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[HINDI] How to Add i Button in YouTube Videos,How to add Suggests Video in YouTube

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Hello Friends Welcome to Zeo Technical Dosto es video mai aapko bataunga kyse aap aapni Video mai I button add kar sagte hai ,YouTube video mai Suggested video kyse add kare, Subscribe to my channel for more videos like this and to support my efforts. Subscribe My Channel =https://goo.gl/bapAZA Thanks and Love #ZeoTechnical  LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For all updates : https://www.youtube.com/c/ZeoTechnical Visit My Website :http://zeotechnical.blogspot.in Follow me on Twitter : https://twitter.com/zeotechnical LIKE My Fb page : https://m.facebook.com/ZeoTechnical Thanks You
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Text Comments (159)
Apps and Games Helper (1 month ago)
Hey:I love your YouTube channel
Shenoy Soman (9 hours ago)
You sarch
Sound Of Music (9 hours ago)
Thank u
IT'S HANZALA (2 days ago)
You're awesome man
Borshon Crafter YT (3 days ago)
It's so helpful thanks 😘😘
Tarun Music Present (3 days ago)
Learning With smile (4 days ago)
Thanks vai...
Liza Gopez (4 days ago)
para ka pilipino sa language
Yas no vala
CG Hi-Fi (8 days ago)
Thank you bhai btane ke liye
thank you brother
Creative Vaibhav (8 days ago)
Nice information Cursive writing - #Creativevaibhav
saftube. com (8 days ago)
Amazing bro
Johar Dodiya (8 days ago)
Ab samaj me aya
VC Team (8 days ago)
Nice https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLelIJq_g5A0kuR2UIdAHaA?app=desktop
HELPING HAND By- G.S (11 days ago)
Useful bro
manish creation (13 days ago)
Sir video ka side me nam aur youtube sine kaise aata h
manish creation (13 days ago)
Sir Plz answer
Jaleel Tutorials (16 days ago)
from where did you made your youtube intro?? Please tell me it is osm..
Manuj Gogoi (19 days ago)
Wonderful video.... Grow channel click here- #Manujgogoi
Just Monika (20 days ago)
Tecni smith (24 days ago)
meri propblam bhi solve hogai
Tecni smith (24 days ago)
thaks sir
Biresh Dash (24 days ago)
bhai chrome me YouTube nikala toh YouTube app open ho rahahe Kya karu?
Crypto Champion (24 days ago)
m.youtube.com enter karo
Erasable Ninja (24 days ago)
OmniEra IQ (25 days ago)
Thanks...u will go in heaven
Pie Loxy :3 (25 days ago)
Wait what...
Abu Taher Muttakin (28 days ago)
Thank you very much bro
Yoyo Oscar (1 month ago)
Bahai Mesa
GAMER boy SUJAY (1 month ago)
Sir kaisa hum youtube fhoto upload karainga
Fast Odia News (1 month ago)
Tq bro
Cricket Fan Club (1 month ago)
Thanks bro
Apps and Games Helper (1 month ago)
Nice channel so I am daily seeing your YouTube channel videos
Rithvik The cricketer (1 month ago)
K-Rosyy (1 month ago)
Wtf is he saying
Jenina Montecillo (1 month ago)
Fix ur english geez
I thought it was tagalog nvm...
Shadab Alam (1 month ago)
Thnku. Its helpfull for me
sL CarryFivi (1 month ago)
Show bobs and vegema
Tech Hindi Kutam (1 month ago)
ये सैटिंग करो फिर suggested सब वीडियो आपका ही होगा क्लिक करे और देखें :- #techhindikutam
SK Ashik (1 month ago)
that's all right. But my condition is that, how can I leave a suggested video's link in the end of the description box?????? where we find the category & licenses!!!!! plzzz reply friend
Bcom YouTuber (1 month ago)
what reason i button doesn't active
Bcom YouTuber (1 month ago)
Sir mere i button active nhi ho raha hai kya kru.. Koi idea dijye please
Bcom YouTuber (1 month ago)
Ad eliment option me link is not enable aa raha hai kya kru sir
Sam world made (2 months ago)
3:04 what this guy has messages
How to make video manager file mein jo public icon rehta hai uske paas left side mein jo dollar mark rehta hai mere paas nahi hai kaise le http://youtu. be/-pjZZOEdTY
Skull GAMING (2 months ago)
I subscribed
DY creation (2 months ago)
Mast bhaiya ji
Ho Lee Syiet (2 months ago)
Chryzel_May YT (2 months ago)
Thx alot can you do english pls ? Cuz I cant understand anything . . .
