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CS Karambit, 'Steel Tiger' Review- Nutnfancy

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Easily one of the best fixed blade value Karambits made, we take a close look at the Cold Steel "Steel Tiger." Weighing less than 7 oz, this hawkbill fixed blade knife is easy to carry in many systems. AUS8A steel, plastic sheath, stonewashed finish, and a perfect grip with kraton covering and security ring round out the Steel Tiger. I talk to its POU and compare it against the CS Recon knives for an interesting discussion of versatility. Originally designed as an agricultural tool, the karambit merged into martial blade arts and is highly regarded there. I bring you one of the best fixed blade options for this type and its price alone is enough reason to get one for testing. Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 5 out of 5 Owl Patches: http://nutnfancy.bigcartel.com BHQ Cold Steel Steel Tiger: https://www.bladehq.com/item--Cold-Steel-Karambit-Steel--6868 Amazon Cold Steel Steel Tiger: http://amzn.to/2yS2V3Y Cold Steel 'Tiger Claw' Karambit folder: http://amzn.to/2yRWzS6 AND http://amzn.to/2j1DfLC (preferred serrated version) CS Rubber Training Karambit $10: http://amzn.to/2AXBPKv Other Karambits/Hawkbills to peruse: http://amzn.to/2ySGXOz
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Text Comments (305)
mrmagoo491 (1 month ago)
Great review. Spot on. Not sure carry it a lot. But if chips are down. Watch out with this blade. It is a weapon. Hope I never use it. But I keep near in house. Peace.
Keegan Townsend (2 months ago)
Also heard these are used for farm and gardening work like cutting roots and stuff
poboyspecial (3 months ago)
I really like the Karambit, but it does take a lot of practice before becoming an EDC. It is a most devastating tool, but can be carried easily with a folding edition.
Frank Castilogne (5 months ago)
I would carry both the smaller tanto for edc on duty and the karambit as a quick a back up weapon in the event of a gun grab. The karambit would be stowed semi concealed behind other gear on my duty belt. Both gives me the flexibility in defense and utility needs as an officer. I carried a k-bar folder and later a kershaw leek for anything I needed for utility purposes. However, I did carry k-bar’s TDI knife which I was able to mount on my duty belt behind other gear. That TDI knife was there for a quick draw in the event of a gun grab, or I was knocked on my back and couldn’t get to my folder. The TDI knife is not a karambit, but it certainly shares some similar ideas in shape and use as a fixed blade. In a fight I will never rely on a folder because at some point I expect the locking mechanism to fail when I need it most. With that said not saying folders are inferior I just always expect something to wrong when I need it to go right. I carry folders when off duty for utility and defense. So that is my reasoning when choosing two blades instead of one as an officer. Two is one, one is none. Good review of the karambit.
M’ aiq (7 months ago)
They do make pretty good box openers :)
Scott Rollins (8 months ago)
Karambit review at 2:43
anvil hammer (9 months ago)
if you think that is a large carry, what kind of pants do you wear, spandex?
PK PRESTON (9 months ago)
2:46 - when the video starts.
Unknown Blogger (9 months ago)
I have a few of them, but I prefer the double edge type rather than single edge type.
Southern Knight (10 months ago)
Sorry, but I'll take a 5+ inch boot knife over that thing, any day. I prefer the reach and versatility of the blade, over a short claw.
Vendetta's Heart (2 months ago)
Depends on how you conduct combat. A traditional knife at 5+ inches is incredibly easy to disarm while a karambit is relatively difficult
Staarker99 (10 months ago)
Years ago I asked coldsteel to produce a 5 inch blade that imitated the Columbia river bearclaw. I was " Ideas man " on their forum, man I happy to see the steel tiger come from my inspiration. I said I didn't want any recognition from it, just make the thing. I asked for something that was toocan beaked or a little more aggressive. Just sharing y'all, it's a true story from a coldsteel fan.
Poet WP (10 months ago)
This knife used to be $75, now it’s $45. The reason being they used to be made in Japan now they are made in Taiwan. They pay the workers next to nothing in Taiwan when compared to Japan. It’s the same materials as far as I know. They did the same thing with a number of their blades recently, moving production from Japan to Taiwan. Like the triangle blade daggers and push daggers. Cold steel is my favorite brand but I don’t like the secure ex sheaths because they dull non serrated blades because the hard plastic is constantly rubbing over the edge and pushing against it.
