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Need for Speed Is Saved! EA Ghost To Replace Criterion Games!

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Umair Abdul Aziz (3 months ago)
Criterion are the best developer of Need for Speed and I am telling this from hardcore experience by finishing multiple times NFS 2012 and I am also a big fan of Burnout paradise the ultimate box, Criterion redefined the ultimate physx of cars, best crashes and the real feel of speed... in their games.. they are the best, I want more coming from them.. and As far as Black box are concerned, they were best when Criterion wasn't around, now that driving experience is old school in games.. Hope you agree
MikePlayz (5 months ago)
im sad that blackbox is dead
INIKIATHEKINGXX (6 months ago)
But little do we know... THEY FUCK UP.
Malitia HD (6 months ago)
If only past theo new what a shit show nfs would become in ghosts hands...
Sander 0410 (7 months ago)
Criterion games are far better than frostbite. Need for speed 2015-2017 can suck my ass
mage. (7 months ago)
So you complain about no customization in hp 2010 but not complain about supercars in 2015, when that game is a reboot?
crystaldieu77 (8 months ago)
This os a stupid video
Avi Vadlamani Vlogs (8 months ago)
Panthaa’s old intro.. I still remember it
Toxic Ashes (8 months ago)
Yeah m8 I’d take criterion over ghost studios any day now. Ghost games have turned NFS into P2W and ratings have never been so low for NFS games
F Four (7 months ago)
I’m guessing you LOVE a game that’s mediocre, has allot of car crashing, No customization and content locked for DLC.
GranHerrmanno (8 months ago)
Ghost Games is even worse...
OverevGaming (9 months ago)
OH Burnot 2012
OverevGaming (9 months ago)
Yes my game laggines list mhmhm... NFS: Most Wanted:Smooth NFS: Underground 1&2:Smooth NFS: Carbon:Smooth NFS: Undercover:Smooth NFS: How Pursuit lowest setting:Extreme Lag 12 fps what m8? NFS: Most Wanted 2012 lowest letting:Extreme lag same thing 12 fps what the cock m8? NFS: The Run Butter Smooth Console FPS Medium Settings: 30-27 FPS What but it is a real shit no joke i got AMD A4 6300 Dual Core 3.9GHz Aftermarket Cooler 8gb Ram Nvidia 9600 GT HDD
OverevGaming (9 months ago)
well fuck the sys req m8
Lithuanian Car Kid (9 months ago)
Menyotindroppedmilk (9 months ago)
I thought you were sad
rauno kuldkepp (10 months ago)
ghost sucks / black box and crition games are better
Sharkgamer999 (10 months ago)
LOL i knew u weren't really crying over criterion games GTFO CRITERION GAMES
AnarchyBeatZ (10 months ago)
Why is this getting recommended hahahahaha
Stacii Wolf (10 months ago)
Criterion / Ghost Games is shit "and Burnout a good game for what it was, it was not a good "Racing Game" for anyone that loves racing"
Geert-Jan Baktawar (11 months ago)
I love hot persuit and most wanted 2015 jus shouldnt be called most wanted
JERRY Wzhang (11 months ago)
NFS The run black box study criterion crash wreak
JERRY Wzhang (11 months ago)
criterion game 1993 go back made burnout
JERRY Wzhang (11 months ago)
so black box and rockstar both in 1998
JERRY Wzhang (11 months ago)
but Need for speed 2015 still have Criterion Auto drift mode
JERRY Wzhang (11 months ago)
Burnout need saved too
JERRY Wzhang (11 months ago)
You think you are Carbon WOlf?
