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Thanks for da like ★~(◡﹏◕✿) PART 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIq-307wiQk CHECK OUT MY GIVEAWAY /W G2A: https://gleam.io/ct2nj/pewdiepie-wow-giveaway Das cutiepie: https://www.youtube.com/user/CutiePieMarzia MERCHANDISE: PewDiePie Clothing: http://bit.ly/ShopBro My Game: PewDiePie: Legend Of The Brofist Apple: http://apple.co/1Kxi8rQ Android: http://bit.ly/1Pxt8Xw My Book: This Book Loves You http://www.pewdiepie.com/go/book My App: Apple: http://bit.ly/AppleBro Android: http://bit.ly/AndroidBro SOCIALS: Twitter ► https://twitter.com/pewdiepie Facebook ► http://facebook.com/pewdiepie Instagram ► http://instagram.com/pewdiepie ........... ...................__ ............./´¯/'...'/´¯¯`·¸ ........../'/.../..../......./¨¯\ ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...') .........\.................'...../ ..........''...\.......... _.·´ ............\..............( BROFIST ...........
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Text Comments (38270)
Kakka Pökäle (1 hour ago)
Kolisee jos kolisee!
Petyr Baelish (7 hours ago)
She sounds like a cartoon character. 😂 I can't imagen her as a boss this voice is just to strange...
Christian Hakuba (9 hours ago)
Wizard Gaming (16 hours ago)
Translation of the last one is well go out of the way. Mikko Mikko Mikko ohhhhhhh also in the end they say it was acting
Makiah Lee (20 hours ago)
She’s so sweet 😂😂
Jaye Will (1 day ago)
Mariza was the cringiest part of this video😂
Zoey Chaban (1 day ago)
T H O T P A T R O L (1 day ago)
From the rocky hoes to Hawaii from the beautiful sand beaches of LWIAY
Rayyan Bani Hassan (1 day ago)
Marzia is sooo sweet, God bless the both of you ❤
Klaas van Beest (2 days ago)
Cum makes her voice very high
XXMidnightBlueX (2 days ago)
When you see your girlfriend and your like “Damn she’s hot” then you hear her voice “She’s SO CUUUUTE” Lol I luv your voice it’s so cute! I wanna voice like that!
David St (3 days ago)
Those Hawaiii girls have some big ass shoulders
Sam Ahmed (3 days ago)
مترجم Arabic 🤗
Jeemeli (3 days ago)
As a Finn, the first clip is hilarious (and extremely cringey)
하수빈 (3 days ago)
Thank you for korean subtitles♡
Khadija Elboushi (3 days ago)
I forgot Mia had brown hair
acovarrubias12 (4 days ago)
marzias so dam sweet
Jaylin Wou (4 days ago)
MARZIA: Look! Rainbow socks. *holds up feet* Pewds: *looks disgusted*
twodibs TV (5 days ago)
I love marzia
Lucky Strike (5 days ago)
The best couple in the world :v
Yes marzia those Fabulous rainbow socks 👌
Ketchup Co. (5 days ago)
Marzia is just too nice
XxPro GamerxX (6 days ago)
GAMER TC21 (7 days ago)
my god she is cute
Klance Mcclain (7 days ago)
Where the hell did she come from? The void of space? Is she an alien capable of teleportation? What the fU-
Luna Aubrey (7 days ago)
Harrison Plasto (10 days ago)
Her voice makes me cringe
Cody Villarreal (10 days ago)
2:59 we don't have the huge urinals in the US. I can see how he would be confused.
Sulfurrr1 (10 days ago)
Что означает cringe ?
That girl has a voice. That when you touch her ass . she can say yameteeeee. Onichaaan
Rora__Chan (12 days ago)
Harleigh Quinn (12 days ago)
I agree Pewds...Marzia is cringy sometimes, but still love her tiny voice and personality. 😂❤️
jarhead71 (12 days ago)
Marzia goes down and PewDiePie smiles 😏😏😏
aiden gaming (13 days ago)
cringe 101
Angelo Timmers (14 days ago)
The 3rd is from the netherlands yas
Hello Sol (14 days ago)
Uh wacho, re insoportable la mina
will NELSON (14 days ago)
Anyone from 2018
Turtles 634 (14 days ago)
good guy marzia 4eva
Pastel Kidd (15 days ago)
Mariza how do you not cringe...
-JON SNOW- (15 days ago)
I'm Indian nothing cringes me
I think she forgot...Hawaii...
