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Game of Thrones: Jon Snow meets Daenerys Targaryen (Season 7 Episode 3)

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Probably the biggest meeting in Game of Thrones... Jon Snow finally meets Daenerys Targaryen
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Clara Schönheid (5 hours ago)
Davos :.... We almost took it and we didn't even have dragons. Tyrion: Almost Davos :* Yeah because u idiot helped them live and saved their worthless asses. *
Roken The Sayian (8 hours ago)
Lmao ser davos this is jon snow ........ he’s king in the north. 😂😂😂😂 love davos
Jain Tech (1 day ago)
MIssandei and Dany sound exactly the same! it bugs me.
Mahmoud Nasrallah (2 days ago)
this is jon snow ,,,, he's a king in the north .......... *awkward silence*
Olivia-Kay Kenny (2 days ago)
They better not die in season 8 they both would rule the kingdom right he a leader and a warrior and she is a conqueror a perfect match for the throne
Tingilya (2 days ago)
pride will be the death of us all
8484terry (3 days ago)
Dany is so beautiful, she looks like an elf.
holohedx2 (3 days ago)
This scene really highlights a lot of what I hate in Danaerys. Danaerys only has a chance at ruling well because of her advisers, Jon is more capable of making good decisions with and without others. If both were to lose their advisers, Danaerys would crumble the kingdoms, Jon would not. Hell, it would be even better to have Tyrion and Varys on Jon's side, they're being held back by this entitled and naive girl.
The Hound (4 days ago)
The set designers were amazing at their jobs
Avinash Lonndhe (5 days ago)
danerys=faith,jon= belief
Itachi Uchiha (6 days ago)
" *I WAs BoRRn To RUle THE SEven kiNDdomS AnD i WilL* " shut the fuck up dragon bitch
Dylan Minish (7 days ago)
Daenerys has a serious big head problem
beno melo (8 days ago)
This is jon snow😂😂😂
Mermaid (9 days ago)
at least fuccboi is good in bed 😁👍🏻
TrueFaith94 (11 days ago)
The intro and outro music just doesn't fit the vibe of GoT
Moha Sawyer (11 days ago)
What's the song in the end?
Diana Rice (11 days ago)
“You’re right, you’re not guilty of your fathers crimes...(*dany smiles*)... and I’m not beholden to my ancestors vows.” BURN The Unburnt
Joseph Mataba (11 days ago)
4:23 best part
DarthBricksEmpire (11 days ago)
Anyone else hates Dany? When she says that the last king of the north was 300 years ago, and she even says, that forgive me if i have my facts straight, Buuut Robb was king in the north, and now Jon is the new.
Kataleya Alithea (13 days ago)
“And my own father fought to overthrow the mad king” oh honey you have no idea
Aimee Marie (13 days ago)
Omfg the stark fanboys in these comments. Jfc... hump Jon's leg a little harder why dont ya?
Deepti singh (17 days ago)
Why does she keep saying im the queen...she is never gonna get the iron throne like that
D. C REAL TALK 100% (18 days ago)
I seriously enjoyed this scene
mitali bajpai (18 days ago)
Ser Davos ....Best wingman ever !!!!!
Jose HerrerA (19 days ago)
this is the best dialogue in GOT! It is so small but damn this is good!!!!
swaraj kumar (19 days ago)
Attitude of deneryes is lit af❤
steven3949 (20 days ago)
This proves that Jon Snow is the True King,not Daenerys. The real King or Queen is the 1 which others talk about his or her success or acheivements. Not blabering about his or her own success to every1.
Utsav Singh (20 days ago)
Negan (21 days ago)
Nobody remembers Robb Stark.
Sue Burgess (21 days ago)
Boy she sure likes to toot her own horn ... talk about a narcissist.
Alejandro Sanchez (21 days ago)
Ser Davos would make a great lawyer
Alejandro Sanchez (21 days ago)
Ser Davos would make a great lawyer
Alejandro Sanchez (21 days ago)
Of all of the "kings" and "queens" ask to bend the knee but Jon Snow. Right monarch
masterbrice (22 days ago)
And i am beowulf!
Gabrom (22 days ago)
Davos remembers Jon Snow's titles
Plamen Todorov (24 days ago)
song from start ?
ysmier VII (25 days ago)
8:35 Legit destroying Dani right now LOL
Nicolás Farías (26 days ago)
Ser Davod best wingman ever. Period
Jay Shhh (26 days ago)
Game of thrones became corny when they got away from the authors writing.
i-bra Limited (26 days ago)
-this is john Snow! He is king in the north! and He is people's Champ!
