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Dothraki & Drogon VS Lannisters - Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4: The Spoils of War Jaime and Bronn's conversation with Dickon Tarly is interrupted by a massive ambush of Dothraki. Just to make things worse for the Lannisters, Dany arrives riding Drogon and begins setting thing ablaze
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Michael (1 day ago)
Comrades being burned to death by a mythical creature right next to them, yet they keep formation. How much ARE they paying this guys
Beni Habibi (2 days ago)
I hated the dragons in this fight, I just wanted to see how the Dothraki compare to a westerosi army
Varric (2 days ago)
Jaime: “We can hold them off.” Dragon Screams in the background. Jaime: "You had to be fucking kidding me."
Daniel Easterling (3 days ago)
Am I the only one seeing Jaime fight with his right hand.
editorcj (4 days ago)
Not much for screens and pickets this time.
Bob Robertson (4 days ago)
I love it how she burns the supplies instead of the men. Such a classic example of why women should never lead in battle.
thatloose bloke (5 days ago)
Not overly fond of the scene, battle of the Bastards was great, but that Fucking war cry I'd shit bricks.
Alexander Cortez (5 days ago)
After all the bad shit the Lannisters did in the past and most recently what they did to Highgarden, this scene is so satisfying. I don't feel sorry for them at all.
Berk Tuna (6 days ago)
this reminds me Zulu's final attack except winner of battle.
John Vatatzes (6 days ago)
Hernán Uliana (6 days ago)
I'm still have chills when Drogon appears.
Lew24Afc (6 days ago)
Still think a prepared Lannister army would destroy the Dothraki minus the dragon
Tipu Miniter (7 days ago)
7:05 Jamie’s they’ve switched his gold hand to the left arm wtf😂
sputnikalgrim (7 days ago)
This show is AMAZING! Watched from start to finish 4 times already. Season 1-7 all amazing
Travis O (7 days ago)
Still think it would be better if she had Godzilla and rode in on him instead lmao
Dominik Potaś (7 days ago)
In the end I don't know which hand Jaime lost ? Because in this video I saw him fighting with right hand or something I miss ? :)
Demyan Rudenko (7 days ago)
"Get back to Kings Landing!" kinda gets to me every time, Bronn is willing to stay and fight himself, but he sees that they're fucked, and sees bigger picture for his friend's (Jaime's) family, that Jaime must survive and deliver info.
Elizabeth Alonso (8 days ago)
Love my dragooooo and 👸🏼
RAMMSTONE (8 days ago)
Life would have been shit house in the Middle Ages, unless you had land, money & a lot of influence. But then you'd be a target. The pomp as boy king was so annoying. He was perfect for the part. I enjoyed watching him die. It must cost heaps to make this series.
Marilyn Peeples (9 days ago)
Seeing the Dothraki stand on their saddles, all the while using their bows & arrows - MORE accurately — cannot. be called anything except “BAD ASS” !!
Boris (9 days ago)
Jaime: "We can hold them off." Narrator: "They could, in fact, NOT hold them off."
DaManBearPig (10 days ago)
at 1:56 my heart rate jumped to 200 bpm because I knew I was going to finally see what the whole world has been waiting for for 7 years.
Marc Callao Martínez (10 days ago)
Vengence for the Tyrells
Hendri Schoeman (10 days ago)
The Dothraki are insanely good fighters for me to fight along side them would be an honor
Renee Barrantes (11 days ago)
I like how Daenerys rides into battle with her men and doesn't just sit back
Sue Burgess (11 days ago)
Savages WIN!!
Michael Nyamute Jr. (11 days ago)
KINGhotaru11 (13 days ago)
the discipline on lannister soldiers tho.. after seeing all this n still fighting wow
BlueCHEEZE 136 (13 days ago)
Joe Chudleigh (13 days ago)
My two favourite teams duking it out. LANISTERS would do a better job if they were fully recovered and rested
Marilou Salvana (13 days ago)
Goose bumps!!!
william super (15 days ago)
6:11 fail! Jaime right hand is cut not left hand,they fucked up with details lol..
william super (15 days ago)
2:36 jaime left hand was cut??WTF GoT made a mistake in this scene lol look closely
william super (15 days ago)
3:02 rofl they indeed made a mistake wasnt the right hand that got cut off?His golden hand is left wtf?
Charles Croley (15 days ago)
Bronn should have said “men shit themselves when they see drogon, didn’t they teach you that at fancy lad school”?
