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The Man The Myth The Legend - John Wick meets Morpheus - 1080p

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Movie : John Wick 2 Starring : Keanu Reeves, Riccardo Scamarcio, Ian McShane , Laurence Fishburne Plot - After returning to the criminal underworld to repay a debt, John Wick discovers that a large bounty has been put on his life.
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Text Comments (253)
Marcus J (5 days ago)
As I Live and breath John Wick/Neo The Man, The Myth, The Legend, The One.
wilbertmatlock (7 days ago)
It should be called neo meets morpheus.
0Chujo0 (12 days ago)
So this is when he take the blue pill.
Sand Shadow (25 days ago)
WHat if I told you, you took the blue pill =)))
DUMP (26 days ago)
I think he will die in chapter 3
SnotSpill s (2 months ago)
The man...The myth...The legend.... SCOTT STERLING
Elijah Gilbert (2 months ago)
Neo meets Morpheus again
Iam Pyre (2 months ago)
They’re still in the matrix, machines just wiped they’re memories and plugged them back in.
Jevilz (2 months ago)
Would be gold if Hugo Weaving was here too :D
Marcus J (2 months ago)
Morpheus: "He is The One"
Chandler Sun (3 months ago)
You think that’s air you’re breathing?
Rick Grassi (3 months ago)
morpheus lol, it is a reunification though between the two actors
Morph Verse (3 months ago)
7 million dollars!!, DAMN!!, its Christmas..
AquDrIFT (4 months ago)
At last.
craig thomas (4 months ago)
John Wick:”Then you know why I’m here” Bowery King:”Let me tell you why you’re here” If only he would have said that that in his Morpheus tone that would have made this scene so much better!
D.Anthony Franco Jr. (4 months ago)
And the father of the year award goes to L.Fishburne! Category who's daughter is a great pornstar!!!
BotPlayer Legacy (4 months ago)
The man the myth the legend the fatcock
Alex Cruz (5 months ago)
Now imagine a bill and ted renunion.
Paolo Gutierrez (5 months ago)
I swear I got matrix vibes once he said "you know why I'm here" lol
PALPATINE (5 months ago)
what if i told you that you are not John Wick
alan zimny (6 months ago)
Neo meets Morpheous <3
Dhaos620 (6 months ago)
Fishburne is the kinda man who likes the sound of the own voice, and I aprecciate it
hpa2005 (7 months ago)
So, the Bowery King is Cowboy Curtis's estranged brother? Just a thought I had for John Wick 3: Alex Winter as a character who teams up with Wick........in the words of Jeff Dunham's character Achmed "Think about it!"
SmiffyLel (7 months ago)
"all seeing, all knowing." looks like morpheus is the oracle now
lindush maracas (8 months ago)
Seeing both of them, how you cannot think about the matrix?
NewSongs4TheWorld (8 months ago)
What the WHAT?
CZH ONLINE RETAIL (8 months ago)
02:17 What is the number up till now? It is 7. Meaning the repeat of everything as per the architect. John Wick is the one.
WOLFnPACK R. (8 months ago)
Jon wick gave him a choice the blue pill or the red pill; Morpheus chose the red one and wandered in the wonderland hole.
Luis Robles (8 months ago)
There is a theory that states that both John Wick, Constantine,and the Matrix franchises take place in the same universe
Pere Parellada Gràcia (9 months ago)
"I suppose you must be feeling a bit like Alice. Falling down the rabbit-hole, right, Mr. Wick?"
J Guitar (9 months ago)
Man those actors must have had a blast with all that Matrix-Nostalgia going on
reaperofthedamned07 (9 months ago)
My sister called someone from The Matrix popping up.
TheDabstraktYT (9 months ago)
Neo goes to Morpheus :v
Schizophrenic Cynic (9 months ago)
The Applebee's bit breaks me every time lol
MsMavinas90 (9 months ago)
So this is the result of blue pills? :D
Thackery Saussy (10 months ago)
Westworld X The Matrix mash-up
bobbybrainstorm (11 months ago)
Neo meets morpheus
ZUIKMedia (11 months ago)
I love how after the Applebee's remark John Wick looks at the other guys like "Dafuq????" at 2:28 😂😂😂
Ojama Black (1 year ago)
Morpheus was promoted to Oracle.