Peter Steel (27 days ago)
Dany:" What does perpetuity mean Lord Tyrion" Tyrion: " Forever" Jon: "...and what does forever mean? " Dany: "You know nothing Jon Snow" Jon: "Your father burned my grandfather alive he burned my uncle alive" Dany: "No, your grandfather burned your other grandfather alive, and your uncle strangled himself" Jon: "What?" Dany: "You know nothing indeed"
Jeff Zhang (30 days ago)
Christ dany is suych a fucking entitled ass bitch. Jon pls kill ur aunt
Mako Ent (1 month ago)
"Your ancestor made an Oath" Uhhh your father broke that Oath, and the last King in the North was Robb. She's right, she doesn't have a formal education. Tyrion is right also. She needs all the help she can get.
Dun Mealder (1 month ago)
"Its also fair to point out that im the rightful queen of the seven kingdoms" hahahahahaahaha i laighed my ass of when i first saw this....her expressions like-derm he right I aint got no right to shit!....but she said it again🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Light Shade (1 month ago)
This is Jon snow HES A DAMN BASTARD!!!
Talska (1 month ago)
1:19 It wasn't Torrhen, it was Robb :(
OniYoshihiro (1 month ago)
I hate Cearse I dislike Dany I feel bad for Jamie But Jon is better than the lot of them!
Rudy Alfonsus (1 month ago)
dany : i've been blah blah blah (1 minute) jon : you will rule a graveyard if we didnt win the death just like someone replied me 'k' after my long text.
MANKind1110 (1 month ago)
Love the Rickard and Brandon Stark reference
John Uskglass (1 month ago)
I've watched this at least a hundred times and I its good every time.
John Uskglass (1 month ago)
Whats the difference between raped and defiled one is in the ass? I don't get it I thought they were the same thing.Is one in the ass or something she was defiled real hard in the ass I thought that was raped .
Sgt. Laughter (1 month ago)
I'm gonna make a prediction: Daenarys knows she's Jon's Aunt. Yooo
Miguel Álvarez (1 month ago)
By the right of conquest no you aren´t Danny.
El Gato (1 month ago)
I hate how smug Tyrion is in this scene, and when he’s proven wrong about the dead, he acts all smug with his sister as if he’s known all this time. His character has been shite ever since season 5
jacob awotwi (1 month ago)
you will be ruling over a graveyard......lol....bad ass line
brandon gates (1 month ago)
This was the only time I wanted to slap Danny in the face
Edgardo Muñoz (1 month ago)
I am the last Targaryen Jon Snow 😂😂😂😂😂
Hiphopotomus (1 month ago)
I would have paid good money to watch a scene with Daenerys and Stannis Stannis: It’s customary to kneel when surrendering to a king Dany: We’re here to discuss your surrender not mine Stannis: bend the knee Dany: no you bend the knee Stannis: no you bend the knee Dany: no you bend the knee *repeat for 15 minutes
Levi Ollerton (1 month ago)
This was, in my personal opinion, the most suspenseful build up to a meeting in television history. Waited 7 entire season before we ever see anyone put Jon and Dany in the same sentence even though their destinies are so intertwined. Fucking brilliant.
Rilwan Karr (1 month ago)
KageNoTenshi (1 month ago)
Lovely scene, by can we do a count or how many things said were wrong? I am the last Targarian, he has no birth right, he is a damn bastard....
B2Roland (1 month ago)
Your intro and outro suck dick.  quit fucking around.
SunnyDayTeaFactory (1 month ago)
Jon Snow isn't completely off, his father did want to overthrow the mad king. Rhaegar told Jaime before he left for the trident, that things would be different when he returned. Rhaegar knew his father had to go.
Rider Smith (1 month ago)
Lit into
Kshitij Harsh (1 month ago)
Danny was so pissed at 4:31... The way Jon snow called her a child so subtly was great...
Ari Blue (1 month ago)
Well, who here thinks their child(or children), will have white hair?
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Barton Archuleta (1 month ago)
It’s scenes like this that makes me hate Danny. All of her titles are entirely unearned, and just assumes that jon should bend the knee. Jon has earned his keep he didn’t need dragons or to be of noble birth for the matter, he just is a better leader.
tarik ajdd (1 month ago)
best wing man ever lmo
Handy Capo (1 month ago)
The Irony of further knowledge, is that Jon's grandfather was burned alive by his other grandfather.
Melissa Martel (1 month ago)
whats she saying when she speaks the other language?
