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Why Does 4K Gaming Look Better Even on a 1080p TV?

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Games running in 4K still manage to look better on older televisions. How? The short answer is simple, but the explanation is a bit more complicated. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv Thumb Credit: Wei Wang
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Bladex (1 month ago)
Short answer: Downscaling.
awesomedude 555 (1 month ago)
Basically 1080p looks better than even 4k (maybe) because it's tinyer.
Helí Suárez (3 months ago)
Does the consoles allow you to choose 4k on a 1080p tv ??
Southern Acrobat (3 months ago)
Because of click bait
Zephroth Talinguard (3 months ago)
Graphic artist, web dev, and IT here. Down sampling an image does not make it "look better". If you guys feel that it does that's fine but you can't boost the amount of pixels in that screen. By downsampling and post processing all your doing is blurring a 4k image down to 1080. Any graphic art is can tell you going to big or too small from the original resolution reduces the clarity of the intended image.
What confuses me is why when I had a 1080p display I couldn't even select 4k on youtube settings with 4k videos but now with my 4k OLED it lets me select 8k in the settings....
Charls Space (3 months ago)
*L O L THATS NOT HOW DOWNSAMPLING WORKS* You talk about loss in cable and rendering but that is not why sumpersampling works.It work better because of the number of points scaned for each pixel, which is higher and then averaged, so the color representation in each pixel is more correct and lines are smoother (In fact it is used as a anti alising method is a lot of games). If you really want to understand why supersamplimg looks better search " supersampling " on you tube.There is a video from "Techquickie" which explain this very clearly (They are a big big channel with a lot of experience) and others which show examples. Get more knowledge before making a you tube video of something, since this is not well explained. Greetings
Alice Miano (3 months ago)
Peter coffin ? is that you ? it's so strange how much this guy sounds like them (´・_・`)
otakurocks (3 months ago)
This video is just too good, wtf
Cherry Bomb Studios (3 months ago)
It's 10:30 at night, and I'm surprised at how much I understood. As someone who's about to build their first pc, this is really helpful. Thanks, guys!
Duffy Sullivan (3 months ago)
Really, the simplest thing is get a 4k HDR TV. The era of 1080p is about over. Next console gen will be 4K all the way.
Nic B (3 months ago)
That was really informative and confirms what I already perceived with my own eyes. I knew about the pixel averaging (downsampling) from 4k to 1080pbut not that the Cb Cr channels where only 480p on a 1080p signal. Pretty interesting stuff.
Yasin Omidi (4 months ago)
5:50, i rather have 720p 60fps
Sergey Kuzerov (4 months ago)
dose it apply to gaming monitors?
Palaash Atri (4 months ago)
So if HDMI compresses video using H. 264, then which other digital output should I use to output games to my, say, Monitor (not TV), DisplayPort or DVI? Also I would like a quoted source to the HDMI compression information.
DRR Ghost (4 months ago)
I can't handle 4K
stratogustav (4 months ago)
The opposite is also true, which is why regular Blu-Ray discs look like crap on 4K TVs.
James Coleson (4 months ago)
Did you get tired............ of saying 10-80-p!?😂
Adam McCarthey (4 months ago)
I'm smarter now.
Shaylon Zellmer (4 months ago)
Also #PCMR, where all chroma is full resolution, or 4:4:4 and is only reduced if your monitor/TV can't handle it+^_^+
Shaylon Zellmer (4 months ago)
Back in like 2012 i was on a forum filled with screen shot artists, people that took beautiful pictures in game. One the biggest problems was aliasing and some games just didn't support AA even past MSAAx2 or allowed you to change in game resolution past certain points. So thru driver editing, specifically Nvidia card drivers, various methods were developed and explored to adding better anti-aliasing. One of the best methods i remember was called SGSSAA or 'Sparse Grid Super Sampling Anti Aliasing'. It essentially forced the GPU to render certain parts of whatever game at 4 times or 8 times the current resolution, apply a basic AA method, and then scale the whole thing down to fit 1080p. It would kill a computer's frame rate but the resulting screenshots were fantastic. Even Nvidia's current DSR offerings didn't quite get the same level of quality, but then DSR on my system only goes up to 4K for some unfathomable reason. Seriously Nvidia, let me select DSR factors of 32K please.
Andres Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Falcon probably worked for Digital Foundry
Emil Guldmann (4 months ago)
This gave me the idea to downsample 1440p to my 1080p monitor. It kinda worked .D
marko nedic (4 months ago)
Make video in 4k
Basil Xanthis (4 months ago)
Hololens does not counts pixels it shows photons through the eye!
Ebisu (4 months ago)
Rendering at 4x the native resolution is the ultimate form of anti-aliasing.