KIRAN THAKUR Stand up (2 months ago)
really thaku
AwwLet'sPlay ! (2 months ago)
so slow wth
Sahil goyal (2 months ago)
Yeh bta skate ho ki YouTube ki video social media par upload kaise hogi
TECHNICAL A.K. (3 months ago)
Good bro
PS FOOD CHALLENGES (3 months ago)
PS FOOD CHALLENGES (3 months ago)
Bats doo Kass Karu please
PS FOOD CHALLENGES (3 months ago)
Sir Ya hoo hii nahi Raha
Crypto Champion (3 months ago)
Ji no problem
Balaram Boste (3 months ago)
Please make a video of how to upload a video on and i button and poll
UNIQUE IDEA (3 months ago)
can u help. how to make intro ...a very nice intro
D.K. Entertainment (3 months ago)
MObile me to nhi aa rha
UNIQUE IDEA (3 months ago)
channel is awesome but always tk
Rahul The Gamer (3 months ago)
complete technical show (3 months ago)
Thank u bhai very nice
Five-star Media (3 months ago)
Clash With Madhur (4 months ago)
Bhai mera to ho gya....u help me a lot 😊
Clash With Madhur (4 months ago)
Andriod phone m hoga na
Clash With Madhur (4 months ago)
Zeo Technical...ok...but dont call me sir...i m small in age than you 😂😂😂😂😄
Crypto Champion (4 months ago)
+Clash With Madhur yes Sir
MOD GAMER (4 months ago)
How to make logo in YouTube?
AIO NETWORK (4 months ago)
Crypto Champion (4 months ago)
Thanks bro
Adrianna da galaxy OwO (4 months ago)
Idk what hes saying?
Karan Bhagat (4 months ago)
Thanks bhai
VK SHARES (4 months ago)
Nice video with useful information.
Priyanshu Singh (5 months ago)
i know 😂😂😂😁😁😁😁
shrees World (5 months ago)
Nice & thanks
Pinda wale Munde (5 months ago)
mukesh chandra gond (5 months ago)
eske bare me 6 mahine se dhundh raha hu thanku thanku
Bhai YouTube par bahut videos suggested icon ke bare mein aa gai hai lekin aap ne suggested icon ko chhorh kar I icon search kia toh yeah aap ki mistake thi
Crypto Champion (5 months ago)
+Windows and Android Tutorials haha Mujhe pata nahi tha use suggest Bolte hai but aap es video par kyse aagye 😂😂
lifewithRahul (5 months ago)
start from 1:43 thank me later
Amir Academy (5 months ago)
zabar dast video
Marsha Corina Antonio (5 months ago)
what is the site? Because I don't understand hindi... *Sorry*
Crypto Champion (5 months ago)
+Marsha Corina Antonio YouTube.com
All-in-One Channel (5 months ago)
bhai bahot bahot shukriya mujhe i button ke baare me hi janna tha
MAX INFOTECH (5 months ago)
Thanks sir mujhe pata nhi tha
Common Man (6 months ago)
Arre yaar .... please suggest me how to remove that i button... It's really annoying ,,, while watching videos... I don't have any channel... I just want to disable it.... Please yaar.... Im really angry with that...
Brookz MSP (6 months ago)
I thought this was English the only thing heard was Eli kencjei djsu suki id due cu nd. Hdjc dj ndhcudhcudhucd njcudhcud cf. hhcudc
Find with Omar (6 months ago)
thankyou bro pury youtube main bs apki video useful hai :)
Imagine Believe Achieve (6 months ago)
#Nice 👍
BANGTAN SONG (7 months ago)
Which recoder will use plese tell
Shreyanshi Jaiswal (7 months ago)
Bahot logo ne is video ko banaya hai
INSTRUCTING MATES (7 months ago)
1:33 pe konsi website opne kithi
INSTRUCTING MATES (7 months ago)
Zeo Technical ok bro please send your what's app number
Crypto Champion (7 months ago)
Festival T.V (7 months ago)
Intor kaise banya
DEV PLAYS (7 months ago)
How to Add when we are uploading video in between ???
DEV PLAYS (7 months ago)
Zeo Technical why :(
Crypto Champion (7 months ago)
+ClasH_ DiLs that's not possible
Joyal puthur (7 months ago)
Kaunsa website mein gaya the??
Crypto Champion (7 months ago)
+Joyal Puthur YouTube
Stylo Hamza (7 months ago)
ap ne apna intro kese banaya? jo ( 1:18 ) par aya
Stylo Hamza (4 months ago)
Kia search karoo?
Stylo Hamza (4 months ago)
Apne kese banaya
Crypto Champion (4 months ago)
youtube par video search karo
Stylo Hamza (4 months ago)
Tell me
Vinay Kumar (7 months ago)
Arre bhai tune 1:33 pe video start ki yrr itni dair mt kara ker jaldi jaldi bataya ker....
Eeshaan Sethia (7 months ago)
Worst video
Reply me jaldi monetize video green se yalo Q hota he?
WhoTheEngineer (8 months ago)
thanks bro
Tapan Pattanaik (8 months ago)
Thik h thik h
Life changer (8 months ago)
I am also growing youtuber pls watch my channel once
Sindhi Songs (8 months ago)
thankss bro
Crypto Champion (8 months ago)
+Sindhi Songs welcome bhai
CBSE Mentor (8 months ago)
Tech Blog www.infobyak.com

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