Immortalマリオ (11 months ago)
What’s the difference between this one and the fgx
Matthew Yee (11 months ago)
You don't hear much about people carrying 1911s because all of the 1911 reviews are typed on typewriters.
fudaldeath (11 months ago)
goodness! Hope your hand heals quickly!
shcbac9914 (11 months ago)
Great review. Thanks nutnfancy.
Jay (11 months ago)
Spyderco Karahawk is incredible for a defensive blade. With the wave feature you can have that knife deployed the minute it leaves your pocket and with the ring to grab it is an incredibly fast draw. Faster then any of my other folders weather it be auto, assisted, or manual. That is a huge plus, but it's also the only thing the karambit is useful for.... which is fine.
TRUMP 2020 (11 months ago)
You're an old man now, gotta be careful when running around. A spill like that could cause permanent damage.
rmiller0187 (11 months ago)
Yes! Finally a karambit video! Keep em coming Nutn. Maybe fox knives or spyderco karambit next?
Harley (11 months ago)
I just can't get into Cold Steel knives. They all just feel cheap and constructed with low quality materials.
social3ngin33rin (11 months ago)
whaaaat? The fall looked so mediocre, even fake, how was your injury so bad?! D:
SHADOW (11 months ago)
Great video nutn 👍
PlanetPhotoBook (11 months ago)
You can also use it in grafting fruit trees :)
Liberty1982 (11 months ago)
Good review. Nutnfancy knife reviews ,and other good channels has gotten pushed out by these fake no skill having info commercial channels. It’s people that think........oh, that looks easy. Anybody can pick up a gear item and review it. That’s where they are wrong. Sometimes I think it’s a goof. They’re putting out miss information and getting all the facts wrong. Not everyone but A LOT OF THEM. Also look for the smaller channels with less views. Those are the people that actually use their tools and know a little on what their talking about. Oh well. Sorry for the rant but it gets me upset. Just my two cents.
FLippssalot (11 months ago)
It's a shame that sheathe isn't reversible. I look at that and I don't think of concealing that. It looks more duty lethal main. And if I were to put it offhand, I'd have to tuck it behind my magazine pouch (I'm right handed so left side) or I could put it with the sheathe exposed at the rear behind my gun at my 3' o clock. I'm comfortable with a knife in my main right hand but rather have it available for drawing my gun. Also I've read reviews that say the sheathe dulls the blade when you draw it out, but I think that comes from a lack of technique because you're not supposed to draw it straight up.
Brandon Kerr (11 months ago)
I used to use a karambit when I worked at a gas station. If you touch a knife point to a hot coke there's a chance it will explode and make a mess. The karambit was great for cutting packaging without hitting merchandise.
SnowHawk7 (11 months ago)
I've been wanting to get a Karambit for everyday carry, firearms are too expensive for my budget, and I think that I have made my decision. Was looking at a lot of different reviews of Karambit's and this seems to be the best rated in it's price range. But Nutnfancy giving it such a positive review just sealed the deal for me.
Alex F (11 months ago)
The tri-ad lock is not as strong as a good liner lock.
947969 (11 months ago)
To me knives are a lot more scarier than guns
Chris Vela (11 months ago)
947969 They definitely make more of a mess
Evocati (11 months ago)
The knife is great but the clip broke fairly quickly with light use.
2006kcroyals (11 months ago)
I usually carry a SOG Karambit style knife on my belt for self defense along with a firearm. I also carry a Leatherman Surge to use as my everyday knife. You really don't need a folding knife on you if you have a multi-tool.
ToroMoto (11 months ago)
Always love seeing nutn knife videos released
Ian Strom (11 months ago)
Katana on your back is the best EDC, especially if you are in a mall or a hotel, *because tourists are being hunted* and in the mall... man you never know when a janitor will jump you and you need to defend yourself. You may laugh but a janitor can drown you in the bucket or poke your eyes with the mop, this sht is serious!!! *AND REAL!* I wear 6 on me, at all times. Even when I shower cuz you never know when the curtain might choke you or the door will jam etc.