heromusashi z (1 year ago)
Wooooho pop the champiain and letz party
iBallisticLemon (1 year ago)
Hot pursuit 3 was hot pursuit 1 and 2. Most wanted 2012 was not Most wanted 2005
shane silva (1 year ago)
Fucking hell Theo
The NFS man (1 year ago)
For me NFS isn't save. EA BLACKBOX did a great work on NFS. Now Criterion Games was the first: they sucks and the second is EA Ghost: Also they sucks. ONLY EA BLACKBOX CAN SAVE NFS #giveeablackboxback
Sanders FPS (1 year ago)
I like the nfs hot pursuit
-NFSREGERA- (1 year ago)
1:13 looooooolololololololololooolóoool9olololol9ooioololoololololooooolll
NAman SWAG (1 year ago)
Thats a vintage intro right there.
rotary love (1 year ago)
burnout 3 was the best
rotary love (1 year ago)
and nfs is still shit
FarmYard Gaming (1 year ago)
Mustafa Gençoğlu (1 year ago)
ghost=criterion=not steering cars
TouchTheRazor (1 year ago)
I hope they make a need for speed like mostwanted 2005 and carbon 2006 (my favourite nfs games)
Armandas Agurkis (1 year ago)
5:20 wtf was that
Ross Boss (1 year ago)
if Ghost brings back nfs world and its free they will get rating +420%
CraptasticJack (1 year ago)
I eat ass for breakfast.
Thz Lopes (1 year ago)
the run sucks
Thz Lopes (1 year ago)
nfs hot pursuit is best nfs ever
you were crying at the beginning?
LightningBolts (7 months ago)
That was a sarcastic cry
Jacadac (2 years ago)
Most Wanted IMO is most definitely a good game in its own right but it does alienate itself from NFS's roots
The informative person (2 years ago)
the graphics win people over
thevenialwave [NOBED] (2 years ago)
The informative person (2 years ago)
ADUPS (2 years ago)
3:08 thats exactly what we got :) yeah, nfs is "SAVED"
Weeb Garbage (2 years ago)
The only good creition game was nfs hp, that's when nfs most wanted came nfs went WAY DOWN TO HELL
NismoRacer 00 (2 years ago)
+Mustang Fan True!
Nani gopal (2 years ago)
a game can only get better by listening to its users. if they can add what we want then this game would be amazing.
Nani gopal (2 years ago)
panthaa stop behaving like a piece of shit. without crashing nfs is gone. its a sim-arcade game so it must havedrifting and crash. it happens in the real world.
SkyLei (2 years ago)
It suck and annoying :P
Nani gopal (2 years ago)
i loved criterion nfs.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
JDM (2 years ago)
+CreamDoritos thats true
ADUPS (2 years ago)
+Dark Gamers X omfg... Hot pursuit and mw were recreated by criterion. EA will never bring back the memories bc they are fucking moneywhores
JDM (2 years ago)
+CreamDoritos what? Which good nfs was recreated? A lot of people didnt like nfs mw 2012 so i think EA should bring back memories
ADUPS (2 years ago)
+Dark Gamers X 3rd nfs mw? its time to stop recreating good nfs games already
JDM (2 years ago)
+CreamDoritos criterion was kinda good i hated it cuz it did not have customization also want black box to make a nfs mw 2016 with better graphics and all the cars from 2005 to be in them(BMW M3 GTR)
Sam O'Brien (2 years ago)
NFS hot pursuit was the game that got me into the NFS games
Thz Lopes (1 year ago)
me too
silver tremor (2 years ago)
Yeah that was awsome but then they fucked up so bad and gave the name of legendary to their piece of crap if they didn t used the name they could have been alive seriously think about it if there is a mario game that has bubsy controls in it but with mario sprites and textures thats it.
Antoine Davis (2 years ago)
+tntbela тɴтвeʟα No it wasn't the first, it was one of the best, but yeah sorry if that was confusing but yeah it wasn't the first.
Jm Rosauro (2 years ago)
+tntbela тɴтвeʟα thats why it was called 2005 it was the first most wanted the last shit one is the 2012 but that game is more good on pc than mobile
MienKreft Skiewars (2 years ago)
+tntbela тɴтвeʟα tf are you talking 2005 most wanted was the first most wanted
potatocubes 30875 (2 years ago)
ghost games sucks!!
