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Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #10 - Wildfire (HBO)

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Text Comments (4683)
Digital Drummer (15 days ago)
how are people in kings landing not revolting against her? you can only imagine how many people lost friends and family in this explosion and they would be infuriated, not to mention the religious types from around the continent? like how is she ruling without any kind of resistance?
Mrakstunna (25 days ago)
Shouldn't wildfire be able to destroy the white walkers/night king???
Slow Mobius (2 months ago)
This scene was so crazy. The music during the whole intro just added to the magnitude. Rip queen Marjorie and all those others, except the dumb high sparrow and his people
Kuba P (3 months ago)
anyone in 2018 for music and epic scene ? ;d
Ms Conniption (3 months ago)
I still go to this for inspiration when I feel I've been wronged. ... that's normal, right?
DJ V (4 months ago)
I loved these scenes because of the way they were staged and filmed but there were some little and some not so little flaws. 1. It made no sense that the Faith Militant stopped people from leaving the Sept. 2. It made no sense that the streets around the Sept were deserted when such an important event was taking place inside. Surely, the common folk would gather around to hear the verdict as soon as it was announced? 3. It made no sense for the queen to arrive quietly on her own without the king. 4. Lancel had absolutely no reason to follow a street urchin into the underground tunnels.
peace maker (4 months ago)
Winter is coming
Kaont (4 months ago)
Fuga de gas chavales, tranquilos nada serio.
Kuba P (6 months ago)
one of the scenes ill how to my grandchilds
AG Saxena (6 months ago)
Best episode
AG Saxena (6 months ago)
Watching this scene again cycle continues
Lefty (6 months ago)
Check out CERSEI’S REVENGE on my page 7️⃣7️⃣7️⃣7️⃣7️⃣7️⃣
Gaurav Kishore (6 months ago)
Oh the music!!
emmet what (7 months ago)
You seriously couldn't blow out the candle??
Queen Canary (7 months ago)
I remember watching this on Day 1 and scream at the screen "GET OUT NOW MARGAERY!!!"
janine o'donoghue (9 months ago)
Just beautiful.
Pish Posh (10 months ago)
2:14 after you eat at Taco Bell and you hit the restroom
mil mil (11 months ago)
Best scene eveer
Archibald Etienne (11 months ago)
Il’s my favorite episode! This episode was AMAZING.
Aja Wilson (11 months ago)
That's a bad bitch right there
SDMIII : (1 year ago)
Really cool however I think the explosion sounded better in the battle of black water
Akash Deep Patel (1 year ago)
TJ LYNCH (1 year ago)
Thats what happens when you loose two of your children at the time, lost your father and mother because of a hated sibling, make to walk to the red keep naked and humiliated...i hate Cersei...believe me I do, but she has shown her position of strength and this is what happens when you go against her.
Maël Vr (1 year ago)
King's landing is definitly not safe.
Chris C (1 year ago)
Man looks like a large amount of the cast just got *fired*
AdamMackieFilms (1 year ago)
Mr mistrikus (1 year ago)
AdamMackieFilms (1 year ago)
i wanted to watch the whole thing (if ur a true fan)
Naod A. (1 year ago)
Whoever directed this episode is brilliant. Every shot looks like a painting
Oskari (6 months ago)
Naod A. All hail to Migual Sapochnik, and he is returning for Season 8!
DutchHPfan1992 (1 year ago)
Still the best scene in the whole series.
Aishwarya Verma (1 year ago)
Anyone share a link to download the tune which plays in the background.. the violin and the opra(if it is) one!!
PassponeGames (1 year ago)
People: gods save us Gods: new phone, who dis?
SexCannonMusic (1 year ago)
the kid killing himself really got me :/
Biscuitchris7again (1 year ago)
This is the moment I started rooting for Cersei.
SycheRyder (1 year ago)
Did they get an award for this episode? Even this scene alone and the music in it deserve one.
