me...i want that game..but i dont have money..please..
Šimon Varga (3 months ago)
I thought this is clickbait but it really works
Sage0 (3 months ago)
Hello, im Steam DB
Sonic Power! (3 months ago)
Man, i love me some marathon of Steam Controller Configs. In my opinion, the best game ever.
Chairs tables (3 months ago)
Steam secret till today half life 3
Buraz 223 (3 months ago)
Half life 3 confirmed
Gia Nguyệt ngô (3 months ago)
I an hacker :v
Super Muezzn (3 months ago)
I've already played Codaname Gordon,I had taken its Game ID
Deadzone Dead (3 months ago)
Dont look at the folder?
RUDLA ZAJDA (3 months ago)
raz tabo (3 months ago)
fbi open up!!!!!!!!
Suida Suida Kalatuszek (3 months ago)
7:20 HL3 ??!!
Zakiatical (3 months ago)
i got spacewar on accident
M L G V i d e o s (3 months ago)
f12 doesnt work with me
AJ Games (3 months ago)
*Gimme that Half-Life 3*
_Jezky (3 months ago)
How do u do the Steam Profile glitch where u press a link then it just goes back to ur profile as anyone
Relaxin With Jaxin (3 months ago)
i remember when codename gordon was in the store.
Communist Pootis Birb (3 months ago)
2:07 You have good taste in games my friend.

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