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Ozzy Man Reviews: Game of Thrones - Season 6 Episode 7

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Here is me recap and review of Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7 "The Broken Man". Cheers! Support my video making via Patreon any time ya like: http://www.patreon.com/ozzyman http://www.facebook.com/ozzymanreviews Twitter, Insta, Snap: @ozzymanreviews Music: RATM - Born of a Broken Man Joan Baez - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down Eddie Vedder - No More Fair Dinkum Use (like Fair Use and Fair Dealing but a better law for everyone in the digital age)
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Mebubjemal Fujeraj (8 hours ago)
kishor bhalerao KS (12 days ago)
Suspicious Tumbleweed (13 days ago)
You really summed up what blackfish was thinking very well
Cole Dunbar (1 month ago)
Poor al swearengen, just tryna change his ways.
Kuşmika (1 month ago)
its so fucking good to see you are getting nearly 6 times more views for a video in these series. it is awesome as usual, not better than other reviews you did. i guess thumbnail was the source of attention
Eamon Ahern (2 months ago)
I saw side boob in the thumbnail. That's the only reason I watched
joyce gabriel (2 months ago)
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Akshay Gupta (2 months ago)
Baby making factory 😂😂😂
I am Me (2 months ago)
I only click for thump nail
Eric Eserjose (2 months ago)
Oh I just got the reference Nurse ratched, were reading that book in school from “one who flew over the cuckoos nest”
Johan Pratama (2 months ago)
Rahman Rahman (1 month ago)
Johan Pratama seexx Seex amirika
Rahman Rahman (1 month ago)
Johan Pratama
European Cavebeast (3 months ago)
Ozzy Man makes this boring dry show actually worth watching, at least Ozzy's version.
David Alonzo Bonito Mata (3 months ago)
Los comentarios no gustos son por que no la an visto es orijinal
Katherine Ingram (3 months ago)
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James Curfman (3 months ago)
You are insane. I loved this!
AHMET S (3 months ago)
Plees subscrieb to my chaneal think you
Lois Geal (3 months ago)
I gotta watch and read the series asap...yeah...yeah...I really do...❤
Ahmed Syed (3 months ago)
Girish Malhotra (3 months ago)
Mehmet Zeki İşler (4 months ago)
michele casolco (4 months ago)
I love watching your commentary videos.. you are one funny dickhead! 😂😂😂
Dam Truong (4 months ago)
Aaftaab Khan (4 months ago)
Bosdika frod
جعفر سيلاوي (4 months ago)
حلو جميل مولع أريد بنت تجي نتعرف
Merajul Merajul (5 months ago)
Creeden Martell (6 months ago)
"Bronn bitches about being employed." I laughed too hard there.
Hodan Ahmed (6 months ago)
Deborah Kogan (7 months ago)
Love it!
Galactic Potato (7 months ago)
Who else could not stop laughing when he said the slow blinking think and progressively zoomed in on cersei and petyr's face. 😂😂😂
Sribas Maji (3 months ago)
Galactic Potato xxxvibo
Ethan Dodd (7 months ago)
This is the most I've laughed at your GoT review episodes in a while. "Sansa quickly forgets the point and then gets yelled at for not making a point" This video and your channel deserve so many more views.
Yora (8 months ago)
Great lip sync moment at 2:12. :D
S Ryan (8 months ago)
Wow good job Ozzy, I didn't really get the theme when I watched this episode but now that you mention it it seems really obvious and interesting. It's like everyone in the game of thrones universe is worn out and can't find the energy to go on with the fight and the heros are trying to coax them into action. Very good.
Minibull (9 months ago)
Watched the OzzyMans season 6 ep-1-7 now to watch the last 3 episodes again because they're sick and then early bed to wake up early watch GoT before work ;)
•chofi animal• (10 months ago)
me not engluer me french me like game of trones 😁😁😁😁😁
kanak sharma (10 months ago)
Last Baratheon (10 months ago)
Fuck the those Frey hats.
187Ares (10 months ago)
Bronn is the coolest BLoke around next to the nights king cunt ozzy!
Justine Faye (11 months ago)
this was probably more enjoyable than the episode tbf 😂
Journey 2Asia (1 year ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂This is fucking great!!
Journey 2Asia (1 year ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂This is fucking great!!
Abrar Wahid (1 year ago)
Jon then gets the point. xD
Moreganplease (1 year ago)
Would have been a better episode if I hadn't seen the thumbnail for your ep 8 recap beacause it was in my recomended and so the Hounds return was spoiled :'(
Jonathan Fitzharris (1 year ago)
favourite part of these vid is whenever you say "new group 😂
Joonoh (1 year ago)
better than the actual show
Vinod Pawar (1 year ago)
from where to get full season 2 series?
Ave true to Caesar (1 year ago)
Perfect choice of music
Marko Grouchx (1 year ago)
"Bronn bitches about being employed." You summed up most of Bronn's comments in a sentence.
Danky Darko (1 year ago)
If Clegane can comeback so can Syrio
Danky Darko (1 year ago)
Katrina Evelyn (1 year ago)
i had put the tin foil hat on too when the show aired. The lead up to that stabbing was weird.