Sea Nymphea (1 year ago)
i really loved the tyrell siblings. margaery was smart and kind and didn't deserve to die, but cersei had her own reasons to kill her, as injust as they were. loras though, he literally was a victim of a hate crime. a glorious warrior loved by many as the knight of flowers; was tortured and starved, carved and humiliated simply for loving a man and enjoying other men's presence. he burned yet the fanatics burned with him, religion is no good for anyone really.
Çokkk Saçma (1 year ago)
Your loved Olena Tyrell is now with you, Margery. You and your grandmother will never be forgatten. God Bless you all. I fucking hate George Martin for all his sins n trouble brought over you both. Why cant it just be the people in supporting roles that takes the lead n get what they want? I thought GoT would the first show to do that but guess i was wrong. They deserved better bcuz theyve been through so much! Poor girl n Olena did what they could n played the game well but still they are dead! I hate Snow n the other bitch who are to sit on the throne, so predictable! I pass.
James G. Brown (1 year ago)
Cerlesi Lannister separates Church and State with a freaking a dirty bomb!!!
Vlad Melnik (1 year ago)
Outplayed, bitches.
saya tahu (1 year ago)
Limited offer, watch Game Of Throne for free now!! http://vk.com/wall438918888_2?streamnow
MMG 006 (1 year ago)
0:52 None of this would've happened if this idiot didn't stare at it for 10 fucking seconds.
deniseg812 (1 year ago)
someone had to survive this.
corleone02 (1 year ago)
After Cersei's drinking wine is very good.She is a real evil.
RealDiva1971 (1 year ago)
The only time I approved of Cersei's slim shady trick cause I was getting sick & tired of the High Sparrow & his 2 faced hot mess ways Btw might I add if you gonna take out your enemies this is how you wanna do it- Line all them bitches up & knock them all the hell down!!!
Sagar Dhange (1 year ago)
RIP...the one who died because of BELL...
Jeremy Rivers (10 months ago)
Talk about having your bell rung.
Fuzzyfoot88 (1 year ago)
is it safe to call this 'The Green Trial' yet?
Arcaneraven (1 year ago)
Also, friendly reminder, this shit is wildfire. Ergo it will remain burning until there's nothing left to burn. They also had a fairy big stash of it store there. This means that fire would've lasted days if not weeks. Man, talking about hell hat no fury...
Yücel Yalçın (1 year ago)
Music ?
ZADAMSMBS (1 year ago)
Shane Arnold (1 year ago)
Cersei: "Finally, they're all gone! Everything's going perfectly! Now my son and I shall rule--" *Tommen flies past the window*
Das Maverick (1 month ago)
She left the window open, with plain view of ground zero. She anticipated his suicide and encouraged it because she no longer viewed him as a capable King, despite him being her son. After her son's betrayal of her by letting the sparrow take her and brutalize her in front of everyone she lost heart for him.
AkOsIrAnUto9980 (3 months ago)
Shane Arnold I just like how things backfire at her immediately.
somebody somebody (1 year ago)
It was so satisfying to watch the high sparrows die but I was so upset when the tyrells died
Mr. Light (1 year ago)
i fucking love cersei
Daniyar Sadykov (1 year ago)
are you ready for a miracle?
Ace Acer (1 year ago)
When im feeling down I watch this and cheers me up so much. I hated those religious fucks
شهاب شهاب (1 year ago)
Kalashnikov (1 year ago)
The music is exponentially phenomenal
WeaselWez (1 year ago)
Damn all those people are lit fam!
David Alexander (1 year ago)
Margery tries to save her brother, Sansa has to save Jon, Dany imports rapists and killers into her family's homeland. I guess art does imitate life. As men, we build society... As women, destroy it.
Jaideep chugh (1 year ago)
what option she had . if she needed to get rid of the plague of all these high sparrows this was her last resort . The only sad outcome is she lost all her kids which she was destined to have anyway . i call her the smart queen not the mad queen 🐍🐍🐍🐍
Terkzorr (1 year ago)
And this episode wasn't even the series finale...
BestLaidPlans (1 year ago)
Don't feel sorry for them. They all just watched a dude get a star carved into his forehead for kicks.