Tabula Raza (11 months ago)
My honest thoughts...A sharp kitchen knife is just as deadly as wicked looking knives like a karambit.
weavergrad (11 months ago)
What you seek is seeking you.
shcbac9914 (11 months ago)
If you can't spread peanut butter with it forget it
Sam Erickson (2 months ago)
+JackVoodoo it doesn't matter
JackVoodoo (2 months ago)
learn not to reply to old ass comments
Sam Erickson (2 months ago)
+JackVoodoo learn to know when it is a joke
JackVoodoo (10 months ago)
what ??
JackVoodoo (11 months ago)
that is small minded of you
EVO604 (11 months ago)
i have a much smaller karambit (silent soldier) and dropped it on the concrete and shattered the tip off.
Gingerbreadsoldier (11 months ago)
have you (nutnfancy) ever thought about doing a podcast? you have the audience for sure! anyway just a thought! love the KRV and other videos keep the good work!!!
William Eudy (11 months ago)
My favorite multi-purpose EDC knife is the Milwaukee Fastback. Less than $10.00 with your blue ID card and you won't believe the quality.
Braidy Fisher (11 months ago)
Well, i thought you forgot about the 1911... like most people. Haha
john175the2nd (11 months ago)
Spyderco has some new knife designs out. I tried to resist but bought the shaman. IE large g10 native. If you can put some of these on your review schedule that would be much appreciated.
Deaddreamsofgaming (11 months ago)
Alex Ramos (11 months ago)
Why is the world evil?
ProthoPectore (11 months ago)
heaven and hell, good and evil, both exist on this physical plane of existence. but it does seem evil because people are suckers for the seven deadly sins. you are a spiritual being having a very human experience. be what you want to see in the world. ;)
Eric Schindler (11 months ago)
TNP Big Cartel needs to stock up for Christmas on product. The website always seems to be SOLD OUT. Keep the great reviews and run and gun videos coming. Great YouTube channel!
jam34786 (11 months ago)
Owl patch is 2 legit 2 quit
MB P (11 months ago)
Thank you I will keep that in mind if I ever need to harvest fruit, and I was unfair that it has no practical use, in an agrarian culture I am sure there are many uses I am not aware of, and I will bet that people who had nothing else to defend themselves have used it as a self-defense tool many time, because they had nothing else and yes a Karambit is better than nothing. Also there are many examples of Army’s adopting weapons that aren’t very effective such as the Chauchat used by the French army, the Ballistic knife used by the Spetsnaz, and many others. There is cultural byssi for this prevalent tool in those areas, also it looks very scary witch fare to often affects those kind of decisions. However none of this has anything to do with my original points of the limitations of this weapon. You have probably spent a lot of time & money training with weapon and have convinced yourself of its effectiveness and there is nothing I can say to change your mind, so I encourage you train in a non-choreographed manner with someone who’s only goal is to latch on and stab you, if it works to immediately stop him by braking his structure or pining the limb than your right, if not ? You should always challenge you beliefs in an honest way.
Flint and Steel Survival (11 months ago)
Sweet blade without a doubt! Karambits are great and I love cold steel's products! One of these days I hope to be your first gear check with a 1911! I'm out in Kearns and don't go north often but maybe one day!
Nick H (11 months ago)
I would point out nutn that violent crime continues on a downward trend. The fear mongering by the media continues upward.
9mm_ Toter (11 months ago)
i love the review nutn but I could have sworn you said you dislike karambits/hawkbill blades? Obviously they don't have much utility but that's no biggy because they are simply just self defense weapons.
David Hynes (11 months ago)
Very brave showing the internet taking a dive on that shooting course lol. Hope your hand gets better.
vrich3733 (11 months ago)
Greg M (11 months ago)
Hope your hand heals quickly bro!
John Cox (11 months ago)
Throw you a little multi purpose Its the rite shape to harvest grapes.