Christo Botha (1 year ago)
Hahaha ozzy man I watch your videos every day after work, your killing me, hahaha fucksakes keep up the good work bro!!!
when your subs is on 666.659 haha
Jessi sonrie (1 year ago)
is this on Netflix????
Juan Diego Lima (1 year ago)
my god im crying LOL
Kolur Laxdal (1 year ago)
I've got a bigger man crush on this Ozzy cunt than Tormunds facial hair
Scorch (1 year ago)
what was that song right at the start??
Chiken Nugest (1 year ago)
The thumbnail tho
Charlie Johnson (1 year ago)
I liked this video as soon as rage came on in the intro
Borat (1 year ago)
6 episodes later and ozzy man still don´t know how to say "Clegane" properly
Robbie Curtin (1 year ago)
This is better then the actual show
Eugene Grewing (1 year ago)
What was the point?
Snakeypoo (1 year ago)
"Fak off, fak off! this book spoiler is not funny!" best moment xDD
Graham Edwards (1 year ago)
The hound is awesome
JP Alpha (1 year ago)
I knew Sandor was alive, sure it took him a long time to heal but at the end he's a tough guy who can take a beating from Brienne and a fall off a cliff
how to Urdu (1 year ago)
why so much Nudity?
Julian Lak (1 year ago)
Think I'll have two chickens
TacoSombrero 123 (1 year ago)
Da boobs tho
Eddy W (1 year ago)
The whole "broken man" seemed like a good name for the episode, because we saw Sandor trying to repair himself and leave his old life behind, Theon is beginning to recover from what Ramsay did to him, and etc.
Miguel Delgado (1 year ago)
You called it Ozzy, Miguel Sapochnick directed the best two episodes ever.
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AxelL No1 (1 year ago)
You say Sandor with an English "S", but it seems like a Hungarian name "Sándor" and it pronounced with an "Sh" like in "shift". Our "S" is an "Sh" and we use an "Sz" for your "S" sound. Just saying. :) You can say whatever you want.
Morkot nou (1 year ago)
Joined the new group because of DAVOS LMFAO
mo7amed (1 year ago)
Christian Weaver (1 year ago)
laughed for minutes after this review.ohh fuck yeah naaa
Edgars Ļebedevs (1 year ago)
This is not a review. More like a poor (funny though) summary.
Gabriel Jacobs (1 year ago)
"I thought Cersei was bouncing back this season, but nah, she's probably not. She'll end up chucking a tantrum and rage quitting." ... Trololol
Jason Long (1 year ago)
Annette M. (1 year ago)
The psychotic slow blink is the new thing.
Dave Bridges (1 year ago)
Can't expect too much from house Glover when it's led by Captain Darling.
Oscar Targaryen (1 year ago)
Laughing my ass off litteraly
stephan2796 (1 year ago)
"Well you're here now and you're pretty fucked no matter what" It matches so perfectly!
Tanderen (1 year ago)
Song is born of a broken man by Rage Against the Machine... Episode name is The Broken man. Well played Ozzy Man, well played.
Chris Rimmer (1 year ago)
2:41, Its Captain Darling from Blackadder Goes Forth !
Kateřina Rousková (1 year ago)
Love your review! <3
Bilal Jani (3 months ago)
Kateřina Rousková hi how are you
klyana130 (1 year ago)
tevia lim (1 year ago)
totally agree with those freys with their stupid little hat HAHAHA fuck yeah i'm with that too
rjmdrum (1 year ago)
Off the charts hilarious reviews!
The Truth (1 year ago)
I'm a drug dealer and we do talk like a paranoid fucks on Facebook
Sugar maple 97 (1 year ago)
Fuck off, Sandor's fuckin dead and buried, by some fuckin monk n shit.
TRT VITOR (1 year ago)
Jennifer Sweet (1 year ago)
God bless whoever posted this video on 9gag. It led me here and I am NOT disappointed! Love your reviews, your enthusiasm, your thoughtful and hilarious commentary... thanks for the vids! *subscribed*
SoulAsasin Jr. (1 year ago)
Get it nurse radchet bcuz of one flew over the...
jack kim (1 year ago)
lmaoo i fucking love this guy
Adam T. Wallington (1 year ago)
"using facebook messenger..." im fucking dying... just dying... i think you just won the internet. so subscribed and sharing this.
red profit (1 year ago)
who is singing the cover of the night they drove old dixie down and what is the name of the other song that you can hear at 6:53??
IceMatty749 2 (1 year ago)
its Joan Baez. I happen to like The Band version better. no idea about the other song tho
Imi Ikm (1 year ago)
Lyanna mormont reminds me of the kid actor who played tom riddle in harry potter lol
CaptainArn (1 year ago)
"Cersei and Grandma Tyrell go another round of saying the most and seeing who can do the least". HAHAHAHA There always seems to be that one line in each review that just makes me piss
Daniel Zoller (1 year ago)
Best review of the series I have watched....................also only review of the series I watch.
Lumpawarroo (1 year ago)
I love these. Need dat ep 8 review
Waitin for Episode 8 review, ya cheeky cunt
Spitfyre1011 (1 year ago)
Mate the trendy standing desk gets me every time. Fuckin stitches.

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