Macort Maceo (4 months ago)
Can you make a video about why watching 1080p content on a 4k screen looks worser?
shockslice (4 months ago)
Does 1080p gaming look better on a 4K screen?
Stanley Ndomo (4 months ago)
I have to take some tablets now.
Krakeon (4 months ago)
1080p looks good on yt video with 240p on a 1366X768 res monitor. WOW
Krakeon (4 months ago)
FAMILY GATHERING is relatable to most folks
C North (4 months ago)
The simple answer is this: Downsampling an image will always look better than an image created at the downsampled resolution. When you're downsampling 4K to 1080p, you're literally taking 4 pixels, averaging them into 1 pixel. Pixels are just blocks of color. More sampling equals more accuracy in the pixels color, which means shapes made by groups of colored pixels, are simply more accurate, which translates to better picture quality.
Devin Coon (4 months ago)
How about in reverse? Does a 1080p game look good on a 4K monitor? Someone told me it’s like spreading butter on too much bread.
Victor Vallim (4 months ago)
talks about 4k, the video isn't 4k.
Chuck Graham (4 months ago)
Great explanation. Can’t dumb it down anymore and it makes total sense. That must of been difficult. Good work.
Cleetus Luckas (4 months ago)
People thought this concept was so stupid and ridiculous when Microsoft explained this while promoting the Xbox One X. I guess it's acceptable now because a PS5 is on the horizon.
P_kapa (4 months ago)
When in one sentence you here 1080p, 4k, cb,cr, h.264 and you get it..then you know falcon does a great job
Nexus Achiles (4 months ago)
Brilliant explanation, thanks.
Jonathan McDonald (4 months ago)
So i dont have a 4k tv just a 1080p should i get a ps4 pro
CreeperArcade01 (4 months ago)
Rocket science I understood pretty much nothing
Matheus Lacerda (4 months ago)
It's simple, you get better Anti-Aliasing. It's called Supersampling (render on a higher resolution and compress the image). My notebook is 768p but my wallpaper is 4k because it looks better
Because it's basically Super Sampling x)
Cedric M (4 months ago)
Um... What? I played both H:ZD and MH:W on PS4 Pro and tried performance mode vs High "QUALITY" mode and the HQ modes made the games look blurry and of course the performance was notably rougher.
christopher potter (4 months ago)
But Kingdom Come already came out....
Black Dahlia (4 months ago)
7k Likes look better than 6k likes you see on a 1920p screen there's more assets to click on the like button than 6k people it started with 1 like and it got expanded to 7k on the 1920 screen which averaged the pixel to make the likes more prominent...
Icewind007 (4 months ago)
I learned all this while researching VR for the Vive. It uses subsampling a lot to get a much nicer, sharper looking image on a very limited pixel density screen. At least, when the screen is that close to your eyes.
Alphaphenomenon Gaming (4 months ago)
This confused me so much but I feel wicked smarter. I got a 4K tv last year and haven't really seen anything impressive so far.
Thomogon (4 months ago)
Now I'm sad that I can't afford a GTX 1080 untill GPU prices drop
juliox9 (4 months ago)
these is why i use DSR or VSR
Mike L (4 months ago)
That's some good detail, as good as Linus's Tech Quickies are.
LKeyYT (4 months ago)
What about the fps tho?
Water 8962 (4 months ago)
4k is nice, but for me it was not the amazing difference when i got my first hd ready tv on my xbox 360. (Until my first second and third red ring of death)
Pizza Boy (4 months ago)
3:33 Me in all my physics classes
JustChilling (4 months ago)
Wow... I already knew the reason why it would look better but I still watched this. And I regretted it not. Hearing things about down sampling and exploiting human physiology to compress data ( the Y channel does this) was very enlightening.
why are people overrating 4K didn't you guys did that when 1080p first came out by the time when 8K comes out ya'll probably will say ''8K is overrated 4K 60 fps looks better.
LordVoldore (4 months ago)
you broke my little brain
Greensky02 (4 months ago)
Travolta by the chalkboard... LOL! Well done.
Yeah Right (4 months ago)
all i understood was blah blah blah blah pixels blah blah blah.blah red and blue blah blah blah blah blah
Wackymann (4 months ago)
Amazing video.
Kamron Thurmond (4 months ago)
Helpful. Can you explain why people want Superior audio now? Because I honestly don't get that. I mean explain why somebody would want a $20,000+ speaker system like Henry Rollins has???
Captain Fatbush (4 months ago)
does this mean i can get a ps4 pro and not a 4k tv and it will look just as good?
Dominic's Creative Films (4 months ago)
You have no idea how happy I am you uploaded this. Me and my friend where debating how the xbox one x can make games look 4k on a 1080p and I was losing that debate, but this video might just help me win. Thanks.