Kavya Daga (1 year ago)
Leandrog Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Sounds like philip glass pruit igoe
Moth (1 year ago)
That smile in the end. That fucking smile from Cersei! That gloat of victory. It's perfect!!
Mr Duncan's vlogs (1 year ago)
What's that green explosive thing plus was it used in a previous battle
Max (1 year ago)
thephantomfantasia It's called wildfire and yes, it was used by the Lannisters against Stannis Baratheon in season 2
JustGiuly (1 year ago)
This was such a powerful scene, I have goosebumps every time I watch it
Zuw ThePirate (1 year ago)
I can repeat that scene all summer 💔☹❤
RayathF (1 year ago)
It was nice to see the high sparrow burned to crisp though.
You can beat Cersei, you can humiliate her, you can turn people against her, but the one thing you should never, EVER do, is taking her children away from her. The Sparrows learned the hard way the consequences of that, from the most dangerous Mother in the realm of the living
tony montana lmao (1 year ago)
It makes me feel proud of cersei, fucked up i know
Time Echos (1 year ago)
2:20 Last second of their lives
Farmaan Malik (1 year ago)
Now imagine ramsey standing with cersei watching these fuckers burn
FROZEN EMPIRE (1 year ago)
2:37 = Hey bitch...leave something for us when we will invade King's Landing...
Toni Trošić (1 year ago)
definitely one of the best season!
Jesus Christ (1 year ago)
And as Lancel looks into the flame he realises... there was no breastplate stretcher
J.Q Esperas (1 year ago)
TThis movie is now avаilable to waaatch here => https://twitter.com/49d81e4e40ab0de60/status/858502477716627458
Milos Tosic (1 year ago)
King Aerys aproove
Bobby Loblolly (1 year ago)
The way the shockwave makes a wind that just barely moves her hair as she watches the aftermath, inhaling deeply as if absorbing the very souls of those silenced seconds before.
Yu Xiao Wong (1 year ago)
Am I the only who love this shit? Cersei's the fucking best
CAPTAIN AMERICA (1 year ago)
yoshu (1 year ago)
Cersei : Boom'em all
Di Ci (1 year ago)
Ric Flair (1 year ago)
2:11 it was at this moment, he knew he fucked up
Lok Zeal (1 year ago)
well done,Cersei
Armed Raptor (1 year ago)
A lot of people from that sept disliked...
jay kim (1 year ago)
Kill'em all. the author's code.
JustsomeSteve (1 year ago)
2:07 It Was At This Moment He Knew... He Fucked Up
Horatiu (1 year ago)
Omg Cersei!! How i like that BITCH attitude and her facial expression( that look in her eyes and the little evil smile ) !! That's the people who win in life, you have absolutely nothing to say !
reaper man (1 year ago)
Produced By Wallace (1 year ago)
https://soundcloud.com/wallace1995/trap-throne sampled the piano and flipped it
Max Murgui (1 year ago)
Lam Wing Fung (1 year ago)
Wildfire can't melt stone walls
Z. Schroeder (1 year ago)
This scene was so satisfying for me. RIP in pieces High Sparrow, you wrinkly old fuck.
Ross Feel (1 year ago)
Best scene of the whole series. Those first 10 min of that ep were amazing. And the music. Uau.
LF Drumming (1 year ago)
And from the ashes of the wildfire, Loras is reborn, as the immortal Iron Fist.
berkay çalışkan (1 year ago)
fucking awesome
Persy54 (1 year ago)
This dumbass looks just like bernie sanders...clueless.
Roy Kenith (1 year ago)
that is alright but where the hell is BANE!!!
Bernard (1 year ago)
I loved that music soo much. IT was The first time there is a piano in GoT!
Karina Sanchez (1 year ago)
Can't wait for season 7!!!! My fave season yet is 6 must admit it took me awhile to move on and watch it again after red wedding I was completely devastated 🤦🏼‍♀️😩
MauGpieG (1 year ago)
Tommen barathen died !! HOW MANY WILL DIE?? OF HOUSE BARATHEAN?

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