Al Israel (1 year ago)
at 2:25 I wonder if that was a double entendre meaning Appleby's law firm in Bermuda vs applebees restaurant
PidgeStudios (1 year ago)
i thought the man, the myth, the legend was Dr Disrespect!!!!
justpuckett (1 year ago)
Met many years ago when I was a pawn in the game
Jerald Lim (1 year ago)
Haha.. Damn this titled.
Alpha Rumble (1 year ago)
John Wick showed Morpheus a magic trick by making The Joker's fucking pencil disappear, giving him his own Red Pill/ Blue Pill trick back to him. 😶😶😶😶
Ak47 (1 year ago)
"before my essential....That is matrix"
Exhausted Elox (1 year ago)
Come on, man. You're in New York. You can do way better than Applebee's at the same price point in that town.
Dr Logiq (1 year ago)
2:23 The goddamn best "DAYUM" in the history of EVER!
SpoonfishLee (9 months ago)
Dr Logiq I was looking for a comment about that! Had to scroll far as hell! DAYUM
Omiros007 (1 year ago)
Neo is that you???
Black Dahlia (1 year ago)
*DAMN it's Christmas*
Ak47 (1 year ago)
reminded me of obama
SNSD Sunny (1 year ago)
When it feels like you're not watching John Wick anymore... Instead you feel like you're watching Matrix.
SofiaV (1 year ago)
Disco (1 year ago)
The pigeons....total assassin creed vibe
Crunch Buttsteak (1 year ago)
He cheesed up this role so hard
Phaire Couchpotato (1 year ago)
So Morpheus became the oracle? 1:57
Mirza Khalid (1 year ago)
Neo freed Morpheus in Matrix Revolution by dealing with the Machines. Now Morpheus is back in new version of Matrix and Neo reincarnated as John Wick...what a world full of irony but John Wick still stuck with the Choice :D
Silver Instinct (1 year ago)
where was trinity during all this??
Nucky Mancini (6 months ago)
Inside Taking the D
GMmaster99 (8 months ago)
probably 1 of the assassins coming after Mr. Wick in the next movie
zach nai (1 year ago)
I love his laughter this time Keanu reeves is the big guy here and Morpheus just laughs at the end of the scene omg
skeaneable (1 year ago)
me starting to think the world of John Wick is a virtual world rebooted by the Matrix
iceguy93 (1 year ago)
Now we just need Carrie-Ann Moss and it's a Trinity.
Kenny Powers (1 year ago)
I am disappointed there was no Matrix reference.
Nicholas Xiong (1 year ago)
so uuuhhh you ready to come back to reality?
Fritz Mikhail (1 year ago)
I wonder if morpheus selling motorola phone on the rooftop?
nigelft (1 year ago)
'Morpheus... How the hell did you manage to put on so much weight, eating that same gloop ...?'
Malakiy Hodges (1 year ago)
Alternate universe where Neo took the blue pill
I really dont understand why John made all that effort and now owns to this guy just for 7 bullets. He could take the gun from these killers he killed before...
Mr. H (1 year ago)
Imagine Hugo Weaving comes as a Hitman hunting John Wick in the next movie
dio arya (4 months ago)
Mr. H "What good is a firearms, Mr. Wick...if you don't have a hand to hold it"
Gokhan KARAGON (1 year ago)
where is red and blue pill??
Abu Fadhil (1 year ago)
Why don't you create a clip titled "John Wick Kills Agent Johnson" from the first movie?
Tomas Turbado (1 year ago)
title made me laugh so fucking hard
A. Theil (1 year ago)
2:23 made me laugh
Kat Tachibana (1 year ago)
Brilliant title 11/10
Kevtb87 (1 year ago)
Keanu looks 5 years older even though it was 18 years ago. Fun fact: Keanu is only 3 years younger than Laurence Another fun fact: Lawrence doesn't have access to the fountain of youth. Keanu does.
