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Dothraki & Drogon VS Lannisters - Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4: The Spoils of War Jaime and Bronn's conversation with Dickon Tarly is interrupted by a massive ambush of Dothraki. Just to make things worse for the Lannisters, Dany arrives riding Drogon and begins setting thing ablaze
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annabelle (1 hour ago)
not gonna lie, horses being stabbed/killed is probably the hardest thing to watch from the show
Lecardead 7 (20 hours ago)
Damn i hate those savages
2:00 "Earthquake!" "No captain. Battle formations"
tolkien11 (1 day ago)
Why would they destroy supplies? That was stupid!
Jimmy A (4 days ago)
The retards didn't even bother to claim the high ground or at least put scouts upon it.
gimpinmypants (4 days ago)
It took the entire Tyrell fortune to pay off the kingdom's debt. That's a hell of a shopping spree.
Gana McG (4 days ago)
Any army that beholds a weapon like a dragon, the white flag should be waved, game over!
Carl Wilson (5 days ago)
When the Dragon shows up is the most dynamic scene in 7 seasons
ilham imanov (5 days ago)
jaime`s faceee
Ntu2ko Navy (5 days ago)
This is mirrored and it bothered me throughout the whole thing
meyus lord (5 days ago)
As it turns out Robert's fear of Dothraki was unfounded IMO. Without Dragon and with a proper formation ect Lannisters might have repelled them here. They would not have a chance against Westeros during Robert's reign. Even Daenerys has a hard time finding support in Westeros. Nobody with some sense would support Viserys
Connor Calder (4 days ago)
But this wasn't all the Dothraki and they didn't exactly sustain heavy losses against a sizeable well armed force in an area where they couldnt surround them, In truly open combat in an open field so 2 armies riding at each other. Which is something he would eventually have to do because the dothraki would slaughter every town they came across until eventually they were forced to meet them in an open field. Hhich is why he was afraid because a real commander like Rhaegar would have known not to be hasty and draw them out to an area that is advantageous for you because open combat against dothraki is a death sentence. He was also afraid because some houses could have remained loyal to The targaryens but he didnt know either way, especially with the way the rebellion ended. He also didnt know much about Viserys or Dany, he feared the effect of someone like Rhaegar who was beloved by the people returning with an army of Dothraki at his back, he didnt know that neither of them were actually like Rhaegar. The reason they sustained as many losses as they did is because Daenerys was petulant and rushed into combat when she isnt a general and has no military experience.
The Blender (6 days ago)
How did 362 people find themselves at this part of this episode of this season of this show just to dislike it?
Aaron Menzo (6 days ago)
Paul Thien Lam (6 days ago)
Surprise Dickon didnt pee off his pant when hearing the dragon's roar.
guillaume Mzl (6 days ago)
361 lannister's guards didnt like the video
A. Sulejmani (6 days ago)
Daenerys Targaryen destroyed them here, Jaime, Cersei and their armies the entire Lannister army.
slojoe58 (7 days ago)
This is reversed.
Frodo Baggins (7 days ago)
Jaime swung with his right hand at the end there.
Frodo Baggins (3 days ago)
tbeller80 is it for real?
tbeller80 (4 days ago)
Video is reversed.
Emily BJ (8 days ago)
Drogon knows how to make a grand entrance
Storm Child (8 days ago)
Only a fool would meet the Dothraki in an open field..
Jeremiah Mushtaq (8 days ago)
Oh man, forgot how gruesome and intense this shit was
DJZapper123 (8 days ago)
I love Jamie
Chichopuente (8 days ago)
I love the way they show how terrifying would be to face a dragon on the battlefield. Even the most experienced and cruel soldiers become disorganized and fearful
justin adams (8 days ago)
Sorry Jaime and Bronn I love you guys but the Lannister army fucking sucks.
Sjekje1 (8 days ago)
IIIN LIIIIINNEEEEE NOWWWWWWW, i love that the way he says it. :D
Bryan Max (9 days ago)
when u spawn on the losing team gettinf slaughtered in bf1
Riicho Bamin (9 days ago)
Why is Jaime using his right hand to weild the sword ?
Repins Watson (9 days ago)
3:53 that fucker on the left shaking, phenomenal actor.
ItsChopsMF (10 days ago)
Watching Bronn laugh at Dickon Tarley simply saying his name will never cease to make me laugh.
Just Reema. (10 days ago)
1 year ago!!!😩😩♥️♥️♥️
Fredrick Kirk (10 days ago)
Death 💀 from above
Diana Troy (10 days ago)
I got a lady-boner when I watched this scene the first time. It made me jump off to my feet and scream in excited celebration when drogon came onto the battlefield.
Diana Troy (10 days ago)
Muszy gotcha.
Muszy (10 days ago)
Diana Troy but thats not how guys get their boner but ok. You are just excited mam
Douglas Scott McCarron (11 days ago)
why to ruin a video with pop ups
M Haynes (11 days ago)
I didn't notice until now. Jaime's right hand should be the gold one, not the left. They messed up bad. 😩
M Haynes (10 days ago)
Herbert Erdferkel thanks
Herbert Erdferkel (10 days ago)
This clip has swaped sides to avoid copyright bot, so they didnt mess up and its ok for those watching the correct sources.