The NFS man (1 year ago)
potatocubes 30875 I agree 100% Only EA BlackBox can save NFS
potatocubes 30875 (2 years ago)
+Samuel Hagel fanboy??
Average Person (2 years ago)
+MienKreft Skiewars Same thing goes for you, Minecraft fagboy.
MienKreft Skiewars (2 years ago)
+potatocubes 30875 look at youre profile picture, i'm done! Look at you're face!
Spek Bulletz (2 years ago)
ayy criterion makes good games yust the bad thing is that they yust don't make a longer story mode
Nathan Christensen (2 years ago)
so, when are you going to finish you nfs the run playthrough?
Antoine Davis (2 years ago)
He did, just check out the videos, they're there.
ghost games just needed more time now they have it and look what they made!!! nfs 2015!
Ziim Biian (2 years ago)
oh god. This is so old and you sound like you want to kill yourself omitting the fake depression do nfs no limits accept me on steam
ADUPS (2 years ago)
+Ziim Biian ROASTE D
NerfGenji (2 years ago)
oh that sexy old intro
tyrone doyle (2 years ago)
ghost games should have taken black box's developers
tyrone doyle (2 years ago)
when they made remade most wanted in 2012 they should have remade it probably with a blacklist, safe houses, customisation, story and characters
Tariq Gordon (1 year ago)
They were when it was going to be a sequal to most wanted.
Eric Fractal (1 year ago)
tyrone doyle and story, true
Zane Harris (1 year ago)
tyrone doyle fuck that, remaster mw and carbon and at the end of completing both but a teaser of either a carbon 2 or mw 2
Seth117 (3 years ago)
I just want manual transmission.
Raxyis Crew (3 years ago)
Dont we all hate how these self called "pro" youtubers always want whats more of a challenge, and pity the much more fun nfs games, we dont want cop cars to have 1000/1000 health and racers having 100/100 health, thats not how it works, and who the heck wants to have 100,000,000,000,000 speed points and some cop just slaps yur nuts and makes you loose it all? Who with me
Auri Mas (3 years ago)
criterion go fuck yourself your💩💩
RaVioLii (3 years ago)
Ghost=criterion that's why RIVAL SUCKS ASS
rope (2 years ago)
+Digital Warrior most of the people who works at ghost is criterion staff
Digital Warrior (3 years ago)
Rivals is an CRITERON game ghost didint do anythıng
Luis Cruz (3 years ago)
rope (2 years ago)
+Average Person criterion staff in ghost made rivals ghost made need for speed 2015
Average Person (2 years ago)
+Erza Scarlet Criterion made Rivals, not Ghost.
Cheesecakecrush (3 years ago)
im happy to blackpather
Alexander Nace (3 years ago)
I feel like need for speed is dying
RaVioLii (3 years ago)
+SpeedDemon 729 But some people are smart at ghost because they brought back customization
RaVioLii (3 years ago)
Donovan Douglas (3 years ago)
Black Box and Criterion Games ruined the NFS series since 2008
Andre Roberson (5 months ago)
Jal Moko (1 year ago)
he said since 2008 +SPChanel SGM
SkyLei (2 years ago)
BlackBox is the begin of famous NFS game not the ruiner
Average Person (2 years ago)
+Donovan Douglas Undercover is much better than MW 2012 & Rivals Though. It's just a burnout ripoff. I think BLACKBOX did NFS well.
LanCeloT (2 years ago)
+Savanah Mitchells Immature little fuck.
XenonGrimm (3 years ago)
you almost gave a heart attack!!!!!
XenonGrimm (3 years ago)
are you crying????
CozmicVideos (3 years ago)
If you seriously think The Run is better than Criterion's games, even if they really aren't anything special, then something is wrong with your taste in racing games. HP2010 was OK, MW2012 was decent, but The Run was absolute shit.
