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Payday 2 - Public Stealth Games #5 (Free to play)

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Songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16OPrxKbXkE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAm9xAmFOb4 Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Cloud_Dasher-N-Frends Twitter: https://twitter.com/CloudDasher1 My Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198013460777/ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/CloudDasher My 2nd channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFa3ZhKT-TJVKO5uCB2bdxg ---------------------------------------------------------------- The other mods I use: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Hud: https://github.com/Kamikaze94/WolfHUD Sandwich: https://modworkshop.net/mydownloads.php?action=view_down&did=14837 Basic Voices: http://paydaymods.com/mods/447/basicvoicesrebornHSUMVHBMBCCG Jacket Miami Heat: http://modworkshop.net/mydownloads.php?action=view_down&did=13137 Custom FOV: http://modworkshop.net/mydownloads.php?action=view_down&did=14930 VELOSync: http://modworkshop.net/mydownloads.php?action=view_down&did=15451 Miami Menu Mod: https://modworkshop.net/mydownloads.php?action=view_down&did=14348#prevsbox Smokin' Barrels: https://modworkshop.net/mydownloads.php?action=view_down&did=13884 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Sound mods: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Microsoft Jacket: http://modworkshop.net/mydownloads.php?action=view_down&did=1541 The Weeknd - False Alarm https://modworkshop.net/mydownloads.php?action=view_down&did=18089 Kazoo Cloaker: https://modworkshop.net/mydownloads.php?action=view_down&did=18069
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Text Comments (1033)
Cloud Dasher (1 year ago)
I can't believe I only just now noticed this but I did messed up the intro.. it's 5 not 4, number 4 with basic voice
n Turbo (6 months ago)
WolfHUD, it allows to you just press F instead of needing to hold it and is generally really helpful
Muumis (10 months ago)
when you're answering pager you need to confirm to stop answering what mod is it from?
Aiden Campbell (10 months ago)
Cloud Dasher what were u playing on
adam boey (11 months ago)
Amazing intro
Firered600 (1 year ago)
whats your sceondary
Virtually Hidden (4 days ago)
Instead acting so high and mighty, HOW BOUT YOU COMMUNICATE WITH THESE NOOBS IDIOT. Instead of typing "..." all the time, type and explain the map to them. Fucking idiot Cloud Dasher, your stealth was always subpar anways.... And yes I'm late so fuck you.
Blide (9 days ago)
9:34 Alright heisters, this is epic.
Andrea Gatto (17 days ago)
even after almost 2 years, i can't, watching this hurts me
I dont have payday 2 original :( well lets go to bad experience payday 2 demo
TnK Plays (1 month ago)
ummm why ppl still use jacket its not he looks goofy its just.....CREEPY why?even if the chicken mask didnt the tape is creepy same with his wut happenned with his voice already
theassasin730 (1 month ago)
How to deal with situation like this Step 1:press esc Step 2:press kick player Problem solved
mattia garzieri (2 months ago)
02:22 porca troia vedere 3 persone fare una missione stealth senza abilità ed essere la prima volta a giocare a sto gioco ci vuole coraggio! Finché fosse splinter cell è una cosa ma sto gioco...
xNecr89x rodrigues (2 months ago)
Engineer (2 months ago)
Ittshotline my boi
Now the amount of online players is like 12,186
“See that nice big hole, drive through it” *continues to run on foot* my brain needs a medic bag
QuistyQuiet (3 months ago)
10:09 *A Good Start*
Hung Nguyen (3 months ago)
i used to be a noob but i always listened to people who knew what to do :P
A Dogtor (3 months ago)
9:20 omg did he ecm feedback..
Smoke Feed (4 months ago)
Mann i cant watch idk but i cant finish this vid... AHHHH İ NEED A MEDİC BAG
Jabba Jane (4 months ago)
'Okay, time to do Overdrill, hopefully some good teammates will show u-' *level 12* 'Ehh, no big deal, with some other bette-' *level 7* 'I swe-' *level 0* '...I'm done. '
Tomplayz gamez (4 months ago)
My experience playing payday with gay stupid ass retards makes me wanna commit suicide
Sovyattl (4 months ago)
Whats you primary weapon?
Jesus Roland (4 months ago)
Ggez play murkey station without supresser (kill yourself plaese ) wearing armor in carshop please kill yourself in 3 sec ok?