Bob Ross (11 months ago)
this is an eagle talon not a swiss armyknife......nuff said
Zach Black (11 months ago)
Used to edc a cheap karambit and it cuts very well and is very useful. You can carry it in your pocket and tie the sheath to your belt and as you pull it all out it deploys fast.
1lupus (11 months ago)
As you Yanks say "Here's a curve ball for you". I use my karambits exclusively in the garden. Pruning, grafting and harvesting fruit and veg. I have a steel tiger in the collection, but it normally sits in the collection rather than getting close up and personal with the cauliflowers and cabbages. My goto hawkbill for the garden is an el-cheapo Marbles because it doesn't have the retention ring and the Australian Customs won't confiscate it.
HellsScoutAct (11 months ago)
Thanks for the review. Might get one for special occasions like SHTF, WROL.
tommyboy tommyboy (11 months ago)
Lol I meant 690 not 570. Sorry.
af22raptor23503 (11 months ago)
I have been a big fan and I have purchased many items that you have featured in the Project and this is the first time that I got a blade before you had a review. The CS Steel Tiger is one Bad Mama Jama I have been learning how to use the Karambit in both offense and defense but it's a long hard road. I have had mine for about 5 months now. I plan to add my Steel Tiger to my Soft body armor rig a CQB to augment my CS Recon Tanto. I have been a big fan of Cold Steel even before the Project started. Right now the Recon 1 XXL Tanto is the next major blade in my near future.
tommyboy tommyboy (11 months ago)
Hey man, not that big on knives but I've seen most of your videos. Ktm stuff is awesome. Just put a 50% deposit on a 2017 570 enduro r. Will be picking it up in March. Mostly based on your reviews. Keep up the good work. Sorry about the dog bro. Also picked up an m1a loaded based mostly on your review. Love it. Pleasure to shoot. Makes my g2recon seem lame.
4:28 Shawing....  "Uh, yeah, could you please pass the Pumpernickel?"..... "PLEASE!" .......   lol :-)
Eric Laird (11 months ago)
A natural copy of the velociraptor's claw, extremely effective fighting knife,nice piece! hope your hand heal's quickly!!!...
Cain0078 (11 months ago)
Mora of Sweden have a carpet knife... a bit smaller but very ergonomic and I think deadly.
MANC2311 (11 months ago)
Nutnfancy, fastest prone shotgun drills.
mjgjr706 (11 months ago)
Did you review this same knife several years ago?
newcoyote (11 months ago)
It sure does seem like the world is becoming more evil with war, fanatics and high profile acts of violence. An interesting book/read on this subject is The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined by Steven Pinker, in which he argues that violence in the world has declined both in the long run and in the short run and suggests explanations as to why this has occurred.The book contains a wealth of data simply documenting violence across time and geography and how it relates to the present.
Robert Rodriguez (11 months ago)
Would have been cool to show off the Talwar. Its such a great knife
jax carl (11 months ago)
I'll admit, i might of giggled a bit at the fall footage :P but i hope you heal soon, and great review. Own both this and the kobun, another great martial blade for around the same price, and very slim and lite.
CSLFiero (11 months ago)
Slice A Loaf
DeePsix (11 months ago)
What’s officer J up to these days?
marissa bolino (11 months ago)
Dear Karambit FanBoys: Karambits are terrible as a fighting knife. It's fine if you disagree, but it sucks. You have limited range, and anything it does, a regular knife can do better. Using the reverse grip limits your range, and makings it so you have to get up close. when you need to it. Controlling your opponents limbs, and all that stuff is bullshit. You only see that done in demos, try doing that to someone who isn't letting you demonstrate it. This is the same problem that Akido, and other martial arts have. I think you are being a bit irresponsible talking about the karambit the way you do. A knife that is an inch shorter than said knife is more effective, because you can atleast attack, and defend in more natural ways. Everyone has an idea of what a knife fight, of what it would be like to using a knife against an attacker. Most people are wrong, and think that it looks like something it's not. It's violent, hectic, and scary. Look up videos of people who talk about what a knife fight is really like. Even someone who is trained with a karambit, is still at a disadvantage. The ring is nice, but at the same time, combat is hectic, and random. You fall the wrong way, or your attacker pulls a certain way, your finger is broken.