Wolf of the Twin Cities (2 months ago)
Daenerys fights for her country Jon Snow fights for humanity
Bruh What (2 months ago)
Love Dany but I almost busted out laughing “ I was born to rule the seven kingdoms” Lol FUCK NO YOU weren’t. Jon is the rightful heir and anyway she’s a woman if Viserys or any male even a bastard would have more claim.
Rice Eater (2 months ago)
Bitch he is your brother's rightful heir lol
Sauron the Great (2 months ago)
Daenerys: Help me Kill Cersei Jon: No, we need to bond together and defeat the White Walkers Daenerys: Ok, but first you need to help me Jon: No Daenerys: Then I will destroy you first Me when I first watched this scene: Wow, can you please just FUCKING HELP HIM BEAT THE FUCKING WHITE WALKERS
Lee McKenzie (2 months ago)
What the fuck is with the intros and outros. Just to get it past the fecking 10 min mark.
BAZOOKA! (2 months ago)
The difference between Jon and Daenerys is that she proclaims all her own victories while Jon's are proclaimed by his people
campbellsoup93 (2 months ago)
Danaerys' "claim" to the 7 kingdoms is ridiculous. The only reason her family had the Kingship to begin with, was because her ancestor went through and defeated all the other kings and took the rule for her family. Now her family was defeated and deposed, same as they had done to the kings of old. If defeating the previous ruler grants you the rule, then what claim does she have to the kingdoms? None. None whatsoever, and she is too stupid to realize it. She doesn't "deserve" the throne and it isn't "rightfully hers". If she wants it, then she has to take it. Just like Aegon the conqueror did to the old kings, and just like the Robert did to Aerys.
Ce K (2 months ago)
Re-watching this is weird knowing Jon is a legit Targaryan (with a stronger claim)
Enid Rhee-Grimes (2 months ago)
I've always loved the way Tyrion talks about Sansa.
El Drago (2 months ago)
Jon was probably ok you were raped and sold but did you come back from the dead ? 😎
Am Ko (2 months ago)
Daenerys: I am the last Targaryen Me: Nope
ben roman (2 months ago)
Intro was sick!! Should have finished with white walker king glaring at us. Hehe
Mimi Oguenin (2 months ago)
I really thinks Jon Snow strength is amazing. At first he appears weak and so not in his place but; after he suddenly changes and you can feel his charisma and his leadership. Dani is powerful and pride and her charisma is often overwhelming but Jon just freezes her.
Crimson Archer20 (2 months ago)
I love how there's like a dozen different titles for Jon but all Davos can get out is "he's King in the North"
lifemetall (2 months ago)
is this ben? Ben who? Bend the knee !!!!!!!!!
Volkan Karagöl (2 months ago)
I love how jon cuts right through her bravado and her titles, listening to the long rants and only answering what does matter.
Jesse Pinkman (2 months ago)
Well this was an entertaining little pissing contest
Cipta Pradja (2 months ago)
Daenerys: I am the last Targaryen Jon Snow.... Bran: actually...
Rich Brescher (2 months ago)
The last stark king was Robb Stark
Troy Muller (2 months ago)
I really hate how she's got such a longass title
Shang Tsung (2 months ago)
I hate Khaleesi. She is all about her power.
Frank Castle (2 months ago)
I like how when Davos was about to say Jon died and came back to life Jon gave him this look like "Naw bro, don't say that shit. They already think I'm crazy talking about these zombies...."
blatherskitenoir (2 months ago)
Considering the only reason he was elected was because the North "Knows no other king but the King in the North, who's name is Stark," he probably shouldn't be saying "I'm not a Stark" as many times as he does on Dragonstone, and if you notice, he does it a lot.
Byzantios1 (2 months ago)
I Adore Daenarys. But acknowledge she;s Jon Snow's.....
Musa Biyikli (3 months ago)
This scene is pretty disappointing, excepted much more
Angel36930 (3 months ago)
08:00 there ya go Davos wingman of the century
Angel36930 (3 months ago)
05:23 the contrast btn when she finally sees the nightwalkers and the sacrifice she made from this first meeting is soooooooo night and day. I dont blame her honestly just sit in her position and u'd be skeptical too after all shes been through. But in the end she really comes through in a BIG way
Lingling Fang (3 months ago)
Vikings season 2
Anupam Kulkarni (3 months ago)
If only they could go back to re-introduce him: Aegon Targaryan, true heir to the Iron throne. Short,crisp but ace in the hole!

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