Moist nugget (16 days ago)
As ridiculous as this show is, it sure is fun to watch
muhammad imran rafiq (17 days ago)
Jaime fought valiantly. Worthy of recognition in the archives of the lannister army
epualc (17 days ago)
I want a dragon like that! 🙃
Second Wind (18 days ago)
I see fire
MindAtRest (18 days ago)
Mongols were the most feared war machine ever.... Even though the dothraki are inspired by the mongol horde....the real Mongols would have butchered them with sheer strategy....
Alexander Kale (17 days ago)
Well, you cant really compare a real life mongol strategist against a showrunner who decides things for the rule of cool. The Dothraki tactics in this episode are beyond stupid... ^.^
sssr98 (18 days ago)
Amazing spectacle but a huge waste of needed supplies for your starving army of Dothraki. Capture of enemy supply in foreign territory is such a big boon and a leader should have known that.
surabhi chavan (19 days ago)
Jaime's horse has got some cool bangs 😎
Internet Freaks (19 days ago)
Brady Taylor (19 days ago)
Jesus, I never get tired of that shot at 4:09
American Made (19 days ago)
-Dickon -Hehehe
Unpretentious Wind (19 days ago)
yes battle of high garden another fight that will never see as the first battle in the Riverlands that Jaime got fucked right in the pussy game of bullshiet
casawi1986 (19 days ago)
4:19 best sound.
PolliitoAle (20 days ago)
5:33 when they all lift themselves in the horses at the same time. Probably.best moment for me in all 7 seasons
Drogon 87 (20 days ago)
this was great. I would have like to see all three dragon come as well
Brynnan Ashton (20 days ago)
20 years from now this scene will still give me chills.
Mustbe Venus (20 days ago)
How does Bronn not have an Emmy/Golden Globe?
elnumbrotres (20 days ago)
Drogon op. Plz nerf
Hennessy Ebua (21 days ago)
I always get goosebumps everytime I watch this proud moment
s8n my dude (21 days ago)
horses don't trample corpses like that and won't run through fire
Robert Clifton (22 days ago)
The Lannisters could have won that one except the dotharaki had a and Dragon!
Ray Arthey (22 days ago)
Ok... I know what I need to know... two words, Fla and dracarys... gimme my dragons 😂😂😂😂... 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿
Dalibor Krajinovic (22 days ago)
sam nelson (22 days ago)
They are lucky Khal Drogo isn't still alive...
Elainianwolf (22 days ago)
at 0:55 Did anyone else notice that Dickon's horse changed color in the next shot? I can't tell if it's a color correction mistake or if he's riding a completely different horse XD
beatonthedonis47 (22 days ago)
Shoulda sung Men of Harlech.
Mati khorasani (22 days ago)
The Dothraki battle strategy was so bad that without the dragons the Lannister soldiers would have most probably won this battle. No. 1 rule of medieval warfare: Never charge head on towards a spear wall.
Berkan Kuruy (21 days ago)
Nope.Dothraki battle strategy suck but they have more numbered.In this fight Lannister Army had maximum 5000 soldier.Dothraki numbers so much that.Probably 50.000.If Drogon isnt in this war Lannisters fight well too.But they cant win.
Michael Solis (23 days ago)
Damn she’s so hot when she’s roasting people alive
rainbowsixODST (23 days ago)
“Those fuckers are about to swamp us!”
Leticia Lefevre (23 days ago)
O nome do cara é dick on? 😂
Dr Fooy99 (24 days ago)
Should of listen to Lord Tarly...lines got to stretch, and they got out flank by a more mobile army
ZhengIsRight (24 days ago)
Why does the Reach look like Arizona with a bit more green?
challenger william (25 days ago)
number 1 rule of battle, never piss-off a girl who has dragons! yuk yuk yuk.
Fc (25 days ago)
I wonder how the battle would have went if there was no dragons here
Lightingwarrior (17 days ago)
Judging by how spread out the Lannister/Tarly army was and the fact that the Dothraki outnumbered them, I think the battle would have still ended with the same result. The only difference being that the Dothraki would have suffered more loses than they did here. The Lannister/Tarly might have stood a better chance had they more concentrated and formed into a square or schiltron-like formation they might have stood a better chance
Coding in Flow (25 days ago)
I've never watched this scene without gooseumps
Professor. Moriarty (26 days ago)
Jamie: aye they're wankers, we can hold them off!! Just a bit doggy Dragon: morning lads!!!
pietro scelfo (26 days ago)
Clumsy use of tactical air support.