Unknown Blogger (9 months ago)
I own several of them, mostly the double edge one and I think kerambit is a good defense tool, if you know how to use it. Just like the butterfly knife. P/s: Well, if you want the best knife as a defense tool, keris is the only way. People from Malaysia and Indonesia know what I'm talking about.
Poet WP (10 months ago)
It all about training and tactics and not so much the advantage of one style of blade or another. A karambit or hawk billed knife is better suited as a defensive weapon, a get off me blade if you will. Used effectively you can make slash’s that are as deep as the length of the blade with ease and that’s why it’s a deadly design. One wound like that and you will bleed out in around one minute. It can potentially do a lot more damage than a single stab. Also the hawk bill is great for certain utility tasks and jobs like electrical workers and deep sea fishermen for cutting lines.
marissa bolino (11 months ago)
ItzWolffz You just supported my point. You need distance when you are defending yourself with a knife. As you said, the main point is getting away, or ending the conflict. A straight blade not only has more reach, which means that you can keep your attacked at bay at a further distance. It is more flexible with the techniques that you can use. With a karambit, you are limited with what you can do, with a straight blade, you have more options. It doesn't matter what the cuts are like, or how deep they are, you are trying to defend yourself, and end the ordeal. The distance you need to stab someone with a karambit is shorter than the distance you need to stab someone with a straight blade. The same goes for cuts/slashes. If you want to talk history, straight blades are the ones that have been proven to work the best. I don't like using the amount of people who use something, as a way to argue for something, but look at how many people use straight bladed knives. Yeah, there are some militaries, and police officers who use karambits/hawkbill bladed knives, but not nearly as many as straight bladed ones. If you have to use a knife to defend yourself, you are in a terrible position. I've had to use a knife to defend myself twice. The first time all I had to do was give a few slashes, and a stab, and he backed off. The second time he kept trying to close to distance so he could jab me with a pen. And once someone gets really close to you, you get get much power with your stabs, and it's extremely difficult to slash because they can grab you and turn you away. I had to knee him, and push him off before someone else could grab him. And I was only able to cut his hand. If I had a karambit, I wouldn't be able to slash from the position I was in. You need to keep a fair bit of distance between you and the other guy, and you need to be able to use a lit of different techniques. You can't do that with a karambit. NutN mentions videos where people use karambits to manipulate peoples arms and all that BS. Fighting in real life sucks. If you want to use a karambit to defend yourself, go ahead. But it's by no means a great fighting knife. It may leave a nasty cut or stab wound, but to get that close leaves you very vulnerable. Plus have fun explaining why you were carrying the karambit in court. Judges, and people are stupid, and probably will say something like "Why were you carrying a scary knife like that!? You must of been looking for trouble!" Not saying that it's a reason not to carry one, but your lawyer will have a more difficult time defending you if you used a karambit.
ItzWolffz (11 months ago)
marissa bolino take a straight blade slash compared to a karambit, which one is actually deeper? You don't need many techniques to protect yourself with a knife to get away it isn't some military action movie. You only need to get away.
hagman (11 months ago)
Cool blade ! Thanks for the review, informing as always.
Alexander Morton (11 months ago)
I’d choose Cold Steel Large Recon 1 Tanto...but I’ll actually choose/use Spyderco PM2 or Benchmade SOCP Dagger...
TheNewAlexProject (11 months ago)
Gréât vidéo as always
The life of Jools (11 months ago)
glorified potato peeler....
DCcrazymonkey (6 months ago)
The life of Jools it is also a fantastic apple peeler. Not so good for bread.
Collin Metsker (11 months ago)
But does it come in a marble fade finish?
LimeTimeHD (11 months ago)
Collin Metsker I was scrolling though the comments looking for a comment like this. Haha!
Nathan Griffin (11 months ago)
That's not a noif!!!
HORIZONS (11 months ago)
I've no need for a karambit, but Cold Steel knives are good quality for the price.
traveltrove (11 months ago)
Why the hell would you peel an apple? Lol
Info Warrior (5 months ago)
It was a rhetorical question and why else would any one else peel an apple to get the toxic skin off
kraigero (11 months ago)
traveltrove thats what i was wondering. Juat eat the damn thing. Karambits arent good for eating tasks.