Silent Gamer (4 months ago)
thank you great video
DobieMeltfire (4 months ago)
I would rather see the gaming industry focus more on higher frame rates then higher resolution.
RareLight R (4 months ago)
You can just set all to "Automatic" which will make everything you run, games, tv or movies run at their intended and original resolution. No downscale nor upscale. Then a 4K Tv is better because you can't even set up 4K for most stuff as it will say "your tv is not a 4K" or "your tv doesn't support this resolution. You can also use the max RGB range with HDR to get all the pixels and colors, in fact not having a 4K TV makes you lose automatically 25pixels. There are also HDMI cables which are better than the normal, like 4KHDMI cables(that's not the actual name of those cables)which make it look better and not lose almost anything. Simply put, 4K is better and in a 1080p you are running a simulation of 4K which pales to the normal 4K.
Raz David (4 months ago)
Great explanation!
Axel Lundegren (4 months ago)
God of war glitches?
CrimsonSky (4 months ago)
its called supersampling nub.
Wetdookie (4 months ago)
I watched the whole video and still didn't understand a thing
JoeDoe_ Outdoors (4 months ago)
Hi I really enjoy your page ☺ Keep it up!
AVERAGE MAN (4 months ago)
hey can u help me ?.ijust want to know when bullet is going in computers xyz universe does cpu really carrying a bullet like straight line or cpu just calculate when gpu want to draw?
Wizard Scramble (4 months ago)
i want to buy ps4 for performace but the fan noise are killing me. hmmmm
Paul Moraru (4 months ago)
I love Falcon's videos!
Michael Camp (4 months ago)
It helped but yet it didnt😂💀
Manuel Leites (4 months ago)
Im I the only one who felt really stupid because i did'nt understood anything?
kahara (4 months ago)
Sir Real Gaming (4 months ago)
Why not just make all of it 4k then? wouldn't it look EVEN BETTER on 4k?
123telamon (4 months ago)
i think that, i want a powerful pc... but im poor... have to play with my 4GB Ram...
EugeProductions (4 months ago)
about as simple and concise as you can make it. nicely done.
Ringo_Mandingo_757 (4 months ago)
Dammit! This was informative AF! Falcon I love your videos my dude. S/o to the entire Gameranx staff.
Vecret Simbulan (4 months ago)
Por kay
Ej Villar (4 months ago)
Hi falcon , Eagle ir.😇
Luis Jovellanos (4 months ago)
Nic Cage? really gameranx?
Mark Broadhurst (4 months ago)
So I've got a 4K screen and a PS4 and an Xbox one X and I honestly can't tell the difference. Definitely not worth the cost of all the hardware.
Flea (4 months ago)
Even though I have a 1080 TV, I couldn't pass up on the God of War LE console. Glad to know I can still gain benefits from it (beyond small things like shorter load times). P.S. This video was very well presented and edited.
Vyxel OP (4 months ago)
Oh nice, I was gonna guess down-sampling.
Mobarak Jama (4 months ago)
Compressed and highly scaled down Headache is what am feeling Right now
Alexander Mustermann (4 months ago)
Wow nicely explained!!
lunalicrichard (4 months ago)
I have a question ; Nowaday's TV's and console's "know " what resolution the TV can handle , so if you try to put 4K through HDMI to a 1080p screen it won't work or accept the resolution , so how can i the put 4k through to a 1080P screen ??? And for future console's they would have to bypass this as well ??? To be clear : i understand that video looks better and why and why it's done on pc / video channels ....
Joce Comb (4 months ago)
ALL tv runs at best at 120Hz so...
janbecque (4 months ago)
It does look better on 1080p TVs, however I don't think that difference justifies a performance drop from 60 fps to 20-30 like in the case of God of War.
Cesar Gonzalez (4 months ago)
I got a friend that swears there's no difference between 4k and 1080
cryptiv (4 months ago)
video should be 4k, lol
prodigieX (4 months ago)
This also explains why I prefer to stream YouTube videos at 4K res on my 1440p monitor, rather than 1440p res.. I KNEW it somehow looked better!. My simple explanation to myself was "huh.. I guess its just not as compressed"
Aj Seamans (4 months ago)
My normal ps4 looks better on my 4k tv
Walter Crobato (4 months ago)
So is a is a 4K worth it?
Amillion subsnovids (4 months ago)
welp. theres no denying you answered the question
Ray Jones (4 months ago)
to complicated
Juan Luna (4 months ago)
Nice, I actually learned something on YouTube. Subscribed.
ThuggishWeeb480p (4 months ago)
all these people confused by this while I'm sitting here thinking this was common knowledge :/

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