Frank Lesher (1 year ago)
Whoa. Neo and Morpheus are back together.
Tyler Wright (1 year ago)
I love these movies but when John speaks I start to cringe. I know they do it on purpose to make him seem awkward but it just comes off as bad acting
sakar sayami (1 year ago)
Tyler Wright L
Guillermo Vaccarezza (1 year ago)
John wick is definitely the gun-fu spiritual succesor of The Matrix. They made the right move sneaking Fishburne into this one, it makes complete sense
Francisco Villanueva (1 year ago)
I dont known why, but this could be use for a Matrix 4 fanmade trailer!!!
bd (1 year ago)
Morpheus: The man, the myth, the legend...Hello mr Anderson John: I become new person
Senpai Thomas (1 year ago)
Honestly...this could be the start of the best Cinematic Universe ever...the Matrix Universe. Like a comment said above....the Meta is strong with this one. And John Wick is kinda Jesus...just like Neo but with Guns. Jesus man....make this a thing...I won't even charge for the idea. Just M. Night this shit already.
-Dat Mental Gamer- (1 year ago)
i like to think John Wick is an Parallel / Alternative reality where Neo took the blue pill instead of the red one, none of the matrix movies happened, neo became John Wick since taking the pill formated mr.anderson (NEO) and created wick instead, Morpheus became the guy here (dont know his name tbh) however i wonder what happened to Trinity and Agent Smith. im 100% sure John Wick And The Matrix are connected...
MARKIE GREEN (1 year ago)
Not now Neo...I'm waiting for some guy named John Wick
Yip Kar Kiu (1 year ago)
chapter 3 should be : John wick vs Agent Smith
ShadowAssassin88 (3 months ago)
Yip Kar Kiu Lol if the villian turned out to be Hugo Weaving.
EzioIlMentore (1 year ago)
So this is what the blue pill looks like.
ShortFinger (1 year ago)
We going to Applebee's after this!
Ridhuan Abu Bakar (1 year ago)
i laughed so hard when morpheus laughed at neo for needing help
Ender MX (1 year ago)
Morph is going to Applebees
Patricio Pereyra (1 year ago)
The man, the myth, the legend... THE CHOSEN ONE
Jason Garcia (1 year ago)
7 million dollars dam it's Christmas we're going to Applebee's after this. Hahaha best line
Joe Danson (6 months ago)
Jason Garcia sounds like negan off walking dead on that part haha
Kyle Harrell (1 year ago)
Really wish he wouldve said... the one
Hugo D (1 year ago)
Talk of choice, and notice that blue and red feature quite prominently - just like those pills.
Condemnedya (1 year ago)
John Wick....The man, the myth, the legend THE ONE
Can (1 year ago)
stop trying to hit me and hit me:D
Diamond Lewis (1 year ago)
Damn I wish they added more matrix references
Richard Ewins (1 year ago)
What if I told you Neo never left the matrix and now lives a life as John Wick
RMJ1984 (1 year ago)
So is this before or after the events of the matrix ;)
Iosua Pasi (1 year ago)
imagine this scenario....John Wick chapter 3....after a shootout Johns hurt...he knows he needs medical attention immediately....we see him end up at a house in a. neighborhood.....Its Johns old ex girlfriend...Trinity
Play It (11 months ago)
Name Less (1 year ago)
Welcome to the Matrix again,Neo
Oink ards (1 year ago)
The Machines won, they put the chosen one in the simulation again along with everyone else. Wiped their memory and introduced the new matrix. Now humans are a race of assassins. Your pay check is listed as a bounty to kill.
Vincent Famulag (1 year ago)
morpheus did not do shitt in this movie.. wat a waste..
Utopia Lord (1 year ago)
Mr. Anderson welcome back to the Matrix.
Tajay (1 year ago)
Morpheus: your not very good at retiring. Neo:I'm working on it. morpheus:Neo doesn't remember but we meet many years ago. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
rogerthat155 (1 year ago)

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