Isaac Arnold (11 months ago)
I, myself, prefer a Black Talon II. That is, if I have to have a knife instead of a gun. For a knife with a gun I like the Ka-Bar TDI.
nutnfancy (11 months ago)
Black Talon II is a pretty sweet ride, I was gonna sell mine originally, but I ended up liking it enough to keep for a few years. -TD
I AM EL NINO (11 months ago)
Go to the Doctor clown, your hand is broken.
1987rx7guy (11 months ago)
DB Cooper (11 months ago)
I carry fnx9 and or fnx45
Bryan Eich (11 months ago)
DB Cooper how? The fnx 45 is a huge gun. I love mine I wish I could carry it.
Rosemarie Cooney (11 months ago)
recons should have wave feature... love the xl recon
gord oland (11 months ago)
Hope your hand gets better Nutn!
Grim (11 months ago)
I've had that blade for a few years now. It's still good but the retention part of the rubber handle will get worn on the sheath. It still retains well but the draw is much looser than out of box.
Bowen Creer (11 months ago)
Hey I’ve got some knives you could borrow for reviewing if you want. Let me know if you could use a Gerber guardian backup, a Gerber ghoststrike, a ka-bar combat kukri, an old version of a sog pentagon, and an old cold steel mini tanto.
Matthew Boston (11 months ago)
Do you have any experience with the Benchmade SOCP? Thoughts?
Phake A'Count (11 months ago)
Ouch! I'm sure you know to put something warm on that to reduce the swelling.
Lungorthin (11 months ago)
Pocket clip is on wrong side. Karambits are meant to be held reverse grip with index finger in the ring.
anvil hammer (9 months ago)
Lungorthin It would be on the wrong side if carried in side belt, but karambit should be carried out on belt.
anvil hammer (9 months ago)
You all need to look again because that clip if on a belt when the knife is grabbed is a reverse grip.
anvil hammer (9 months ago)
Lungorthin The clip is right were it should be
havoc1zero (11 months ago)
Stop watching Doug Marcaida. He's a dummy
havoc1zero (11 months ago)
That's an incorrect statement. Show me where it says the karambit was designed to be used solely in reverse grip.
Wan Dagner (11 months ago)
I really like karambits. I use mine for a bunch of random stuff. The sharp point is really nice to get in tight spots. It can't do everything but it does most things well. 🔪🗡
Anthro Jim (11 months ago)
It would be great for carving an apple.
Larry E. Quigley (11 months ago)
Love my Recon 1 XL, EDC it as well (haven't peeled an apple with it, yet). If I ever need it as with any self-defense blade I pray it fills my hand in a timely manner.
matt_543 (11 months ago)
My back up weapon is a cold steel great sword. A little big, but when I need to charge the dragons it really comes in handy.
BatmanVsSombies (6 months ago)
LordDelakar noob
LordDelakar (11 months ago)
I dislike the idea of having to get close enough to a dragon to use a sword, I feel that a ballista would prove much better for philosophy of use. #MedievalArtilleryLife
Trey Weatherspoon (11 months ago)
I'm casting fireballs. Newbs.
Greg Mason (11 months ago)
You don't use a bow for dragons??
IAMRONIN (11 months ago)
Classic TNP knife review...LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the review Nutn. It was awesome as always!
MP Original (11 months ago)
Not gonna lie...I get stoked over a Nutnfacy knife review like so many others I'm sure. I can't afford guns (I do own guns just not a frequent purchase) and all kinds of tactical gear, but getting a knife is always an option for me, especially when its budget friendly. Always great to know I can come here and find what is worth my time and money.
Jacob Summer (11 months ago)
Ugh please no fucking karambit videos
J D (11 months ago)
Jacob Summer But they're so tactikewl !!!One one one
Bryan Lattner (11 months ago)
To the point of duty carry, I've seen some pretty wicked blades on Police officers in Kansas, not sure about other places. If it's going to be effective in its purpose and with training, then it's the right tool.
Brad Chenoweth (11 months ago)
Better watch out... your Zombie hand might try and eat your brains.... Better amputate.

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