Saumitra Kulkarni (26 days ago)
If not for Drogon, the Lannister army would’ve won. A well equipped Westerosi army can beat the shit out of a Dothraki army way bigger than its size. “Only a fool would meet the Dothraki in an open field.” dumbest thing ever said on the show. The Dothraki are only protected by the plot armor and of course, Drogon. If Ser Arthur Dayne was up against three Khal Drogos, I’d put my money on Dayne, even if he’s fighting them while taking a piss.
Jocke B (26 days ago)
Obsidian Wolf (26 days ago)
this is really a dumb strategy they said that house Tarly is the brilliant military/Strategist house but Look at this they fight the Dothraki on the open field not on a hill in the background 2:13 the dothraki is far away from attacking the lannister army they have enough time to defend on that hill the army is important not the loot the dothraki will lost alot of warriors but of course they can't beat the dragon but hey this is a costly defeat for the lannister (i played too much total war maybe i shall take a break sorry for the rant and sorry i'm not good at english)
utchiha madara (26 days ago)
shit season shitty cgi and a shitload of bad acting
jirawat sannoi (27 days ago)
*Dothraki shows up* We might got a chance *Drogon shows up* We re going to die
Andrew Sweeney (27 days ago)
What a sad excuse for a spear wall.
Espen Elshaug Øye (27 days ago)
I thought Jamie lost his right hand? In this clip it seems like he lost his left hand. 6:11 #Moviefails
LovelyGamer115 (27 days ago)
I’ve never even seen an episode of game of thrones yet this scene still looks epic.
Or Not (27 days ago)
I wish she had been like this during the entire season. Maybe in the next one, maybe maybe, maybe.
Joanne Marshall (27 days ago)
Is it me or does dickon just after the dragon hit look like Dermot O’Leary when he’s about to announce the x-factor results l😂
quan le (28 days ago)
when a try hard free to play gamer meet a premium membership rick fucking bitch player.
Zack Rush (28 days ago)
Wait what. Jamie lost his right hand. Not his left one. Look when he says he can’t shoot with one hand, he holds up his left hand and draws his sword with his right. LUL
smnoy23 (28 days ago)
You gotta give the Dothraki credit: they’ve bred the first horses who are completely fearless when it comes to massive walls of fire
Varric (2 days ago)
The Dothraki had another credit: they've train their horses to not being scared when a dragon is nearby.
Stannis The Mannis (3 days ago)
*Hold the line!* How exactly is one supposed to hold the line against a fucking dragon that's got wings and breathes fire haha.
SSchithFoo (12 days ago)
Yet they are scared of the sea
Rasendor (16 days ago)
The Roman horses in Gladiator were the first ones jajajaajja
Mia Allen (28 days ago)
i was so glad to see randyll burn.. so satisfying
Linda Sanchez (28 days ago)
I love the dothraki. They will fuck those white walkers UP!
Vick Menon (28 days ago)
That dragon is a freaking A10 Warthog
David (29 days ago)
Am i the only one that noticed Jaime got back his right hand?
Juan Andres (29 days ago)
cobra kai es mejor
without the help of the dragoons, it would be easy win for the lannisters
valarmorghulis (1 month ago)
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau deserves an emmy. I love tyrion and Peter Dinklage but Nikolaj deserved it more this season
Lirike Az-Dreugi (1 month ago)
I guess there is some teamkills in Dotraki side by the dragon xD
Mr. (1 month ago)
alestorcrowley (1 month ago)
Man, this scene makes you wonder how they'd be portray the "Field of Fire". When the Targaryen's ride dragons into battle, armies are basically useless...
Josh Sumner (1 month ago)
Dragon op pls nerf
David Pagwiwa (1 month ago)
This part gets me hyped up....
AJtheAggravated (1 month ago)
*Destroys wagons of gold*
Daenerys Targaryen (1 month ago)
Simplemente se me para !!!’ El corazón obviamente. Ajaja Me encanta !!!!!!❤️🤟🏻
bulldozer9103 (1 month ago)
I hate how they did this battle with the sad music and if I’m not mistaken was this episode called “Spoils of War”? The first time we see the Lannisters lose they tried to make it all sad like gtfo fuck the Lannisters
waseem khan (1 month ago)
His name is Dickon lol 😂,
Robert Mac (1 month ago)
Who needs a Warthog and BRRRT, BRRRT, BRRRT when you've got Dragons!

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