Raj Singh (11 days ago)
I think Bravoses are best fighter then Dothraki
Mr Hideous Director (11 days ago)
Guys love this clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giCIk86zsk0
Sharon Mynes (11 days ago)
This is why you do not meddle in the affairs of dragons. Because you are crunchy, and good with ketchup.
Jennifer Wilson (11 days ago)
Where can I watch this series from the U.K.? (From the beginning)
Juan Paolo Datu (11 days ago)
I'm honestly concerned by the fact the most brilliant strategists in Westeros thought a thin line two men deep with a spear maybe 1.5 meters or 2 meters long was going to hold down a cavalry charge. The impact would never be blunted with a formation two ranks deep, and those spears would never be the deterrent a true pike would be to horsemen. What were they thinking.
Ihsan Kaan Mutlu (7 days ago)
It was stated that the force fighting there was the "tail end" of the convoy. This forced them to spread out thin to try and cover all sides of the charge plus they were ambushed not having the equipment required to fight off cavalry just equipment​ to fight off soldiers at high garden.
Jack Connor (12 days ago)
Air force in medieval times.
Philips Link (12 days ago)
Nerf pls,much much OP
dm. olg. (12 days ago)
Watching this moment I was thinking how much times ser Jamie would have fucked these barbarians and their leader without dragons
MrChrilz968 (12 days ago)
Dracarys got my goosebumps running wild like the Dothraki
Gromph Baenre (12 days ago)
Jaime is missing the wrong hand.
Herbert Erdferkel (10 days ago)
nope, its just wrong sided video here to trick the YT copyright bot
sajib sjb (12 days ago)
Introduction of Drogon, surprise motherfuckers
Jason Gast (13 days ago)
One of the best scenes in tv history
samuel kamau (13 days ago)
Rickon... Dickon..haahahaha
ztp013 (13 days ago)
a good sarissa pike line in box formation with 3 to 5 balista squads(preferably not manned by storm troopers) in the middle, will make dany's army look like suicidal clowns.
Sebastian Parada (14 days ago)
Muszy, suck my cock for puttin you stupid picture at the the end of the video, what a great waste of time. you screwed the whole video u stupid
Sebastian Parada (1 day ago)
are u kidding me u fucking retard? hahahaha dont put SHIT in the videos u fking moron
Muszy (14 days ago)
Sebastian Parada subscribe to me u fuck face if u want that thing removed
Sebastian Parada (14 days ago)
stupid advising at the last of the video, dont see this shit
Fenrir (14 days ago)
This is when i started to hate Daenerys.
Becky Loveridge (14 days ago)
Am I the only one who watches this clip to see Drogon fly around and burning stuff?
mjchang (14 days ago)
Khergits VS Rhodoks
Everything Gaming (14 days ago)
Just imagine the conversation between the shield bearers and the spear men in the back Shield dude “Yeah I’m fucked aren’t I” Spear dude “You and me both”
primary son (14 days ago)
Reminds me of napalm in "naaaam" still lost
Victor Polanco (15 days ago)
Could you believe how many racist white people were mad when this episode aired? They were calling Danaerys dirty and foul for having the Doth'raki in her army killing those Westeros soldiers.
Pasan (15 days ago)
Not exactly a techio or a phalanx, like why are the front guy only holding a shield and the back guy a spear? Either give everyone pikes or give everyone spears and shields.
How_V3ryAwful. (15 days ago)
The mongolian horde and a fucking dragon vs a (mostly) conventional army. RIP
Kamil Urgacz (15 days ago)
Why Jaime is fighting with right hand if they cut it?
Adam (14 days ago)
This video has been mirrored lol
Ramiro Olguin (15 days ago)
She can burn me any-day!!!
Dotero Otaku (15 days ago)
Dotero Otaku (15 days ago)
esta escena me gusto tanto qe la vi unas 6 veses , guerras asi me gustan xD
Moon Man (16 days ago)
This is literally Jaime's worst nightmare come true
Luis Barrera (16 days ago)
I hate that bitch and her dragons.
KaregoAt (16 days ago)
It always a fun scene when there's a line of spears meeting a full on fucking stampede. Like sure, raising your spears is all you can do, and it could be effective if there was the same number of horses as there was spears and everyone was crack at aiming. But with a full on horde like that? You spear one horse and thee more have trampled you before you even know it. Your best bet is to lie on your back with your shield on your front and pray :D
Tantaniea Walker (16 days ago)
First of I wanna take my hat off for the guys who burned alive by drogon.
Adam (16 days ago)
I still can't get over how fucking cool the shot at 6:48 is
Karis Wakefield (16 days ago)
Daenerys used to say "Dracarys" with such an impressive exotic flare, but now she just says it like she's hangry... FOR BLOOD!!!!