CozmicVideos (3 years ago)
NFS2015 is certainly shaping up to be one of the best NFS games in a LOOOOOOOONG time. It's gonna be tons better than the overrated Underground series, maybe even as good as High Stakes. But I find myself alone as the only person who actually enjoyed Criterion's games. People think The Run is awesome, I think it sucks almost as bad as Undercover. People think Criterion's games are the worst in the series. I say they're not even close to that. Not my favorites by any means, but definitely not bad games. At least they're playable, unlike, let's say, Undercover, The Run and Rivals.
Kendal Grace (3 years ago)
LMAO no... Most Wanted sucked ass! ABSOLUTE TRASH. COMPARE MW 2012 to NFS 2015 And see how stupid you sound. NFS isn't even released yet and I think it's gonna be the best ever. Period.
TheSpartan117 (3 years ago)
hellscream (3 years ago)
i didnt hear or see ur damn vbideo only ur fucking voice makes me mad FUCK OF AND DIE!!!! even if u are perfect in ur job again FUCK U !
MrAkella33 (3 years ago)
Wtf is wrong with you lmao
Luis Crespo (3 years ago)
And make offline story as well jdm cars free roam Hondas acuras mazdas all them good stuff
Luis Crespo (3 years ago)
Remake underground 2 😔😔 or at least make it more jdm cars since that is what is hot now please ghost don't mess up
AutismGang (3 years ago)
Black box and EA Ghost is the future of NFS right there
Blah Lalah (3 years ago)
This is an old video, yes... but, what's the name for the song you used in 1:15? ;o
Tyree Kinloch (3 years ago)
U kno wat they need to combine the maps and story line from carbon and most wanted (nfs world) and mix they cars from those two and rivals get the cops side and pursuit tech from rivals and to me that would be tha perfect racing game to me o and add some city ports (docks w/ containers and huge ships) and an airport
happyfrag 1000 (3 years ago)
you are oh so wrong
happyfrag 1000 (3 years ago)
MrAkella33 (3 years ago)
Not anymore
NOVAnimations AN (3 years ago)
i'm counting on you ghost games, make us proud! :D
Pron Adix (3 years ago)
Thijs O. (3 years ago)
Ehh HP2010 was quite good. Probably one of my favorite NFS games.
Senpai Renix (3 years ago)
Lol when u say that sadly at start i was just a little to cry
RenixDVS (3 years ago)
+khalid NFS Country i mean.
RenixDVS (3 years ago)
+khalid NFS U2 where u live if its day for u?
RenixDVS (3 years ago)
+khalid NFS Me too but what i can do?
RenixDVS (3 years ago)
+Cirq Yoshiya Seems someone is not with the NEWS,dude what you use? internet explorer?
carlos sotelo (3 years ago)
GET BLACK BOX BACK! They were the studio that made the best classic Need For Speed Games! They made Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2, one of the best games before Need for Speed Underground.
The Demon Lord (3 years ago)
Imagine that Criteron,Black Box,Ghost, and Slightly Mad Studios made a NFS game?
The Demon Lord (3 years ago)
Criteron Was great developer for NFS: HP 2010 Need For Speed needs a small thing to make it a bit different. Need For Speed needs a criterion touch  
AJ Stevens (4 years ago)
Actually, ghost are NOT a new studio. They developed underground, underground 2, most wanted and carbon. If the NFS franchise is to have a future, it lays only with ghost. Since their work is of very good quality, I think it has a bright future.
lennius 2013 channel (1 year ago)
BronyGamer95 they were just a small studio that enchanced thoose games to be perfect
lennius 2013 channel (1 year ago)
BronyGamer95 no they did thoose games go to the credits of carbon !