KoKoC_HeKuToC (4 months ago)
Реально ебнутые нубы
NoNeXo (4 months ago)
offline always is the better choice
Slavian Tashev (4 months ago)
Had to stop watching. Couldnt take it
TecoNheço DaviDa (5 months ago)
What is the glove name mod?
Bluecave Gaming (5 months ago)
People are generally Retarded
erenoslar (5 months ago)
I hate F2Ps
Friendly Zhark (5 months ago)
People say they like to teach new players but if it was me in that gsme id start screaming st them lol
Vyvy Guzu (6 months ago)
I have 2 questions, 1st: What's your shotgun? 2nd : Why is your laser so big?
Dead X (6 months ago)
11:49 song name?
Dead X (6 months ago)
I remember I started playing when I got the game but I already knew about Payday 2 before and how it works, I ended up getting the UE because I wanted to get all the perk decks, guns, upgrades, characters, etc. This is so cancerous to watch after all the years of the community being a great one.
NotSaladass (6 months ago)
What hud r u using ?
MixAtion (6 months ago)
Omg i would get so mad lmao gg u handle the noobyness of them
Oof (6 months ago)
They should just do Jewellery store for the rest of their life
Shy Abi (6 months ago)
10:10 did I saw that guard dancing?
ThePyroMan21 (6 months ago)
12:29 the mission just started,that guy shoots for no reason XD
Steve Behl (6 months ago)
You cant blame the people there only lvl 0- 10 that mess it up there new does that give you the right to make fun of them
Sr. coco (7 months ago)
3:58 The name of the guy who left means pokemon porn in spanish wtf
Adrian Ftw (7 months ago)
Sloth (7 months ago)
I’m only level 70 but this makes me cringe so much
Jonh Some (7 months ago)
This is why you play The Basics. They're the backbone of your efficiency and common sense in the game.
Splatgod (8 months ago)
brings armor on car heist
Vault Boi (8 months ago)
WindowsJacket:It's a prank bro,see theres a camera
AJ W. (8 months ago)
I love how there is NO Risk.
Cakenja (8 months ago)
I'm just... Okay, I got it for free, but I tried my best to not annoy anyone. I played multiplayer when I was something like 30-50. And then continued solo. Then I kept playing with my friend that finally got the game. Main point is... What the fuck, man. Everyone knows you shouldn't fire without a silencer when the game talks about being sneaky like shit-tons of times.
GermanNotSee (8 months ago)
Honestly man, i love these videos and all in general. Been watching since 5K and i know you don't use a mic but idc lmao
Merfzty Mapping (9 months ago)
4:47 Man, i dont give a shit, also where is my food
Quantum Quantonium (9 months ago)
how do u get the HUD mod working? I didn't see any mods folder in my PD2 files...
GeeGee101 (9 months ago)
The laggy delay on that off-host detection meter is so painful to watch
??????????? (9 months ago)
Well time for me to stay offline FOREVER
??????????? (9 months ago)
Wait free copies?
??????????? (9 months ago)
When I did it four people past 100 one crashes a level 1 player joins ruins the heist 7 times.before leaving
Local Catmoth (10 months ago)
Not knowing stealth mechanics in the game is fine Thinking you can stealth without a silencer, no matter the game, isn't
What is that first song by Vulcan called
That you used for the intro
DO YOU KNOW DA WAY (10 months ago)
Lol you playwnoobplayed
dalmar23 (10 months ago)
Dont laugh guys but im one of those free plebs. My question is what character is he using? That ai taped sound is just genius
Sky. (10 months ago)
What weapon do you use? (stealth)
WhyBother? (11 months ago)
Damn, I ain't going there now. Nope, I'm out. Offline here I come.
0culu5 (11 months ago)
I'm not even infame yet but I try to always be useful. Ask if loud or stealth, actually helping etc. I've actually had quite a good time online. It's a good community.
Papa Glow Eyes (11 months ago)
Anybody want to help me stealth Hoxton breakout? I'm a pro Xbox payday player (infamy 1) and I am 11. Mature and pro players like me only.
Naite (11 months ago)
What's the name of this pistol?
BonziBUDDY (11 months ago)
What goes on in the minds of these idiots? When I first got this game, a real life friend taught me and guided me through it until I was level 40. From there on, I learned by watching other players and playing with different mechanics. Why can't anyone else do the same? Sure not everyone has the luxury of help from an experienced friend, but new players really shouldn't host a game, instead join one and learn from the more experienced ones. Alone or in a pack of new players, they will never learn fast enough to get far. When hosting, I usually help new players instead of going "uhhh ur trash low level pleb im kick u xDddd." Unless they're a hopeless cause and refuse to listen and learn, I don't kick them.