Lidia Coenraad (16 days ago)
Are they married
Mateo (16 days ago)
*Snap* This one is going in my cringe compilation
Tyler Gibbs (16 days ago)
AndyKills (16 days ago)
At the beginning marzia looks like she was sucking your dick and then you said "go back"
unicorn hi (17 days ago)
Its funny to see people get hurt 😂
Mew MewHisui (17 days ago)
Pewdiepie:"But your the cringiest girlfriend ever." Marzia: "thank you" Me as a girlfriend😄
Mimi Schavikin (18 days ago)
Onks joku suomalainen?🇫🇮🐨🐼🤭
Memelord (18 days ago)
I love margarita
something new Ew (18 days ago)
The first was cringy bc I'm finnish
RBCatss (18 days ago)
.......... 0:12 Good S U C C
Yusof Najm (18 days ago)
Is she giving him a blow job at the beginning lmao
manchipalli ramani (18 days ago)
Fuck Maria in any one of your videos .it is sexy
Katherine Pantziki (18 days ago)
Theyre so cute
Emperor Palpatine (18 days ago)
*martzia arrives from under the table*
Miska Suontausta (19 days ago)
Oi maamme Suomi
iateatree (19 days ago)
Hawai'i is pronounced like that
Star Force (19 days ago)
Grow you’re beard back also marzias voice so kawaii
Malizia (19 days ago)
iknew it italian aren't sensible
Flower Beauty (19 days ago)
I feel that felix hates his life now 😂😂😂😂
Archie Hopping (19 days ago)
Omg she killed all the cringe that was there
Kaif Munir (19 days ago)
This is more like a try not to laugh challenge
Wirexin (20 days ago)
Give her the ultimate weapon... E3
Stealtoe (20 days ago)
I feel bad for the dude that put his hands in the troff.Europeans use that shit to piss smh.
Idrees Khan (20 days ago)
hi Mazarati
PWUS (20 days ago)
Ooh yellow water *LET ME WASH MY HANDS*
Luther Asmodeus (20 days ago)
I don't find any of these cringy....
Valentina Pascoll (20 days ago)
No enriendo el titulo del video esta en español y el video en ingles? Wtf
Justin Is A Noob (21 days ago)
Do more of this!
•ROSE • (21 days ago)
Marzia is sssooo kawaii✨
fjvfweurepebet2 (21 days ago)
try not to cringe watching your content
Kristian Skovinski (22 days ago)
Bruh she’s cute but her voice oml
ERNIKA R (22 days ago)
Dis was like a try not to laugh challenge 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️
delia.lukk (22 days ago)
Does anyone know where Marzia got her shirt from? Its so cute!
Slithering Pup (22 days ago)
The Viewer Lure (22 days ago)
is that the herps on your lip? Looks real gross
Žanas Bondariovas (23 days ago)
4:09 killed me instantly :DDDDDDDDDDDD
Tinomuda Madzore (23 days ago)
manyak oyuncu 032 (23 days ago)
Oh mah gah no 10 minuets
P T (23 days ago)
Marzia giving Felix a bj at the start
Julianne Ryce Uy (23 days ago)
Owow. I didn’t cringe.
Bashir Mahmoud (23 days ago)
Why Mazia looks like Lord Voldemort in this video?
Jermutin_ (24 days ago)
That first video the man was faking it coz hes an actor :D
sunses (24 days ago)
voi meitä suomalaisia
enderawesomeness (24 days ago)
Marzia is pure.
Fiona Brennan (24 days ago)
I genuinely feel bad for that guy who tried to wash his hands
Fiona Brennan (24 days ago)
Marzia is so precious 💕
Greendalf 69 (24 days ago)
I m Spanish I didn understand the dalai lama,s pun, but it's about sex I can predict it.
Tyler Andrade (25 days ago)
When they marry, will her name be Marzia Kjellberg or Marzia DiePie?
Emme Biggs (25 days ago)
There so cute omg he is so lovely to her.
Nguyen Minh Phuong (25 days ago)
"It's not cringey tho.. right??"
Dankmew mew (26 days ago)
Marzia is fucking adorable
Neon FoxXy (26 days ago)
Woooow finnish video, nice. Greetings from Finland! And yeah i see im late😂
Lego Friends (26 days ago)
I'm from Finland, dislike!😈
Ravi Coslin (26 days ago)
1974 anyone ?
Nina Gething (27 days ago)
Karen mabroukeh (27 days ago)
ok, am i the only one who gets annoyed from marzia's voice?
SERGIO JR (27 days ago)
Les da cringe eso y no an visto un vídeo de nordeltus y de windygirk :v
Warrior the Pleb (27 days ago)
Mate, Karl is a legend! XD
JJ JBJ (27 days ago)

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