Human (3 years ago)
+BronyGamer95 yeah ghost games is new
BronyGamer95 (3 years ago)
+DerpnDerpette yes...EA Black Box was the dev behind all original NFS titles up until 2010 but AJ said that ghost was the original dev....look it up
DerpnDerpette (3 years ago)
+BronyGamer95 waaaaaaaaaaaaat
Paul Middleton (4 years ago)
am happy the only game i liked was most wanted. but no real wheel support. they just not been making good need for speed games. the run. i didnt like some of the areas you raced in. the part where you race around those houses.  really tight bends,, and unrealistic handling. if you cant make a racing game with good handling. then what is the point of even making a racing game. burnout was good years ago when it first came out. burnout 1 and 2. but its not need for speed. and the only game i truly liked was hot pursuit. the run not so much.
Paul Middleton (4 years ago)
i hate rivals I HATE IT. too many cop cars. cant enjoy a race as a racer. if you want to enjoy racing around you have to be a cop. it too heavy on cops. looks nice but thats it.
Paul Middleton (4 years ago)
HOT PURSUIT was awesome. one of the best. the run was shit.
octavelu79 (4 years ago)
NFS The RUN is a good idea poorly packed. The physics is bad and you can run in WV Golf GTI 1 and finish the game on extreme without problems. Traffic cars appear and disappear WTF?
YaBoiZer0 (4 years ago)
I really don't care as long its need for speed its been one of my childhood games.
Iceman_Nightmare (4 years ago)
NFKRZ (4 years ago)
oh how wrong you were here.. lol
HKS Cobb (7 months ago)
『Blank』 You're right it put it in the right realm but it still had nany issues
xD (11 months ago)
oh how retarded you are...lol
『Blank』 (1 year ago)
TheSoulEater121 the games in the right direction honestly.
TheSoulEater121 (1 year ago)
SuperDrinkingPepsi not in my oppinion
SuperDrinkingPepsi (1 year ago)
TheSoulEater121 NFS2015 made the NFS name even worse.
2k31 main stream (4 years ago)
KTForce (4 years ago)
nvm about that XD i didnt watched the whole video
KTForce (4 years ago)
uhh but 1 thing,i watched your video about you hates Criterion games,but now you sad that criterion games leaves EA? dafuq
Igor Mojak (2 years ago)
KTForce (4 years ago)
lets just hope ghost didnt mess up NFS series again since,well you know because half of ghost is criterion members
Abi Surya (4 years ago)
If you guys have played Pro Street, hear their song "08. Digitalism - Pogo - Need for Speed ProStreet OST", if you hear it detaily, i sound like NFS Story, the prove?  Here : "It's quite been a while, since i could experience your brightness" = Has been a while we can't see a great NFS game "There's something into ya, now where's it been?" = NFS has Blacbox that can make a great game, then where's the black box now? "You have set up, bring it on, follow us" = NFS need to think how to make the best nfs, so they have to follow the Fans "I'm talking about a better thing that you can maximize" = We talking about a better NFS from EA that Black Box can make "Everything around you will become super size" = every Black Box NFS is the best
brandon cross (4 years ago)
Criterion to better sum up what he's saying is Need For Speed basicly says buy stuff in a way, when you start you have nothing you NEED money to get better car NEED money to upgrade that car and mainly WE NEED SPEED starting with a shitty car and upgrading it and watching as you're cars speed increases with each upgrade and every 10k you spend on a single upgrade not saying the main reason was about customization but ask every tuner lover they will say they WANT customization  back it was what made us want to turn our PS2 on every single day and doing those races that are super hard and get on you're nerves for SO WE CAN CUSTOMIZE OUR CAR, maybe if you wernt selfish pricks and listened to the fans you would still be with NFS so see yeah lazy fucks
lil_blue 29 (4 years ago)
i like how the guy hates rivals, but is glad for ghost games taking over, when they did the last one, with some touching up from criterion. Its also retarded because a lot of ghost games employes are criterion, 80% of em. So this is kind of redundant

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