Pan Publiczny Videos (11 months ago)
12:14 dat naziiiiiiiiiiiii XD
Bas van Heumen (1 year ago)
Stealth with loud guns... It's an option, but it's a lot more difficult with it. So maybe use a silencer? It's a lot less annoying in a stealth lobby to restart every single time just because someone can't use a silencer.
Meme? (1 year ago)
I feel bad for the host’s mouse clicking restart... :(
Epicness Maximuss (1 year ago)
3:25 I just noticed that the guy that username's red is named "PORNOPOKEMON"
lol 10096 (1 year ago)
There's always that guy... That messes it up...
Nathan A. (1 year ago)
What's the pistol you're useing
extremo (1 year ago)
Got my Payday that day BUT I DIDNT GO FUCKING PUBLIC
LEGUAL Schreibt (1 year ago)
I like the pistol animation
P atrick_GAME (1 year ago)
0:15 kick Cloud Dasher is noob!
DeeJayDeFalt (1 year ago)
How u change the health bar look and how ur glovers looks like this
Nicolas Cardinali (1 year ago)
Im f2p and I am infamous 7 lvl 88 and I do all scores in OD ...
Nicolas Cardinali (1 year ago)
And Wtf are you doing playing in normal difficulty if you are XXV 100
Zuper Zet (1 year ago)
I was one of the many people that got payday 2 during the 5 million giveaway but i knew how to play the game and I avoided stealth until i was about lvl 50 or so
Your God Rosè (1 year ago)
Funny cuz I was one of those free players, but I got pretty good at the game, even doing 1D stealth in my first 3 weeks
Viktor_the_A (1 year ago)
As one of those who got a free copy, this hurts to watch.
Josh Scorpion (1 year ago)
I want a copy of payday 2
What is your skill points set on?
yung syphilis (1 year ago)
people who wear armor in stealth need to be lynched
Kappa Xd (1 year ago)
Tutorial doesnt do shit cause all missions are widely different
TechionDigit (1 year ago)
Im not meaning to be rude but, I wish there was a way I can play with only people who can speak English (Or the language you use best) so we wouldn't be in a game and see French or Russian, I think that would make it easier to do heists.
Itzinal (1 year ago)
can someone give me a link to the mod where you can show all the lobbys and not wait for them to show up
Ethan Johnson (1 year ago)
New players Have NO idea what to do
Ethan Johnson (1 year ago)
Why noobs(low lvl and dump) are allowed to make their own lobbys online?
Cenk Dinc (1 year ago)
Prostě Limetka (1 year ago)
This is sooooo painful to watch
NovaUnknown (1 year ago)
I have the xbox version but is the steam version still free?
Adonis (1 year ago)
I decided not to play payday 2 during that time... i did the right thing by the looks...
Chan Philip (1 year ago)
it just a prank,c?theres the camera
Sparked (1 year ago)
7:49 happens to me every time lol
Leo Garcia (1 year ago)
music 12:46 pls
Chris Kemp (1 year ago)
Honestly, the Murky Station heist would be better if the drones actually cooperated by landing on top of trains instead of sitting in the middle of the sky after shooting them.
Ritus Games (1 year ago)
I can feel pain just by watching this. Actually we all been noobs at this game i remember when in 2014 i just bought it i didnt know anything but then i met one guy who helped me with this game since then i was trying by myself and getting better and better. We just need to push them in the right direction and they will become better players like us.
Nelg (1 year ago)
*insert funny (not really) words spoken in this video and hope to get likes and comments*
R∃M1X (1 year ago)
Jesus christ, I'm lucky to have friends that taught me how to play this game because this is actually cringey to watch.
Small Moustache Man (1 year ago)
Dude why do you hurt yourself with pub stealth?
KandrosN7 (1 year ago)
Your Chief lines are by far the best part of the video.
Silent Show (1 year ago)
Lol, the funny part for me is when the guy said "everything under control?" And the alarm got sounded
Eero Laatunen (1 year ago)
Aryan Dude (1 year ago)
The worst era of Payday 2.
DJ_M#nster28 (1 year ago)
F2p is now here Everybody Run!!!!

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