PoopieZoka (16 days ago)
Olha a cara do Jaime de que vai dar muito ruim huhaiahaijajaja
Joe Pineapples (16 days ago)
This is what it feels like when playing Mount and Blade Warband. I only have 50 men but get ganged up 4 Lords who all have a combined force of 450 men.
Peter Grenier (17 days ago)
Now that the Creative Assembly has released Warhammer titles for total war, I would like to see a game in this universe. There's way less magic to worry about, and they've done all the groundwork for battles and campaigns in Rome 2. I know there's mods for Westeros already, but how great would the campaigns be if it was it's own game! Playable factions like the great houses, the Nights Watch, Dothraki, Dany... Rome 2 already has an excellent political mechanic with rivals and intrigues. You could add dlc campaigns for Roberts Rebellion, War of five Kings, or Dany's conquest of slavers bay
John L (17 days ago)
They were in a straight line!! Just do one pass with the dragon and no one dies
Ole Brumm (17 days ago)
best scene in game of thrones. Gave me chills
Purderaf Null (17 days ago)
Wasn't Jamie right-handed?
Xenomorph (17 days ago)
Robert B: Only a fool would meet the Dothraki on an open field Jaime: Hold my be-...Wait. My gold hand.
Steve C (17 days ago)
I’m just hoping to see an ice dragon.
JacksMagicBean (18 days ago)
I was impressed with the Tarleys as generals. Brave and kept their calm despite the dam dragons. Same with Jaime for not fleeing
Itzel Alvarado (18 days ago)
By far one of the best scenes ever made.
Benjamin Garrett (18 days ago)
5:24 😏Just cutting them down
Gregory Rush (18 days ago)
why would i subscribe to a cunt that posts his own photo in the middle of the screen at the end of a video?
Gregory Rush (18 days ago)
Why does Jamies "hand" keep switching sides? One episode it's his right, the other his left.
Benjamin Garrett (18 days ago)
Gregory Rush Its NOT "switching sides". You're just watching the videos when they're FLIPPED.
bobboblaw123 (18 days ago)
I thought Jaime had his right hand cut off, not his left hand....he is using his right hand as his sword hand here.
bobboblaw123 (13 days ago)
Benjamin Garrett ok ok makes sense
Benjamin Garrett (18 days ago)
bobboblaw123 His right hand is the one that was cut off. The thing is is that THIS specific video of the battle is FLIPPED.
Mr. Vendetta (18 days ago)
Your know a show is great when you have affection for the villains
Stephan Hey (18 days ago)
the moment when the dragon roars and appears the first time combined with the music.. this is one of the greatest moments in tv-history.. i get fuckin goosebumps justi thinkin about that scene
xreaL (18 days ago)
Or the Huns vs the Roman Empire for Total War players. xd
Jman (19 days ago)
stupid youtube and there dang pop ups near the end of videos? whoever at that dumb company thought up that idea should be flogged. "Hey i know what our users would appreciate. Intererpting their video with pop ups for unrelated content. " so dumb
C Alex (19 days ago)
Line formation against cavalry. Bunch of genius. Even Stannis’ exhausted army did better than that.
Swank Pickle (19 days ago)
This scene gets me horny. Jamie is such a badass
Anco van Beukering (19 days ago)
I do understand why some city's rather surender then fight the Dothraki
Fotig (19 days ago)
I love jaimes character development, he is probably the character I wish to survive until the end :(
d glove (19 days ago)
Feel bad for those who couldn't experience this scene with surround sound
true kingg8 (19 days ago)
Fuck the lanesters (the hounds voice)
Taylor Davis (19 days ago)
was the picture reversed? because Jamie was using his right hand with the sword near the end and the golden hand was on the left?
Benjamin Garrett (18 days ago)
Taylor Davis Yes, yes it was
santosh jaiswal (19 days ago)
Spacebar Hater (19 days ago)
I think a lot of major character in GOT will die in season 8 i cant wait :) i just want to see ride 1 dragon and announce that he is a pure blooded targeryen
Rob Cartwright (19 days ago)
Rajat Chugh (20 days ago)
A midget queen has 3 dragons and all she needs to yell is Dracarys.. it been about 6 seasons with a similar ending. I didn’t know that it will be a feminist show.. Probably the title of the show give us the hint that ALL MEN MUST DIE..
Bruno Mars (19 days ago)
Rajat Chugh - Dumbass. GOT ain't about that feminazi bullshit.
Carl Schwamberger (20 days ago)
This scene illustrates the value of well planned and coordinated tactical air support. The air strikes occur just moments before the mobile ground force drives its assault in. Too soon and reserves can cover the gaps. Too slow and you have the mobile force hindfooted by the defense and becoming too disorganized and slow to to exploit properly the gaps. Once the assault is driven into the defense the air support shifts to the rear echelon
Shristee Shrestha (20 days ago)
Terror on Jammy's face when he sees dragon for first time priceless lol
Cameron Franklin (20 days ago)
Jamie: We can hold them off Dragon: Hold my beer

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